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WWF April 2002

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Guest killacam2006

statement from wwe.com

last monday night vince mcmahon and ric flair split the rosters up into two halfs, with ric flair having his own set of wrestlers for his raw show and vince mcmahon having his own set of wrestlers for his smackdown show, the undisputed heavyweight champion triple h will get to appear on both raw on smackdown since he is the champion as will be the rule for the undisputed champion, smackdown will be pre empted this thursday night due to the rosters settling in then its off to raw this next monday night,what will happen when all of the raw roster is in the same building will new friendships be made will old ones be revisited or will all hell break loose this monday night tune in to find out!!!!

(this diary will focus on the RAW side of things starting from April 1 2002 straight after the brand extension)

(This diary will be in the form of magazine/internet style recaps so you could say the descriptions will be rather shorter than other diaries you might have read)

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Undisputed Champion

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Guest killacam2006

statement from wwe.com

In light of the new changes here at the WWE all new belts have been made for both show, the undisputed championship will stay intact, but RAW will have two belts called the tag team and u.s. titles there will be matches between the top contenders for the tag team and u.s. titles this monday on raw to decide the championships

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Guest killacam2006

Breaking news.............

News just in RAW general manager Ric Flair has managed to snatch international superstar eddy guerrero away from the indy promotion WWA this is a great catch for flair who is a big admirer of Eddie Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero had to leave the company last year due to mounting personal problems but now that all of his problems are dealt with we welcome him back to the WWE family

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Guest killacam2006

Matches Booked for RAW this Monday April 1 2002

Tag Titles

The Outsiders vs Dudley Boyz

U.S. Title

Booker T vs Christian

Open Challenge for Undisputed Title

Triple H vs ???

Also in attendance will be Steve Austin, Undertaker and many more big RAW superstars

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Guest killacam2006

The Ross Report

user posted image

Greetings from under the black resistol hat folks, this is an exciting time for all involved with monday night RAW this week see's the first show since the brand extension and i am just so pleased with our roster, firstly im going to talk about the matches scheduled for the show this coming monday, booker t vs christian well im just so excited about this match i cant see any two guys on the roster that deserve the shot at the U.S. championship more than these two men it should be one helluva contest. onto the next match for the tag team championships it will be the outsiders vs the dudley boyz bah gawd ive waited so long to see this match happen and this monday it finally will make no mistake about it you wont see any leg lock's or fujiwara armbars this will be a straight up slobberknocker and onto another thing Triple H has issued an open challenge to anyone on the RAW roster for a shot at his championship who could it be, anyone could challenge him you will have to tune in monday night to find out who it is, and onto Ric Flair's new recruit im such a big latino heat fan what kind of impact will he have this monday?? I sure cant wait to find out ill see you at RAW folks g'day!!

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Guest killacam2006

RAW - Monday April 2002

user posted image

Ric Flair' music hits and the crowd go wild for the nature boy he makes his way down to the ring and gets in the and starts strutting around the ring the timekeeper passes ric the mic, ric puts the mic to his mouth and gets ready to talk

FLAIR: whooooooooooooo welcome to the first RAW that Ric Flair is running the show baby, this is a new start for RAW and its a new start for me, weve got a great show for you tonight the us title will be on the line with the five time wCw champion booker t going up against christian, also the tag titles will be on the line with the long awaited clash of the dudleys vs the outsiders, and also we got triple h issuing an open challenge to anyone in the RAW locker room also we have all your favourite RAW superstars in the house ready to run wild whooooooooooooo enjoy the show (flair is strutting around the ring) whhhhhoooooooooooo enjoy the show whooooooooooooooo enjoy the show ric flair's says enjoy the show (flair then leaves the ring and we are ready for the us title match

Overall Rating - 88%

(US title) Booker T vs Christian

Match Ending - Booker T went for the Axe Kick but Christian blocked then hit the Unprettier for the win

The winner and new U.S champ Christian

Overall Match Rating - 87%

Christian gained 2 points of overness from this match

The camera goes backstage to where the nWo is (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac)

NASH: you know guys if we beat those dudleys for these tag titles tonight we got it made, phase one of the takeover is complete

HALL: you know big kev ive been thinking i think we should increase our force a couple of more members and no one could mess with us,hell dude right now no one can mess with us and we only got 3 members what you think

NASH: yeah i think your right who were you thinkin about recruiting

HALL: you'll find out within the next couple of weeks they are due to make a big impact right here on RAW!!

X-PAC: haha the suspense is killing us

the camera goes back to the ring

Overall Rating - 79%

X-Pac gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Steve Austin vs William Regal

Match Ending - Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner for the win

The winner is Steve Austin

Overall Match Rating - 84%

TAG TEAM titles - Outsiders vs Dudley Boyz

Scott Hall hit the Outsider's Edge on D'Von Dudley for the win

The winners and new tag team champions the outsiders

Overall Match Rating - 86%

The coach is backstage with the impact players

COACH: justin credible and lance storm you both asked for this interview time

CREDIBLE: yeah i got something get off my chest coach you see i came here in February 2001 a somebody, in ECW i was the one man crime spree i took out everybody from legends to nobodies, i had an incredible run as both tag team champions with my good friend lance storm and i was the greatest ECW champion of all time taking on all comers and defeating them, but then ECW folds and i come to the WWE the land of opportunity i was told, what did they give me, nothing, they have not giving me one opportunity to shine, i was left to rot away on sunday night heat, having to face nobodies, well me and lance think its time that we took the future into our own hands theres gonna be a few changes on monday night raw coach, oh and coach, that aint just the coolest that just aint the best that my friends is justin credible

the camera goes back to the ring

Overall Rating - 75%

Justin Credible gained 2 points of overness from this segment

Big Show vs Kane

Match Ending - Kane hit the Chokeslam for the win

The winner is kane

Overall Match Rating - 77%

We now shown a promo video for the returning Mr Perfect showing him excelling at every sport he does at the end he says yes i am perfect and soon my perfection will be showcased on RAW

Overall Rating - 88%

Its now time for the main event Triple H's music hits in the arena and he makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring and is posing to his fans he then grabs the mic

TRIPLE H: you know something this brand extension has effected the whole lockeroom apart from me, all of you only have to worry about one show i have to worry about 2 shows because the undisputed champion has to go on smackdown as well, but you know something i wouldnt have it any other way i am the game and i love this business more than anything the same as i love this championship more than life itself, thats why tonight i have issued an open challenge for my title, because i want to be remembered when its all written down in history as a fighting champion and as someone who never backed down from anybody, tonight i will prove i am that damn good so anyone that wants a piece of me come down to this ring and show me what you got

Triple H waits looking at the ramp for someone to accept his challenge but no one comes all of a sudden the lights go out they are out for the next two minutes

When they finally come back on Triple H is lying in a pool of his own blood and Undertaker is standing above him with his hand raised in the air

The show fades to black

Overall Rating - 94%

Undertaker gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

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Jiminy jellekers Radioactive Man, a paint factory exploded on this diary!

By that I mean you're overusing colour in your write-ups. Colour needs to be used sparingly. Your actual matches are average at best and that is only if you can get past the poor punctuation. Seriously, capital letters, full stops, colons et al. are very simple things. If you don't use them then why bother writing? Isn't Word telling you there are multiple grammar problems? You also need to break up your segments as well.

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The posts before the show could have all been put into one post. We don't want to seem like a postwhore now, do we?

You can download spell checker programs relatively easy ... But come on dude ... take half of a second out of your time and use CAPITAL letters where they need to be.

Other than that, I'm interested in seeing where this Triple H/Undertaker thing goes, and how you pull off the gimmick change. (If you remember, Undertaker was still "Big Evil" during this time period.)

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Guest killacam2006


U.S. Title - Christian vs Chris Jericho

Match Ending - Y2J went for the Lionsault but Christian put his knee's up and hit the Unprettier for the win, after the match when Christian was celebrating Booker T came out and stood at the top of the ramp and started pointing at Christian then pointed to his waist obviously signalling that he wanted Christian's United States Championship

Overall Match Rating - 81%

Christian gained 1 point of overness from this match

Tag Team Match - Hardy Boyz vs Impact Players

Match Ending - The Impact players both hit a superb double superkick on Jeff Hardy for the win, after the match Justin Credible grabs the mic and starts to talk while Lance Storm just stand's there with a serious look on his face

Credible - Tonight me and Lance showed the world that we indeed do deserve the respect we so desperately crave by defeating one of the greatest and most popular teams in WWE history the Hardy Boyz, but victories obviously isn't enough to get respect aorund this joint so i guarentee we will make an Impact in the very immediate future

Overall Match Rating - 87%

Justin Credible gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Singles Match - William Regal vs Rhyno

Match Ending - William Regal went for his Butterfly powerbomb but Rhyno managed to counter with a few punches then whipped Regal to the ropes then hit the Gore, Rhyno looked like he meant business in this match

Overall Rating - 90%

The Outsiders are backstage talking

Nash: You know Scott tonight we both got singles matches with the Dudley Boyz i got Bubba and you've got D'von, tonight i say we take these Dudley Boyz out of the game brother, so not only are we gonna get the victories over these brothers tonight but also were gonna humilate them and beat them within an inch of their lives

Hall: Humilate them, i like the sound of that idea Big Kev, and afterwards we can go drink some beer and get some ladies by the end of the night

Nash: You've got a drink problem Scott

Hall: Survey says you are correct haha

Nash: Anyway dude lets just concentrate on getting the job done tonight

Hall: You got it buddy let's watch X-Pac's match now i love this little guy he gonna do the nWo proud

Overall Rating - 88%

Singles Match - X-Pac vs Tajiri

Match Ending - X-pac hit a brilliant Spinning Heel kick then an X-Factor on Tajiri for the win

Overall Match Rating - 65%

We go to the back where Ric Flair is standing in his office with "The Whole Dam Show" Rob Van Dam

Flair: RVD you told coach you wanted to see me in my office so you're here now whats up Robert

RVD: Well Richard you know RVD is the coolest guy on Monday Night RAW, you know im the "Whole Dam Show", i think i deserve the opportunity to wrestle here tonight

Flair: Robert im way ahead of you i was thinking of putting you in a 3 way match for the Number 1 Contendership for the United States Championship not this week though tonight you have the night off to prepare for the match what do you think

RVD: Rob Van Dam likes this idea very much so who are my opponents gnna be next week

Flair: Whoooooooo your opponents will be Booker T and Raven

RVD: All i got to say is next week i will prove why i am Mr Monday Night

Overall Rating - 94%

Rob Van Dam gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Booker T gained 4 points of overness from this segment.

Raven gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Singles Match - Scott Hall vs D'von Dudley

Match Ending - Scott Hall sent the D'von crashing into the referee as the referee was knocked out Kevin Nash came out and layed out D'von with a chair and Scott Hall hit D'von with the Outsiders Edge the ref came to and counted the 3 giving Scott Hall the win

Overall Match Rating - 86%

Singles Match - Kevin Nash vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Match Ending - During the match D'von Dudley made his way to ringside soon after Scott Hall also made his way to ringside, Kevin Nash brought a chair into the ring during the match then the ref was trying to wrest the chair away from his possesion while this way going on D'von passed Bubba brass knucks, Bubba put the Knucks around his hand and when Nash made his way over to Bubba he got nailed with the Brass Knucks the referee didn't see the foreign object in place therefore counted the pinfall

Overall Match Rating - 64%

Bubba Ray Dudley gained 2 points of overness from this match.

Triple H's Music hits in the arena and he gets an enormous ovation he looks really pissed off due to last week's attack by "Big Evil" The Undertakers bloody attack on him, Triple H gets in the ring and quickly grabs the mic from his hand he is ready to talk

HHH: Undertaker last week week when i made the open challenge to anyone in that RAW locker room i looked to the Rampway and no one showed up, next thing i know the lights go out and then when i wake up im laying in a pool of my own blood, it's always been one of my belief's that nothing is worse than smelling or seeing your own blood and last week you set me off Undertaker, you've sparked a fire within "The Game", make no mistake about it Dead Man you will pay, you Taker ive always respected you, ive always looked up to you, you've got a great legacy in this business, you will always be remembered in this business, what is it 11 years of destruction well im sorry to be the one that breaks this to you but i am going to be the one that puts you out of this business for good, you've had a good run, but its gonna come to an end very very soon, ive heard you aren't here in this building but if i know you well, and i think i do, you will be watching this, do you realise what youve done, the cerebral assasin is coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Triple H is still standing in the ring when the lights go out and a bolt of lightning hits the ring, the lights are out for the next 2 minutes, they finally come back on and Triple H appears to be lifeless lying in the middle of the ring?? Could the Bolt of lightning hit him??????? Tune in next week to find out only on RAW!!!!!!!

Overall Rating - 87%

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Sorry Dude not feeling this diary at the present time i think your last show as a rushed attempt to try and get more people to read it and i don't like how you changed the style of writing and i tihnk you should take some time and concentrate on your writing even if it takes more than three or four days to write a show then do it because it really helps.

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Guest killacam2006

RAW Monday 15th April 2002

user posted image

The show starts off with Ric Flair in his office talking about the events of last week with Triple H getting hit with the lightning he says Triple H is in hospital and hasn't gained conciousness, we will hear more about Triple H's condition later in the show, he also announces a No DQ match for the tag titles involving Dudley Boyz vs the Tag Champs Kevin Nash and Scott Hall "The Outsiders", Flair then goes onto tell us that tonight The Main Event will be the number 1 contender's match for the U.S Title involving Booker T, RVD and Raven, we then go to the ring for the first contest a rematch from last week for Christian's U.S Championship Y2J again has a shot at gaining the belt.

U.S Title - Christian © vs Chris Jericho

Match Ending - Y2J went for the bulldog but Christian countered with a kick to the upper back then the Impaler for the 3 count, the winner and still U.S Champion Christian, Christian will now go onto face the winner of tonight's big triple threat main event

Overall Match Rating - 83%

Christian gained 2 points of overness from this match

A video airs for the return of Mr Perfect it doesn't say exactly when he is returning just that he is returning in the near future, after the video the camera's go to a nearby monitor where William Regal is watching he doesn't have a very good look on his face he seems mad that "The Perfect One" is getting all this attention for his return

Overall Rating - 79%

Singles Match - X-Pac vs Kane

Match Ending - Kane wins with the Chokeslam, Kane looked like a man on a mission in this match and dominated the match with brute force, a couple of minutes after the match and X-Pac is still on the canvas holding his neck he appears to have injured it

Overall Match Rating - 85%

Jeff, Matt Hardy and Lita are shown in there locker room talking amongst themselves when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door, they open the door and a delivery guy is standing there with a bunch of lovely red roses, he asks is there a woman by the name of Lita here just now, Lita puts her hand up and says yeah that's me thanks and she takes the flowers, she smells them, and she see's there's a card inside she reads it...................., it says with love from Eddie Guerrero, Matt Hardy looks at Lita and Lita looks back, Matt isn't too happy Eddie obviously has affections for Matt's Woman

Overall Rating - 87%

Matt Hardy gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Lita gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Tag Team Titles - No DQ - Outsiders © vs Dudley Boyz

Match Ending - The Dudley Boyz manage to hit the 3-D on Scott Hall, but wait there's two superstars running through the crowd and they come in and attack the Dudley's, these two stars are none other than the Impact Players, they said they were going to make an impact and it looks as if they have, they lay in superkick's to both of the Dudley's and Hall makes the cover on Bubba and gets the 1-2-3, after the bell, The outsider's shake hands with the Impact Player's who now appear to be the new members of the nWo, Hall tells them to get the spraypaint and then they spraypaint the backs of both the Dudley Boy's with the deadly letters nWo, they then do the nWo pose in the center of the ring, much to the dismay of the crowd

Overall Match Rating - 92%

We go to the hospital where Triple H is situated he is just lying there motionless not even miving, the crowd at the live arena appears to be in awe, what has "The Undertaker" done to this athelete in his prime, he might of robbed him of his life, never mind his job, interviewer the coach then speaks with a doctor who says Triple H's condition is stable that's all the information we can give you at this present time

Singles Match - Rhyno vs Tajiri

Match Ending - Rhyno hit a Spinebuster then a Gore for the win

Overall Match Rating - 85%

Booker T is in his locker room he starts to talk about tonight's number 1 contendership contest

Booker T: You know something man, the Bookerman has been a champion all his life, all throughout w-c-dubya, i was a mulitple time tag team,tv and wcw champion, ive even held Christian's United States title once before, but you know nothing would be more important to me than winning the triple threat matchup here tonight and going to Raw next week and beating Christian for the title, because no matter how much i did in wCw im confident that i can do it again the WWE, after WWE is where it all matters this is the big dance now, this is the big chance for the playa to prove that he belongs with the real big boys of wrestling, so Christian tonight watch my match, scout me tonight cos i want you to be at the top of your game, because next week you will be facing a man from the streets who is in his prime and ready to rise to the top of his game, "now can you dig that sucka"

Overall Rating - 97%

Booker T gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Next we are shown an interview with the second challenger in tonight's Triple Threat Main Event Raven

Raven: Let me start off by saying this, there was a reason that Vince McMahon when he was controlling Raw that he didn't give me title opportunities, i mean he know's i can wrestle, he knows i can talk, i mean if you had a multi-billion dollar company would you want me to be one of it's poster boys' god didnt bless me with good looks, he didn't bless me with a great dress sense, he did bless me with wrestling skill, and i took that blessing and made myself what i am today a hardcore, hard hitting guy, that has made it back to the WWE after all these years, everyone remembers Johnny Polo yeah that was me, i managed the Quebecers, i was a laughing stock, but i left, beacuase i knew i was too good for that role, it was beyond me, so i went to ecw and made a huge name for myself i won that ECW title twice and defended against anyone that was crazy to get in the ring with me, then when i thought i was getting stale i went to wcw and was held back i mean i won the U.S Title and then the next night i lost it to that no talent piece of crap Goldberg, then after that the company buried me, so here i am back in the WWE once again, some transformation from Wrestlemania 10 huh, well i plan on headlining a Wrestlemania one day, and what better than to start off tonight by, winning this match and taking back what i only had for one night in wCw the United States Championship, Christian i think you hear me knocking........ i think im coming in...........Quote the Raven Nevermore

Overall Rating - 87%

Raven gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

The third competitor in Tonight's Number 1 Contender match RVD is in his locker room let's hear what he had to say

RVD: Well these other two mediocre competitors have already bored us with their destiny stories, well im not gonna do that, i mean im Rob Van Dam, the most talented and most popular athlete these wrestling fans have ever seen, have u seen all of my neat moves, Five-Star splash most devastating move in tbe world no-one gets up from it Superman himself would not get out before the 3 count, then ive got awesome moves like the Split Legged Moonsault and all of my kool martial art's kicks and punches, who's better than Rob Van Dam i say nobody on this planet even comes remotely close and thats the "Good Word" (does the double thumb's) Rob Van Dam

Overall Rating - 88%

Steve Austin's Music hits in the Arena and he gets a great response from this Rawkus crowd, Austin gets into the ring and grabs the mic apparently he has something to say to his follower's

Austin: Well tonight i got some good news and some bad news, crowd chant what after everything he says, last week i went to the doctor and apparently my neck is in bad shape, it's worn out (what), it's done with (what), he said i shouldnt wrestle (what), but being the stand up guy that Stone Cold is im gonna put a positive spin on this (what), ill be out a couple of month's tops (what), ive seen that there is quite a few up and comers here in the WWE, so what im going to do, is im going to coach one of them, help with their development, but im not going to pick who i train, you are (what), what im going to do is take a poll on wwe.com you will have a choice of up and comers and the wrestler with the most votes gets help from Stone Cold, if you like this idea gimme a hell yeah (oh hell yeah), This training will be hard, it will be gruelling, first you gotta come eat with stone cold, 1 burger,2 burgers, 3 burgers, 4 burgers,some fries, some veg, then you gotta drink with Stone Cold, 1 beer, 2 beers (what), 3 beers, 4 beers , all the way up to 100 beers til we can't stand and were legless (what), til were legless, plastered, minging, drunk, pissed,(what), not well, ill, hungoverm you get the picture, then and only then once you've learned all that we might do a bit of working on moves hahahahha, and that's the bottom line cos stone cold said so, Austin throws down the mic and heads to the back

Number 1 Contendership to U.S Title - Booker T vs RVD vs Raven

Match Ending - All three are battling outside the ring when all of a sudden Booker T notices that the ref is at his 9 count, Booker T slides back into the ring and beats the count, but RVD and Raven don't make it and they fight into the crowd, the winner and the man who get's a shot at Christian next week Booker T!!!!!!!!

Overall Match Rating - 89%

Undertaker's music hits and the crowd boo the man who has out Triple in hospital, a lot of people have been asking themselves if he has again sided with the devil like he used to in his previous years, Undertaker has an evil smirk on his face he grabs the mic and gets ready to tell it like it his

Undertaker: Well, well, well, i guess all you assholes out here are a little bit pissed of at the Deadman, you all think im back dealing with the devil, since i managed to hit Triple H with a bolt of lightning, well let me tell you something, i aint gonna tell you pieces of trash anything, it's my secret all i know is that Triple isn't returning any time soon, he's layed up in that hospital not able to even talk, or acknowledge anyone, and if he doesn't defend that title for 30 days he will have to forfeit the title, and finally it will be mine once again, maybe ill put it on my bike and ride off into the sunset with it or maybe ill give it to one of my creatutes of the night to hold it,or maybe the devil himself will carry it for me, all i know is Triple H, i told you i wanted that title, you should have believed me you were acting all tough saying that you could beat anyone well this is my yard, and i run this yard, and you were only in this yard so long because i allowed, i just didn't want to allow it anymore, no one can stop me, no one, so Triple H Rest in Peace!!!!!!

Overall Rating - 92%

Undertaker gained 4 points of overness from this segment.

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Guest killacam2006

RAW Report Monday 22nd April by Killa Cam

The show comes on and William Regal is standing in the ring with the usual “I smell something really bad look on his face, I wonder what Mr Regal has to say, chances are that this is about what we seen last week, (after Mr Perfect’s return video [played we seen Regal staring at his T.V. monitor in utter disgust, anyway as suspected Regal talked about how Mr Perfect doesn’t deserve all this attention upon his return and that on his return they should face off in a match so Regal can show this bloody “Johnny Come Lately” who the real Mr Perfect is

Rating – 89%

Singles Match – Rhyno vs Test

This match saw Rhyno look very impressive in the ring indeed, Test also got some good moves in such as the Big Boot and the Pumphandle slam but Rhyno managed to kick out of these signature moves and hit the Gore out of nowhere for the win, I think we could see Rhyno move out of the Mid-Card Tag by the end of the summer at the latest

Match Rating – 82%

After the commercial break there was X-Pac sitting in his home with a neckbrace on looking pretty pissed, this is a result of last week’s brutal match with Kane, where Kane delivered a vicious Chokeslam on the now member, X-Pac tells us that he will be out for a few weeks at least but when he returns, him and his now friends will lay the most vicious beating on Kane that he will never want to return to the company again, and yes he did say that will be 2 sweet!!!

Rating – 78%

Next we go to the Los Guerrero’s locker room where they are talking about Lita, Eddie seems besotted with the woman, geez I wonder why, he says she is one hot mama cita, and he will win her affections, if Lita thought the flowers smelled good wait till she smells Eddie up close and personal, oh what will Matt’s reaction be to this

Rating – 88%

Chavo Guerrero gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Single’s Match – Rob Van Dam vs Raven

This match is a result of the bitter ending of last week’s number one contendership match for the United States strap, RVD & Raven battled all the way through the crowd thus giving Booker T the win by count out, anyway, RVD got many of his signature moves in such as the Split Legged Moonsault and Rolling Thunder put Raven was Tenacious and fought back with his Crescent kick then hit the Evenflow DDT for the win.  Could this put Raven back in the U.S Title hunt???

Match Rating – 89%

Raven gained 1 point of overness from this match.

The Coach is Backstage with the Austin, the Coach says he is anxious to see who won the poll for who Austin would mentor to greatness here in the WWE.  Stone Cold said that the winner had in fact been…………,  Maven then appeared beside Austin with a big smile on his face, Austin said that this man is destined for big things, but first he must learn the basics, he explained what the basics were, (a lot of eating and drinking), Steve then told Maven training starts now, and they walked off the screen destined to have a hangover the next day

Next the nWo music hits in the arena and they got a big mixed reaction, they got in the ring and posed for a while, man these guys are so cocky, but hey all the girls want them and all the guys want to be them so you can’t really knock them can you, Justin Credible yet again grabs the mic, man does Lance ever talk, or is he destined to just stand there and look pretty.  Justin Credible talks about how him and Lance are the future of this business and they will take out anyone and everyone that gets in their way, if the Dudleys have any problems with them then they can just confront them, lord everyone knows the Outsiders have the Impact players back, that’s 4 on 2, this will never be a fair battle.  Suddenly Flair’s music hits and whole crowd goes whooooooooo in unison, Flair comes out and says the Dudley’s deserve a title shot and that they will get it and the date is May 12th at Judgement and to make sure that “The Impact Players” can’t interfere it will be in a steel cage, just then the Dudley’s come through the crowd and attack all four now members but the now get the better of them and beat them down until their helpless on the canvas they then walk cockily away, but the main story folks is the Dudleys have their match May 12th, the Outsiders Judgment Day!!!!!

Rating – 91%

Single’s Match – Tommy Dreamer vs Bradshaw

This was a brutal match, Bradshaw kicked Dreamer’s ass, Dreamer kicked Bradshaw’s ass, Dreamer won with the Dreamer DDT, id like to see them have a rematch In the future

Match Rating – 74%

Tommy Dreamer gained 2 points of overness from this match.

U.S. Title Match – Christian © vs Booker T

Finally Booker T gets his chance to win that U.S Title from Christian, Firstly Booker T’s music hits and the crowd are solidly behind the former wCw champion, did you know he was a former wCw champion by the way just thought id remind you, Booker T is standing in the ring waiting for Christian to come out, Christian’s music hits but there is no sign of him, 2 minutes on there is still no sign, the camera’s go to the parking lot where we see Christian he gets into his car and leaves the building, Booker T is irate, he then heads to the back, is Christian scared of Booker T????


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Guest killacam2006

Raw Report 29th April 2002 by Killa Cam

Singles Match – Rhyno vs Bradshaw

This was another impressive showing by Rhyno the crowd seem to really be getting into his matches Bradshaw managed to get in some offense also he got in a powerbomb and a spinning neckbreaker but he was no match for the Gore

Winner – Rhyno

Match Rating – 76%

We now go backstage where we witness the next stage in this Eddie Guerrero:Lita saga, Lita is talking to Coach saying that she is happy with her boyfriend Matt Hardy awww how touching she’s in love.  Just as the interview is coming to a close a delivery boy comes with a gift for her, oh no not again, she opens it up and it Is a box of chocolates with a cheesy poem inside Lita looks touched

Rating – 78%

A video plays showing X-Pac’s best moments the video says the Kid is returning at Judgment Day, you gotta believe that he’s not gonna be coming to Judgement Day alone, you have to know that his now buddies will be there with him, ready to eliminate Kane from the WWE, or will Kane have backup of his own??? Does Kane even need backup I mean he’s a monster we will find out at May 12th at Judgement Day, I for one cannot wait!!

Rating – 90%

Singles Match – William Regal vs Tajiri

Before the match starts William Regal gets on the mic and talks about how in this match he is going to give Mr Perfect a sneak preview of what’s in store for him at Judgment day, he will make an example of Tajiri, Regal was impressive in this match using a variation of good looking suplexes and arm locks, Tajiri tapped out to the Regal Stretch, if Regal show’s this type of performance against Mr Perfect just maybe, and I use that word sparingly just maybe he will prove to Mr Perfect that he Is indeed the “Perfect one”

Winner – William Regal

Match Rating – 76%

The Dudleys are seen walking backstage when all of a sudden put of nowhere the Outsider’s and The Impact Players lay a vicious attack on Bubba and D’Von once the damage is done the now swagger away down the corridor once again the number’s game has been too much for those damn Dudley’s but remember at Judgement Day they will be all alone with Nash & Hall in a 15 foot high Steel Cage

Rating – 78%

Hardcore Match – Rob Van Dam vs Raven

This match was brutal and back and forth with Raven getting his drop toe hold on the chair move in and also several chairshots but RVD fought back with various kicks then a Van Daminator for the win. Surely this win will put RVD somewhere in the contention for the U.S. Title you got to believe the winner of the title match between Christian and Booker t tonight will give “The Whole Damn Show” a shot somewhere down the line

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match Rating – 93%

Ric Flair is now with us in his office he tells us that he was disgusted by what Christian did last week, he didn’t even expect that from a creepy little guy like Christian, but his point is that this tonight we will see Booker T get his fair shot, and if Christian doesn’t show up then we he will have to forfeit the title to Booker T.  As usual Ric managed to get many whooooo’s in and was his usual eccentric self.  From an old school fan’s point of view wouldn’t you love to see Ric Flair teach Christian a lesson one night in the ring??

Rating – 91%

We go to a nearby bar where Maven and Steve Austin are, Steve has a bottle of beer in his hand while Maven’s head is on the bar, he looks to be unconscious, Austin try’s to wake up Maven but no avail, maybe Austin should start some wrestling training now?? As the camera goes off the air Austin order’s another beer. Man this guy really has a strong stomach no doubt the drinking will continue well into the night, or in Maven’s case he will wake up in the morning and wonder what the hell happened to him.  On the other hand Maven could learn a lot from Mr Austin if they ever get to stage 3 in Austin’s training phase, we (the Raw fans) will just have to wait see how this relationship develops over time…

Rating – 87%

Maven gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

U.S Title – Booker T vs Christian ©

This match was back and forth with Booker T getting in his Axe Kick and Scissors kick but somehow Christian managed to fight back with his reverse DDT but Booker T kicked out of that signature move as well in the end Christian prevailed by cheating with a rollup pin and hook of the tights, Christian has survived tonight, but he might not be so lucky next time, if Booker T gets a fair rematch maybe with a stipulation that wouldn’t allow Christian to steal a victory then I think Booker T would walk away with the gold just my thought’s ladies and gentlemen

Match Rating – 76%

Winner – Christian

Singles Match – Chavo Guerrero vs Jeff Hardy

There is a history here since Chavo cousin Eddie has been trying to win the affections of Jeff’s brother Matt’s Girlfriend the lovely “Lita”, this was a fast paced match with many innovative high flying moves such as hurricanrana’s and headscissor’s in the end Jeff won with a Swanton Bomb, there’s a bit of revenge for his dear brother Matt

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Match Rating – 84%

We go to a dark room, where there is an eerie silence, there is smoke in the room, it kind of looks like someone’s old unused attic, now I am no Einstein but from the moment I saw this I could suspect the Undertaker’s presence, damn has he gone back to the dark side??  Well a candle is finally lit after a couple of minutes of silence, we see a face beside the lit candle it’s Triple H he’s all tied up to a chair!!!  Undertaker pull’s up beside him with a chair and is breathing heavy into Triple H’s face, well at least Triple H has regained consciousness after he was in the ring and was hit by a strike of lightning.  Undertaker talks about how he wants Triple H’s undisputed championship and how he went to Ric Flair and Flair granted him his shot at Judgement Day, Triple H looks like he is fuming.  Lord knows how long he has been tied up in Taker’s attic.  Untertaker then says Triple H make no mistake about it this will be your Last Ride.  He then blows out the candle and walks upstairs leaving Triple H in his attic to think about what’s ahead of him May 12th!!

Rating – 85%

We got a 5.84 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6512 people.

We made $260480 from ticket sales.

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Guest killacam2006

Raw Report 6th May Killa Cam

I turn my T.V set on for this week’s instalment of Raw and I see the general manager of Raw Ric Flair strutting around in the middle of the ring the fans love it, the nature boy has something to say baby, he starts off by welcoming everyone to Raw then goes onto talk about this Sunday at Judgement Day, he says that he has decided to make a tag match it will be the Hardy Boys vs Los Guerrero’s so Matt will have his chance to get his hands on Eddie Guerrero, he then goes onto talk about how Christian cheated his way to a victory last week against Booker T in their title match so he is saying that this Sunday on Pay Per View Booker T will get his fair chance at the belt because it will be a No DQ match so there will be no escape for Christian this Sunday he’s gonna have to win fair and quare or not at all, Flair finished off by saying having a nice show and whooooooo, he then struts out of the ring and we go to the first match.

Rating – 96%

Ric Flair gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Single’s Match – Eddie Guerrero vs Jeff Hardy

Eddie looks paranoid this whole, he must be weary incase Matt Hardy comes out and lays a beating on him for showing his affection’s to Matt’s girlfriend Lita, Jeff got some good moves in such as a magnificent swinging DDT and a whisper in the wind, Eddie also managed to get some offence in such as 3 Suplexes in a row and an awesome German Suplex, then the referee got knocked out and as suspected Matt Hardy ran out and gave Eddie a beating then the Twist of Fate then Matt ran backstage leaving only Jeff and Eddie again, Jeff ascended to the top rope and hit the Swanton Bomb for the 3 count, a small measure of revenge has been exacted but how much more will be thrust upon Eddie at Judgement Day??

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Match Rating – 93%

Matt Hardy debuted his new gimmick (Old School Face), it got a positive response.

We go to an Interview in the Dudley Boyz locker room, they talk about how in the past weeks they have been beat down and insulted by the now, how the Impact Player’s tried to make a name for themselves by beating down Bubba and D’Von, they tell us that this Sunday it will all be worth everything they’ve endured when they get their Tag Gold back into their arms, all the sacrifices they have made in their career will have been worth it, when they beat the Outsider’s asses for the belts, and they also added if Kane needs any backup we’ve got you Kane no problem.

Rating – 82%

The Dudley Boyz Debuted their new gimmick (Old School Face) ,they got a positive response

Next the camera’s go to a nearby WWE training facility where Steve Austin and Maven and wrestling in an empty arena by themselves, afterwards Steve is heard saying Maven since you came here to this company I haven’t seen much of a move arsenal from you, I’ve seen a dropkick of your’s pretty impressive but no one ever won any titles with a freaking dropkick, im going to teach you the fundamentals of being a champion, I guess we’ll have to wait til next week to find out what those fundamentals are…

Rating – 86%

Maven gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Single’s Match – William Regal vs Tommy Dreamer

Another match in preparation for his showdown with Mr Perfect at the P.P.V, Regal was again impressive, showing off his various suplexes and hurtful submission moves, although Dreamer fought back with his Dreamer DDT it just wasn’t enough to defeat Regal, Regal won the match with his Regal Stretch when Tommy tapped out.  After the match Mr Perfect’s music hit in the arena and the crowd exploded, but it was a hoax he didn’t show up, but he did show up on the titantron much to the dismay of Regal, yeah that’s right Regal had that look on his face again, Mr Perfect told William that he looked impressive in the past weeks but there was one problem and that was that he didn’t look perfect and the thing is I am perfect and Sunday night I will prove that to you!!! Should be a classic match this at Judgement Day!!!

Winner – William Regal

Match Rating – 85%

William Regal debuted his new gimmick (Bumbling Englishman), it got a negative response.

William Regal is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

Single’s Match – Kane vs Lance Storm with Justin Credible

This was a heated matchup since the Impact Player’s now buddy got injured by Kane as you would have expected a couple of minutes into the match Credible jumped in and nailed Kane with the Superkick, the the two men lay a beating onto Kane, then the Dudley’s came from nowhere and beat Credible and Storm down, just then………. The Outsider’s music hits and they come running down and get things under control it 4 on 3, once the now lay a beating on all 3 men they leave the ring smiling and satisfied that once again they have gained the advantage

Winner – Kane by DQ

Match Rating – 85%

Justin Credible debuted his new gimmick (Cocky).

RVD’s music hits in the arena and the crowd go crazy he gets in the ring and tells us his many fans of course that again he is the best WWE has to offer, damn this guy is full of himself, he then offers his opinion on Raven, he says that him and raven have had 2 matches in the past month and its 1 all, they have both won a match each what he is proposing is that Raven takes on “The Whole Damn Show” this Sunday to determine who the better man is, and Raven can even choose which type of match it is.  A moment later Raven’s music hits and he comes out to a chorus of boo’s he has a mic in his hand and a look of deep thought on his face as per usual, he says that Rob you know me well, you know my every move, Ive heard you study your opponents in the ring in order to prepare, so im proposing a match which has an era of unpredictability what about a TLC match, tables, ladders, chairs, and whole lot of sore bones once im finished with you in that match “Quote the Raven Nevermore”.  RVD responds with that’s cool, yeah that’s right “Mr Monday Night” isn’t sweating a thing.

Rating – 89%

Triple Threat Match – Rhyno vs Test vs Tajiri

This was a 3 way brawl no scientific wrestling by an man here, Tajiri managed to get a number of swift kicks in to both Rhyno and Tajiri and Test managed to get a powerslam in on Rhyno and a Pumphandle Slam in on Tajiri, but in the end a Spinebuster to Tajiri and a Gore to Test was enough to earn the Rhyno the victory

Winner – Rhyno

Match Rating – 86%

Test debuted his new gimmick (Egomaniac), it got a positive response.

After the commercial break we come back and Booker T is in Ric Flair’s office, Flair just basically wished Booker T luck for his title shot at Judgement Day they shake hands and Booker walks confidently out of Ric’s office

Rating – 91%

Booker T gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Single’s Match – Big Show vs Christian

From the outset Big Show looked fired up in this match, maybe he thought if he proved himself here he might be considered in a title hunt of some kind, anyway Christian got little to no offense in, but Big Show on the other got many of his big moves in such as the Sidewalk Slam and The Final Cut which both got near falls, Big Show got frustrated at Christian’s resilience and in the end up went outside grabbed a chair and came in nailed Christian over the head with it, the referee called for a DQ but Big Show was not finished he picked Christian up and Chokeslammed him right on the Chair, he then left the ring when the damage was done.  What condition does this out Christian in for his title match with Booker T this Sunday maybe now Booker T will have the advantage I sure can’t wait to find out!!!

Match Rating – 74%

Big Show debuted his new gimmick (Monster), it got a negative response.

We are shown a video package of last week’s events where we seen The Undertaker have Triple H hostage in his attic this was a sickening sight to see believe me, Triple H was tied up and was helpless and obviously was taken from the hospital from the Undertaker, will Triple H even be able to compete at Judgement Day. We go to the parking lot where a big black car has pulled up, a door open’s and Triple H lands face first in the concrete, Taker pops his face out of the door and says to Triple H make no mistake about it champ this Sunday will be your Judgement Day.  Undertaker starts laughing and drives off leaving Triple H on the concrete, as the camera’s are going off air Triple H has a sick look on his face.  Will he be able to compete this Sunday???  Will his anger allow him to compete??  At Judgement Day this wont be a title match this will be an all out war!!!

Rating – 85%

We got a 6.03 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6547 people.

We made $261880 from ticket sales.

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Guest killacam2006

Judgement Day 2002 Report by Killa Cam


Undisputed Title

Triple H © vs Undertaker

U.S. Title (No DQ)

Christian © vs Booker T

Tag Team Titles (Cage Match)

Outsiders © vs Dudley Boyz

Fighting for Lita’s Honour

Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerrero’s

The Winner is Perfect

William Regal vs Mr Perfect

Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Rob Van Dam vs Raven

X’Pac’s Revenge on Kane

X-Pac returns tonight looking to get revenge on the man who injured his neck Kane

I turn on my T.V on for the Pay Per View that I’ve just paid my hard earned cash for and were ready for the first contest

Fighting for Lita’s Honour – Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerrero’s

This was a very heated contest right from the get go

Matt and Eddie started off and Matt was cooking on Eddie delivering a series of punches and kicks then delivering a moonsault and getting a nearfall, Eddie managed to tag out and Matt tagged Jeff and we saw some great moves here such as a high impact bodydrop from Jeff and a Stalling Brainbuster from Chavo, then I noticed that Eddie and Matt had disappeared into the crowd fighting it out leaving Jeff and Chavo alone in the ring, Jeff won with a Swanton Bomb.  I have a feeling this rivalry is far from over, what I find strange here is that Lita was not out accompanying the Hardy Boyz for their match maybe they just wanted to protect her from “Latino Heat”.

Winner’s – Hardy Boyz

Match Rating – 92%

The Winner is Perfect – William Regal vs Mr Perfect

William Regal come out fist to his usual boo’s then Mr Perfect came out to an enormous ovation and a big smile on his face he got in his ring and tossed his chewing gum to the “not very impressed Regal who just stared Mr Perfect down.  At first they squared up and Regal got the first cheap shot in, Regal dominated the early procedding’s delivering some impressive uppercuts and a couple of stiff kicks, but Perfect being the man that he is fought back with a swinging neckbreaker and some hard chops of his own.  He went for the Perfectplex but Regal blocked and hit his Butterfly Powerbomb but Pefect kicked out, Regal then delivered a second Butterfly Bomb but again Perfect kicked out. Regal then got frustrated and went for his brass knucks but Perfect saw it coming and kicked them out of Regal’s hand then delivered his Perfectplex for the win. So the winner and the Real Mr Perfect is none other than ummmm Mr Perfect. How ironic!!

Winner – Mr Perfect

Match Rating – 89%

Mr. Perfect debuted his new gimmick (Cool), it got a positive response.

William Regal is losing overness because of his weak gimmick (Bumbling Englishman).

Then the show goes to Kane’s locker room where X-Pac and the members of the nWo are beating down Kane they are showing no mercy, there is blood running down Kane’s chest and he looks to be out cold the now then leave the room and the Dudley’s come in to check In on Kane but it’s all too late the damage has already been done here.  X-Pac said he was going to get revenge and by god he has.  I just hope Kane is alright.

Rating – 91%

Kane gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Kevin Nash gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

U.S Title – No DQ – Christian © vs Booker T

Booker T came out and straight away started firing left’s and right’s into Christian he had him rocking and reeling straight away and went for the Bookend and hit it but Christian kicked out just before the 3 count, it was just too early to pin Christian but what a start from the Bookerman, Booker T was still in control hitting a hard backbreaker and then laying some offense on Christian’s back such as knee’s then a big knee drop he got another near fall, Christian tried fighting back with a DDT but couldn’t even make a cover his back looks to be in bad shape, Booker T went for the Scissor’s Kick but Christian swiftly moved out of the way then hit the Unprettier for the Win.  Man Christian must’ve been playing possum the whole match.  In my life I have never seen a more creepier slimier person than Christian he knows every little trick in the book and that’s covering a lot of ground folks.

Winner – Christian

Match Rating – 93%

Christian gained 2 points of overness from this match

Tables, Ladders and Chairs – Rob Van Dam vs Raven

This match will decide who is the better man, so far it’s at 1-1 and the winner here will be the better man apparently,this was as hardcore as it gets from start to finish, RVD hit his Rolling Thunder on the chair only for Raven to kick out, and Raven hit his Drop Toe Hold on the chair.  The ladder also came into play with RVD landing a splash off the top of it, but Raven somehow managed to kick out.  Also Raven landed a flying armbar off the top of the ladder but both men were so hurt that Raven couldn’t get over to get the 3 count.  Raven went for the Evenflow DDT but RVD reverse into a Northern Lights Suplex but only got a long long and I mean long 2 count.  RVD brought a table into the ring and set it up right in the middle of the ring and Raven was stunned then RVD hit a flying kick and Raven landed right on the table.  Van Dam ascended the Top rope and hit an awesome Five Star Frog Splash for the win.  I guess RVD is officially now the better man.  Or will Raven have something to say about that??

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match Rating – 96%

Tag Team Titles – Cage Match – Outsiders © vs Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz come out first and look fuming they know exactly who done that to Kane, then the Outsiders music hits to a mixed reaction man I can’t wait to see this cage match it’s finally gonna be even odd’s, tag team vs tag team, no interference, no nothing, just a real good fight.  The Dudley Boyz got an early upper hand and hammered away with shots at both of the Outsider’s.  Bubba hit his Bubba Bomb on Nash and D’Von hit his Reverse DDT on Hall.  But the Outsider’s were not done. Hall hit a fallaway slam on D’von. And Nash hit a sidwalk slam on Bubba. This match was back and forth all the way through with both teams near to winning the match. Everytime it looked as if one was going to get out their partner saved them.  At one point when nash was climbing the cage Bubba and D’Von both got up their and were jockeying for position when they managed to hit a 3-D that took Nash out of the picture as he lay there motionless Hall had to do their fighting.  Hall managed to hit a hard clothesline on D’Von knocking him senseless then his patented Outsider’s Edge on Bubba.  Then managed to scale the cage and jump down and get himself out of this match-up.  Bubba was out cold but D’Von and Nash were just coming too, when oh my god Nash hit a low blow on D’Von then a Jacknife Powerbomb he too escaped the cage and escaped with the Tag Team Titles.  By god those bullies have done it they walked away with the Tag Titles.

Winner’s – The Outsider’s

Match Rating – 93%

Undisputed Title – Triple H © vs Undertaker

Undertaker came out first looking real happy with himself, and so he should be he has basically left Triple H without and chance in this match-up.  He has weakened Triple H to the point where we don’t even know if “The Game will compete tonight in this title match-up, if he doesn’t he has to forfeit the belt to “Big Evil”.  Triple H’s music hits and the crowd go nuts for their hero.  Triple H appears on the rampway looking battered and beatup but he also looks ready for a real good fight tonight looking like he wants to kick some serious ass.  He gets in the ring and doesn’t even pose he just goes straight for the Undertaker laying in shots at Taker’s head.  But the Taker fights back and it was all too much for Triple H.  Taker then had control of the matchup from there on getting in his signature offense such as the Running DDT and hit the Sidewalk Slam.  Triple H was trying to fight back but Undertaker was knocking him straight back down again. Taker hit the big boot then went for the cover but Triple H kicked out. This is what a champion is made of.  He just wouldn’t give up.  Next Triple H managed to hit a massive spinebuster but Taker kicked out at the 2 mark.  Triple H went for the Pedigree but Undertaker was too strong and reversed with a backdrop then his Chokeslam but Triple H kicked out at 2 again.  So tenacious.  Why doesn’t he just give up and save his damned carrer ill tell you why because that’s just not his style.  Taker went for the tombstone but AS HHH was going down for it his legs hit the Referee so Undertaker hits the tombstone but no one is there to count.  The out of nowhere Shawn Michaels comes out of nowhere Undertaker stands up and gets nailed with the best Superkick I ever saw he’s out cold.  Shawn Michaels poses to the crowd for a while and dances about then puts Triple H’s arm over the Undertaker.  Then Shawn leaves through the crowd.  The ref comes too and counts the 1…….2…… and 3.  Triple H has won this with the help of Shawn Michaels who we haven’t seen here in year’s what was he doing helping Triple H??????  Did Triple H ask for Shawn’s help???? Was this all planned?????? I guess we will find out tomorrow on RAW!!

Winner – Triple H

Match Rating – 96%

We got a 1.32 buy rate for 'Judgment Day'!

The attendance was 14007 people.

We made $3300000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $840420 from ticket sales.

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Guest killacam2006

Raw Report 13th May 2002 by Killa Cam

The show starts off with highlights from last night’s PPV Judgement Day where Triple H regained his title thanks to help from his friend the returning Shawn Michaels

The fireworks go off and Shawn Michaels music hits and the crowd go wild he comes out dancing about to his Sexy Boy theme music man it seems like he’s had that music for ever and ever will he ever change it anyways.  He gets in the ring and gets the mic and tells us that last night he helped a friend in need he had witnessed all he could by sitting at home.  He seen Triple H needed help so he delivered it to him.  He told us The Undertaker had it coming to him and as long as “The Heartbreak Kid” is around the Undertaker will not be taking advantage of Triple H anymore.  Triple H then comes down and thanks Shawn for coming to his aid they then hug embracing each other.  Triple H said with the two of them together not even The Undertaker can take the belt away from Triple H.  Undertaker’s music hits and he comes out on the rampway looking pretty pissed off.  He gives it to Triple H for running to HBK for help but he says the time will come for him to take the belt away from “The Game” it might not be tonight, it might not be next week but one day it will happen.

Ric Flair now has an announcement for us.  Ric says that it is that time of year again.  That’s right it’s time for the King of the Ring tournament and to make it more special this year the winner will get a title shot at Summerslam.  He tells us the entrants are Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer, Test, Bradshaw, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Goldust

The matches announced are as follows

Quarter Finals:

Tommy Dreamer vs Bradshaw

Rhyno vs Goldust

Jeff Hardy vs Eddie Guerrero

Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero

We go into Booker T’s locker room where he is unpacking his bags, inside his bag he finds a note it says Booker T I can help you win the U.S Championship.  Who could this note be from.  Booker T has a look on his face as if to say I have no clue who this is from.

Rating – 89%

KOTR Quarter Final – Tommy Dreamer vs Bradshaw

This was another slobberknocker I’ve wanted to see a rematch between these two and tonight I got my wish.  Bradshaw hit a couple of real big moves such as the Fallaway Slam and the Powerbomb but Dreamer managed to kick out at 2 both times.  Dreamer also had some good offense with his Dreamer DDT and the Spicolli Driver but somehow Bradshaw kicked out.  In the end Dreamer whipped Bradshaw to the Ropes but Bradshaw bounced back with a Clothesline from Hell to get the win.

Winner - Bradshaw

Match Rating – 79%

KOTR Quarter Final – Rhyno vs Goldust

This is the second of four quarter final matches in the King of the Ring tournament.  Both men had some good offense here with Goldust getting some good Uppercut’s in and hitting a hard DDT but Rhyno was too strong and came back with a Spinebuster and an impressive Gore for the win

Winner – Rhyno

Match Rating – 86%

We go to the nearby training facility Austin and Maven were at last week and Steve is showing Maven moves such as Armbar’s and Wristlock’s.  Austin is obviously trying to turn Maven into a technical master.

Rating – 88%

Maven gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

The nWo are in their locker room and they talk about how they are so proud of themselves last night how they put Kane on the floor.  X-Pac says last night the now injured Kane’s elbow and he could be out to as much as 2 or 3 months.  Hall’s says that’s too sweet. Nash replies with that’s just how the now get things done around here.  The Outsider’s also appear happy about the way they defeated the Dudley’s, they tell the Impact Player’s that tonight you’ve got the Dudley’s put them out of action, Credible responded with ill show them why were not just the coolest, not just the best but we are indeed Justin Credible!!

Rating – 84%

U.S Title – Christian © vs Mr Perfect

Christian looked really cocky here tonight in this matchup he must be really proud of his victory over Booker T last night.  Mr Perfect looked to be in controlling hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker and a flying Snapmare but only getting Near Falls.  He then went for his PerfectPlex but Christian managed to reverse it and hit his signature Reverse DDT for the near fall.  Then out of nowhere William Regal came down to distract Perfect talking some English trash then Christian came from behind Perfect and delivered the devastating Unprettier for the win

Winner – Christian

Match Rating – 93%

RVD is backstage with the Coach and he is talking about how he proved he is the better man between him and Raven last night.  He says that not only is he the better man than Raven he is the best man on Raw and he’s willing to prove it to anyone that want’s a shot.  Then we see Raven walk up to him and challenge him one last time to a match next week RVD agree’s and they shake hands.  This should be another good showing by both men next week.  These two always impress.

Rating – 85%

We see Matt and Lita backstage they are talking about what a creep Eddie Guerrero is and how Jeff is gonna take care of him next week.  Lita says she will be out there next week with Jeff to keep Eddie in check and if Chavo try’s to interfere she will sort him out.  Matt tells us that next week he will take Chavo to school in that ring. And both Hardy’s will end up in the Semi- Final’s.  Remember if both of The Hardy Boyz win their match then they will face off against each other in the Semi-Final’s wouldn’t that be interesting??

Rating – 84%

Tag Team Match – Dudley Boyz vs Impact Players

The Dudley Boyz were the aggressor’s In this match taking right to Credible and Storm right from the Get go.  The Dudley’s managed to hit their 3-D on Lance but Credible came to the rescue but The Dudley’s were still in control with Bubba hitting a Bubba bomb on Lance then They hit a Whassup on him, but again Credible made the save before the 3.  Lance managed to fight back with a Superkick on Bubba then got the Tag to Credible. Justin hit a powerbomb on D’Von for a nearfall.  Then Bubba got tagged in and got hit by a Superkick.  But he managed to kick out.  Justin templer got the better of him and he went outside for a chair Lance had the Referee distracted and Credible nailed Bubba with a chair but he didn’t go down so Credible hit him another two times and then hit the That’s Incredible with D’von getting held at bay by Storm.  The Impact Players got the win.  But they weren’t finished not by a long shot.  Lance also came in with a chair and smacked D’Von with it.  They both started laying in more Chairshot’s to The Dudley’s then when the Dudley’s were out cold the Rest of the nWo (Hall, Nash and X-Pac) came down and delivered each of their finishes to The Dudley Boyz the Dudley’s have been humiliated here!!!  These Impact Player’s are becoming a force to be reckoned with here!!

Match Rating – 92%

We got a 6.47 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7021 people.

We made $280840 from ticket sales.

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Guest killacam2006

Raw Report 20th May 2002 by Killa Cam

U.S Title – Christian © vs William Regal

Last week Christian just scraped by when Regal distracted Perfect allowing Christian to pick up the win.  This week it looked as if Regal was going to win the title. But it was a reversal of circumstances this week when Mr Perfect came down and distraced Regal allowing Christian to pick up the win with the Unprettier.

Winner – Christian

Match Rating – 78%

We go to Booker T’s locker room and he has a distraught look on his face we go to his wall.  There is writing on his wall in big black writing and it says Booker T I can help you in your quest.  Geez this is getting kinda freaky who could it be that wants to help Booker T.  Book says I didn’t just see that, tell me I didn’t just see that.

Rating – 88%

The nWo music hits in the arena and the crowd give a mixed reaction, half of them are for the nWo and half of them aren’t it’s a simple as that.  Nash tells us that he is proud of his team member’s Lance Storm and Justin Credible he says they handled business pretty darn well.  He tells us that The Dudley’s wont be here this week, that they are sitting at home nursing their little wounds.  He says if and when they come back they will get the same back.  He goes on to say that anyone else that gets in their way has the same fate.  They all leave the ring look pretty smug.  Can anyone put a stop to this New World Order nonsense???  If they can I guess it won’t be this week!!

Rating – 88%

KOTR Quarter final – Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero

A very evenly balanced match here with Matt hitting his Legdrop from the top rope and getting a nearfall and Chavo hitting his Stalling Brainbuster.  Chavo got the win by using a set of brass knucks that he got from his pants. A tainted victory but a victory nonetheless

Winner – Chavo Guerrero

Match Rating – 88%

Matt Hardy lost 1 point of overness from this match.

KOTR Quarter final – Jeff Hardy vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie managed to get his Flying Head Scissors in and a swinging DDT but Jeff managed to hit some big moves too, such as a Hurricanrana and a Whisper in the Wind for near falls.  Eddie had Jeff locked in many Submission moves.  His main focus not to hurt Jeff but to llook at Lita who accompanied Jeff to ringside.  Even once Lita seemed to smile back at Eddie.  Maybe it was my imagination.  But no later in the match again when Eddie had Jeff in a side headlock I definitely caught Lita smiling at Eddie.  Has the affection of Eddie finally got to her??  Anyway I think Matt also noticed this and came running down to ringside looking incensed with Lita.  Lita says she doesn’t know what Matt was talking about.  Anyway Jeff managed to get the victory when Lita distracted the Ref and Matt ran in and cheapshotted Eddie and Jeff got the Small Package for the 3 count.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Match Rating – 93%

Maven and Steve Austin are backstage with Coach.  Coach asks them how the training is going and Austin does all the talking here telling us that Maven is coming along well, that they have been working on some technical moves, next they will work on Maven’s brawling techniques and see it goes from there.  He also added that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So.  Very generic interview then.  How much do you think Maven will have improved by the next time we see him in that squared circle.  My guess is tremendously.

Rating – 84%

Maven gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Hardcore Match – Rob Van Dam vs Raven

I had been looking forward to this contest all week and it didn’t disappoint.  Raven got some great offense in such as a good Russian Leg Sweep and a hard Clothesline.  RVd fought back with Flying Kicks then a Top Rope Cross Body for a near fall.  Then the weapons came into play Raven went for the Evenflow DDT on the Trash Can but RVD managed to reverse and hit a Suplex on it getting a near fall.  RVD then hit an amazing Rolling Thunder on a chair to get another near fall.  But again Raven fought back with a Superkick and a near fall.  Then all of a sudden to my surprise Vince Mcmahon’s music hits and the crowd exploded.  What is he doing here I thought to myself.  He came down got in the ring and attacked Raven with a combination of Punches and hit a DDT of his on the chair and Rob ascended to the top and hit a Five-Star Frog Splash for the win.  Afterwards RVD and Vince hugged and Vince raised RVD’s arm in victory looked really pleased with what had just went down.  Man it should be interesting to hear from these two next week

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match Rating – 94%

We come back from the Break and Triple H and Shawn Michaels are in the ring they tell us that all week they have both been getting freaky phone calls with heavy breathing, and that the lights in their house keep going off and on.  Flickering very freakishly.  They also said that in their gardens their tree’s have been covered with crosses.  They say they know what cracker is doing this.  It’s obviously the Undertaker.  Yeah that was pretty obvious to everyone.  They ask why doesn’t The Undertaker come out and face the two of them if he’s man enough.  The light’s then go out and The Undertaker comes down and lay’s a beating on both men.  The crowd seem to be cheering “The Undertaker”.  Maybe they don’t like the fact that he is in a handicap situation who knows!!!  The Undertaker disposes of both men by delivering 2 Tombstones and raises his arms in Victory.  He then points to his waist signalling the belt is coming to him whenever he wants it.  You gotta believe that no one can stop in his quest to get that belt around his waist!!!

Rating – 96%

Triple H gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Undertaker gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Shawn Michaels gained 4 points of overness from this segment.

We got a 6.49 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7020 people.

We made $280800 from ticket sales.

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Guest killacam2006


Vince McMahon (Heel) 100

Undertaker (Face) 98

Shawn Michaels (Heel) 98

Steve Austin (Face) 97

Ric Flair (Face) 96

Triple H (Heel) 95

Rob Van Dam (Face) 91

Booker T (Face) 90

Chris Jericho (Heel) 90

Kevin Nash (Heel) 88

Eddie Guerrero (Heel) 87

Rhyno (Heel) 87

Scott Hall (Heel) 85

Jeff Hardy (Face) 84

D’Von Dudley (Face) 84

Mr Perfect (Face) 84

Raven (Heel) 84

Big Show (Heel) 83

Christian (Heel) 83

Matt Hardy (Face) 82

X-Pac (Heel) 82

Bubba Ray Dudley (Face) 82

Kane (Face) 82

Lance Storm (Heel) 81

Test (Heel) 80

Maven (Face) 77

Chavo Guerrero (Heel) 76

Stacy Keibler (Face) 75

Goldust (Face) 75

Trish Stratus (Heel) 75

William Regal (Heel) 73

Tajiri (Heel) 73

Lita (Face) 72

Bradshaw (Heel) 70

Torrie Wilson (Face) 70

Tommy Dreamer (Face) 68

Tazz (Heel) 68

Debra (Face) 65

Justin Credible (Heel) 72

Terri (Face) 60

Top 5 Faces

1- Undertaker

2- Steve Austin

3- Ric Flair

4- Rob Van Dam

5- Booker T

Top 5 Heels

1- Vince McMahon

2- Shawn Michaels

3- Triple H

4- Chris Jericho

5- Kevin Nash


Our scouts have told us that the following would be good addition's to the RAW roster in the near future

Chris Kanyon

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage

Jeff Jarrett

Shane Douglas


Out of the following i would have to say that we would most likely try to bring Sting into the fold as all feel he would add alot to the show and be a good Role model for a lot of the young wrestler's


We currently have 12 Developmental Workers in OVW the roster is as follows:

AJ Styles


Charlie Haas

Christopher Daniels

Doug Williams


Joey Matthews

John Cena


Rene Dupree

Shelton Benjamin

Sylvan Grenier

We will soon have a report of each of these workers for you, and the plans we have for them in the future......

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Guest killacam2006

Raw Report 27th May 2002 by Killa Cam

The show starts off with The Dudley Boyz in the ring they are back after the beating they received from the hands of the nWo they tell us that they have regrouped and they realise the number’s are against so what they did is they got two friends of there’s and from now on it’s gonna be 2 on 2 no more bad odds for “The Dudley Boyz”.  The now then come out and  this time X-Pac does the talking man that’s a change from “Big Sexy” maybe we should call X-Pac lil sexy, well he tells us that it doesn’t matter who the Dudley’s bring in they won’t get the job done.  The Dudley’s challenge them to 4 on 4 contest next week and the nWo accepts, but X-Pac says he won’t be competeing because his neck hasn’t fully healed yet so the now team will consist of The Outsider’s and The Impact Player’s.  I hope im not being biased here but I hope that whoever the Dudley’s get kick the crap out of the New World Order

Rating – 89%

A video package plays announcing a rematch of William Regal vs Mr Perfect next week on Raw, this one should be a dandy folks

Rating – 92%

William Regal gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Mr. Perfect gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Tag Match – Jeff Hardy & Rhyno vs Bradshaw & Chavo Guerrero

The four King of the Ring Semi-finalists in this matchup here a preview of things to come in the tournament.  It started off with Jeff and Chavo with Chavo taking the early offense from Jeff’s high flying style with combat such as an innovative Jawbreaker and a Spinning Bulldog.  Later in the match Chavo got the Tag to Bradhaw and he layed on a Backbreaker and a Powerbomb but Rhyno made the save for Jeff.  Then when Jeff made the tag to Rhyno, Rhyno managed to get the Gore on Bradshaw for the win

Winner – Rhyno & Jeff Hardy

Match Rating – 89%

We go to Booker T and in his hand he has a tape, he pops it in the tape player and we hear this deep voice telling us that “Booker T I can help you, I can help you”, this man with the deep voice keeps repeating this and Booker T looks absolutely clueless as to who this could be??  When will this strange man reveal himself??

Rating – 90%

After the commercial I come and sit back down and in the ring there standing is Vince McMahon with Rob Van Dam they are getting a hostile reception and no wonder last week Vince McMahon came down and attacked Raven allowing RVD to get the victory and then raised RVD’s hand in triumph, Vince tells us that he helped RVD win last week because he sees something in RVD that all great champions have, Bret had it, Shawn had it, Austin had and no Rob has it, RVD just stands cockily in the ring and pointing to himself when Vince is saying all of this.  McMahon finishes off by saying that Rob will be led to the Undisputed Championship by the end of the year, and that’s a guarentee.  Wow that’s a bold statement from Mr McMahon, when he says he guarentee’s something he always means it.

Rating – 95%

Lita and Matt are seen arguing in the back they are arguing about last week where Matt thought he saw Lita smiling at Eddie she said she wasn’t smiling at Eddie but she was thinking about a joke Matt had told her earlier good excuse huh??  Anyway while this was going on Eddie came out of nowhere and attacked Matt, once the attack was over Eddie walked away smiling at Lita, again Lita smiled back.  When are they just gonna get together already.

Rating – 83%

Lita gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Single’s Match – Test vs Goldust

Test got some good offense in early on such as a Powerslam and a Fallaway Slam but Goldust fought back with a Hard Clothesline and a Reverse DDT but in the end Test prevailed with the Big boot for the win

Winner – Test

Match Rating – 84%

Singles Match – Chris Jericho vs Tommy Dreamer

Jericho nearly got the win early on with the Bulldog then the Lionsault, but it was too early and Dreamer managed to kick out, then Dreamer fought back with a Fallaway Slam then a Powerbomb but the tenacious Y2J kicked out, in the end Y2J won with the Walls of Jericho when Tommy tapped out

Winner – Chris Jericho

Match Rating – 68%

Christian is now with coach backstage Christian talks about how Booker T needs this secret man to win The U.S Title he can’t do it by himself and Christian has proven this to all his legions of fans over the past weeks.  I honestly didn’t know Christian had fans??

Rating – 83%

The Undertaker’s music hits in the arena and the crowd are now showing their support for “Big Evil”, he gets in the ring and challenges Triple H to a match, a non-title match and if Taker beats him then he gets title shot at King of the Ring, Triple H comes out and accepts but he says on one condition, that Shawn Michaels be the Special Guest referee Taker accepts grudgingly

Singles Match – Triple H vs Undertaker (Special Ref – Shawn Michaels)

Undertaker came firing on all cylinders here hitting the Big Boot and the the Sidewalk Slam but Triple H fought back with a big time Spinebuster and a High Knee yup just like Harley Race’s high knee except better Trips only managed to get a 2 count here.  Triple H was in control and hit a Hard Backbreaker for another 2 count.  Taker fought back with Hard Shots to the face then went for the Chokeslam but Shawn Michaels hit him with the Superkick and Triple H made the cover for the win.  You gotta believe that Unertaker will have a plan next week up his sleeve.

Winner – Triple H

Match Rating – 98%

We got a 6.43 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7540 people.

We made $301600 from ticket sales.

Edited by killacam2006
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Guest killacam2006


Today General Manager Ric Flair announced that the Semi-Finals and Final will take place at the actual King of the Ring on June 16th on a couple of weeks away it is sure to be a momentous occasion with the winner of the actual King of the Ring tournament getting a shot a the Undisputed Championship at Summerslam……

King of the Ring Quarter Finals

Jeff Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero

Rhyno vs Bradshaw

Flair also let us know that it will finally be Eddie Guerrero vs Matt Hardy this one has been a long time in the making and Lita will be at ringside with Matt but lately we have all seen her smiling at Eddie who’s side will she be on??

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