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  1. Agreed. I mentioned the inevitability of it to the missus during both cup games.
  2. I recently watched the animated episodes from The Reign of Terror (Hartnell S1) and found the animation style... jarring. Perhaps it was because I'd already seen half of the serial in the usual format, but it was rather difficult to get into the episodes and work out which minor characters were which.
  3. Nothing wrong with participating in the transfer market but outbound movement and "we don't have enough players" doesn't gel. Could always accept an automatic 3-0 loss instead? I'm guessing that Kolasnic hasn't been a first-team regular for a while, and loanees tend to be youngsters, but that hasn't stopped most other PL clubs from fielding a complete team (even if 2 GKs on the bench has been a thing).
  4. Be thankful that Norwich are comfortably reducing the number of relegation spots available (that goes for Everton fans too). They might be 18th and only a point from safety, but they've played the most games of the bottom 6, didn't score a goal in December, and Everton's Michael Keane is their joint 2nd highest goalscorer.
  5. I like the takes on the Chelsea and Liverpool logos there but that Man City one is awful.
  6. He did incredibly well. Staying engaged after he lost the ball to win it back and set up Lukaku's goal was brilliant play.
  7. I can understand Sean Dyche wanting to kick Covid's arse but what did Pep do to him?
  8. I think you're forgetting World Cup winning Didier Deschamps... Dan Petrescu seems to have a surprisingly good managerial honours record on Wikipedia, considering he's only lasted three years in a job once.
  9. I know he isn't a 90s Utd player but Carrick seemed to have something decent about him. I reckon he'll end up getting a job with a mid/low table Premier League side, perhaps even as low as the Championship, and do a better job than Lampard seemed to.
  10. Once I was playing as Ballymoney Utd (Northern Irish 1st Division) on FM12 and was forced by my parent club, Coleraine, to loan them my star left winger for a season. I can't remember exactly what the game said but I certainly didn't have the option to prevent it.
  11. Looking forward to the U23s getting another opportunity against Chesterfield. Hopefully Senegal do awfully in the African Cup of Nations so we get Mendy back swiftly.
  12. Similarly the hoo-ha about these shit Ladbaby songs every year.
  13. Ipswich losing 2-0 to Barrow on ITV4 right now. Oh dear.
  14. What was he actually asking? Something about how well Villa did against Norwich?
  15. I tuned in to see the final result but there were 6mins of injury time. Usually when I watch Chelsea games they underperform. Zenit scored the equaliser in that time I was watching. Sorry @stokeriño
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if Carrick gets some lower league teams begging him to join them after that impressive caretaker run.
  17. Somehow it's a proven method for increasing clickthroughs to your videos, regardless of your genre. See this guy who is somehow one of the most profitable Youtubers of all time:
  18. Very interesting that one of Italy or Portugal won't be making it to the World Cup.
  19. I've seen an edit that kept the black outline around the shield, which I rather liked. The yellow and green touching each other without a separator or fade irks me, which is why I've disliked the last 2 kits. Interestingly, the guy who runs a marketing agency that let me go in January for "not being good enough" (when they didn't provide any of the training and support they promised for a job I had no experience in) is complaining on socials that the club didn't work with a local agency on this. Pretty sure I've read an article saying that the London-based agency they did use have worked
  20. I only saw that the tweet above was from Newcastle Utd while reading the earlier piece about Eddie Howe wanting to build the team around Shelvey, and assumed that it was an "Eddie Howe has left the club by mutual consent" announcement.
  21. Watched Shang-Chi tonight and it may just have cracked my top 5 MCU films.
  22. Spurs should've waited for Poch to leave PSG and then offered him whatever he wanted to come back.
  23. There's no chance Spurs get Conte when they couldn't get him at the start of the season. Any viable long-term replacement for Nuno will be a lower quality manager who's prepared to accept that the opportunity comes with a broken team, poor business management, and a good chance of being sacked before getting a chance to improve the squad.
  24. I'm from Norwich so, despite not being my main team due to family loyalties, I have much more of a vested interest in how they perform than another team based more than 150 miles away. Knowledge and understanding also factors in, I couldn't tell you a single thing about the West Brom squad for the last decade, other than them having Ivanovic last year.
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