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Sexual Innuendo On Kids TV


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A host on children's show Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow has been criticised for wearing a T-shirt bearing a sexual innuendo.

Dominic Wood wore a top bearing the phrase "Morning Wood" while presenting the BBC One morning show in March.

The presenter said he wore the shirt because his name was Wood and the show was broadcast in the morning.

But media regulator Ofcom said it was clear the phrase had a sexual meaning that breached programme regulations.

The matter was resolved after the BBC agreed to vet the presenters' clothing before each show, which is aimed at eight to 12-year-olds.

"Producers always do take care but on this one occasion, it slipped through the net," a BBC spokesman said.


Oh.. dear Lord.. I can't believe they didn't let him get his twanger out either :huh:

In all seriousness though, is it just me or is this taking censorship a bit too seriously? It doesn't really matter if it has innuendo or not, I doubt kids that age would really comprehend any other meaning besides what 'Dom' claims it is anyway.

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Anything that involves Dick and Dom being removed from my TV is a good thing. Please replace it with a Going Live/Live and Kicking style decent kids TV show. If only I had Sky Sports in my room, Soccer AM is the best TV program on any channel, any time of the week.

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The sooner those fuckwitts are off my tv set the better.

Maybe it's just me colouring my childhood, but I remember kiddies tv being a damn sight better than Dick and Dom or the Saturday Show or the Mysti Show (even though she's hot) SM:TV had it for a while, but has gone radically downhill since Brian from Big Brother left. (What?... He was quite funny...)

It seems like all you have to do to present kiddies tv these days is have no self respect and demean yourself infront of the nation. You don't even need a personality - look towards Dick, Dom and that fucker from Byker Grove on CBBC for prime examples.

I pity the young of today. Bring back Mr Blobby post-haste.

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