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TNAW: The Victory Road Onwards…

Following the TNAW Victory Road Pay-Per-View it was proven how the small company started by the Jarrett’s had finally made its way onto the map. The buyrate was good…very good and even managed to eclipse anything the top wrestling promotion in the world had done since Wrestlemania Twenty. As the wrestlers and staff celebrated deep into Sunday morning they were oblivious to the fact that, it all was about to go crashing around them…

411s NWA TNA Victory Road Report 11.07.04

Posted By Larry Csonka on 11.07.04

TNA's big night arrives...

Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas are hosting the live pre-show with a very excited crowd.

We open with THE BEST TNA production video EVER! Seriously, it was damn good and gave me chills.

We are LIVE from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida and our announcers are “The Professor” Mike Tenay and Don “I can sell anything” West!

They run down the card. Earlier today Shane Douglas talked with JJ as he arrived in his limo. JJ says he talked to Hall and he said Nash won’t be here and the King will still be the champ.

On top of the ram is the X-Gauntlet trophy, cool.

Match #1 20-Man X Division Gauntlet, 1 minute intervals.

The first 2 are Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt. They lock up and Kazarian off the ropes and takes down Dutt. Dutt almost to the floor, but back in with a kick then a tornado DDT. Dutt tries to eliminate Kazarian, but he hangs on. #3 is PUMA. Forearms to Dutt, misses a kick and Dutt gets a RANA! Tries to dump Puma, but Kazarian and he double-team Dutt, and Puma connects with a Michinoko Driver. They try to get rid of Dutt, and #4 is L A PARK! The Chairman is here! He dances and takes his time then comes in with the chair and beats on Kazarian, then poses on the chair. LA PARK dance! Kazarian backing and he and PARK duke it out and #5 is Jerrelle Clark. Springboard twisting splash to Kazarian. Puma attacks Clark and Kazarian and PARK duke it out. #6 is Miyamoto. He and Puma go at it right away and an Enziguri to Puma. Clark up top…630 SPLASH TO PUMA! Kazarian nails him with a kick. Crowd is NUTS! #7 is Michael Shane with Traci. Modern Art to Puma by Kazarian and Shane! PUMA IS ELIMINATED! CLARK IS GONE as Kazarian and Shane are dominating and then ELIMINATE MIYAMOTO! #8 is Hector Garza! Kicks for all! Right after Shane now and he and PARK are in control. RANA by Dutt to Kazarian but PARK takes him down. They double team Dutt, they back to Kazarian. #9 is Nosawa. Drop kick to Garza but PARK with a running Enziguri! PARK tries to eliminate Nosawa as Garza and Dutt work over Shane. #10 is Mikey Batts. Stunner to Kazarian, then a kick to the head of Kazarian. Belly to belly by Shane and everyone brawls.

#11 is Alex Shelley. Camel Clutch to Kazarian, but it is broken up. Shelley ELIMINATES DUTT! PARK is ELIMINATED! #12 is Matt Sydal. Standing moonsault to Shelley. Shelley is on the floor and looks hurt, but not eliminated. He is holding his back. #13 is Sonny Siaki. SICK power slam to Sydal. Then Shane! Siaki ELIMINATES NOSAWA! Batts with a leg lariat to Garza, but then Garza ELIMINATES BATTS! #14 is Jason Cross. Head scissors to Siaki. RANA to Siaki! MISSES an Asai twisting moonsault but is able to get a brain buster to Sydal. #15 is Shark Boy. Face buster to Kazarian! Cross works on Sydal as Shelley is still on the floor. Sydal almost eliminated again and Shelley ELIMINATES HIM as he was faking! #16 is Psicosis! He and Garza go at it with some sweet exchanges and Garza gets a back suplex to Psicosis. #17 is D RAY 3000. The Fro is in! AFRO RAMS FOR ALL! Sharky and D Ray charge and miss but Siaki ELIMINATES THEM BOTH! #18 is The Amazing Red! Red is all over Siaki, Shelley goes up top…and is shoved off and ELIMINATED! Psicosis with a sweet spin kick to Cross. Red and Shane still going at it now and Kazarian is still in. #19 is Spanky! He and Kazarian go at it and then Spanky after Shane! Spanky almost out, but he saves himself but EATS a super kick from Shane. #20 is Chris Sabin. HAIL SABIN! Tornado DDT to Shane and he kicks 4 guys before he went down! Siaki fights off Spanky and Sabin but they double clothesline Siaki and HE IS ELIMINATED!

Spanky ELIMINATES SHANE with a RANA! Kazarian is still in after 20-minutes! Tower of Doom Spot…Triple power bomb, superplex tower of doom COMBO! TNA CHANTS! Reverse DDT by Psicosis to Cross and he gets ELIMINATED! Enziguri and Red ELIMINATES PSICOSIS! Red and Kazarian battle on the apron, and Kazarian ELIMINATES RED! Spanky tries Sliced Bread #2 but is ELIMINATED! Kazarian with a boot to Sabin, Kazarian goes up top but Sabin runs up top with a SICK RELEASE GERMAN THAT HITS GARZA! Enziguri to Garza by Sabin. Garza with a dropkick and SABIN IS ELIMINATED!

Down to Garza and Kazarian who was #1. It is pin or submission now. Asai leg drop by Kazarian gets 2. Kazarian tries a flat liner, but Garza escapes and gets a clothesline. TONADO MOONSAULT by Garza gets 2! Garza can’t believe it! Kazarian to the apron, slingshot into a DDT for 2! Kazarian with a roll up but Garza escapes and gets a basement drop kick. Up top again…MISSES the Tornado! Kazarian tries to counter, but Garza rolls him up for the WIN!

Winner: Hector Garza @ 26:30

He receives the X Gauntlet trophy. He is now with the Spanish announcers and He is happy to be back in TNA and proud to win the trophy.

A Dusty political promo airs.

They show the vote for DOA. Hudson says the 8-man is next. Kash, Dallas and The Naturals are there. Kash says his brain is messed up. Kash says HE is the 15-year vet and will run the team. He says he is the greatest of all time.

Match #2 Kid Kash, Dallas and The Naturals vs. Johnny B. Badd, Ron Killings, Eric Watts and Pat Kenney

He has the BADD BLASTER!

Kash and Kenney to start. Lock up and an arm drag by Kenney. Another to Kash and then an arm bar. Tag to Badd. Eye poke by Kash and a tag to Douglas. Right hands to Badd, but he gets an arm drag and then rams Douglas to the corner. Tag to Watts, and he chops away at Douglas, but Stevens gets a chop block to Watts and now Dallas is in. Off the ropes and a slam by Watts. Dallas back up with a side slam to Watts. Tag back to Kash, but Watts kicks him down and tags Kenney. Right hands by Kenney, but Kash gets a clothesline then chops to Kenney. Tag to Dallas and Kenney tries right hands, but he eats a big boot from Dallas. Dallas up top…MISSES A MONNSAULT! Tag to Killings! All 8 are in now! Killings gets a cover in the mess and gets a 2 count. Stevens up top…Badd knocks him down. Up top…RANA BY BADD! Killings in…Sit out Pedigree wins it for Killings and crew.

Winner: Killings, Badd, Watts and Kenney @ 4:37

Shane Douglas outside with a limo. He thinks it is Nash, but a driver says no one gets to talk to anyone.

Match #3 Mascarita Sagratta vs. Pieroth Morgan

Morgan over powers him to start, but Sagratta with an arm drag. Sagratta runs up the ropes and gets a RANA. Morgan to the floor…Asai Moonsault to Morgan! Back in the ring and Sagratta goes up top…and gets a roll up for 2. Splash by Morgan now and Sagratta was squashed! The ref checks on Sagratta, and Morgan checks for a heartbeat… Sagratta up and an arm drag to Morgan, and one for the ref! HA! Victory roll and Sagratta wins!

Winner: Mascarita Sagratta @ 2:52

Douglas hypes the voting for DOA. The 3LK are there. They say will win the Tag Titles.

Scott Hall is here! He is going to the ring. Hey yo…He has the black hair back and is wearing the MONSTER HUSLTE SHIRT! It is no secret that he loves a good party. The bad news is that Nash won’t be here. He says he was at the first TNA PPV, and since he invented the ladder match no one is more interested in the main event than him. May the best Jeff win…

Hype package for the tag title match.

Match #4 Tag Title Match - Team Canada © w/ Coach D’Amore vs. The 3LK

Konnan does his mic work and then James…GOOD TIMES!

James and Rude to start. Rude with brutal punches to start, but BG back with the juke and jive punches and Rude is down. Young in and BG takes him down as well. BG off the ropes and Rude pulls down the ropes and he hits the floor. Rude attacks then rolls him back in as Young tags to Rude. They beat down BG and Young tags back in. Back breaker by Young and he gets a 2 count. Tag to Rude power slam to BG, elbow by Young then a knee drop by Rude gets 2. BG fights back and gets a boot to Rude but as he hits the ropes, he and Rude collide. Young in now and they double team BG and then the Young stays in. Young with a face lock, as James fights out. Tag to Rude and a suplex to BG, then a top rope elbow by Young and a 2 count. They get the flag as D’Amore distracts the ref but BG gets a cross body and the Canadians collide! Tag to Konnan! Rolling Thunder! Flap jack to Young! Alabama Slam to Young as he is on fire! Tequila Sunrise to Young! Rude breaks it up and BG is back in but eats a spine buster from Rude. Tries the Northern lariat but Konnan trips him up and BG kicks Rude, set up for the pump handle and Killings is down to save them! Northern Lariat to BG! Konnan back in, face buster and THAT IS ALL!

Winner: and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS the 3LK @ 6:58

D’Amore is pissed as the 3LK celebrate.

Raven says he is crazy, and that is bad. Someone has to pay, and that is brown and Abyss. Welcome to the age of Apocalypse. Quote the Raven…nevermore. Let him out because he wants to hurt someone…quote the Raven…nevermore.

Here comes Roddy Piper. He gets “you’re a legend” chants. He has had a lot of bad things happen to him, but tonight he wants to talk about legends. He says this man put the X in the X Division long before there was one, and he has a score to settle with him. He announces…Jimmy “SUPERFLY” Sneak! The crowd seems to like that. Piper says something has haunted him for 20-years. He says no one could do what the Superbly did. The X-Division has some good ones, but Snuka is great. For 21-years, Piper has known this and NO ONE could have taken a coconut shot and gotten up like Snuka...BRUDDA! Piper says even HE has to pay the Piper. He has a coconut and hands it to Snuka. Piper wants to even the score, and tells Snuka to hit him and turns his back. Piper yells “HIT ME!” Piper makes fun of him and tries to get him to hit him. Piper wants to even things up and turns his back again. Snuka refuses as the crowd chants “DO IT!” Piper is talking and Kid Kash is out. He wants to know what is going on. Kash says the Superfly was an innovator, but all Snuka was good at was falling off of a steel cage. Kash said he did 20-foot RANA’s and Snuka can’t carry his JOCK! He tells Snuka to not give him that lazy eye and he tries to attack Snuka but Snuka goes to town! Shane and Kazarian are down! They jump Snuka and Piper helps Snuka! Sonjay Dutt is out! He tries to help and takes down Kazarian and Shane. Piper checks on Snuka and Kash nails Dutt with the coconut. Piper is pissed! He chases Kash and he bails. Kash asks if it was cool, but Kazarian says no. They say “it’s all on you man, not us.” The refs and trainers check on Dutt.

Monty Brown is in his seclusion, and he is now a caged animal and more dangerous. Raven and Abyss will both feel the POOOOOOOOOUNCE…PERIOD!

They show a package to hype Trinity’s challenge.

Match #5 Trinity w/ The NYC vs. ???

Swinger says in the NYC, when you call someone out, you show up. Trinity says it is a no show, because everyone fears her. She says she is the Italian goddess of wrestling and poses for the cameras.

Here comes someone...the mystery opponent is…Jacqueline! She takes down the NYC and Trinity to the floor. PLANCHA to the NYC! Here we go. Trinity gets 2 count off of a cross body. Headlock now and she tries to choke out Jacqueline. Power slam by Trinity for 2. Jacqueline up and they duke it out, and trinity is down. German by Jacqueline and she gets 2 as Gilbertti pulls her out. Jacqueline back on the attack now but Swinger hits her and Trinity up top…MOONSAULT and that is it.

Winner: Trinity @ 2:28

Scott Hudson with XXX. Daniels says they need to be beating down people. They already beat down Storm, 1 down, and 1 to go. Daniels tells AMW to beg for mercy and say their prayers. Elix says they want none of this.

Monster’s Ball hype package.

Match #6 Monsters Ball – Abyss vs. Raven vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

Apparently they were locked in seclusion for 24-hours with no food or sleep to intensify the craziness.

Raven and Abyss started the brawl as Brown was coming out. There is NO DQ. Brown sets up a table, and goes after Abyss. He slams Brown into the steel railing. They are in the crowd and Abyss is going wild with a trashcan. Abyss with a choke slam variation to Raven and a hooded man watches on backstage. Abyss and Brown in the ring, shock treatment to Brown and Raven is in. They double-team Abyss, but it doesn’t work as Abyss gets a double clothesline. Splash to Brown, then a clothesline to Raven. Raven to the floor, and he gets a chair. Abyss boots it away from him, but raven gets a super kick into the chair. Drop toehold into the chair on Abyss and raven gets 2. Brown with the chair, shot to Raven, smash mouth to Abyss! Abyss to the floor and Brown with a running boot to Raven. T-bone suplex by Brown and then a fall away slam to Raven. Brown sets up…POOOOOOOUNCE’S the ref! Brown catches Abyss…RUNNING POWER SLAM! HOLY SHIT! Brown is ready, off the ropes and hits Raven…Black hole slam by Abyss! He gets the bag of tacks! Raven is down on the floor as the crowd chants “Foley!” Sets Brown on top and Abyss climbs. Brown kicks him away and Abyss has the tacks, and spills them out! Abyss climbs as Brown is on the top still. Brown fights him off…goes for a superplex but Brown fights. Punches by Brown but Raven is in…POWER BOMB TO ABYSS ON THE TACKS! Raven covers, but the ref is out. Another one is out and counts 2! Raven and Abyss on the floor by the table and Raven gets another table! He sets it up in the corner in the ring and goes after Brown. Abyss tries to climb back in but Raven knocks him off through the table! Brown up…POOOOOOOOOOUNCE TO RAVEN THROUGH THE TABLE! That is it!

Winner: “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown @ 9:23

Douglas wants to interview who ever is in the limo and is pissed. Heavy D is there and they argue.

Highlights of the TNA Fanfest.

Scott Hudson with Petey Williams. He is pissed because everyone talks about AJ. D’Amore says AJ has no clue who he is dealing with. D’Amore says is AJ wins the match, D’Amore will go back to Canada.

X-Title hype package.

Match #7 X-Title Match – AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams © w/ Coach D’Amore

Here we go! Forearm shots to start, and AJ with a take down. Reversal by Williams, and a small package gets 2 for Williams. One for AJ and another 2 count. Mat wrestling reversals now and a stand off to applause. They exchange chops mid-ring and then a shoulder block by AJ. Head scissors by AJ then the sweet go under and drop kick combo. To the floor, and AJ with an Asai moonsault and lands in his feet, and he knocks Williams doen. AJ back in the ring, off the ropes…SUICIDE DIVE to Williams! D’Amore is pissed at Williams. Back in the ring and a jawbreaker by Williams then a kick to the head. AJ is down and D’Amore nails him with a right hand. Williams locks AJ in the tree of woe! Williams then stands on his nuts and SINGS the Canadian National Anthem! AWESOME! The crowd is hot and VERY mixed in their chants. AJ with a roll up for 2. Williams with forearm shots and charges AJ and eats an elbow. Tree of woe again but AJ escapes and gets a leg scissors take down to Williams. Williams to the apron and AJ with a PELE kick and Williams is down. They fight on their knees and to their feet. AJ goes wild with right hands and Williams is in trouble. Back suplex lands Williams on his head! Williams sends AJ to the floor, but he gets a springboard fore arm for 2! Knee shot to AJ by Williams, and then a Russian leg sweep. Williams sets for the Destroyer…AJ reverses…NO Williams reverses and then rams AJ into the corner and D’Amore held the belt up so AJ hit it. AJ gets a roll up, they reverse, then again AJ has him but D’Amore distracts the ref. Williams has the flag, but the ref stops him. Williams grabs the belt…WHAM and AJ is down! AJ KICKS OUT! Williams cannot believe it! Williams sets for the Destroyer again. AJ stops him and sets Williams on the top. AJ with forearm shots and AJ climbs but Williams shoves him off. Williams jumps down onto the mat …CANADIAN DESTROYER and AJ is dead!

Winner: Petey Williams @ 9:48

Team Canada celebrates. AJ attacks D’Amore then leaves before he gets the beat down.

XXX/AMW hype package is shown.

Match #8 Last Team Standing – XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted

Storm has his knee heavily bandaged. If you can’t answer the 10-count after a pin you are done and your partner is alone.

Mad brawling to start and Elix and Storm are in the ring. Reverse suplex by Storm and he picks him up…HEART ATTACK on Elix! Daniels in, and he eats a super kick from Storm! Harris up top for the death sentence but Elix breaks it up. Storm hits the 8-second rife and pins Daniels. They start the 10-count and Daniels is up. Daniels to Daniels and Harris is in now, but Daniels gets a boot up and tags Elix. Snap mare, and a stiff kick to Harris. Double team slam combo to Harris and Daniels is back in control of Harris. Neck vice to Harris, and a tag again to Elix. XXX gets the power plex for 2! Slam by Elix, Daniels in and they give Harris the boots. Harris and Daniels exchange right hands and Harris off the ropes and gets a clothesline. Tag to Storm and he is wild and a head scissors to Daniels. Storm tries a super kick, but Daniels dropkicks his knee! They set up Storm…Power bomb/suplex combo and Storm has been pinned. They start the 10-count and he make sit back up. Chair shot to Storm’s knee! He is pinned again! The ref counts and he can’t answer! Storm is eliminated! Harris is in, boot to Daniels but Daniels with a uranage! BEST MOONSAULT EVER MISSES! Elix hits Daniels by accident, and then is knocked to the floor by Harris. Top rope leg drop to Daniels gets the 3! The count is on and Harris is attacking Elix on the floor and Daniels can’t answer the count! Down to Harris and Elix and they make their way back in the ring. Harris with left hands and Elix is down. Off the ropes, Elix reverses him, tries the play of the day but Harris reverses it into a power bomb for 2! High vertical by Harris, but he couldn’t hold him and Elix escapes and Elix gets the play of the day! Both men are down. Elix to the floor, and grabs a chair. Elix shoves the ref and but Harris grabs him…CATATONIC on the steel chair and Elix is pinned! Elix hit HARD on the back of his head. The ref counts and that is ALL! Elix is out of it.

Winners: America's Most Wanted @ 11:05

After the match Daniels is back and lays out Harris with the steel chair. They hand cuff AMW together in the middle of the ring. Daniels beats them down with vicious chair shots and finally Heavy D breaks this up.

Scott Hudson with JJ. He says it is simple. He will climb the ladder and grab HIS title. There is no Nash, no hope and NO title for Jeff Hardy.

Mike Tenay is in the ring to announce who won the voting for TNA Director of Authority. 55% to 46% …Dusty Rhodes wins. Here comes Big Dust. Russo is shown upset in the back. Dusty says this is a great night. He says that TNA has waited for this night for a long time. Dusty says on December the 5th, the next TNA PPV…AMW vs. XXX in the 6-sides of steel! Tonight, this industry has been revitalized and up north they are glued to their TV’s because they know there is competition. LOUD TNA Chants. Dusty will do what we want done, and Funk, Zbyzko and Race are out of luck because it will be Dusty’s way. He says TNA has raised the bar. Mixed JJ and Hardy chants. Dusty says on this night, where TNA came out from the shadows they will now have the main event.

Hype package for the ladder match between Hardy and JJ.

Match #9 NWA Title – Jeff Jarrett w/Hall vs. Jeff Hardy w/Nash

JJ and Hardy come out with no Hall or Nash. Borash busts out the extra special ring announcing! As Hardy is announced he grabs another ladder and brings it into the ring.

Hardy jumps JJ and here we go without Hall or Nash. JJ grabs a ladder but Hardy rams him into it! Again into another ladder! They now fight over the ladder and Hardy rams JJ back into the corner. Hardy runs up and barely gets a drop kick. Hardy rams JJ onto a ladder, then puts him inside and rams away at his back! Leg drop by Hardy on the ladder and JJ is hurting. Hardy sets up the ladder in a V shape, and puts JJ in it then steps in the brackets and they drive into JJ. Drop kick by Hardy and JJ is trying to escape. Hardy sets up the ladder and climbs but JJ stops him. Hardy rams JJ head first into the ladder. STO by Hardy and he climbs up top. Hardy does the leapfrog leg drop but JJ moves! JJ drops the ladder on him, then again. Hardy to the corner, and into a ladder. JJ sets the ladder up between the ring and the guardrail. He pulls Hardy out and suplexes him gut first onto the ladder. The crowd is torn in their chants. JJ works the ribs of Hardy with ladder shots. JJ hits him with the ladder and Hardy and the ref fall to the floor. JJ sets up the ladder out side and rams Hardy face first. JJ back in the ring; he sets up the ladder and climbs. Hardy climbs the top rope and dropkicks the ladder. Hardy has a ladder now and lays it on the mat. Right hands by Hardy and he slams JJ on the ladder. Hardy up top…SWANTON! JJ looks to be out as Hardy sets up the ladder and climbs. Here is Scott Hall! RAZOR’S EDGE TO HARDY! Security is out to escort Hall out. Hall sits down and watches on. Hardy and JJ try to get up, Hardy with a chair and a version of the Arabian face buster. Hardy has 2 ladders now, JJ is down and Hardy sets up the teeter-totter. Hardy up top, but JJ tries to knock him off, but Hardy flies and JJ EATS THE LADDER! Oh man, that HAD to hurt! Hardy sets up the ladder again and JJ tries to climb as well. They get to the top and duke it out. Hardy with a face buster off the ladder! They are down again. Hall pulls Hardy out of the ring, and works him over with punches. Hardy back in as JJ is climbing. He shoves off JJ and he hits the ropes and crotches himself! OUCH! Hardy climbs…JJ is up and shoves the ladder over and Hardy flies to the floor and hits Hall! They start to fight on the floor and JJ is out. Hardy with the chair, in the ring and sets it up. Springs off the chair and nails JJ and Hall! Hardy gets the SUPER tall ladder! He sets it up on the floor and climbs up. So does JJ! They are fighting on the ladder and the ladder falls over and they CRASH ONTO THE RAMP AND TAKE OUT HALL AS WELL! Hardy and JJ crawl to the ring and both grab ladders. They set them up and start to climb. They slug it out and one ladder falls and Hardy leaps onto the other ladder with JJ. Hardy gets a kind of power bomb off the ladder. JJ on the apron, and Hardy leaps over and gets the sun set flip power bomb to the floor! Hardy rolls JJ back in the ring and nails him with a ladder. Hall in but Hardy gets the twist of fate. SWANTON to Hall! Hardy climbs as JJ gets his guitar, but opts for the chair and knocks Hardy off the ladder. JJ has the guitar and climbs up the ladder. Here comes Nash with 2 guitars! He comes in the ring as Hardy and JJ climb. He hands Hall a guitar. ALL 3 HIT HARDY WITH GUITAR SHOTS! He falls and JJ WINS!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett @ 18:39

Nash on the mic now, and he was wondering why Hardy was painted green, but it must have been penis envy. Nash says they are back. They take over, and take all the money. He says the guys in the back are out of luck, because they will rule TNA and they challenge the locker room. AJ Styles is out! SPRING BOARD IN! Spin kicks for all! Nash gets ready, and drop kick to Nash! He tries to Clash JJ but Nash gets the big boot! The 3LK is there! EDGE ON KILLINGS! JACK KNIFE ON BG JAMES! The limo door opens…and some familiar music…OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH! THE MACHO MAN IS HERE as we fade to black…

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I bet you all have many questions about me, who I am, and why I am starting to tell you all this story about TNA.

Well firstly who I am is not important, now. And secondly I am starting to tell you this story because hell its just one story which can provide inspiration to all. Sure it may not cause you all to become inspired in the way you would think, but the inspiration is there. If you stick with me.

But moving on, here for you all is a roster list I have managed to dig out from all my stats...

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

The Roster


Randy Savage – 92 Over - Face

Jeff Jarrett – 85 Over – Heel – NWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

Kevin Nash – 85 Over – Heel


AJ Styles - 77 Over – Face

BG James - 70 Over – Face – NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPION

Dusty Rhodes – 75 Over – Face – TNA DIRECTOR OF AUTHORITY

Jeff Hardy - 79 Over – Face

Ron Killings - 74 Over – Face

Abyss - 74 Over – Tweener

Monty Brown - 62 Over – Heel

Raven - 82 Over – Heel

Scott Hall – 72 Over – Heel


Amazing Red – 63 Over - Face

Chris Harris – 73 Over – Face

Chris Sabin – 65 Over - Face

Erik Watts – 65 Over – Face

James Storm – 70 Over – Face

Jerry Lynn – 75 Over – Face

Johnny B. Badd – 69 Over – Face

Konnan – 72 Over – Face – NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPION

Pat Kenney – 61 Over – Face

Sonny Siaki – 58 Over – Face

Christopher Daniels – 72 Over – Heel

Elix Skipper – 64 Over – Heel

Glenn Gilberti – 74 Over – Heel

Kid Kash – 70 Over – Heel


David Young – 40 Over – Face

Don Harris – 55 Over – Face

Shark Boy – 54 Over - Face

Sonjay Dutt – 52 Over – Face

Andy Douglas – 52 Over – Heel

Bobby Roode – 41 Over – Heel

Chad Collyer – 47 Over – Heel

Chase Stevens – 55 Over – Heel

Frankie Kazarian – 57 Over – Heel

Johnny Swinger – 53 Over – Heel

Michael Shane – 54 Over – Heel

Petey Williams – 58 Over – Heel – TNA X DIVISION CHAMPION

Slash – 50 Over – Heel


Dallas – 48 Over – Heel

Eric Young – 35 Over – Heel

Sinn – 11 Over – Heel


D-Ray 3000 – 25 Over – Face


Desire – 40 Over – Face

Lollipop – 40 Over – Face

Goldylocks – 30 Over – Heel

James Mitchell – 58 Over – Heel

Scott D’Amore – 20 Over – Heel

Traci – 44 Over – Heel

Trinity – 55 Over – Heel


Rowdy Roddy Piper - 74 Over - Face

Jonny Fairplay – 60 Over - Heel

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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On the Wednesday following Victory Road, one of the wrestlers to have been with TNA since the very first show would leave the company in a very surprising turn in events...

AJ Styles Signs Written Contract With WWE!

NWA TNA today saw a shocking moment unfold infront of them when top star AJ Styles quit his job in order to take up a job with rivals World Wrestling Entertainment...

Styles had been with TNA since the start and had previously rejected an offer from the global force of wrestling when he discovered they just wanted him for a development deal. But times change.

Styles has now been promised in his contract to go straight into a upper-midcard role on the Smackdown roster, and some also feel that this move is also a pre-empted strike from WWE as some revenge against TNA for the incident that occured in Orlando while filming Royal Rumble adverts.

TNA will now have to do without one of their few Heavyweight Champions...

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I think you could show your full capabilities in this diary by doing TNA you have more of a challenge than you great WWE Diary and your last WWE adventure which didn't last so long and as always as one on your loyal readers i expect a lot of great shows and other stuff.

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Thanks for the useful DIARY-related responces guys...

user posted image

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling:

Impact! Preview – Friday 12th November 2004

The Impact following the Victory Road will see the NWA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett step back into the ring with Jeff Hardy after their brutal ladder match. Except this time both men will have backup. Hardy will team up with Ron “The Truth” Killings and Jarrett will team up with Scott Hall in a Tag Team Contest.

Expect fireworks with this one! 

In a shocking moment the Macho Man Randy Savage returned to the world of wrestling last Sunday at Victory Road. He is scheduled to be in the arena on Impact, but nobody knows if Savage will even show up. If we know the Macho Man, he will not step down from this chance to speak out…

Dusty Rhodes became the TNA Director of Authority at Victory Road after defeating Vince Russo in the fans interactive poll and on Impact he is set to make his first announcement about the future of TNA, and another factor for Turning Point! What will Rhodes’ power impact upon? Find out Friday.

Following the Tag Team Last Man Standing match at Victory Road, Primetime Elix Skipper was discovered to have sustained a nasty concussion at the hands of AMW. And chances are at Turning Point in December more brutality from two of the top TNA teams will occur in the six sides of steel… In preparation this week’s Impact will see Christopher Daniels meet James Storm – in what should be an amazing singles match where neither Primetime or Chris Harris will be able to interfere.

Rowdy Roddy Piper was fuming backstage at Victory Road following Kid Kash making a mockery of his “In The Pit with Piper” segment with the legendary Jimmy Snuka. Piper however will be at ringside this week to witness the man who attempted to aid him in Sonjay Dutt face the cocky Kid Kash in singles action. What will Piper do, what’s his response going to be!?

Also! The Tag Team Titles will be on the line when the New York Connection get a shot at the new champions 3 Live Kru. Meanwhile Johnny B. Badd and Pat Kenney will team up again against The Naturals in a match emulating from Victory Road.

Impact is going to be explosive this week on FSN!

Confirmed Matches:

Tag Team Match

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings

Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

NWA Tag Team Championship Match

3 Live Kru © vs. New York Connection

Tag Team Match

Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd vs. The Naturals

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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Guest killacam2006

Confirmed Matches:

Tag Team Match

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings

Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

NWA Tag Team Championship Match

3 Live Kru © vs. New York Connection

Tag Team Match

Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd vs. The Naturals

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However, before that Impact show could air TNA would be given a massive oppertunity from FSN...

Monday 8th November:

TNA Moves to Prime Time!

TNA is proud to announce that this Friday's Impact show has been moved up to FSN's prime time slot! So you can catch TNA Impact this Friday from 8pm to 10pm. The movement in slot is due to be a one week change at this moment in time as a special following Victory Road - but FSN has stated that they are willing to consider a full time move if the ratings are good enough. What other reason do you have to tune in to Impact this Friday? See you there!

TNA Staff.

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Here are the first Impact taping spoilers for you all, I will post the proper show write-up but for those of you who can't wait...highlight below.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling:

Impact! Spoilers – Tuesday 9th November 2004

Hey everyone! I have just returned from the TNA Impact taping for this Friday’s extended show, and it was a solid show from top to bottom!


The X-Division Champion Petey Williams came out to the ring first and proceeded to bash AJ Styles for leaving to join the WWE. He stated how he forced Styles out, and then Jerry Lynn walked out and made his return to TNA! Lynn said how Williams will never be a man like AJ and Williams then challenged Lynn to step into the ring – RIGHT NOW!

Non-Championship Match

Jerry Lynn def. Petey Williams

Lynn countered the Canadian Destryoer and hit the Cradle Piledriver to win, D’Amore hit the ring afterwards with his Hockey Stick and helped the fallen champ up.

Raven then came down to the ring with a microphone. He said how he would have won the Monsters Ball match at Victory Road if it wasn’t for the distraction in the rafters. Raven challenges the man who was sitting up there to reveal himself, but nothing happens. Raven leaves the ring and says he will search for the mystery man himself!

James Storm def. Christopher Daniels

Good match which saw no interference from either team. Daniels was nailed with a superkick as he jumped off the top rope and that allowed Storm to pick up the win.

Raven is shown walking backstage when he comes up to a door with an envelope stuck to it. It has “Raven” wrote on it and he proceeds to remove it and open up to find…a blank piece of paper inside. Raven looks puzzled as he screws it up and wanders off backstage.

NWA Tag Team Championship

New York Connection def. 3 Live Kru

The titles changed hands as 3 Live Kru’s BG James and Konnan were defeated by Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger. James had the advantage and looked set to retain the gold for his team when Kevin Nash ran down from the back and gave him a Jacknife Powerbomb behind the referees back. Nash then levelled Konnan following Gilberti making the pin. 3 Live Kru were down and without their titles following Nash’s attack…

Backstage Shane Douglas interviews Monty Brown – he says how he will unleash the pounce on anyone standing in his way of him getting a NWA Title shot. Brown then sends a message to Dusty Rhodes that he includes the Director of Authority in that statement!

Tag Team Match

Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd def. The Naturals

Johnny B. Badd pinned Chase Stevens following his “Kiss That Don’t Miss” finishing move (aka the TKO).

Kid Kash def. Sonjay Dutt

Rowdy Roddy Piper was ringside to watch this match – but didn’t get involved. Kash won with the Money Maker via a distraction on Dutt from Dallas. Kash and Dallas shouted at Piper on the outside before security managed to force them both to the back before any violence could break out.

Dusty Rhodes then made a massive Turning Point announcement. He said how he was getting demands for title shots against Jeff Jarrett here, there and everywhere. So at Victory Road it would be a 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team Match. Jarrett, Hall, Nash, Abyss and Monty Brown against Jeff Hardy, Ron Killings, Konnan, BG James and (if he turns up) THE MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! Elimination rules mean that the last man in the ring for the winning team would be the new champion.

Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings def. Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall

Abyss interfered during the match and gave Jarrett the Black Hole Slam – which allowed Hardy to score the Senton Bomb and pick up the win. However Nash came out and attacked the winners as Abyss was taken out by a chair shot from Hall. Then as the faces were getting beaten down…the music started! Randy Savage stormed the ring! And everyone hightailed it out of the ring! Jarrett looked on from the outside as Savage helped Hardy and Killings to their feet.

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user posted image

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling:

Impact! Results – Friday 12th November 2004

Impact opened with a brief still shots based highlights video of Victory Road. The video ended with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall interfering to make sure that Double J retained the NWA Heavyweight Title.

Petey Williams Hits the Ring

As Impact properly started Petey Williams made his way down to the ring with his X-Division Title slung over his left shoulder. Surprisingly he was by himself and without his Team Canada comrades. When in the ring he was passed a microphone.

Petey Williams: Last Sunday, at Victory Road I proved to everyone that I am not a fluke champion, that I am a great champion. And I proved it to the extent where AJ Styles this last week left TNA to join the WWE! But no folks, he didn’t want a pay rise or a cushy midcard level on Smackdown like you all have been led to believe, NO! He realized he couldn’t show his pale white face and country hick accent around here ever again. He realized that after running his mouth that he could not prove that he was better than me…

Someone then walked out into the Impact isle with no music, Williams stopped as the camera revealed Jerry Lynn with a microphone! Jerry Lynn was back on TNA!

Jerry Lynn: You can shut your mouth right there punk! AJ was the greatest wrestler to ever step foot here in TNA! And for you to bash him now he has taken the next step hurts me. Me and AJ fought in TNA from day one, we tagged together and fought over titles together. And the bottom line is that he is more of a man and a better wrestler than you will EVER be!

Petey Willams: Jerry Lynn?! I thought you would have been locked away in the old retirement home by now! But seeing as you like to run your mouth and stick your nose into other people’s business, how about you step into the ring and wrestle me, right now!

Lynn dropped his microphone and tore off his shirt before running down the aisle and sliding into the ring, the match was on!


Non-Championship Match

Petey Williams vs. Jerry Lynn

Lynn ducked a Williams clothesline and came off the opposite ropes with a massive forearm! The X-Division champion was already in trouble! Lynn pulled him up for the Cradle Piledriver! Williams managed to roll out however and he scored a low blow – which the referee acknowledged by having words with him. Lynn was on the backfoot following that moment and was slammed all over the ring by Williams, move after move it seemed that Lynn had no answer. Williams called for the Canadian Destroyer in the ring as Scott D’Amore headed down from the back with a smile on his face – and hockey stick in hand. Lynn however countered and hooked up the Cradle Piledriver from nowhere! The referee went down onto the mat as Lynn hooked the leg! 1…2…3! Lynn had won it! D’Amore slid into the ring with the hockey stick as the man who had just defeated the X-Division champion made a sharp exit to ringside. Lynn had his arm raised as D’Amore and Williams looked on in disbelief from the ring…

Winner: Jerry Lynn

Time: 5:43

Match Rating: **1/2

72% - 62% - 82%

A highlight video aired of the “Monsters Ball” match from Victory Road just before Impact went to a commercial break.

-: commercial break :-


Raven made his way down to the ring as Impact returned, he took a microphone from the timekeepers table and slid into the ring…

Raven: Last Sunday at Victory Road I surprised myself when I fell victim to the pounce and lost the Monsters Ball match.

Raven stopped and thought for a moment…

Raven: Sure in look and appearance I may not be much of a monster in comparison to Monty Brown and the mask wearing Abyss, but I contain the most blackest soul, the least remorse to other human beings. And sure as hell I am more of a monster inside than either Brown or Abyss can be on the out.

Raven looked up towards the rafters before continuing.

Raven: I would have won last Sunday if it wasn’t for the distraction of a figure in black up there, in the rafters. It was watching me and distracting me to the point where my concentration wasn’t where it should have been. I am challenging that mystery man to come out here and step in this ring with me, because if it wasn’t for you my destiny would not have taken a hit – a backwards step. Come out and reveal yourself! NOW!

Raven dropped the microphone and all attention was then focused on the entranceway to the Impact arena. After a long wait it was acknowledged by everyone that nothing had or was going to happen, so Raven picked up the microphone again.

Raven: Seeing as you want to hide in the back in the dark, it looks like I am going to have to come and find you…and when I do…you won’t see nothing but darkness covering your being! Quote the Raven…Nevermore.

Raven dropped his microphone and headed backstage – he was going to find the mystery man!


Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

Moments after Raven went through the curtain AMW’s music started up, and James Storm made his way down to the ring. He was without tag partner Chris Harris for this singles match. As to was Christopher Daniels (but this was only because Elix Skipper was still suffering from a concussion). When both men were in the ring the match got underway with Daniels countering any offence Storm could muster against him. Daniels eventually made a mistake that allowed Storm back into the contest, he misplaced a t-bone suplex and allowed Storm to land on his feet. The Fallen Angel turned around into a dropkick – which knocked him into the corner. Daniels countered a running splash from Storm with an elbow and headed up onto the top rope. He dove off with an elbow but was met with a superkick from Storm! Right to the skull! 1…2…3! Daniels had been completely knocked out! Storm celebrated his win in the ring as the director sent the tv feed backstage.

Winner: James Storm

Time: 4:37

Match Rating: ***

77% - 71% - 84%

Raven’s First Sign

Raven was wandering about backstage seemingly looking for the mystery man when he came up to a door. As he went to open it he noticed an envelope stuck to it with “Raven” wrote on the front of it. He slowly pulled it off before tearing the envelope open…on withdrawing the paper inside he noticed that it was blank! Raven looked puzzled as he turned the paper over to check both sides, he then screwed it up in a stress and chucked it on the floor – before storming off in the opposite direction. The camera focused in on the screwed up paper as a black-gloved hand reached down and picked it up. The camera quickly raised up to reveal…no-one there?! Whoever or whatever had picked up the note was already gone…

92% - Raven gained 2 points of overness from this segment

-: commercial break :-

NWA Tag Team Championship

3 Live Kru vs. New York Connection

3 Live Kru’s first tag team titles defence was against the New York Connection, but it was the champions who carried over their success from Victory Road by taking the early advantage in the match. Konnan worked on Gilberti with a mixture of moves – which culminated with his forward roll off the ropes into a clothesline. Konnan hooked the leg following that and got a two count before Johnny Swinger got into the ring and broke it up. Konnan struggled to make the tag to BG James following Swingers interference, but when he eventually got in he managed to nail his combination of punches on Swinger. Gilberti at this point made the tag and ran back into the ring – only for Konnan to low bridge him over the top rope to the outside of the ring! The referee checked on Gilberti by looking over the top rope as James pulled up Swinger for the pumphandle slam…But out of nowhere a Big Boot came to James’ face! It was KEVIN NASH! The referee was still distracted as Nash pulled up James and levelled him with a massive Jacknife Powerbomb! Gilberti slid back into the ring as the attacker made a sharp exit, he made the cover, 1…2…3! New Tag Team Champions! Just under a week from winning the tag gold, 3 Live Kru had lost it! As Gilberti and Swinger celebrated in the ring Nash continued the assault on the losers on the outside of the ring. He threw Konnan into the barricade before raising his arms to a chorus of boos…

Winners: New York Connection

Time: 7:12

Match Rating: *1/2

68% - 64% - 72% - The NWA Tag Team Titles have gained in image

Monty Brown Interview

Backstage Shane Douglas was standing by with the winner of the Monsters Ball match at Victory Road, The Alpha Male, Monty Brown.

Shane Douglas: Monty Brown, last Sunday…

Monty Brown: Shane Douglas, everyone’s a talking about last Sunday and how the Alpha Male beat Raven and Abyss in the Monsters Ball match! Well it’s time for the people to stop livin’ in the past! Because Monty Brown is now lookin’ to the future! The NWA Title! I want that NWA Title! And anyone who stands in the Alpha Male’s way shall feel the POUNCE! An’ that includes any Directors of Authority round here, Dusty!

Brown knocked Douglas’ microphone out of his hands before walking away from the interview.

73% - Monty Brown gained 1 point of overness from this segment

Tag Team Match

The Naturals vs. Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd

Back at ringside Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd were making their way down to the ring ready to face The Naturals – Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas. As their opponents climbed into the ring Kenney was jumped from behind by Douglas, the other two partners went into their corners as Kenney was knocked over into the corner of the ring. Following a mat-based assault Stevens was tagged into the match by Douglas. The Naturals worked over Kenney in the corner as Badd attempted to get his partner over for the tag. Eventually however Kenney managed to plant a neckbreaker and jump over for the tag! Badd went for a clothesline and had it ducked, scoop slam from Stevens and he headed up onto the top rope…Shooting Star Press…missed! Badd had rolled out of the way! He pulled up his hurt opponent and nailed the Kiss That Don’t Miss! Kenney staggered back onto his feet and stood by the pin to make sure Douglas didn’t break it up, 1…2…3. For the second time in one week Johnny B. Badd had won in tag team action, he celebrated alongside Kenney in the ring as Impact went for another break.

Winners: Pat Kenney and Johnny B. Badd

Time: 4:25

Match Rating: **1/4

71% - 62% - 80% - Pat Kenney is losing overness because of his weak gimmick

-: commercial break :-

Kid Kash vs. Sonjay Dutt

On returning from the break Rowdy Roddy Piper’s music started to play around the arena. The bagpipes played Piper down to cheers from the Impact crowd. He took a place at the announcers position alongside Mike Tenay and Don West – he was ready to help call the Kid Kash/Sonjay Dutt match. Kash when in the ring stared at Piper on the outside this allowed Dutt to make a quick entrance – and thus give the advantage to the “Playa from the Himalayas”. Dutt took down Kash with a flipping neckbreaker off the ropes before locking in a headlock. However this match was destined to be short-lived as Dallas ran down from the back and climbed up onto the apron. He started to run his mouth at Dutt and provided the perfect distraction for Kash to get up and pull his opponent into the Money Maker! 1…2…3. Kash had won, but there was no celebration as he immediately turned his attention to Piper – who removed his headset and stood up. Kash started to shout at Piper as Dallas joined him in the ring, he yelled something like, “Like me now old timer?!” before climbing to the outside of the ring. As he walked towards Piper the TNA security ran down from the back and with the numbers game pushed Dallas and Kash towards the backstage area. The thing between Piper and Kash looked at boiling point…and no where near being over.

Winner: Kid Kash

Time: 4:03

Match Rating: **1/4

70% - 61% - 80% - Rowdy Roddy Piper is losing overness because of his weak gimmick

Dusty Rhodes creates a Turning Point…

Backstage Shane Douglas was once again ready to conduct an interview as Dusty Rhodes was standing alongside him.

Shane Douglas: Dusty…we have already heard that Monty Brown wants a title match following his win at Victory Road…

Dusty Rhodes: Weeellll, if the Alpha Male wants himself a title shot then it looks like the American Dream shall have to negotiate one! You see Shane Douglas, I was sittin’ on my big fat TNA Director of Authority ass ponderin’ about when I managed to squeeze from ma’ brain a match for Turning Point. A NWA Title match for Turning Point. The title match that will keep everyone happy in the TNA camp!

Dusty Rhodes: ‘cause at Turning Point wees a gonna have a 5 on 5 elimination match for the NWA Title! In one corner it will be the champ Double J, Jeff Jarrett. Nash and Hall. Tha’ Alpha Male Monty Brown! And Abyss! While in tha’ other corner we will seeee, Jeff Hardy, 3 Live Kru’s Ron Tha’ Truth Killings, Bee Gee James and Konnan. But that last spot, well it is reserved for the moment. If the man shows up – it’s his! THE MACHOOOO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! Ooh yeah, you people like that!

Cheers exploded around the Impact arena as Dusty smiled right into the commercial break.


-: commercial break :-

Tag Team Match

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings

When Impact returned from the commercial break it was time for the main event of the evening. Jarrett looked very unhappy as he came down to the ring alongside his partner Scott Hall. He knew his title would be vulnerable at Turning Point. Then the opponents stormed the ring to get the match underway. Hardy nailed Jarrett while Killings nailed Hall, the fists were exchanged all over the ring before the referee managed to make Killings and Jarrett get across into their corners. Hardy took the early advantage over Hall and managed to score a couple of early two counts, who then countered a Hardy whip into the corner and sent him to the same fate. Hardy countered back with a kick to Hall’s gut, he then climbed onto the second turnbuckle and spun off with a tornado DDT! 1…2…Hall kicked out. That was the closest to a three yet! Both men were still down however after the move as both Jarrett and Killings shouted for their partners to get to their corners. Jarrett managed the first tag and attempted to drag Hardy back only for him to just stretch the tag anyway! A brawl erupted in the ring between all four men! Hall and Hardy knocked themselves to the outside while Jarrett whipped the Truth into the referee – knocking him down! Jarrett then nailed the Stroke on Killings and hooked the leg! There was no referee as…Abyss’ music started to play! The masked monster lumbered down to the ring as a smile broke out on Double J’s face…Abyss slid into the ring and stood behind Killings as he got back on his feet. He turned around and Abyss ran towards him, but Abyss didn’t grab the Truth! He grabbed Jarrett! BLACK HOLE SLAM! Abyss had taken out the champ! He then went to the outside of the ring as Killings fell to the mat again…Hardy meanwhile climbed up onto the top rope…Senton Bomb! The referee was stirring as Hardy hooked the leg! Hall levelled Abyss with a chair shot on the outside! Back in the ring! 1…2…3! Hall was too slow to break up the count! Hardy had pinned the NWA Champ! But there was no time for celebrations as Kevin Nash stormed the ring – he nailed Killings with a Jacknife powerbomb as the champ got back up onto his feet. Hardy was pulled up by Hall into the Razors Edge! Jarrett, Hall and Nash stood tall in the ring as…THE MACHO MAN’S MUSIC STARTED UP! Randy Savage came out from the Impact entrance as the crowd went wild! He ran down the ramp and slid into the ring as Jarrett, Hall and Nash all jumped to the outside of the ring and edged backstage. Killings and Hardy were helped up by Savage as Jarrett looked on…he was back! He was in TNA! And he was staking his claim to the NWA Title! Impact went off the air.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings

Time: 9:07

Match Rating: **3/4

78% - 77% - 80% - Scott Hall debuted his new gimmick (Old School Heel), it got a positive response.

Overall Show Rating: 74%

Overall Television Rating: 4.04

Attendance: 4,040

Ticket Sales: $161,600

E-Mails Following Impact

Jeff Hardy - I think you might be pushing me too high up the card, the fans seem to be resenting me.

Jerry Lynn - Petey Williams and me don't have much chemistry in the ring. How about putting me in a program with a worker like Christopher Daniels? I think our styles would really work well together.

Road Agent - Petey Williams and Jerry Lynn didn't 'click' in their match, maybe due to their mismatched skills causing their styles not to gel?

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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