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Spider-Man 2

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38 minutes ago, Hellraiser said:

I'm still waiting for the day-1 patch to finish downloading. But I'm surprised how small this is at 83gb. Jedi Survivor was 150 gigs and God Of War Ragnarok was about 190 gigs. 

I can imagine that's partly down to Insomniac's collective skill when it comes to optimisation. The fact that they've managed to put raytracing in every performance mode while other studios, even those owned by Sony, haven't is a testament to how good they are at the technical business. I still think the latest Ratchet and Clank looks better than almost anything else out there.

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"The Flame" side quest spoilers:


So the "conclusion" to this side quest was very underwhelming. Nothing was really resolved and all we're left with is a teaser for possible DLC or the next game and a spider suit I'll probably never use.

The side activities stuff has been disappointing in general this time around. The main quest has been amazing so far though.

Ending spoilers and several nitpicks:


Harry surviving felt like a cop-out. I guess it would have been out of character for Miles not to try to revive him. But the ending would have hit much harder if he died. And Harry dying would have been a much more logical motivation for Norman to turn on the Spidermen too. Like, Spider Men literally did what Norman asked him to do. It is a wonder that Harry survived being severed from the Symbiote to begin with. His reaction to that is way too irrational even by Norman Osborn standards.

Also, Miles' Evolved suit is garbage. And so is the suit that Peter is gifted by Harry at the end. The suit selection is pretty weird in general. A lot of my favorites from the first game are missing and some of the new suits are trash. And there are way too many movie suits.

And why did they remove the feature to listen back to podcasts? When I played through the game, the podcast started playing at the most inopportune moments like when I was about to take care of a random crime, open one of the item boxes strewn across the city or when I was about to start a mission. I missed a bunch of episodes. And every time when I had to traverse a large distance to get to a mission objective, the podcasts always started playing right before I arrived at the objective. I hope they patch that in later. The same goes for being able to switch the weather and time of day. I also miss some of Pete's gadgets and the suit tokens from the first game.

And another thing regarding the podcast: Am I the only one who thought it was weird how Danika turns against Spiderman the second he gets the Symbiote suit? Like, even before he actually does anything bad or his personality changes. It's like someone gave her the game's script! And some of her complaints are J. Jonah Jameson levels of ridiculous. Like when she complained about property damage after the Lizard chase. How was that any different from the carnage that Spiderman usually causes when he fights super villains? And how exactly is Spiderman more brutal than usual?

And what was the point of the Spider bots collectible side quests? Other than teasing us about suits that they for some reason didn't include in the game?


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I wonder if this will be a game I platinum. I am having a lot of fun with all of the side activities, already finishing the Sandman, Photo Ops, Mysteriums, and a few of the other things. Most of the stuff remaining now is the Spiderbots and something that is still locked due to story progression. Speaking of story... (not really sure how far in I am story wise)



Spiderman is a meany with the symbiote on him. 


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