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World Wrestling Federation in 1992


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This is it.. This is one last shot. One last shot to make one sucessful diary. One last time I enter this Diary Dome.

And what am I using? EWR 4.2. 1992 Scenario. World Wrestling Federation.

And this time.. It includes the STIPULATION OF DOOM.

What is the Stipulation of Doom?

I must play exactly one year of game time. Almost nothing can stop me: girlfriends, vacations, I get a life, whatever. Nothing will stop me except for Computer Crashes.

If I quit before one year of game time, I can never return to the Diary Dome...

Now.. onto the backstory:

World Wrestling Federation, 1992

The WWF seems to be on the end of a boom period, but it isn't completely over. After an OKAY year in 1991, with a spectacular end, WWF is ready for 1992, with the opening year event, The Royal Rumble, being more then a Title shot. This time, it's for the World Title itself.

For those not famillar with what happened, let's rewind to Survivor Series 1991. The World Title match, Hulk Hogan versus The Undertaker. The Undertaker wins due to interference from the "World" Champ, Ric Flair. Undertaker was then stripped of the title. Long story, short, President Jack Tunney made the title vacant and put the World Title on the line in the Royal Rumble match.

New Signee Sid Justice was making a big impact. Not to mention the mega over heel, Jake Roberts. A heel "dead man" Undertaker who was getting face pops. The newly turned Shawn Michaels managed by Sensational Sherri. Also solid tagteams such as the Legion of Doom, the New Foundation, Money Inc., and others.

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WWF Roster

Main Event


Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage


Ric Flair - NWA World Champ

The Undertaker

Upper Midcard


Bret Hart - WWF Intercontinental Champion

Sid Justice


Jake Roberts



Animal - 1/2 WWF Tag Team Champions

Big Bossman

British Bulldog


Greg Valentine

Hawk - 1/2 WWF Tag Team Champions

Jim Duggan

Jim Neidhart

Jimmy Snuka


Marty Jannetty

Owen Hart

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Sgt. Slaughter


Texas Tornado



Brian Knobbs



Jerry Saggs

Mr. Perfect

Papa Shango

Rick Martel

Shawn Micheals

Ted DiBiase - Million Dollar Champion

The Bezerker

The Mountie

The Warlord


Lower Midcard


El Matador

Jim Powers

Koko B. Ware


Beau Beverly

Blake Beverly

Colonel Mustafa




Paul Roma

Repo Man



The Barbarian



Barry Horowitz

Chris Walker


Iron Mike Sharpe

Steve Lombardi

Jobbers [No Disposition.. Because they'll most likely job unless I can find something better for them]

Barry Hardy

Bob Bradley

Butch Stanley

Duane Gill

Kevin Krueger

Italian Stallion

Reno Riggins


President Jack Tunney



Elizabeth - Randy Savage

Jameson - The Bushwackers

Paul Ellering - The Legion of Doom


Bobby Heenan - Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect

General Adnan - Colonel Mustafa

Harvey Wippleman

Jimmy Hart - The Nasty Boys, The Mountie, The Natural Disasters, Money Inc.

Mr. Fuji - The Bezerker

Paul Bearer - The Undertaker

Sensational Sherri - Shawn Micheals


The Genius - The Beverly Brothers

Tag Teams

Haku and The Barbarian

Legion of Doom [Hawk and Animal]

Money Inc. [iRS and Ted DiBiase]

Power and Glory [Paul Roma and Hercules]

The Beverly Brothers [blake and Beau Beverly]

The Bushwackers [Luke and Butch]

The Nasty Boys [brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs]

The Natural Disasters [Earthquake and Typhoon]

The New Foundation [Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart]

The Powers of Pain [The Barbarian and The Warlord]

WWF Titles

WWF World Title - Vacant

WWF Intercontinental Title - Bret Hart

WWF Tag Team Titles - The Legion of Doom

Other Titles

NWA World Title - Ric Flair

Million Dollar Title - Ted DiBiase

WWF Events

Pay Per View Events:

Royal Rumble January Match featuring the 30-Man Over The Top Battle Royal, known as the "Royal Rumble".

WrestleMania The Premier PPV of the WWF, currently in it's 8th year running. Is run in the month of March and is noted for being the biggest estravaganza of the year.

SummerSlam The Summer Classic, this August Pay Per View is probably the third biggest PPV of the year.

Survivor Series The Thanksgiving Tradition, Survivor Series is the second biggest PPV of the year. It's most noted for it's 4 on 4 Team Elimination Matches. And as usual, this year's will be on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Saturday Night's Main Event The Last Saturday of February, April, May, July, September, October and December. Shown on NBC

King of the Ring June tournament consisting of WWF Stars. Last shown on the USA Network, but that may change come this June.

Television Shows

Superstars - The Flagship Show of the WWF, hosted by Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect, shown in the Saturday Early Evening on Fox.

Wrestling Challenge - A 'B' Show hosted by Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan, shown in the Sunday Early Evening on USA.

Prime Time Wrestling - The show that takes a look back at the WWF Week, hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, shown in the Monday Primetime Slot.


PPV Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon

Interviewers: Gene Okerlund and Sean Mooney

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Senior Official: Earl Hebner

Other Officials: Danny Marsh, Dave Hebner, Joey Marella, Shane McMahon, Tim White

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WWF Newsletter

Wrestling's Top 100 of 1991 Is Released

by William Gilzenberg


Well, the annual Top 100 was released today and here's the top 5 as well as other WWF members who made the list.

Top 5:

1. Ric Flair [WWF]

2. Steve Austin [WCW]

3. Bret Hart [WWF]

4. Sting [WCW]

5. Randy Savage [WWF]

Other WWF Top 100:

7. Owen Hart

8. Shawn Micheals

12. Ted DiBiase

15. Mr. Perfect

17. Marty Jannetty

23. Texas Tornado

31. El Matador

40. The Genius

41. The Mountie

44. British Bulldog

78. Rowdy Roddy Piper

93. Kato

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WWF Superstars


3 Awesome matches have already been booked for WWF Superstars which is, as usual, on FOX!

Starting off the show will be El Matador taking on Steve Lombardi.

Then, a Tag Team match-up as The Beverly Brothers take on the Bushwackers.

And then finally, the Main Event of the evening. The Phenom, The Undertaker takes on Virgil!

All this and more on WWF Superstars!

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WWF Superstars

Reported by Ant Rivers


Your Hosts: Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect

Well... it's 1992 and the first show of the year is... um... well.. let's see...

Steve Lombardi def. El Matador

That's right. Lombardi, the man formerly known as the Brooklyn Brawler, defeats El Matador, the man formerly known as Tito Santana... I need to sit down. Lombardi gets his first win of the year, WITHOUT jobbing?! Hmm... Lombardi wins with the Brawler Bomb and then post match, Slick came out as Lombardi beating the shit out of Matador. Crappy match.

Rating = 51, 41, 61

Slick then raised Lombardi's hand and asked for a mic. The crowd seemd to want to boo... and get some popcorn, so only about half the crowd booed at the beginning. Slick then got on the mic.

Slick Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you to the first member to be Slick-a-Tized, "Soul" Lombardi! Starting next week, this man will go from plain to fame and it'll all be thanks to me, baby!

The crowd gives some interest to this as the TV Crowd gets cut to a commercial break from a mildly hot interview. It's gotten me interested into next week, and seeing this fat slob turned into a Slick-A-Tized "Soul" Lombardi.

Rating = 70

The Bushwackers d. The Beverly Brothers

Yes.. The weaker point of the very, very, strong WWF Tag Division, is shown in this match. Fun match which sees The Genius get hit with the Battering Ram. After the match, the Bushwackers head out to the crowd to celebrate with the crowd while The Genius and The Beverly Brothers fume in the ring.

Rating = 58, 55, 61

The show returns from the commercial as a famillar strumming of the guitar is heard. "Real American" plays over the PA system and the crowd goes wild. Out from the back comes Hogan wearing his yellow tights and a yellow Hulkamania shirt. The crowd cheers as Hogan gets in the ring. He cups his ears to all four sides of the arena and flexes his muscles. He rips off the shirt and continues to flex. Finally, he gets a mic.

Hogan Can you feel the electricity Hulkamaniacs?! Can you feel the electricity that runs here in Buffalo?!

The crowd cheers as Hogan continues.

Hogan Because I can feel it brothas! I can feel the electricity! And I can feel it because I said my prayers, ate my vitamins and I'm ready to make an announcement! I'm going to enter the Royal Rumble and win what's mi-

Suddenly, trumpets blast through the arena. The crowd now boos as Hogan looks at the entrance. Out comes, Ric Flair. He has a suit on and has two ladies on his side. On his shoulder is the NWA World Title. Flair woos as one of his ladies gets him a mic. He takes the mic and woos on it.

Flair Hogan! I cannot believe what I'm hearing you say. You, older then this earth itself, is entering the Royal Rumble? Why are you even bothering when, the World Champion himself, is entering this match! That's right Hogan, I'm going in there and eliminating 29 of you and winning that tin foil belt! WOOOO!

Hogan Listen brotha, you're having visions! Because, let's face it, nobody has ever eliminated me from the Royal Rumble! And I don't plan on having it happen this year! I'll be the one who eliminates everyone, and Ric, RIC, Whatchu you gonna do Ric? Whatchu you gonna do when it's just me and you ric, and I throw you over the top rope! WHATCHU GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?!

The crowd cheers as Flair stares at Hogan. Hogan taunts Flair as the show fades to a commercial.

Hogan Interview = 93

Flair Interview = 89

The show returns with Virgil in the ring. Undertaker comes out for their match.

The Main Event

The Undertaker d. Virgil

For a main event, this match was short. It lasted 2 minutes as Undertaker tosses Virgil around. Then a chokeslam and Tombstone, Undertaker pins Virgil and Paul Bearer gets on the mic.

Rating = 71, 75, 64

Bearer gives Undertaker the urn who opens it. A bunch of fog comes out and it fills the ring as Bearer talks on the mic.

Bearer Hogan! Flair! Have you forgotten about the man President Tunney stripped of the World Title? Have you forgotten about the Phenom? Have you forgotten about The Deadman? You see, The Deadman walks. And come Royal Rumble, he will walk into the ring and take out all of the other 29 men. And then, you two, along with the 27 others, as well as everyone else in the WWF will....

The fog starts to clear up as Undertaker has closed the urn. Virgil is no longer in the ring though.


Rating = 78

The Undertaker rolls his eyes back as Paul Bearer laughs. Superstars fades out with Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect hyping up next week's event.

Overall Rating = 73

TV Rating = 3.68

Attendence = 5039 people.

Ticket Sales = $201560

WCW got a 3.28 television rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The event was attended by 4510 people.

They made $180400 from ticket sales.

WWF Wrestling Challenge


Wrestling Challenge will be shown on USA as usual on it's usual time and this week, 4 matches have been book.

Power and Glory will team up to take on Barry Horowitz and Chris Walker.

Then, the Big Bossman looks for someone to take a prisoner of war as he takes on Colonel Mustafa.

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Micheals takes on Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

And in the Main Event, Bret Hart defends the Intercontinental Title against Papa Shango!

Plus: The Beginning of Steve Lombardi's transformation to "Soul" Lombardi.

And more entrants in the Royal Rumble?

All this and more on WWF Wrestling Challenge!

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WWF Wrestling Challenge

Reported by Ant Rivers


Your Hosts: "Mean" Gene Okerlund and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Albany, NY

The show opens in Albany with Heenan and Okerlund in the ring running down the card. They finish as jobbers Barry Horowitz and Chris Walker make their way down to the ring for their match.

Power and Glory d. Barry Horowitz and Chris Walker

Not bad for an opening. The crowd wasn't really into it, although they were into booing Hercules. Pretty Boy, Paul Roma, flirted with one of the fans in the front row before the match. Hercules had his chains around his neck. He growled at the two jobbers who cowered in the corner. The match started and it was basically Power and Glory destroying Walker, who ended up getting the hot tag to Horowitz. Horowitz ran in the ring and, Hercules clotheslined him. Roma dropkicked Walker off the apron and then climbed the turnbuckle. Hercules placed Horowitz into the Superplex position. They then did that move they do, the one where Hercules superplexes the guy off the top and Roma hits the frog splash. Roma gets the pin for the win at 4:21.

Rating = 48, 46, 61

Heenan Right there was a reason I used to manage Hercules, Gene.

Okerlund Why don't you manage him now, Brain?

Heenan Let's face it Gene, when you manage the REAL World's Champion and perfection himself, how can you afford to manage anybody else, even someone as good as Hercules?

Okerlund I don't know Brain. Anyways, Sean Mooney is backstage with the Law of the WWF, The Big Bossman!

The scene changes to Sean Mooney with Big Bossman.

Mooney Thank you Gene and Bobby! I'm standing here with the Big Bossman who has an announcement concerning the WWF Royal Rumble.

Bossman That's right Mooney! And it's this right here, come January 12, 1992, The Cobb County Prison will be full of 29 inmates! And that's because I plan on entering the Royal Rumble and eliminating 29 other men, winning the World Title and then bringing the 29 men into prison! But right now, there's a cell reserved for a prisoner of war and his name is Colonel Mustafa! So Colonel, prepared to be hit with the LAW!

Bossman twirls his stick and walks off towards the ring.

Mooney Back to ringside after this commercial break.

Rating = 64

Big Bossman d. Colonel Mustafa w/General Adnan

We come back from commercials with Adnan and Mustafa waving the Iraqi flag in the ring.. Uh.. Didn't the Gulf War end last year? Whatever... This brings out Bossman with his nightstick who chases Adnan out of the ring, and Mustafa hits him in the back with the Iraqi Flag. Bossman goes down and Mustafa has advantage for a bit, but instead of taking the advantage, he waves the Iraqi flag... Again. Bossman has now recovered and is stalking Mustafa. Mustafa turns around into a BIG Boss Man Slam! Bossman pins Mustafa for the three count.

Rating = 55, 60, 65

Heenan What disrespect there by Bossman! The man was waving his nation's flag around and what does Bossman do? He attacks him!

Okerlund Well, however you may look at it, Bossman gets the win.

Heenan Disrespectul win.

Okerlund That may be up to the fans Brain. Anyways, we've got footage of the beginning of Steve Lombardi's transformation from plain to fame.

Heenan This should be fun.

The scene fades out to black. That's when "Slick-A-Tized" in 70s type looking lettering comes on the screen. The scene fades to Steve Lombardi and Slick walking down a New York Street. Slick is wearing a very nice looking suit while Lombardi wears a beatdown Yankee Hat, a ripped Yankee jersey and a pair of tatted blue jeans.

Slick Now listen to me brutha! The man has been holding you down. And do you know why?

Lombardi Uh..

Slick Many reasons! First, your Italian. When people think of Italians, they think of the Mafia. And is are you mafioso my soul-jiving brutha? I didn't think so. Next is you're name. What kind of name is Steve? As of now, you'll be known as "Sooooul" Lombardi.

Lombardi Soul?

Slick Say it with Jive!

Lombardi Sooouuull?

Slick There you go. Then, there's your hair.

Slick takes off Lombardi's hat to reveal a mess of hair.

Slick We've got to get that cut. And your weight. You're a little overweight but after a month of Jiving, you'll be as good looking as me! Next is your clothing. You need to be sharp dressed to get anywhere. Now let's go over the list of things we have to change. Your name, heritage outlook, hair, weight and clothing. Let's do the easy stuff first. We did your name, next is your hair.

Slick and Lombardi stop in front of a barber shop. Inside is a young black man, two older black men and an old white man. They look at Lombardi and Slick. The younger one goes over to Slick and gives him a handshake.

Young Black Man Slick, my good man. How are you doing?

Slick Good my brutha. Just jiving up this white boy.

Old White Man A little more then jiving. He looks like a greaseball. All these young kids don't know anything.

Old Black Man 1 So what do you think we should do Joe?

Joe [2nd Black Man] I say we cut it almost all off, about a half inch left.

The scene fades to commercials with Lombardi sitting in the barber chair.

Rating = 43

Shawn Micheals w/Sensational Sherri d. Greg Valentine

Alot of brawling to begin this match, but finally Micheals gets an advantage with a drop kick. Pinfall gets 2 count. Micheals argues with referee Tim White only to have Valentine turn him around and Snap Suplex him. Pinfall gets 2, due to Sensational Sherri distracting White. Valentine looks up and gets mad. He tells White to get over here but White is trying to Sherri off the apron. Valentine goes over to Sherri as Micheals gets up. Valentine yells at Sherri who continues to distract. Valentine then turns around to get a punch from Micheals. Micheals throws something out of the ring and Sherri gets off the apron. Sherri then goes to the item Micheals thrown. Micheals pins Valentine for the win. Meanwhile Sherri is putting a highheel back on her foot.

Rating = 62, 65, 74

Okerlund Did you see that Brain? Micheals used Sherri's high heel on Greg Valentine!

Heenan What are you talking about? Micheals gave a hard punch to Valentine that knocked him out. Like in Boxing.

Okerlund Brain, you saw Sherri putting her high heel back on!

Heenan It fell off when she was getting off of the ring apron.

Okerlund And why was she on the ring apron?

Heenan To get a better view of the ring. Shawn Micheals doesn't need help to win Okerlund! He's the Heart Break kid! And he proved that when he took out Marty Jannetty!

Okerlund Whatever really happened, Micheals picks up the tainted win.

Heenan Speaking of tainted, Sean Mooney is backstage with Bret Hart.

Sean Mooney is standing with Bret Hart, the WWF Intercontinental Champ.

Mooney Bret "The Hitman" Hart, tonight you defend your title against the voodoist, Papa Shango. Any remarks before you head out there?

Hart Yes Mooney. Shango, you better be prepared to face the excellence of execution. You better be prepared. Because once I come out there and lock on the Sharpshooter, there is no getting out. There is no stopping the pain. You see, they call me the Excellence of Execution for a reason. And that reason is because I am flawless. And being flawless, I will be entering the Royal Rumble. And then I will become the World Champ and everyone will realize why I am the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.

Hart walks towards the ring.

Rating = 76

Mooney Well you heard it here folks. Now back to ringside.

The Main Event

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Bret "The Hitman" Hart d. Papa Shango via DQ

Hart literally dominated most of this match. Hart used all his technical ability to defeat Shango. After keeping Shango on the mat for the first two minutes of the match, Hart made his first mistake in climbing the top rope. Hart went for an elbow drop but Shango moved out of the way. Shango then used an arsenal of power moves including multiple clotheslines, shoulder charges and body slams. Shango then goes for a pin but Hart kicks out at 2. Shango realizes he needs to do more and goes for a suplex, but Hart reverses it into his own Suplex. That's when Hart signals for the Sharpshooter. Hart locks it on when a famillar screaming is heard. Shawn Micheals comes out to his music and Hart looks confused. Micheals gets in the ring as Hart lets go of the Sharpshooter. Micheals clotheslines Hart and referee Shane McMahon calls for the belt. Micheals then hits a Rocker Dropper on Bret to boos. Micheals gets on the mic.

Rating = 66, 73, 75

Micheals Bret Fart. I can't believe you actually think you are the best there is and the best there ever will be.. I'll give you credit, you are the best there was. Was Bret. That's it Because you see, now you have to deal with the best there is right here. Shawn Micheals. The Heartbreak Kid. And come January 12, 1992, you Bret Hart will not only be titleless, but the first person I eliminate to become the World Champ and I will be the first person in the WWF to hold both the Intercontinental Championship and the World Championship at the same time.

Micheals drops the mic on Bret as Okerlund and Heenan run down Tomorrow Night's PrimeTime Wrestling.

Rating = 69

Overall Rating = 59

Television Rating = 4.11

Attendence = 5,026 People

Ticket Sales = $201,040

WWF Prime Time Wrestling


The last Prime Time Wrestling before the Royal Rumble and lots of things are going to go down! As 4 matches have already been set.

In a number one contendership match for the Tag Team Titles, The New Foundation takes on Money Inc.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts with Damien will take on Koko B. Ware with Freddie!

Rick "The Model" Martel takes on Tatanka.

And the main event features more tag action, and PPV Style Tag Action, as Mr. Perfect teams up with Ric Flair to take on Hulk Hogan and Jim Duggan!

Plus: Jack Tunney has an important announcement regarding the Shawn Micheals/Bret Hart Intercontinental Title Match!

More Entrants in the Royal Rumble!

"Macho Man" Randy Savage, Sid Justice, The British Bulldog and The Mountie will all be in the building!

All this and more on WWF Prime Time Wrestling!

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Guest Prototype

First time reading, and I like it so far. Interested to see where you go with Lombardi. A Flair/Hogan feud will always be good, and a Michaels/Hart feud could help both workers, especially HBK, get over. Looking forward to Royal Rumble.

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Thanks for all the comments guys. Here's a preview of the Rumble card and the image. This is not the final card. Credit to LivingLegend for the Rumble GFX.

user posted image

Royal Rumble Card

January 12, 1992

Live from the Miami Arena, Miami, Florida, USA

Main Event

The Royal Rumble Match

WWF World Title Match

Patricipants So Far:

Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair w/Bobby Heenan

The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer

Big Bossman

Bret Hart

Shawn Micheals w/Sensational Sherri

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Shawn Micheals w/Sensational Sherri v. Bret Hart ©

WWF Tag Team Title Match

The New Foundation/Money Inc. v. The Legion of Doom ©

Card is Subject To Change

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  • 2 weeks later...

Quick thoughts as I read through:

Was Paul Bearer ever that wordy? I mean, with his voice like that he was more of a "oooooooh yeeeeeeees myyyyyy undertaker!" kinda manager when it came to promoting Taker.

While I'm bitching about Taker, he would NEVER open the urn. EVER. It pissed him off to LOSE the damn thing, let alone opening it...it's the source of his powers, man, don't open it and let them fog out on you!

And now that I re-read it, other than the Slick promos (which are very good, by the way) the rest of them are all very repetitive.

It's like Mad Libs:

*Wrestler* talks about the Royal Rumble and how he will *action* 29 other wrestlers, and when he's done *action*ing them he will also *action* them, because *wrestler* is the best at *action*ing in the WWF.

Michaels didn't seem arrogant enough in his promo against Hart. He spent a good portion of time talking about how Bret was the past, but he didn't spend the time he really would have putting himself over as the present and future of the company.

Now for the good news!

Your Heenan/Okerlund banter is extremely entertaining, you've got Heenan down solid so far with the arrogance as well as the comedy.

Hogan's promo, while short, was very accurate, as was Flair's. Real-time WWF would have had them go on a little longer, though.

The match write-ups are pretty good.

The looks are spot-on, it's not just boring black but it's not six-color bolded italics every other word, either.

I like how you had the Rumble so early in January. I was expecting it to be the last Sunday so you had almost the whole month to debut wrestlers and feuds, as well as set up turns, but you have it scheduled early on which is a nice surprise.

A bit more work on the promos and this will be one hell of a diary. Good work so far.

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Quick thoughts as I read through:

Was Paul Bearer ever that wordy? I mean, with his voice like that he was more of a "oooooooh yeeeeeeees myyyyyy undertaker!" kinda manager when it came to promoting Taker.

While I'm bitching about Taker, he would NEVER open the urn. EVER. It pissed him off to LOSE the damn thing, let alone opening it...it's the source of his powers, man, don't open it and let them fog out on you!

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  • 1 month later...

So yeah.. The past couple of monthes went by fast...

WWF Prime Time Wrestling

Reported by Ant Rivers


Your Hosts: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Segments: Stamford, CT

Matches: Albany, NY and Buffalo, NY

The show opens up in the Stamford, CT studio where Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan sit at a desk with a TV Screen in back of them with the Prime Time Wrestling logo on it.

Monsoon Welcome everybody to WWF Prime Time Wrestling!

Heenan And tonight, not only will you see the end of Hulkamania, but the end of it by the hands of my two men, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect!

Monsoon Don't count your chickens before they hatch Bobby. Now for those who don't know what Bobby's talking about, President Jack Tunney booked a Special PPV Calibre Tag Match which will feature the team of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect taking on "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

Heenan Immortal? Immortal? I'll tell you something Monsoon, Ric Flair's name is Immortal. Hogan is nothing compared to Flair! Flair is the REAL World's Champion and he WILL prove it in January.

Monsoon Well now.. Let’s go to Buffalo, NY for our first match.

Jake Roberts d. Koko B. Ware

In a basic brawl here, the two men opened up the show nice, in a match the crowd was kind of. Jake makes quick work of Koko and hits the DDT for the win.

Rating = 63, 68, 52

Despite the quick match, Jake added something after the match. He got out of the ring and got a metal chair and headed back into the ring. He started to hit Koko with the chair as the crowd booed. The bell kept ringing as referees came out and tried to stop Jake. Jake continued and finally stopped and put the chair on the ground. The refs look at him and Jake goes to Damian’s bag. He pulls out Damian and scares the officials away. Jake puts him on the ground and picks up Koko. He sets Koko up for the DDT and hits it right onto the chair. Koko starts to bleed and Jake leaves the ring with Damian.

Monsoon I cannot believe the ferocity we just saw in the Snake Bobby!

Heenan That’s a new side of the Snake, Gorilla. And if we were smart, we’d avoid crossing paths with him as long as we are still here in the WWF! Like these two men with us that their opponents will learn to avoid paths with.

By now, the scene has returned to the studio where Heenan and Monsoon are with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. Both men are wearing suits. Ric Flair has the NWA Title on the desk.

Heenan That's right folks, an exclusive interview with the Real World's Champion, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect.

Monsoon Yes and I have a question for you Ric. What makes you so sure that you can beat Hulk Hogan?

Flair What makes me so sure Gorilla? How about you open up your eyes and see the truth! Hulk Hogan is an old era. An era of the 80s. The fans are getting bored of him, while I, a kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, jet flying, limosine riding, son of a gun am now! I am hip, I am the 90s! WOOOOO! I am the new era! WOOOOO! Now let me ask you a question Gorilla.. Who do you think the man in the WWF is today?

Monsoon Why Hulk Hogan of course.

Flair Well I have a saying... And it goes like this; to be the man, you've gotta beat the man. And if I have to beat Hogan to become the man in the WWF, then I will do it!

Perfect That's right. Flair is indeed going to beat Hogan. And with God as my witness, it will be simply Perfect. And Royal Rumble.. It'll have the perfect ending as myself and Ric will be the last two and then we will have the perfect match in which one of us will win the World Title. But let us concentrate on tonight. Jim Duggan is perfect in one way, he's the Perfect Idiot!

Heenan laughs at this.

Heenan See Gorilla, I told you he was an idiot. And if Mr. Perfect says so, it must be true!

Perfect As for Hogan, last time we fought you paid the referee off to disqualify me. But I will get my revenge tonight with Ric at my side. Remember, nobody beats Mr. Perfect.. Nobody.


The two men head off as the show heads to Buffalo, NY.

Rating = 82

Money Inc's theme plays over the PA system and from the back comes Ted DiBiase and IRS to boos. They get into the ring and Ted calls for a mic.

DiBiase Now most of you Buffalo slobs are probably wondering why the Million Dollar Man is out here in front of you overweight, underpaid, fans of the worst team in football, Buffalo citizens. Well it's simple. I have an announcement. And that's that all three of Money Inc.'s members are going to enter the match. IRS, I and our bodyguard will be entering the Royal Rumble.

IRS But focus is on tonight. Tonight, The New Foundation are late to pay their taxes and tonight, they'll get the write up.

DiBiase And then we'll go into the Royal Rumble and win the titles, because Legion of Doom, everybody's got a price to pay for the Million Dollar Man and yours will be the WWF Tag Team Titles.

DiBiase laughs as the New Foundation's music hits over the PA System. Neidhart and Owen Hart come out. They highfive and run into the ring where a brawl breaks out.

Rating = 77

Money Inc. d. The New Foundation

IRS and Neidhart start it off, with brawling which leads to Neidhart playing the face in peril. After about 3 minutes of Money Inc. dominating Neidhart, The Anvil gets the hot tag to Owen Hart which leads to the cleaning of the ring. Owen and The Anvil celebrate in the ring, which was a mistake. Ted DiBiase gets into the ring and attacks Owen from behind. The Anvil looks at DiBiase as referee Danny Marsh sends Neidhart back to his corner. The match becomes more technical as DiBiase and Hart exchange technical moves. But Hart decides to change it when he Irish Whips DiBiase into a corner. Hart sets DiBiase on the top rope and executes a Superplex off of it. The crowd cheers as both men are down. Referee Marsh starts the ten count. After about 6 seconds, both men get up and start to brawl. They exchange punches until Owen hits a clothesline. DiBiase is knocked down. Owen signals for the Sharpshooter and locks it on DiBiase! But Referee Marsh is distracted by IRS who is jumping up and down on the apron. As IRS distracts Marsh, in comes Jim Neidhart who go to Owen and DiBiase and kicks Owen off of DiBiase! Neidhart then executes a Running Powerslam on Owen as IRS stops distracting the ref. The crowd boos as DiBiase slowly crawls ontop of Owen to get the Three Count. IRS and DiBiase raise each other's hands as Neidhart gets in the ring and looks at Owen. He spits on Owen and shakes DiBiase's hand.

Rating = 77, 73, 82

Monsoon What a match folks, but instead of returning to the studio We hear that Sean Mooney is interviewing the Legion of Doom about comments on the match that just happened!

Sean Mooney is standing between both members of the Legion of Doom who have the WWF Tag Titles on their shoulders.

Mooney Legion of Doom! You two requested a word right after the previous match ended and now's your chance to speak.

Hawk Listen up! DiBiase! IRS! Do you think you're going to take our Titles away from us?

This cues both members to pat their titles.

Hawk That's just a dream of yours! You may have paid off Jim Neidhart to help you win your match with Owen and Jim but that won't happen with us! We're like brothers! We fight together and nothing will change that! Not one dollar, not even one million dollars! DiBiase, you're money will be worthless to us.. It'll be like the stock market crashed!

The crowd cheers as Animal talks.

Animal As for you IRS, you can take your tax deductions and shove 'em! There is no price for us! And after we beat you for our titles, we'll throw both of you out in the Royal Rumble!


Hawk and Animal stare at the camera when banging is heard. The camera turns to see Owen Hart banging things against the wall.

Owen I can't believe it! Backstabbed by my best friend!

Owen knocks over a chair and he looks at the Legion of Doom and Sean Mooney.

Owen Mooney, give me that mic!

Mooney gives Owen the mic and he starts to talk into it.

Owen Listen up Anvil! I know you can hear me and this is a message. You better watch your back.. That's right Jim, because you see.. I'm entering the Rumble with one purpose! To ELIMINATE you! And then, I'll win the World Title and give you a shot just so I can beat you AGAIN! That's right Jim, watch yourself.. This is personal.

Hawk and Animal look at each other then Owen.

Hawk Owen.. We have a proposal for you. Would you like to go to dinner to talk about it?

Owen What?

Hawk Trust me..

Owen looks at both of them and then nods.

Owen Alright. Let's go.

The three men leave Mooney who looks into the camera.

Mooney Well, that's three more entered into the Rumble! Now back to the Studio!

Rating = 71

The scene returns back to the Studio where Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon now sit with Jack Tunney.

Monsoon Thank you Sean! Now fans, as you can see, we're here with WWF President, Jack Tunney!

Heenan That's right folks, the man who let Ric Flair come into this promotion. How are you sir?

Tunney I could be better Bobby. But knowing the fact that Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart could explode on each other at any given point does bother me.

Heenan Indeed. Not like Ric Flair who's calm and cool. Or Mr. Perfect.

Monsoon Well Mr. Tunney, you said you had an announcement to make concerning them two men..

Tunney Yes I di-

Heenan Concerning Perfect and Flair? Wait let me get a pen..

Heenan disappears under the desk.

Monsoon No Bobby, Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals.

Heenan comes back up with a pen and paper..

Heenan Oh... Well... Okay.

Heenan puts the objects on the desk as Tunney talks.

Tunney It has come to my attention that Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals seem to want to make matches without my permission. And I have the final say in the matches. And here is my final say concerning that match; Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals WILL indeed fight at the Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental Title.. But it will not be an ordinary match but instead an epic match. A match that will go down in the history books.. This match is going to be called a "Last Man Standing" match. Mixing a little bit from Boxing and Wrestling, here are the rules. There are no pinfalls, there are no submissions, there are no disqualifications. There are no rules except for one. The only way to win is for one man to knock the other one out. When a wrestler thinks his opponent is knocked out, he will then ask the referee to begin the count. When the referee reaches ten, he will call for the bell and the match will end. That are the rules. Good luck men, and let this be a warning to anyone else. Ask for my permission before you decide to make your own matches.

Monsoon Thank you President!

Rating = 54

Heenan Wow. Making history, for we will see the Heartbreak Kid take out the Old Dumb Canadian Fart for the Intercontinental Title!

Monsoon Hmm.. I don't know about that.. But speaking of the Rumble we have gotten the follow information. The British Bulldog, Sid Justice, The Mountie and Rick "The Model" Martel will be entering the Royal Rumble!

Heenan Speaking of the Model, let's head to Albany where Rick is ready to take care of that feather wearing loser, Tatanka!

Rick Martel d. Tatanka

This match, like the Roberts/Koko match, is a brawl. Although Martel knows how to keep up with the best of them, Tatanka only knows how to brawl. Tatanka kept control with the brawling until a man came down to the ring area with a cell phone in hand. He kept talking really loud and obnoxiously, and kept mentioning something about him not being able to make it January 12 for the photo shoot. This distracted Tatanka who looked at the man. This gave Rick enough time to roll up Tatanka for a quick three count. The man finally stopped talking and looked up. He saw Rick coming out to the ring. The man grabbed Rick and whispered something in his ear. Rick nodded and the two men went backstage.

64, 56, 73

As the two men headed backstage, "Real American" started to play over the PA System and the crowd went wild. Out from the back came Jim Duggan and Hulk Hogan. The crowd was going crazy for these two superfaces. Duggan got into the ring and pointed to the crowd and screamed "OOOOOH" Finally Hogan came in and did the usual taunts. The crowd ate most of it and Duggan finally got on the mic.

Duggan OOOOOO! It seems to me Hulk that you need some back up in the Royal Rumble! And I know just the man! Me! That's right, I will enter to be by your side just like tonight when we take down Perfect and Flair!

Hogan Well brutha... Let me tell you something! Tonight.. We will defeat Perfect and Flair! Why? Because Hulkamania is running wild like it's never ran before! It is currently the best thing going! Flair, you want to say that Hogan is the 80's? You want to say that Hogan is the past?! Well let me tell you something! You're dreaming Brutha! Because the WWF, the World Title, This is the House that me and all my little Hulkamaniacs built! And nothing, NOTHING, will change that!

The crowd cheers as the trumpets blare and out comes Flair and Perfect to boos.

Rating = 96

Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect d. Hulk Hogan and Jim Duggan

Wow... The crowd didn't seem as into this match as they were into the interviews. Anyways the match is really back and forth as Duggan plays the Face-in-Peril the beginning of the match until he hits a hot lariat on Perfect forcing them both down. Referee Joey Marella starts the ten count and both men make it to their corners, Perfect first. Flair gets in the ring as Duggan tags Hogan who is pumped up. Flair gives the classic "Heel Doesn't Want to Fight" and runs out of the ring. Hogan chases him and they run out of the ring a few times. Marella has lost control as Duggan and Perfect get into the ring and start brawling. Perfect tosses Duggan out of the ring and gets out himself as Flair gets into the ring. Marella has reached six. Hogan sees Perfect and goes towards him. Hogan and Perfect start to brawl as referee Marella counts ten. Marella calls for the bell as the crowd boos. Hogan looks up as Flair celebrates. He woos a few times and Hogan gets blindsided by Perfect who throws Hogan into the ring. The two heels beat down on Hogan until some famillar music is heard.

Rating = 73, 79, 60

"Pomp and Circumstance" starts to play as the crowd cheers. Out from the back comes running "Macho Man" Randy Savage. He gets into the ring and tosses Perfect over the top. Flair and Savage then start to brawl and finally Savage throws Flair over the top. Hogan is still laid out and Savage looks down at him. Savage then picks up Hogan and tosses him over. Savage then grabs a mic and starts to talk.

Savage OOOOOH YEEEEAH! It's the Macho Man, Randy Savage! And I'm not out here to preach to you about how I'm going to go into the Rumble and win like everyone else did, oh no! Instead I am here to talk to these two. You two forgot about me! You said you were going to eliminate each other and that'll work perfect for me! Why? Because then I'd be the last one standing! I'd walk out with the WWF title!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to this.

Savage That's right! And if any of you didn't figure it out, I'm entering the Rumble! Remember, this is just a warning to everyone that night! OOOOOH YEEEEAH!

Savage starts to move around the ring hitting the turnbuckles, getting the crowd pumped up as the show goes off the air.

Rating = 91

Overall = 76

5.62 TV rating

Attendance: 5,005 people.

Ticket Sales: $200,200

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Don't want to over do Lombardi ;)

WWF Superstars Preview

Exactly one day before the Royal Rumble, and Superstars is ready to show exactly why you should order WWF Royal Rumble!

Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be in the arena as he teams with Rick Martel to take on the Bushwackers, Butch and Luke!

"Soul" Lombardi's transformation continues as Slick has promised us that he has found a suitable opponent for Lombardi at the Royal Rumble!

The British Bulldog takes on the man known as Earthquake!

The Texas Tornado takes on the Undertaker!

And in the Main Event of the Evening Ric Flair defends his World Title against Bret Hart!

Plus: After the attack from Randy Savage on PrimeTime Wrestling, what will be the reactions of Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect and Hulk Hogan?

Shawn Micheals gives a thought about Last Man Standing Match as he will be the guest on the returning Piper's Pit!

And Rick Martel will be in the building revealing exactly who this man at ringside was from PrimeTime Wrestling!

All this and more on WWF Prime Time Wrestling!

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Guest Prototype

Good show. The Anvil turn took me by surprise. I see some 6-man matches coming from that. Good to see Savage make an impact. So will Bret be fighting HBK in a Last Man Standing or Ironman match? The Superstars preiew says Ironman.

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The Wrestling Report

Week in Review

by Jim Ryker


Well folks.. The past week has been all buildup for the WWF, as well as it was for WCW. WWF is doing Royal Rumble while WCW does counters it with Clash of the Champions on TBS.

Let's take a look at the major promotions and major highlights.

WCW: WCW is really suffering without Flair and it shows on TV. With Dusty Rhodes as their head booker, matters aren't getting better. While guys Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley and Tom "Z-Man" Zenk are being pushed aside, Ron Simmons is given World Title runs. Although Simmons is good, Austin should be getting built up as a contender for a World Title.

WWF: The top two stars in the wrestling world are in this fed. Ric Flair, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and Hulk Hogan, the last WWF World Heavyweight Champion are fueding and Randy Savage is getting into the mix is just great. The Jim Neidhart turn caught me by surprise. Jake Roberts seems to be getting the push he wanted and... Steve Lombardi isn't jobbing. A new direction for WWF?

In hiring/firing news, check this out.

An inside source told me that the man who was at ringside is none other then a clean shaven, blond haired, Ray Rougeau! He seems to be playing an agent for Rick Martel. My source didn't tell me if Ray would be keeping his name and this source has lied to me before so I wouldn't count on it.

The Border Wrestling Association division of the WWF has went on a hiring spree. The BWA is a developmental territory where WWF wrestlers healing from injury go to work off their ring rust.

According to my WCW sources, Andre the Giant was booked to work a few dates, but it is not confirmed yet.

Now for other promotion news...

GWF: Max Andrews' Global Wrestling Federation with GWF Champ Adrian Street seems to be going down the drain slowly. After a bit of going up the rankings and becoming the next big hit of the Wrestling World, the GWF has been reusing old segments over and over on GWF TV. GWF Wanted: Dead or Alive is scheldued for January 19 and Andrews has promised us a surprise.

SMW: Jim Cornette's Smokey Mountain Wrestling is losing some of it's "aura" due to the fact that the USWA has begun invading it's territory. Plus the fact that SMW is basically WWF Reject land with SD Jones as the champion scares me. SMW's My Enemy will also be January 19.

USWA: The United States Wrestling Association used to be owned by both Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler until the two got into a booking arguement. Lawler left and USWA has been going uphill. Brian "Lawler" Christopher has been really playing up to the "Jerry's My Father" which has been drawing him the Heel Heat. Fans have been tuning into USWA TV just to see if Jerry Lawler is going to show up and teach his son Brian a lesson. And during this time Christopher has been able to capture the USWA World Title. USWA plans to show Wild and Wicked, to finish up the January 19 triangle, on January 19.

Well as we close, here's this week's question of the week.

Q: Who's the best announcer in the wrestling world right now?

A: In a major promotion, I would say Gorilla Monsoon. In the independents, Joey Styles. If you know anybody in the Tri-State area, definatley trade tapes with that person to see how good this Styles guy is.

That is All,

Jim Ryker

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