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Rockstar responds to piracy of GTA: San Andreas


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As pirated copies Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas spread across various P2P networks, Rockstar has responded to the theft of its game.

The statement from Rockstar follows:

"Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software are aware that an illegally obtained version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and images from the game and manual have been posted to various internet sites.

The proper authorities are investigating the theft and are continuing to investigate all possible leads to ensure there is no further dissemination of our creative content. Downloading, possession and distribution of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, including making the game available on the internet, is theft.

We take the theft of our intellectual property very seriously and we are and will continue to diligently and aggressively pursue this matter. If anyone finds information on websites with links to unauthorized downloads, information, scans or videos, please contact us at piracy@rockstargames.com

The launch date of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains the same. The game will be on store shelves in North America on October 26 and in Europe on October 29."


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Guest bukkake bandit

Comparing one extreme to another extreme doesn't make it any better. $50 is A LOT of money compared to the actual cost of making the CD, which is about a dollar. Throw in the the cost of the booklet, case, and of course labor, and they're still making a 2500+% profit.

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Guest bukkake bandit

What the hell do you think I meant by "labor"? You stopped reading after the first sentence, didn't you? I'm not surprised. You enjoy talking to people as if they're buffoons by reading half of what they say and replying to it, and make yourself come off like one in the process.

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Shit, SNES games used to cost $70 (US), so $50 isn't that big of a deal.

A trend I believe Nintendo kept with the N64. I believe the lowest price for new titles on that system was $60. And, get this, their Player's Choice titles cost $40 (US). btw, I remember paying $70 for NFL Blitz in 1998. So, be happier for prices now. Thanks to that, I can get some awesome old game for $20 and I'll shell out $50 if I want a game.

And now you can buy a used copy of Blitz for $3.

$50 for the game is not bad. Could be $40. But it's better than what it used to be, the $70.

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So in the UK for a new PS2 game in the shops you will pay £39.99.

In US dollars that equates to about $72.78.

However I believe the average income in the UK is about £17,000 (apparantly though I've never been anywhere near) which equates to $30,940 approx US.

For doing childrens sports coaching I can earn about £10 an hour in schools.

Working in the Chinese takeaway when I was younger I was on £4.30 per hour as counter staff.

From what I've heard the $/£ situation is that $3.99 is equivalent to £3.99. We get paid more but things cost more. It evens out.

If Americans come over here everything is too expensive for them as $3.20 that bought them a Value Meal at McDonalds costs £3.20 ($5.76) in the UK. But when we go over to America, everything is dirt cheap and we're rich...

Here ends the economics lesson, dunno what I was trying to say, I guess I'm interested in the exchange rate between Canada and the US to see if Canadian games are really 'that' expensive compared to over here...

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Guest bukkake bandit

The extreme cost of video games is comparable to the overpricing of CDs. You believe it's purely coincidental downloading music is as widespread as it is, and pirating video games just so happens to be in it's footsteps? You're deluded.

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