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Chaos Across Infinite Universes Mafia - The Signup Thread

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Let's see if EWB is keen to play Mafia after 2 years of no games. Looking for 10 people to sign-up for this potentially chaotic but definitely very silly game. (If there's a big interest I can bump it up to 11, but do need at least 10 for this to go forward)

Also when you sign up let me know if you're in favour of shorter (48 hours) or slightly longer (72 hours) day phases. (Day 1 will be a bit longer just so everyone can get back into the Mafia groove, but every subsequent day will have the time limit applied)

Player list:
1. Ace
2. kurgan
3. DMN in the house
4. Ruki
5. Naitch
6. Nick Adams
7. C-Mil

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Yep.  Been a long time fellas.

Deadlines begat action.  I think I like the shorter days better, IMO.

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Yeah I'm game. I have a slight personal preference for longer day phases, just in case I'm too busy to engage, but understand that shorter phases tend to promote more activity and/or decisiveness.

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@Darnez FC Forever, maybe tag some of the older players that don't have this thread bookmarked.  That is what I did when I GM'ed.  I wouldn't have known you needed players unless I had it on remind.

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