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  1. Less matches equals more valuable? That's a very un-UEFA (and FIFA) thing to say. If only they felt that way about international tournaments...
  2. "He'd do that to a male linesman"... the man has been playing football professionally for 17 years, if they can't provide evidence of him doing it then you have to imagine he hasn't.
  3. Anyone up for joining Werewolves mafia as a replacement player?

  4. I would but I'm a Chelsea fan who's never had the means nor the money to (legally) watch them play much before, outside of the FA Cup and European matches. Not sure how much I'd be willing to pay for that honour but even £5 a match (£190 if you watch every one) sounds like too much. Maybe for the bigger matches.
  5. Current tenure presumably, so the likes of Aston Villa are only on one complete season. What I find more shocking is that West Ham get in over former champions Leicester through the same rule (since 2012 for the former compared to 2014 for the latter).
  6. My first thought was that there's no way Germany get it ahead of England, purely based on their hosting of the 2006 World Cup. Then I remembered how badly we're bungling our COVID-19 response when compared to the Germans and douche canoeing our way over the Brexit waterfall at the end of the year.
  7. I actually think Norwich might benefit from signing him and either cashing in on Pukki or getting rid of Drmic. If Welbeck's prepared to drop down to the Championship, that is.
  8. Thinking about it, it's almost a shame that Leicester already achieved their unpredictable title win a few years back (and Liverpool finally ended their dry spell). I'd love the fairytale return of Leeds to end with them lifting the the Premier League trophy. And yes, I was just pulling your leg Matt
  9. Solely to annoy Matt (and all the other Leeds fans who'd undoubtedly be furious).
  10. Not if Ole gets sacked and Man Utd come sniffing around...
  11. Norwich's poor results came from their inability to score just as much as a leaky defence. They only scored 7 of those goals away from Carrow Road and just 2 goals in their last 14 games, 1 in 9 after the restart. Pukki very much fizzled out (his last goal from open play was in mid-December), Drmic never delivered in front of goal, and I know a lot of fans were getting frustrated that Farke didn't really deviate from the tactics that barely won them the Championship. Even when it was clear they were going down in the midst of the club's worst ever run of losses, he didn't change up the ta
  12. Just Max Aarons and Todd Cantwell to go before Norwich spend years as a mid-table Championship side.
  13. I actually prefer the grey one. It's more in line with Enter Shikari shirts I already have. Still not shilling out £45 for a team I couldn't even tell you the division they're in though. I'd consider it at £30.
  14. I want to believe that Norwich would use the funds gained from selling off Lewis and Godfrey to re-invest in the team. However, the fact that they're almost certainly going to be in a financial black hole from losing matchday revenue AND top-flight football TV income means that these sales are almost certainly just going to be keeping the club afloat. I feel fairly confident in saying that Norwich won't be going back up next year. If Ipswich can avoid bungling their form again this season then I'm pretty sure the East Anglian derby will be back in 2021/22.
  15. Pictured: David Beckham being a loving and responsible dog owner.
  16. Ugh, you just reminded me that Drinkwater still has a Chelsea contract.
  17. Yay less games, now we can focus on continuing ballsing up the league until January! I say this in full confidence that Chelsea will either breeze the Champions League group stages only to get knocked out in the second round, or finish third in the group and reach at least the semi finals of the Europa League.
  18. My first one was FM07 on the Xbox 360 and it was so difficult to play. It created my overuse of the assistant manager's automatic team selection because manually swapping players around took so damn long. I still suffer from it to this day just from habit.
  19. He only has 65 Ligue 1 appearances to his name, helping Reims get promoted from Ligue 2 and finish 8th the following season, before moving to Rennes who finished 3rd last season. It's not much but I'm just happy that Kepa now has enough competition that he either has to up his game or can simply be sidelined without concern.
  20. June 2021: Juventus extend Morata's loan deal by another year. June 2022: Juventus buy Morata permanently. September 2022: Real Madrid buy Morata. January 2023: Chelsea sign Morata on loan with an obligation to buy in the summer.
  21. You have to presume that Alan Shearer's status as the all-time top PL goalscorer will remain intact for now then. Aguero's already 32 years old and would need another three 25+ goal seasons to stand a chance. Even Harry Kane will struggle to get there unless he stays fit enough to bag 20-30 goals a season for the rest of his career.
  22. I'd love it if Tre Fiori can make it past Riga and knock Celtic out. Sporting vs. Aberdeen also sounds oddly exciting for a potential qualifying round draw.
  23. And sue video game makers for using their name without paying for the honour.
  24. Just seen Everton get relegated from the Premier League three seasons after they finished second. Not sure I've ever seen such a marked decline in any FM game before. Mind you this is the same FM12 game where Switzerland won the 2014 World Cup before finishing last in their Euro 2016 group and Arsene Wenger was succeeded at Arsenal by former Man City manager Sam Allardyce.
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