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WCW in '99- Fixing a Hole (repost)

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It's baaaack.

Ok, so most of you probably have no idea what I'm referring to. But that's ok. Hopefully you'll give this a chance anyway.

Back at EWBIII ya see, I had a diary that, while not successful in the sense of hundreds of people posting after every show, was successful in that 1. I enjoyed writing it, and 2. I felt like it was pretty good, and was backed up by at least a FEW people.

So, last night I was re-reading some of what I had previously written, and I got inspired. I downloaded a '99 scenario, and plan to re-start this thing from where I left off. It'll take a little while to get to new stuff, as I have a few months of game time already done, and I'll be re-posting that first. Also have to go back and recreate some of the major events that occurred within the game last time.

The next post will be the original backstory for the diary, and I'll then follow up with some of the shows and backstage "stuff". A few notes and things to be aware of: I start off using a format where EVERYTHING was written out on my main show (Nitro) including announcer commentary, with my B-show (Thunder of course) receiving MUCH shorter results and not fully written out promo's. This changes eventually, along with the way I handle the announcers. Also, there are some factual errors in the original scenario that I failed to catch (The Jersey Triad already being formed, things like that). You'll have to forgive those. And hopefully, it'll be enjoyable enough so that it won't matter.

If you happened to read this before, I hope you'll read it again. If you didn't, then I hope you'll start.

Alright, enough said here. As I said before, next post will be the original backstory. Enjoy.

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January, 1999

It's amazing how things work out sometimes. I'm sure you all know a story of how a little mail room clerk suddenly gets noticed by the head honcho and becomes this great genius idea man with million dollar ideas. Of course, those kinds of things only happen in movies, right?

Wrong. They happen in real life too. Granted, not too frequently. But they do happen. Just ask Eric Bischoff. After all, he was just a third rate announcer, little more than a glorified coffee boy for some of the big-wigs, but he had a few good ideas and when a spot came open, BAM, there he was, on top of WCW. There's one more person you can ask, too.


That's right, me, Kris Vick. Never heard of me? Doesn't surprise me. I haven't been much more than a lowly writer, toiling away in obscurity while writing Glacier promo's for WCW Saturday Night. But, like that mail room clerk, like Bischoff, I made the right connections at the right time, and it finally paid off, BIG time. You see, Ted Turner, well, he knew my dad, back when they were both trying to make it big. Turner succeeded, whereas my dad...well let's just say that the "Automatic Lawn Mower" didn't take off the way he thought it would. But I digress. I got my original position on the creative staff because Turner vaguely remembered me, and besides, I was a bright kid who did well on the SAT. And when my opportunity struck, my history with Mr. Turner paid off.

See, apparently, WCW has been like a huge hole in the ground for the past few years, sucking up all the money MR. Turner has been feeding it and not giving much back in return. So it was decided that a change was necessary. And even though I know Eric Bischoff longed to get complete control, the position fell to someone else. Someone with some fresh idea's. Someone with some creativity. And most importantly, someone with no close personal ties to any of the talent. And that someone, is me.

Yep, it's official. I run the whole thing now. Just signed my contract. 100% creative control. Even managed to get Mr. Turner excited enough about the whole thing to throw a few more million dollars WCW's way, with the promise that THIS time the investment would pay off. I'm gonna shake some things up around here, that's for sure. As for Eric? He'll still be around. See, I don't fancy being on screen very much. Not my thing at all. So he'll still serve as the on screen commissioner. But behind the scenes, I pull all the strings.

First thing I did was get rid of WCW Saturday Night. Not too many people watch it anyway, so it's no big loss. And Nitro? Well, let's just say that Nitro is going to truly become the showpiece for the new WCW. And some of the talent that the fans have been clamoring for for years now? They'll get their shot, I guarantee. Because this isn't about going head to head with Vince McMahon. This isn't about beating the WWF into the ground(although that WOULD be nice). This is about putting on the kind of product that draws in new people, people who have never watched before. People who want to see some of the best athletes in the world going toe to toe. And that's what they're going to get.

So here you have it. Guess I should get to work now. After all, I've got a lot of work to do. Think I'll start off by taking a good hard look at the roster. Some of these guys... Well, I just don't know why we have them on the payroll. Maybe I can make some use out of them, who knows. I'll be posting up a revised roster list as well as a preview for the 1st Nitro on out newly designed website sometime soon. Look for it there. And keep your eyes open, cause this thing is about to take off...

I guarantee.

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*Well, here I am, the night before my first ever Nitro. Thing's are going pretty well so far, even though there were problems with the website, so I couldn't get around to releasing the new roster and Nitro Preview. But oh well, I'm sure our fans will figure it out somehow. Right now, I'm more concerned with other things. Specifically, my assistant, Sophie. She's late, which from the little I know her, isn't like her. I just hope everything's alright.*

*There is a knock at the door*

Me: Come in.

Sophie: *Peeking her head around* Hey, am I allowed to come in? Or did I already manage to get myself fired?

Me: Come in here Sophie, you know I couldn't fire you just for being a few minutes late.

Sophie: Good, because, to tell you the truth, I've been SO busy the past few days. Nice to see your shake-up of the company isn't just an on-screen thing.

Me: Nope, it sure isn't. I was given the authority to shake things up backstage as well as on-screen, so that's what I'm doing. Speaking of which, how did you think the meeting went?

Sophie: The meeting? Oh, right, the meeting. Well, seeing as how it was a roomful of talent that we were firing I thought it went pretty well. I have to say, I'm a little surprised at some of your cuts.

Me: Well, it was mostly lower card guys who weren't connecting with the fans anyway. I just figured I'd let them go and bring in some guy who, you know, had some TALENT. Also helps to lower our expenses, which Mr. Turner said should be a top priority.

Sophie: Right, and I agree with you. Just takes a lot of guts to do something like that.

Me: Guts? I guess so. I prefer to think of it as "Spring Cleaning".

Sophie: Whatever you say. I do have to ask you something though. It's about the announcing situation...

Me: Way ahead of you there Sophie. I already hired some new announcers.

Sophie: Really. Well, may I ask who they are? I mean, I think the fans are gonna be a little confused when Tony Schiavone's not on Nitro anymore...

Me: Shoot, if they have any sense, they'll THANK me for taking him off the air But I just think a new announce team is needed. I mean, I kept Scott Hudson for a backstage announcer, and Mike Tenay is still around. The fans will recognize them.

Sophie: True, but who did you get to replace all the rest of the guys?

Me: Well, you know The Wrestling Observer?

Sophie: Yeah, dirt-sheet that most of the guys in the back hate. Written by Dave Meltzer, who most of the guys in the back don't particularly like. What about him?

Me: He's our new Nitro color commentator, along with Tenay as play by play.

Sophie: WHAT? Do you really think he'll be able to handle that position?

Me: Why not? He can appeal both to the regular fans, as well as the more "smart fans" who already know who he is. He's great at explaining what's going on in a match, and with him and Tenay, at least we know the names of the moves will be called correctly.

Sophie: I guess so. I hope it works. What about Thunder though? Are him and Tenay going to handle that one too?

Me: Actually, Tenay will be on Thunder, along with the other new announcer I hired. I think the fans will have heard of him. "The American Dream", Dusty Rhodes, if ya weeeeeeeelllll...

Sophie: Ooh, great move. But do you think Dusty will be content just announcing one show a week without having any booking control.

Me: Let's just say, for the money we're gonna pay him, Dusty is quite content to sit back and call action for 2 hours a week.

Sophie: Sounds alright to me. Did you get Nitro finished?

Me: Yep, I have it right here.

*I hand Sophie the booking sheet for Nitro, and she takes a close look*

Sophie: Looks like a good show to me. I think it'll do well in the ratings too. Let's hope so. Mr. Turner really wants to see things improve around here.

Me: Well, what Mr. Turner wants, Mr. Turner gets. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out.

Sophie: I hope so. Well listen, I've gotta go talk to our sponsors about how we're gonna coordinate advertising. Anything else you need right now?

Me: Just make sure I get that list of independent talent I asked for. I think we need to bulk up our development roster some.

Sophie: It's already in that stack on your desk. If you need anything else, just call.

Me: Thanks, Sophie. I appreciate your hard work. I'll call you if I need you.

*Sophie shuts the door,leaving me alone with my thoughts. I look through my stack of papers, scanning the list of young independent talent that I'm looking to sign. I find the name I'm looking for and dial the number. The phone is answered...*

Me: Yes, is Christopher Daniels there? Sure, I'll wait...

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Monday, January 4th:


*As Nitro opens, we are shown a video of the ending of the recent Starrcade, with the camera focusing on Scott Hall putting the taser up to Goldberg, causing him to lose the WCW Heavyweight Title to Kevin Nash. The camera then shows what happened after the camera stopped rolling, showing Nash embracing Hall and the two of them turning and beating the hell out of Goldberg, while the fans viscously boo the actions of their former hero Nash*

*The typical WCW pyro explodes, but some new, harder rock music welcomes us to the first Nitro of 1999. The camera focuses on your NEW Nitro commentators, Mike Tenay, and a man who is recognizable to most Internet fans, Dave Meltzer*

Tenay: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and WELCOME to WCW Monday Nitro. I'm Mike Tenay, and with me is a new face here in WCW, long time wrestling fan and critic, Dave Meltzer. Dave, it's great to have you join me here tonight.

Meltzer: Well, all I can say is it's great to be out here Mike. Actually, it's great that ANYONE is out here, other than you know who...

Tenay: I assume you're referring to my former broadcast partner, Tony Schia...

Meltzer: That's him Mike. Nothing personal, but I can GUARANTEE the fans that things will definitely improve here behind the broadcast table.

Tenay: I have to agree Dave. As a matter of fact, I think a LOT of things will be improving around here. Fans, as I'm sure you heard, there has been a shake-up here in WCW. A new man in the head office has taken over, and he's promised that things will be different in WCW. As a matter of fact...


*Tenay is interrupted by the music of Eric Bischoff, who walks out onto the stage looking unusually subdued and even...contrite. He holds a microphone, and speaks, as the crowd boos...*

Bischoff: I know, I know, I deserve that. After the things I've done over the past few years, not to mention what I did to Ric Flair at Starrcade, I deserve a lot worse than that. But things are going to be different around here. Things are going to be better. Because there is a new regime in control here in WCW. And for the first time, I have come to see the error of my ways. You see, I witnessed something at Starrcade that made me realize that things are out of control here in WCW. I witnessed the biggest thing, the hottest wrestler to come down the pike in a long time get SCREWED by two egomaniac's who were looking to advance their own agenda. I saw Bill Goldberg taken out, not by Kevin Nash, not even by Scott Hall, but by a TASER. And then I witnessed Hall and Nash, the so called "Outsiders", deliver a beating to Goldberg that made me sick. Therefore, I have decided to exercise some of the power given to me by the new regime. I have decided to make a match, TONIGHT, for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE between Kevin Nash and Goldberg. And let me tell you something Kevin Nash...

(90; Eric Bischoff's turn was completed and he is now a face; Eric Bischoff gained overness from this turn)

**Nash reacts**

*Bischoff is interrupted mid sentence by a loud wolf howl. Kevin Nash enters the arena to a fairly large chorus of boos from the audience, who seem to have completely turned against Nash and to Bischoff. Nash raises the microphone*

Nash: No no no, let ME, tell YOU something Eric. You see this belt on my shoulder? That's the World Heavyweight Title. Which makes me the champion. Which means that I have to approve any match for my title. And Eric, I don't care WHAT "power" you might have been given. I STILL decide who I face, and when I face them. And tonight...I don't feel like facing Goldberg. But I'll tell you what. If Goldberg can prove to me that he's worthy of getting a title shot, I'll give him one, at the PPV.

Bischoff: You know what Kevin, it's time like this that I regret that I gave you a contract with so much control over your own matches. But you're right. I can't force you to fight. Tonight. But I WILL take you up on your offer. I'll give Goldberg the chance to prove himself tonight, when he takes on your good friend, SCOTT HALL. And if Goldberg wins, then he gets a title shot at the PPV. By they way, this PPV? It's not going to be called Souled Out. It's going to be called Genesis. You wanna know the reason? Because it will be the beginning of the end for you and Mr. Hall's antics.

Nash: You know what Eric? You think that booking Scott against Goldberg tonight is gonna prove anything? Scott Hall has more talent in his TOOTHPICK than Goldberg has in his body. So on behalf of my buddy Scott Hall, I accept. And Goldberg, I hope you're ready to get your ass kicked, cause that's what's happening tonight.

*Nash gives Bischoff a look, before walking slowly off the stage. Bischoff stays in the ring for a few minutes, soaking up the cheers from the fans who are excited about what has just taken place.*


Tenay: What a blockbuster anno

uncement! Goldberg against Scott Hall tonight, and if Goldberg wins, he goes on to face Kevin Nash at the newly named Genesis Pay-Per-View!

Meltzer: You said it Tenay. Eric Bischoff seems like he's turned over a new leaf, but I don't know. Goldberg can't be too happy that he won't get his hands on Nash tonight, but I'm sure he'll be glad to get his hands on Scott Hall.

Tenay: No doubt Dave, no doubt. And fans, that will be coming up in our main event. But that's not all we have in store tonight. We have a tag team title match, a television title match, as well as a cruiserweight title match, all tonight on Nitro.

Meltzer: It truly will be a night of champions Tenay. But before any of that, we have a great match to decide who will be the number one contender for that cruiserweight title.

Tenay: Personally, I think that Eddie Guerrero has to be the favorite in this one. He had some problems with the Cruiserweight Champion Kidman at Starrcade, and you know he wants to face Kidman at least one more time.

Meltzer: Again I have to agree with you Tenay. But Eddie will have some stiff competition, with Juventud Guerrera, Blitzkrieg, not to mention his own nephew Chavo. Eddie's going to really have to work hard of he wants to go up against Kidman again.

Tenay: Fans, turn your attention to ringside now for that match.

**4-Way match featuring Eddie Guerrero vs. Blitzkrieg vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.; #1 contender match**

They four men all make their way to ringside to varied reactions from the crowd. Eddie seems to be even more focused than usual in this match, although as the match starts, he seems content to hang back and let the other three battle it out and wear each other down. As Eddie watches, the others hit each other with high flying move after highflying move, including a spectacular twisting moonsault by Blitzkrieg onto Juventud. Chavo saves the pin however, leading to Blitzkrieg receiving a brainbuster. As Chavo looks around, he notices that his Uncle Eddie is telling him to cover and get the pinfall. Chavo looks hesitant, but finally does what Eddie says. Eddie proves his sneakiness though, as when Chavo turns his back to cover, Eddie rolls him up for the surprise 3 count and the victory, grabbing a handful of tights.

*Eddie quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid any repercussions from his actions, as the crowd expresses their disapproval*

(67/53/82; **1/2)

Tenay: What a sneaky way to earn a victory by Eddie Guerrero.

Meltzer: Sneaky but effective Tenay. Eddie earned his shot at the cruiserweight champion. But who is that champion gonna be? Rey Mysterio Jr. takes on Kidman later tonight, and the winner gets Eddie, next week.

Tenay: That's sure to be a great match, whoever faces Eddie Guerrero. Well fans, coming up next, members of the 4 Horsemen Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko challenge for the WCW Tag Team titles, against the unlikely champion of Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos.

Meltzer: Unlikely is right Tenay. These two men don't really have any common background, but somehow they're the tag champs. I think that Benoit and Malenko will have something to say about that, here tonight.

Tenay: Fans, let's go backstage for an interview with the challengers.

**Arn Anderson lays down the law**

*We cut backstage, where Arn Anderson is standing with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. Seen but not heard is Scott Hudson, who holds the microphone*

Arn: I'm gonna make this short and sweet tonight. These two men behind me, are two of the finest wrestlers in the world today. Not only two of the finest singles wrestlers, but also one of the best tag teams you're ever gonna see.

And tonight, after they get through in that ring with Rick Steiner and that Kaos kid, they're gonna have the belts to back up what I say. Steiner, Kaos, we'll prove our point in the ring, next.


Tenay: Strong words from Arn Anderson there Dave.

Meltzer: Strong, but true Tenay. Arn Anderson was dead on with what he said. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are two of the absolute best in the business today. Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos better pray that they don't get hurt too bad.

Tenay: That match, coming up next on Nitro.

**Rick Steiner/Kenny Kaos vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko; WCW Tag Team Title Match**

As could be expected, the champs never really seem to get into the match very much. Benoit and Malenko start off early focusing on Kaos, not letting the more experienced Steiner into the match. As a matter of fact, Steiner never gets a chance to tag in, as Benoit locks on the Crippler Crossface in the middle of the ring for the tap-out victory.

*Benoit and Malenko hold the belts up high to the cheering fans, who are obviously happy to see them with the titles. In the ring, Rick Steiner seems to be extremely disappointed in his partner, repeatedly asking him what he was thinking by not tagging*

(65/61/69; **; Tag Titles gained in image)

Meltzer: Well that didn't take very long. Benoit and Malenko just absolutely blitzed the champions there. And Rick Steiner didn't look to be very pleased with his partner. Can't say I blame him.

Tenay: You have to look at it this way though. Kaos was in there against two of the very best in the business. He's never gone up against men the caliber of Benoit and Malenko.

Meltzer: And if he keeps things going they way that match went, Rick Steiner might make it so the only wrestlers he can go up against are junior-high amateur wrestlers.

Tenay: Very true Dave. Fans, our next match is for the Television Title. It's going to feature two men who know each other very well, as the champion Scott Steiner faces Booker T. Let's take a look at some of the shared history between these two.

**Hyping Booker-Steiner**

*A video is shown of the encounters between Scott Steiner and Booker T, with most of the shots of course coming from their many tag team title matches against each other. We see Booker T show off his unusual agility for a man his size, as well as Scott Steiner demonstrating how to suplex a man and really make it hurt. The video closes with a shot from an unknown PPV, with the two men nose to nose in the middle of the ring*


Tenay: Let's not waste any time, let's go to the ring for that match fans.

**Scott Steiner vs. Booker T; Television Title Match**

Both men enter the ring to their usual music, with the entire crowd raising the roof along with Booker. They lock-up, and Steiner immediately shows his power by suplexing Booker almost out of his boots. Steiner starts to pound away on Booker, but makes the mistake of showing off his muscles to the fans, allowing Booker to hit a Harlem Sidekick. He can't cover however, being beaten up to badly. Booker tries to take advantage of Steiner being out temporarily, but Steiner manages to catch him with a big belly to belly suplex(only one though ), which puts Booker down hard. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner, and it looks as though Booker will not be able to get out. However, thanks to support from the fans, Booker manages to inch his way over to the ropes, breaking the hold. As Steiner argues with the referee, Booker slowly makes his way to his feet. When Steiner turns around, Booker catches him with a kick to the stomach, followed up by a huge Ax Kick. Booker then goes up top, and when Steiner staggers to his feet, nails him form the top rope with a big Missile Dropkick. He drags himself over Steiner and covers for the 1-2-3, to become the new champion!

*As the referee raises Booker T's hand, the fans go crazy. Booker extends his hand to Steiner, offering a show of sportsmanship, but Steiner just spits at Booker's hand and walks out of the ring. He exits backstage, cursing to himself, as Booker continues to celebrate...

(79/82/75; ***; Television Title gained image)

**Jericho interrupts**

*The celebration is short-lived however, as the appearance of Chris Jericho with a microphone quickly turns the fans cheers to boos*

Jericho: Hey, don't boo greatness!

*This only increases the crowds reaction to Jericho*

Jericho: Now, Booger T, first off, I want to congratulate you. You see, that's a big man you just beat, and it's impressive that you were somehow able to get lucky enough to defeat him. But you see, that's not why I'm out here. For too many years, I've done what I did during this past match. Watch. Watch other men win titles. Watch other, inferior wrestlers get the spotlight. Watch other LOSERS hog all the glory, while I, Chris Jericho, got NOTHING. Well no more! Because you see, Chris Jericho is not ONLY a great wrestler. Chris Jericho is not ONLY a great entertainer. But Chris Jericho is a man who would make a GREAT champion. So Booger T, enjoy your belt. Take it home, feed it caress it, love it, name it George, whatever you want to do. Because I'm challenging you to a match for that Television title, next week, right here, on Nitro! Whaddaya say Booger man? Have we got a deal?

*Booker T grabs a mic from ringside*

Booker: Have we got a deal? Have we got a DEAL? Sucka, the deal is this. Next week, Nitro, you and me for the Television Title? IT'S ON LIKE NECKBONE SUCKA!

*Jericho mouths the word good, and makes the "I want the belt" motion as the fans go crazy over this huge match-up that has just been agreed upon*

(90%; Booker T gained overness)

Meltzer: And another huge turn of events here in Nitro Tenay! Not only does Booker T defeat Scott Steiner for the Television Title, but he already has his first challenger lined up.

Tenay: Again, I have to agree with you Dave. That should be a classic match next week on Nitro. That alone is reason enough to tune in. We'll see if Jericho's in-ring actions can live up to his mouth.

Meltzer: I think that Jericho is one guy who can DEFINITELY cash the checks that his mouth makes.

Tenay: Whatever that means. Fans, again, that's a great reason to watch next week. But now, we take you backstage again for an interview with none other than "The Nature Boy", Ric Flair.


*We go backstage, where Ric Flair is standing with Scott Hudson*

Flair: Meeeaaaannn-WOOOOO-ByGOD, Scott Hudson. Tonight, is a great night for WCW. Tonight, we've seen new champions. We've seen huge matches made. And tonight, we saw the closest thing to an apology I've ever heard form Eric Bischoff. Now, I'm not saying that I trust Bischoff. And I sure as HELL haven't forgotten what he put me through, but I'm willing to lay that aside for now. For NOW. Because Bischoff, you and me, still have some unfinished business. But that will come later. Tonight, The Nature Boy has an announcement to make. You see, I've been around this business a long, long time, and I've done it all. Multiple time world champion, headlined in front of sellout crowds at huge events, had all the fame, the fortune, the women. But there's one thing I've never done. And that's accept losing. You see, Ric Flair doesn't like to lose And when I do, then it eats away at me. It makes me crazy, and makes me do things that-WOOOOOO- I probably shouldn't do. And that's just what's gonna happen tonight. Because you see, there's a man in WCW, a man who, when he came INTO WCW, wanted to go one on one with the REAL great one, Ric Flair. And that man, he beat me. He made me submit in the middle of the ring. And that man, is Bret Hart. Now, the funny thing about Bret Hart is, that Bret Hart never gave The Nature Boy a chance for some revenge. And so, tonight, in front of all of these people, I am asking Bret Hart for a rematch. Now Bret, I know you're the US Champion. And I'm not saying that the match needs to be for the title. All I'm saying is that Ric Flair is asking you to give him a chance to prove to himself, and the whole world, that he still has what it takes. And Bret, it's sure to be a classic , it's sure to be a stylin-WOO-and profilin night when it does happen. And all you need to do, is sign on the dotted line. WOOOOOOOOOO!

*Flair struts off to a huge reaction from the fans, WOOOOing as he goes*


Meltzer: Is Flair crazy? After all the thing's he's been through recently, and he's gonna challenge Bret Hart? Flair may have finally flipped.

Tenay: You may be right, but I think it's more a case of Ric Flair looking for a little redemption after some of the things he's been through. I think he's hoping that a match with Bret Hart will revitalize him.

Meltzer: I think the only thing a match with "The Hitman" will do is give Ric Flair a few more bruises. And speaking of bruises...

Tenay: Nice segueway...

Meltzer: Thanks Tenay. Coming up next, Kidman defends his cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio Jr.

Tenay: Should be another great match here on Nitro.

**Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.; Cruiserweight Title Match**

Both men enter the ring to cheers from the audience, although the reaction is not as loud for either man as might be expected. They seem to still be buzzing about Ric Flair's challenge. The two men do their best to try to snap the crowd back to attention, delivering a very fast paced match with several reversals and near falls. At one point Kidman almost loses the title when he goes up top for the Shooting Star Press, but takes too long and misses Mysterio. Rey tries to take advantage, going to the second rope and hitting Kidman with a moonsault, but he can't quite hook the leg for the three count. Kidman manages to dropkick Rey in the stomach when Mysterio goes up top and attempts a splash. Both men lay on the mat, trying to struggle to their feet. Rey is up first, and nails Kidman with a few forearms into the side of the head. He then lifts Kidman and places him on the top turnbuckle, signaling for a big Hurricanrana. Kidman manages to counter however, and reverses the Rana into a powerbomb from the top rope. With Rey knocked out on the mat, he is an easy target for Kidman to hit the Shooting Star Press, and pick up the hard fought victory.

*As Kidman accepts his belt from the referee, a figure races in from down the ramp, revealing himself to be Eddie Guerrero. Eddie charges into the ring and nails the champion with a huge Lariat, taking Kidman down hard. With Mysterio still down, Eddie takes the opportunity to go up top and hit a big Frog Splash on Kidman, nailing him right in the ribs. Satisfied with what he's done, Eddie leaves to the crowd's disapproval*

(62/46/78; **; The crowd was still pumped up from the last segment, so the audience reaction suffered; the Cruiserweight title gained image)

Tenay: What a cheap shot by Eddie Guerrero! Obviously he was trying to soften up Kidman before their match next week, as well as get some revenge on him for Starrcade.

Meltzer: All I can say is, after an attack like that, there's no WAY Kidman will be at 100% next week. What Eddie did may be ethical, but it was SMART.

Tenay: Smart or not, Eddie still has to beat Kidman next week to get his hands on that cruiserweight gold. Yet another great match to look forward to next week fans. But coming up next...

Meltzer: I'll handle this one Tenay. Coming up next, Goldberg takes on Scott Hall for the chance to wrestler Kevin Nash for the title.

Tenay: Took the words right out of my mouth. Let's go to ringside...

**Goldberg vs. Scott Hall; If Goldberg wins, he faces Kevin Nash as Genesis**

As Michael Buffer makes the introductions, the fans start to buzz again in anticipation. Scott Hall enters to a large amount of boos from the fans,although he doesn't really seem to care about the fans reaction very much. When Goldbergs music hits, the place comes unglued. We follow Goldberg gas he walks down the hallway, looking even more intense than usual. His usual entrance follows, but Hall doesn't want to wait. As Goldberg gets into the ring, Hall attacks. The first few minutes of the match feature Hall trying to take Goldberg out with some big right hands and kicks. Hall whips Goldberg into the ropes, but Goldberg comes off with a flying tackle that knocks Hall right out of the ring. After taking a few moments to regroup, Hall enters the ring again, only to be taken down again by Goldberg, this time with a big powerslam. The match continues for the next several minutes in this way, with Goldberg manhandling Hall with his strength. A poke to the eyes turns the corner for Hall however, who takes over with more brawling. Hall manages to power Goldberg up into a fallaway slam, but only gets a one count on the cover. Hall takes this time to get in the referee's face about the count, which allows Goldberg time to rise to his feet. The fans also stand up in anticipation of what is coming next. And they are not let down, as Goldberg hits a HUGE Spear right into Hall's ribs. Goldberg goes to pick Hall up for the Jackhammer, but is soon distracted, as Kevin Nash comes "running" down the aisle. He rolls into the ring, ducking a Goldberg clothesline and heading straight for the referee. As Hall manages to struggle to his feet and clip Goldberg from behind, Nash nails the referee with a big right hand, forcing the ref to throw the match out. The official decision is announced as a no-contest, since Nash did not attack either of the participants in the match.

*With the referee down, Nash and Hall turn to Goldberg, who is getting back to his feet. Nash hits Goldberg with a big boot, putting him right back down. They then take turns stomping away at Goldberg, before Nash signals to Hall to get something. Hall looks under the ring and comes back with the Taser, which he then proceeds to again use on Goldberg, shocking him until Goldberg can no longer stand. Nash then powers Goldberg to his feet, only to pick him up and drop him down again with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Nash and Hall raise their hands in the "Wolfpack" signal as Nitro goes off the air*

(79/86/65; ***)

Tenay: Oh my God! What has Kevin Nash done? What does this mean for the title match at Genesis? Fan's we're out of time, but we'll try to find out the answers for you! Tune into Thunder! Good night everyone!

*The last shot of the evening is Goldberg lying helpless on the canvas, with the ominous figures of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall standing over him*

Overall: 78

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Tuesday, April 5th

*I'm sitting in my office, with Sophie across the desk from me. She's just informed me that she has some bad news*

Me: How bad is it?

Sophie: Pretty bad. We got the ratings for Nitro in. They're not good.

Me: Go ahead Sophie, hit me with the bad news.

Sophie: Well, the audience approval rating was 78%, which isn't bad at all. But the T.V. ratings... Well, we got a 5.21.

Me: 5.21? But that's a GREAT rating. How is that bad news?

Sophie: The network was expecting higher than that. They sent us a memo saying they are concerned about our ratings, and we need to pull them up. Apparently, the WWF pulled in a 7+ rating against us.

Me: Yeah, but we were going head to head. 5.21 is STILL a great rating, considering how the WWF has a mugh higher standing on the global market than we do.

Sophie: I agree, but there's nothing I can do about it. All we can do is try to get the rating even higher next week. Also, I took the liberty of sending out a tape to another network, just in case things don't work out here.

Me: Which network?

Sophie: Fox. The kind of ratings that we get would put us as one of their very top shows, so I'm hoping maybe they'll be interested.

Me: Yeah, maybe so. I can't BELIEVE that TNT is saying a 5.21 isn't a good rating. When's the last time Nitro pulled in a rating that good?

Sophie: It's been a while. Nevertheless, I thought you might want to know what's going on. I'll leave you alone now, so you can concentrate on Thunder.

Me: Thanks Sophie. Let me know if you hear anything else. Especially about the deal with Fox.

Sophie: I will, but don't expect to hear anything with that until the beginning of next month.

Me: Why's that?

Sophie: I don't know, it's just the way things normally work out for these types of deals.

Me: If you say so. Thanks Sophie.

Sophie: No problem.

*Sophie closes the door, leaving me alone again with my thoughts. Disbelief at the reaction to a great rating makes me wonder if maybe someone has it in for me. Oh well, time to get the booking for Thunder underway...*

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Thursday, January 7th:

Thunder! aka "Just one of those shows"

*We are shown a video highlighting the events of Nitro, before our commentators for the evening, Mike Tenay, and "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes go over the planned card for the night, if ya weeeeeeelllll...*

**Nash and Goldberg**

*A Video is shown detailing the history between the two men, focusing closely on the events at Starrcade and the past Nitro. As a Goldberg-Nash 2 graphic fills the screen, a giant question mark is imposed on top*


**Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero**

Our commentators discuss Eddie's actions the past few weeks as these two great cruiserweights lock up. A fast paced match follows, with several spectacular moves. Eddie manages to again sneak a handful of tights to get the win.

*After the match, Eddie hightails it up the ramp so Rey can't get any payback*

(68/72/81; **1/2)

**The Cat Speaks**

We cut backstage for an interview with "The Cat" Ernest Miller. He discusses his non title match with Booker T tonight, and promises Chris Jericho that he will leave a little bit of Booker for him on Nitro.


**Booker T vs. The Cat**

Booker totally dominates the match, winning easily with a Missile Dropkick from the top rope.

*The Cat is disgusted with his loss, and leaves the ring without even accepting the hand that Booker offers to him*

(64/73/70; **)

**Daniels Debuts in Video Form**

*We see another video, this time of indy wrestler Chris Daniels, who is making his debut tonight against another newcomer to WCW, Yoshohiro Tajiri. The video hypes up Daniels athletic ability heavily.*

(59%; Chris Daniels gained overness)

**Chris Daniels vs. Yoshohiro Tajiri**

The match between these two newcomers is fast and furious, with both men trying to impress the crowd with their big moves. Despite only a small reaction, the match is very impressive, and really shows off what both men can do. Daniels manages to pick up the win after a great reversal sequence.

*Like The Cat, Tajiri doesn't shake Daniels hand, choosing instead to aim another kick at him before leaving the ring, sulking*

(57/44/85; *1/2)

**DDP/Kanyon vs. Rick Steiner/Kenny Kaos**

The announcers explain that the winner of this match will get a tag team title shot in the next few weeks. Like their match on Nitro, Kaos and Steiner never get going, as DDP and Kanyon use quick tags to keep Kaos in the ring, before pinning him at their leisure after a Diamond Cutter.

*Rick Steiner again verbally abuse Kaos after the match, with Kaos trying to protest that he did his best*

(57/63/66; *1/2)

**When Jericho's attack...**

Before we leave for the evening, we see Booker T. going to leave the building, when out of nowhere Chris Jericho jumps him and starts beating him with a steel chair. Jericho is obviously trying to soften Booker T up before their match for the TV Title on Nitro. Jericho leaves Booker crumpled on the floor, and walks off laughing to himself as we close this edition of Thunder.


Overall: 68, OUCH!

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Friday, January 8th

*Sophie is again in my office. This time, she says, she has GOOD news*

Me: How good is it?

Sophie: Pretty good. Rating's came in for Thunder.

Me: And?

Sophie: And, well, you're not gonna be happy with the approval rating. It was only a 68%. From those surveyed, they said everyone seemed a little off. I explained that last night was "just one of those nights".

Me: Great. Well, maybe they'll watch next week. Should be a little tighter show next Thunder. Now, what about the T.V. ratings?

Sophie: That's the good news. We pulled in a 2.01. The network is very pleased.

Me: 2.01? That's GOOD? How can that be good?

Sophie: Considering that the highest rating ever in that time slot was a 2.10, it's pretty good.

Me: Man, these networks are really screwy, aren't they? But hey, if the network is happy, then I'M happy. I just can't get over the messed up reactions to these ratings.

Sophie: I know, it's weird, isn't it? Anyway, let's talk about Nitro. What do you have lined up?

Me: Well, there's going to be the cruiser title match and T.V. title match, as well as an announcement from Bischoff about the Genesis main event. Oh, also, Bret Hart is gonna do an interview in response to Flair's challenge. We've been working on it since this past Monday.

Sophie: Sounds good. By the way, how does Bischoff feel about not being in charge anymore?

Me: I don't think he's too happy about it, but then again, he doesn't have to be. We talked, and I explained to him that, although he had done a lot for this company, I'm in charge now, and we're paying him a lot of money to do one thing. And that is be an on-air performer. I told him if he had a problem with that, I would be more than happy to give him a release and let him try his luck elsewhere, for less money.

Sophie: I take it that convinced him to stick around?

Me: Let's just put it this way. He's already talking about long term plans for his character. He has some interesting ideas for what he wants to do.

Sophie: And you told him...?

Me: I told him I'd take it under advisement.

Sophie: Ooh, bet he didn't like that one.

Me: Meh, maybe not. But he's gonna stay in line. I think everyone is excited about getting a shot under the "new regime".

Sophie: I think you're right. Well, if there's nothing else I can do for you...

Me: Actually, there is. See if you can get in touch with Rick Steiner for me. I had a complaint after his last match that he was working a little too stiff. I need to tell him to tone it down a little. After all, we don't need another broken neck thanks to his carelessness.

Sophie: Right. Although, I think I'll let YOU tell him that last part.

Me: Hmm, in that case... Maybe I'll leave the last part out.

Sophie: I'd say that would be a wise move. I'll see if I can get him on the phone for you.

Me: Thanks Sophie. As always, you're doing a great job.

Sophie: Anytime.

*Sophie exits the room, once again leaving me alone. Rick Steiner really does need a warning, but I think I'll try to phrase things a little more delicately than I put them to Sophie. I don't want ANYONE'S neck broken...Especially my own.*

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Monday, January 11th:


*Before the show begins, a video runs highlighting the events of Nitro last week. We see results form the 4-way cruiserweight match as well as the cruiserweight title match, Booker T winning the T.V. title and the subsequent challenge to Booker from Chris Jericho, as well as the actions concerning Goldberg and Kevin Nash. The last shot is of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall standing in the ring over the fallen body of Goldberg, with their hands raised in victory...*

*The pyro explodes and the music kicks into high gear as 5,015 fans cheer in anticipation of another episode of Nitro. We cut to the announce position with our hosts, Mike Tenay and Dave Meltzer*

Mike Tenay: Good evening everybody, and welcome once again to WCW Monday Nitro. We have an exciting, action packed evening for you here tonight.

Dave Meltzer: That's right Tenay, there's going to be a lot of action this evening. We have several title matches, as well as a response from Bret Hart on Ric Flair's challenge last week.

MT: That's right fans, and we also expect that we're going to hear SOMETHING from Eric Bischoff concerning Kevin Nash and Scott Hall's actions.

DM: And you know that Goldberg is here, and who knows WHAT will happen if he gets his hands on the Outsiders.

MT: Very true Dave, very true. Fans, as you saw in that footage at the beginning of the show, last week was a mixed bag for Booker T. He won the Television Title from Scott Steiner, but was immediately challenged by Chris Jericho. Booker T, being someone who never backs down from a challenge accepted, but then we saw Jericho viciously attack Booker on Thunder, obviously trying to soften him up. Well coming up next, Booker T gets his chance for some revenge from Jericho.

DM: Booker T needs to realize that Jericho isn't just a whiny punk who sneak attacked him on Thunder. Jericho is an athlete in the prime of his life, and it's going to take everything Booker has to hold onto that title tonight. This one could go either way.

MT: There's only one way to find out, and that's in the ring, next!

**Booker T vs. Chris Jericho; Television Title Match**

Booker enters the ring to a large pop from the crowd, who seem happy to see him once again with the TV title. Jericho gets the opposite reaction, with the fans really getting on his case. The match begins with Jericho trying to stall Booker T, leaving the ring after every lock-up. Booker finally chases Jericho out of the ring, only to have Jericho nail him in the back when he re-enters the ring. Jericho takes control for the next few minutes, keeping Booker down with a variety of fast paced moves, including a Lionsault that almost puts Booker away. Booker manages to get his foot on the ropes to prevent a 3 count, and when Jericho celebrates, thinking he's won, Booker takes advantage. He comes back with some big kicks, before putting Jericho down hard with a huge spinebuster. Booker goes up top for a big move, but Jericho pulls the referee in the way at the last minute, and Booker dropkicks the ref, putting him out. As Booker checks on the ref, Jericho grabs the title belt. However, another referee runs down to the ring and grabs the belt away from Jericho as he goes to nail Booker with it, which gives Booker the chance to nail Jericho with a Harlem Sidekick. He then goes up top and hits Jericho with a big Missile Dropkick and pins him, which the new ref counts for the 1-2-3!

*As Booker celebrates with the fans as a result of his win, Jericho rolls to the outside and grabs a chair, nailing Booker in the back before hitting him several more times, putting Booker down on the canvas. Jericho screams "Who's the SUCKA now?", before throwing the chair down and leaving the ring*

(80/91/86; ***; Television Title gained image)

MT: A great match for the TV title, marred by Jericho's actions at the end. Chris Jericho is too good a wrestler to resort to those kind of cheap tricks.

DM: Well, on one hand I agree. On the other hand, Jericho is obviously obsessed with proving himself to the WCW brass. And he certainly will get noticed if he continues with actions like that. I don't think it's over between him and Booker T though.

MT: You may be right Dave. Fans, we're going to take you now to Eric Bischoff's office, where we have learned he has an announcement concerning Kevin Nash.

**The Bisch speaks**

*We cut to an office somewhere in the building, where Eric Bischoff is sitting behind a table*

Bischoff: I'm not going to spend a lot of time rehashing what happened last week on Nitro. I'm sure that all of you saw the actions of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. My announcement concerns tonight. As a result of my statement to Keving Nash that IF Goldberg beat Hall he would get a shot at the Heavyweight Title, I cannot give Goldberg the title shot. However, what I CAN do is make ANOTHER match tonight between Goldberg and Hall, with the same stipulation. I'll also add one more. If Kevin Nash interferes in ANY way tonight in that match, then he will be suspended, and his title forfeited. Tonight will be one on one, and if, no, not if, WHEN Goldberg takes down Scott Hall, then he WILL face Kevin Nash for the title at Genesis. I urge Kevin Nash to start preparing, because I have a feeling that after tonight, NASH is next...

*Bischoff stands and walks out of the shot, leaving an empty desk in the picture*


DM: A huge announcement from Eric Bischoff there. Scott Hall and Goldberg again tonight? I'm up for that.

MT: No doubt Dave. That match will be coming up later tonight. But now, we're going to go backstage again, this time for an interview with DDP and Chris Kanyon, who became the number 1 contender's for the Tag Team Title's when they defeated former champions Kenny Kaos and Rick Steiner.

**The Triad speaks out**

*We go backstage again as Scott Hudson stands with Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon*

Scott Hudson: DDP and Chris Kanyon, this past week on Thunder you...

DDP: Whoa whoa whoa, cut the chatter monkey boy. This past Thunder, me and Kanyon beat the crap out of Ricky Steiner and that other chump Kaos. That makes us the number one contenders. And as far as we're concerned, that makes us the future champions. Because Benoit and Malenko? Heh, they're not bad, but I've been there, done that with Benoit, and it's not gonna be any different this time.

Kanyon: Yeah, and Dean Malenko say's he's the man of 1000 holds? Well obviously he hasn't met up with Kanyon, because I'm the INNOVATOR of offense baby. And Malenko and Benoit are gonna learn, there ain't NOBODY betta than Kanyon.

DDP: And when me and Kanyon get done with them, Benoit and Malenko are definitely gonna FEEL...THE...BANG!!!

(81%; Chris Kanyon gained overness)

MT: You have to know that Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko were watching that segment, and can't be pleased with what DDP and Kanyon had to say.

DM: I hope they WEREN'T pleased. That way, when they get in the ring, the action will be that much more intense. I can't wait for those four to hook it up inside the ring.

MT: I'm with you on that one, partner.

DM: Partner? Don't presume too much, Tenay.

MT: Wouldn't dream of it... Dave. Coming up next fans, we're going to take a look at one of the bright new talents in WCW, Chris Daniels. You saw this young man on Thunder in his WCW debut, and tonight, you're going to see him again as he takes on Buff Bagwell. Dave, what can you tell us about young Chris Daniels?

DM: Tenay, he may be young, but this wrestler has some of the most potential I have ever seen in a wrestler. No apologies to Lex Luger, because THIS man is the REAL total package. He's got the look, the brains, the wrestling skill, and the charisma to be a top player in this business for a long, long time.

MT: He'll have a stern challenge tonight as he takes on one of the other great young talents in WCW, Buff Bagwell. Bagwell is a veteran here in WCW, but he's still a young man himself. This should be a great contest. Let's go to ringside for that match, now.

**Buff Bagwell vs. Chris Daniels**

The two men enter the ring, Bagwell to a chorus of boo's, Daniels to...not much reaction at all really. But the fans soon forget that they don't recognize Daniels, as he proceeds to wow them with a variety of high-flying moves mixed in with some great high impact and ground attacks. Bagwell fights back with some brawling, trying to slow the pace down and keep Daniels from pulling out any more impact moves. His plan backfires however when he goes for a Buff Blockbuster and misses after showboating. Daniels grabs his arms as he rises and pulls him up into a Double Underhook powerbomb, then covers for the surprise victory!

*Daniel's victory celebration is soon cut short, as Bagwell takes his revenge by hitting Daniels form behind, laying him out before PUTTING him outside the ring, leaving to the taunts from he fans at ringside*

(59/49/84; *1/2; Buff Bagwell lost overness, Chris Daniels gained overness; The crowd was still pumped form the last segment, so the audience rating suffered)

MT: A stunning upset by Chris Daniels there! I don't think Buff Bagwell was giving Daniels enough credit in the match,a and it came back to bite him, so to speak.

DM: Very colorful Tenay. Bagwell just plain didn't see that one coming. Daniels took him by surprise, and I think surprised many of our fans as well.

MT: That now makes Daniels undefeated in WCW action. How long can he keep it up? Only time will tell. But now fans...

**The Hitman responds to Flair**

*Mike Tenay is cut off by Bret Hart's music. Hart slowly saunters to the ring, basking in the boo's from the crowd. He has a mic, and raises it to speak*

Bret Hart: Yeah yeah yeah, go ahead and boo me. I just wanted to come out here to say a few words about respect. Respect for your elders to be specific. Elders like Ric Flair. You see, when I was a little, little boy, I watched wrestling on TV. Mostly it was my dad's promotion, but sometimes I managed to catch some NWA wrestling from the states. And I saw a man who claimed to be a "Nature Boy". A man who strutted around wearing expensive suits and flashy robes. And I thought that he was pretty damn cool. At the time. You see, that was a lot of years ago. And now, Ric Flair? He's still around, still claiming to be the "Nature Boy", and still wearing the same cheap suits. But I still have respect for Ric Flair. He's won a lot of titles in this business. He's accomplished a lot of things in the business. But that's the past, and this is the present. And the present is this. Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. And Ric Flair? He's a pathetic shell of what he used to be. I've already beaten you Ric. I have nothing to prove to you. So as far as you getting in the ring with me again? I don't think so. Not now. Not ever again. You're done, Ric. Washed up. Through. Finished. Hey, I have a suggestion. Why don't you go find your old buddy Arn Anderson, and find out what's it's like to play golf everyday. Because that's where you belong. In a retirement home. With all the other washed up losers.

*Hart throws the mic down and leaves to a large chorus of boos from the crowd, who don't appreciate what he has said about Ric Flair*


DM: Bret Hart really spoke his mind there, didn't he? Ric Flair isn't gonna be happy with Hart rejecting his offer for a match.

MT: Personally, I think it's terrible what Bret Hart said about one of the all time greats, Ric Flair. I wonder if Bret was rejecting the challenge because he REALLY feel's Ric Flair is washed up, or if maybe he's worried that he might get BEATEN by Ric Flair.

DM: We may never know Tenay. Now fans, coming up next, we're gonna see the Tag Team Champions take on the remnants of the West Texas Rednecks, as Curt Hennig and Barry Windham challenge for the Tag Titles. Will the champs be distracted from what DDP and Kanyon said earlier? Let's find out in the ring.

**Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. Barry Windham/Curt Hennig; Tag Team Title match**

The Rednecks enter to a small reaction from the crowd, while the champs enjoy a larger response. The action is fairly fast paced, considering who's on the challengers side. The match is back and forth for the first few minutes of the match, until Windham catches Malenko with a big lariat. This allows Windham and Hennig to control with some double teaming for a while, as they keep Malenko in their corner for several minutes. A miscue on a dropkick from Windham(!) allows Malenko to reach his corner and tag in Benoit, who's a HOUSE OF FIRE! Benoit takes care of both of the challengers with some vicious chops and stomps, before clotheslining Windham over the top rope. Hennig tried to escape, but is caught from behind with a german suplex from Benoit. Malenko cuts off Windham when he tries to interfere, which allows Benoit to lock on the Crippler Crossface for the tap out victory.

*As soon as the match is over, Triad members DDP and Kanyon rush out to the ring and jump the champs. DDP gives a Diamond Cutter to Benoit as Kanyon takes Malenko down with a Flatliner. Satisfied with their work, DDP and Kanyon smile and slide back out of the ring, leaving the fallen champs lying in the ring*

(64/68/76; **; The Tag Team Titles gained image)

MT: DDP and Kanyon certainly are backing up what they said earlier. What a brutal attack on the tag champs.

DM: Yes it was Tenay. Benoit and Malenko proved that they are gonna be great champions, but they have to watch out for The Triad.

MT: Very true Dave. Now let's go backstage again for an interview with DA MAN himself, Goldberg.

**Goldberg gets...interviewed?**

We cut backstage where Scott Hudson is standing with Goldberg. Before either man can say a word however, Scott Hall and WCW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash come rushing into the picture, taking Goldberg down with a bull charge. They proceed to beat down Goldberg, punching and kicking at him. Hall picks up Goldberg and throws him headfirst into some CLANGY POLES! Nash grabs a chair and nails Goldberg in the back and head repeatedly. Security comes rushing up and finally manages to pull The Outsiders off of Goldberg. They walk away with a smirk on each of their faces.


MT: And another cheapshot by The Outsiders! A brutal sneak attack on Goldberg in the back has put Goldberg down. What does this mean for the match tonight? And the match at Genesis?

DM: Tenay, if you can calm down for a minute, I just got word in my headset that Eric Bischoff is on the scene. Let's go backstage and see if he can straighten this thing out.

**Bischoff takes control**

*We go backstage again, as an angry looking Eric Bischoff stands with Goldberg, who is just getting back to his feet*

Bischoff: Alright, this has gone on long enough. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, this is the last straw. I've made an executive decision, and my decision is that at Genesis, Goldberg will take on...

Goldberg: Wait a minute. I want both of them. I want Nash and Hall.

Bischoff: Goldberg, Bill, I don't think that's the best way to handle the situation. You're injured...

Goldberg: *Grabbing Bischoff and pushing him against the wall* I WANT BOTH OF THEM!

Bischoff: Alright, alright. I'll give you Hall AND Nash. But at Genesis, not tonight. You have to be checked out by a doctor. And I have a special surprise in store for Mr. Hall tonight. Let's get you to a doc.

Goldberg: Yeah, that sounds real good. Cause at Genesis, Hall and Nash, are definitely NEXT.

*Goldberg agrees to go with the doctor, as Bischoff whispers in an assistants ear. He says "Go find him. Now!"*


MT: A huge announcement from Eric Bischoff! Goldberg gets both Nash and Hall in the ring, together, at Genesis! That's going to be a match of epic proportions.

DM: Yeah, but I'm not sure how smart that was on the part of Goldberg. Hall and Nash individually are tough to handle, and together? They're one of the best tag teams of all time. As tough as Goldberg is, he might have bitten of more than he can chew this time.

MT: But you have to figure that Goldberg wants to get his hands on Nash and Hall more than anything. And you have to know he'll do whatever it takes to get to them. But as exciting as this news is fans, we have even more excitement for you tonight. Last week, you saw Eddie Guererro defeat three other men in a great match to become the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Title. Later on in the evening, he also attacked the champion, Kidman, from behind after a successful title defense against Rey Mysterio Jr. Well tonight, Kidman gets a chance at revenge, as he takes on Eddie next, in a cruiserweight title match.

DM: Hey, don't sell Eddie Guerrero short. He has an excellent chance to cement his place as the top cruiserweight in WCW in this match.

MT: Very true Dave. Fans, let's go to ringside.

**Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero; Cruiserweight Title Match**

Both men enter the ring quickly, obviously ready for this match. It begins as a fast paced match, with lots of counters and reversals. The action quickly spills outside, as Kidman knocks Eddie over the top rope. He follows up with a big pescado which wipes both men out. Kidman throws Eddie back in and follows him in with a slingshot legdrop. He covers for a close 2 count. As Kidman bends down to pick Eddie up, Eddie gives him a thumb to the eyes to take control. Eddie uses his skills on the mat, as well as liberal doses of underhanded tactics to keep control from the next several minutes. He hits Kidman with his own slingshot move, this one being a beautiful slingshot senton from he outside ring apron. He almost manages to win the match, but misses when he takes too long going up top for a Frog Splash. Kidman can't take advantage, as both men lay on the mat, exhausted. Eddie is first to his feet, and actually tries a powerbomb on Kidman, but YCBK. After planting Eddie with a face jam, Kidman drags him in position for a Shooting Star Press. Suddenly, Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes running down the aisle. He jumps up on the apron and tried to push Kidman off the rope, but only manages to push Kidman right into Eddie Guerrero, who he lands on with what ends up being a big splash. The referee looks confused, but counts anyway, and Kidman ends up with the victory.

*Chavo, sensing that he needs to do something about the situation, jumps in the ring and tries to attack Kidman, but is again not successful, as Kidman ducks his charge and rolls out of the ring. Chavo helps Eddie to his feet, as Eddie glares down the aisle at Kidman, obviously not happy with the result of the match.*

(69/66/88; **1/2; Kidman gained overness; Cruiserweight title gained image)

MT: What a match that was Dave. Both men truly put in a great effort, but in the end, the interference from Chavo backfired, and allowed Kidman to pick up the victory.

DM: Yeah, Kidman won this time. But Eddie Guerrero has had too many problems with Kidman lately to give up this easily. Don't be surprised if we see these two men hook up again.

MT: I wouldn't mind seeing that match Dave. Both men are top notch in the ring, as they proved in that last encounter.


*Mike Tenay is interrupted as we suddenly cut backstage to where Scott Hall is standing next to a mirror, making sure his hair looks perfect. Someone taps him on the shoulder, and as he turns, he sees that it's none other than...STING!*

Sting: Hey Hall, remember how Bischoff said that he had a surprise for you tonight? Well... SURPRISE!

*Sting nails Hall with a big right hand, knocking him back against the wall. He pummels Hall again and again with more right hands, then grabs Hall by the back of the head and starts dragging him. It soon becomes obvious they are headed for the ring...*


MT: What a surprise Scott Hall has had! Eric Bischoff has sent none other than STING to take care of the problem...

DM: And I think they're headed this way, Tenay.

**Sting vs. Scott Hall**

The fans erupt as Sting comes through the curtain, still dragging Hall buy his hair. A referee sprints down the aisle behind them as they make it to the ring. Hall tries to be for mercy, but Sting shows him none, beating him from pillar to post with a variety of big power moves. Hall tried to roll outside for protection, but Sting follows him and uses the barricade and hard concrete floor as weapons to continue the punishment. Hall finally manages to reverse an irish whip into the STEEL steps, and rolls back into the ring for a breather. As Sting tries to crawl back in as well, Hall catches him with a double axehandle to the back. Hall then uses his own strength to batter Sting with punches and slams, even managing a Fall-away Slam on Sting at one point. He can't put the Stinger away though, as he kicks out of every pinning situation. Hall tries for the Outsider's Edge at one point, but Sting slides off his back and catches him with a Scorpion Deathdrop from behind. Sting isn't satisfied however, and picks Hall back up, whipping him into the corner in perfect position for a big Stinger Splash. Hall hits the ground hard, and as the crows roars it's approval, Sting slaps the Scorpion Deathlock on Hall in the middle of the ring. The cheers quickly turn to boo's however, and Kevin Nash comes "running" down the aisle. He steps over the top rope into the ring, but Sting is able to release his hold and meet Nash with a big punch. Seeing as how Nash very clearly was after Sting, the ref calls for the bell, giving the Stinger the win via DQ.

*Sting continues to punish Nash with punches and boots to the stomach. Soon however, Hall is able to get to his feet, and the combined might of The Outsiders is just too much for Sting to handle, as he goes down thanks to a big boot from Nash. In a scene eerily reminiscent of the previous week, Nash continues to beat on Sting while Hall grabs the Taser form under the ring. They use it to shock Sting like they did with Goldberg, keeping the Taser on him until he can't stand up any longer. And again like last week, Nash picks him back up to deliver a Jackknife Powerbomb, leaving Sting decimated in the ring. Nash and Hall are again triumphant, standing in the middle of the ring making the Wolfpac symbol as Nitro goes off the air*

(73/86/76; **3/4)

MT: Not again! Can anyone stop Nash and Hall?

DM: I don't know Tenay, but I do know this. Goldberg, take a good look at this footage. This could be your fate, again, at Genesis.

*Our last shot of the evening is Sting twitching from the shock of the Taser as Nash and Hall celebrate amidst the garbage being thrown at the ring*

Overall: 77

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Thursday, January 14th:

*I'm, sitting in my office with Sophie, going over the plans for tonight's Thunder. We're also discussing some things from Nitro Monday night*

Sophie: So anyway, I wanted to tell you, the network is, let's just say, moderately pleased at the rating we got this Monday.

Me: I just don't understand. A 5.29 isn't THAT much better than last week.

Sophie: I know, but at least they're not threatening to cancel us this week. Also, something I meant to mention before. Buff Bagwell was a little upset at having to job clean to Chris Daniels on Nitro. Apparently he had a few things to say about it.

Me: Really...Well, all I can say is that Buff needs to know his place. Everyone around here has a job to do, and his job Monday was to put Daniels over clean. If he has a problem with that, he needs to come and see me personally. Schedule a meeting with him for this weekend so I can explain things to him.

Sophie: "Things?" What kind of things?

Me: Just the fact that if he continues with this course of actions, he'll be jobbing in the opening match of Thunder for a year straight.

Sophie: I see. Can I be in the room when you tell him that? I don't think he cares too much for me.

Me: Whatever you want, Sophie.

Sophie: Ok, well, I've got to run and give out the notes for the show tonight. Anything else I can do?

Me: Actually, there is. Get me Eric Bischoff on the phone. There's a few things I need to discuss with him concerning next Nitro.

Sophie: Ok...Can I be nosy and ask what?

Me: Let's just say that Eric may be taking a ride through the sky on Nitro.

Sophie: Ooh, intriguing. I'll get him on the phone.

Me: Thanks Sophie.

*She goes to the outer office to and places the call to Eric Bischoff*

Me: Eric, how's it going? Listen, I've got this great idea for Nitro. Well, remember when Kevin Nash powerbombed you through the stage that time...

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WCW.com, in conjunction with WCW: The Magazine has released the following preview fo tonite's edition of WCW Thunder:

-Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. take on Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in tag team action-

-Booker T defends his Television Title against Bam Bam Bigelow-

-Bret Hart takes on Rick Steiner in a U.S. Heavyweight Title defense-


-Sting speaks in response to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall's attack from Nitro-

All this, plus more exciting action, right here, on Thunder!

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Thursday, January 14th:


*We are shown a typical video recap of the events of last weeks Thunder, highlighting all of the great action that took place. A graphic comes on the screen, announcing that tonight, Bret Hart will defend his U.S. Heavyweight Title against Rick Steiner.*

*The Thunder pyrotechnic's rock the house, as 5,011 people rise to their feet to cheer for the beginning of Thunder!*

We see our announcers, Mike Tenay and "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes seated at their commentary position. They briefly discuss some of the events of last week, focusing especially on the debut of young superstars Chris Daniels and Yoshohiro Tajiri. This leads us into a return match between these two young men.

**Chris Daniels vs. Yoshohiro Tajiri**

The two men put on another great match, which seems to be a little more appreciated by the audience this week. They battle back and forth, exchanging high risk moves and hard hitting impact moves, but neither man can take the advantage and gain the win. Finally, the time limit has expired, and the match is declared a draw.

*The fans cheer the efforts of both men, as they shake hands in a respectful gesture in the middle of the ring*

(67/44/91(!); **1/2)

**Booker T tells it like it is**

We cut immediately backstage, where Booker T is standing with Scott Hudson. He talks briefly about the man he defends his TV Title against tonight, Bam Bam Bigelow, but then changes the focus to Chris Jericho. Booker promises Jericho that he hasn't heard the last of Booker T, SUCKA.


The announcers discuss what Booker T has just said, before throwing it backstage again, this time for an interview with Eddie Guerrero and his nephew, Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

**Eddie and Chavo talk tough**

Eddie and Chavo are standing backstage, and immediately launch into a diatribe against their opponents for the evening, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Billiy Kidman. Eddie in particular seems to want to take Kidman down. Chavo promises both men that no matter who he gets in the ring with, they're going to get their butt kicked.

(80%; Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. gained overness)

Tenay and Rhodes comment on what the Guerrero's had to say before announcing that that match is next!

**Eddie Guerrero/Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr./Billy Kidman**

As you might expect, the match is an extremely fast paced affair, with the momentum changing hands several times. Both teams hit spectacular move after spectacular move to really get the crowd into it. In the end, Eddie is able to push the referee into the ropes while Kidman is perched on top, then take advantage of Kidman's fall with a Brainbuster for the 3 count on the Cruiserweight Champion

*Eddie and Chavo quickly leave after the match, not wanting to hang around for Rey and Kidman to get any type of revenge*

(77/64/90:); ***)

After praising the last match between those four men, Mike Tenay heads into the ring for an interview with The Man They Call...Sting!

**Stinger Speaks**

Sting enjoys a huge response from the crowd, who are solidly behind every word he says. He focuses mainly on Scott Hall and his actions against Sting with the taser on Nitro. He close by telling Goldberg to tear Hall apart, but to "...leave a little bit for me, so I can finish him off for good."


**Booker T vs. Bam Bam Bigelow; Television Title Match**

Booker and Bigelow square off in a match that is very much based on brawling. The two go at it face to face, with neither backing down. In the end however, Booker manages to make Bigelow miss a corner splash and nail him with a Scissor kick, followed by a Missile Dropkick from the top rope to gain the win.

*As Booker tries to leave up the aisle, a man dressed as a popcorn vendor jumps on the ramp and starts pummeling Booker. As security rushes in to stop the man, his hat comes off and it's revealed to be Chris Jericho, in yet another sneak attack on Booker T*

(79/77/82; ***; Television Title gained image)

Tenay and Rhodes note that Jericho is obviously still trying to get at Booker T, even though he lost match on Nitro. They figure that Jericho must be wanting another shot at Booker T and the Television Title.

**Handicap Hype**

A video is then shown of the events of the past few weeks as it concerns Goldberg and Kevin Nash, leading up to Eric Bischoff announcing Goldberg will take on Nash and Hall in a handicap match at Genesis at the end of the month.


The announcers excitedly announce that the same stipulation is in place for this match as for Goldberg's previous matches, namely, if Goldberg can manage to defeat The Outsiders, he will get a shot at Kevin Nash and the World Heavyweight Title. They then announce the main event of the evening, as Bret Hart defends his U.S. title against a man who's had some tough times the past few weeks, Rick Steiner.

**Bret Hart vs. Rick Steiner; US Title match**

The match is a fairly lengthy match, with the technical master Hart trying to overcome the brute force of Rick Steiner. Finally, the "Excellence of Execution" does win out, and manages to lock on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Although Steiner does not tap out, he soon PASSES out, leaving the referee no choice but to stop the match and award the victory to Bret Hart.

*As Hart walks up the aisle, Ric Flair comes out and stands in front of Hart. The camera's zoom in close enough to hear Flair ask Hart again for a match, to which Bret just smiles a big cheesy smile and pats Ric on the back, before walking off. Bret obviously still isn't going to give Ric Flair a match.*

(78/79/77; ***; US Title gained image)

*As the show closes, Tenay and Rhodes hype up Nitro, telling us to tune in for all the great action, next Monday.*

Overall: 79

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Sunday, January 17th:

*Today is a good/bad day. It's a good day, because I'm not in the office. It's a bad day, because I'm still talking about work. I'm just doing my talking over the phone to my assistant, Sophie. We've just gotten through running over the line-up for tomorrow's Nitro*

Sophie: Sound's like a winner to me. Did Bischoff really agree to let Nash do that to him?

Me: I was able to persuade him.

Sophie: I see. I take it that means you carried through with what you told me you were going to say?

Me: You guessed it. He didn't really have much choice. He likes his job too much. Besides, Nash will be careful...

Sophie: I hope so, for my sake.

Me: For YOUR sake?

Sophie: Yeah. If something happens, and Bischoff sues, it's always the assistant who gets the ax first.

Me: *Laughing* Sophie, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Now let's talk figures. Sorry about missing our Thursday appointment. Just had an emergency.

Sophie: It's ok, I understand if your baby was sick.

Me: Yeah, poor thing, he we thought he broke one of his back paws. Fortunately, the vet said he'll be ok.

Sophie: The VET? Wait a minute. This baby...

Me: My dog, Sophie, my dog. Did you really think I had a baby and neglected to mention it before?

Sophie: So you missed our meeting...because of a DOG?

Me: Um, yeah. Are you ok with that?

Sophie: *Clearly a little perturbed* That's fine, whatever. I got the report from Thunder in, if you're not too busy to listen.

Me: *Stroking my dog's fur* Not at all. go ahead. How did we do in the approval ratings?

Sophie: The best yet. 79% approval. The fans really got into the entire show.

Me: Great. Maybe we can build on that momentum and carry over to Nitro.

Sophie: I hope so. Ratings wise, we're up from last week. 2.06. And once again, the network is happy.

Me: Good. I'm still a little concerned about Nitro, so it's reassuring to know that Thunder is holding strong.

Sophie: Yeah. Also, Kidman is wanting to move up some in the company. He feel's like he's become a solid mid-card "hand" now, so would like to maybe receive some mid-carder pay.

Me: Hmm... I agree with him. He's done a great job with this storyline with Eddie Guerrero. Tell him I'll give him that bump up in salary.

Sophie: Ok. By the way, I think we need to really start promoting Genesis more heavily.

Me: I think we're doing a good job at hyping the matches that will be taking place so far.

Sophie: I agree, but I think we need to start posting the "announced card" in more prominent locations. I think it'll only help to get people more interested in the PPV.

Me: You may be right. See what you can come up with.

Sophie: Right. Now, if you'll pardon me, I have to run.

Me: Sophie, you're not upset about the whole "dog thing", are you?


Me: Sophie? Hmm, must have lost the call. Oh well. Come here boy, fetch the ball!

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Monday, April 18th:


*As the show opens, we are shown the now customary video package of the events of the previous Nitro, closing with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash once again standing triumphant over a new victim, this time, the Man Called Sting*

*6009 people jump to their feet as the opening chords of "Theme from Monday Nitro" hit, while the pyro explodes. We head to ringside with our hosts, Mike Tenay and Dave Meltzer*

Mike Tenay: Good evening everyone, and welcome once again to WCW Monday Nitro! With me as always, my broadcast partner, the one and only Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer: Thanks Tenay. It's great to be back for Monday Nitro. Seems like a lot longer than a week that we've been away, doesn't it Tenay?

MT: It sure does Dave. A LOT longer than a week. But nevertheless, we have a great show tonight for all of you fans. We know that Scott Halla and World Champion Kevin Nash are in the building tonight, as well as the man they will face in just a few weeks At Genesis, GOLDBERG!

DM: You've got that right Tenay. And when those three men get together, who KNOWS what will happen.

MT: We also have a match tonight for the United States Title, as Bret "The Hitman" Hart takes on a man who's been on a bit of a losing streak as of late, Rick Steiner.

DM: That's gonna be a great match Tenay, no doubt. But I'm MORE interested in finding out if Bret Hart will have anything else to say to Ric Flair tonight.

MT: I wouldn't mind finding that out myself Dave. Also fans, Booker T defends the Television Title against Buff Bagwell, and Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko take on the "Dancing Fools" of Disco Inferno and Alex Wright.

DM: If I was Benoit and Malenko, I'd keep my eyes peeled for signs of The Triad here tonight.

MT: You're very right. But coming up first, we have some great cruiserweight action, as Rey Mysterio Jr. takes on Psicosis and Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a triple threat match here tonight. Should be a great match.

DM: No doubt Tenay. And you know that Rey and Chavo have had some problems with each other the past few weeks, so look for them to really lay into each other. If I was Psicosis, I'd just sit back and let them tear each other apart, then get the win when they're both out.

MT: We'll have to see if he follows your strategy tonight Dave. Fans, let's go to ringside.

**Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Psicosis vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.**

All three men make their way to the ring while playing to the crowd. Rey gets the largest reaction by far, and Chavo and Psicosis decide to take it out on him, double teaming him as the match begins. The two men take turns nailing Rey with chops and dropkicks, at one point throwing him to the outside, where Psicosis nails a big Tope that puts Rey down hard. When Psicosis tries to throw Rey back in the ring, Chavo breaks their "partnership" by nailing Psicosis in the back. The two men start to brawl, which gives Rey a chance to recover and go up top. He comes off the top with a big splash onto both men, putting all three of them down on the canvas. As each struggles to his feet, they all start trading blows, trying to get the advantage. Chavo tries to give Rey a big dropkick, but Rey moves and Chavo hit's Psicosis instead, putting him out of the ring. Rey takes advantage of Chavo's miss by going back up top and coming off with a hurricanrana takedown, which manages to put Chavo down for the 3 count!

*Rey celebrates in the ring, soaking in the cheers of the crowd as Psicosis and Chavo leave dejectedly*

(63/55/88; **)

MT: What a great way to open up Nitro. Rey Mysterio Jr. should certainly be moving up the cruiserweight ranks after that performance. Don't you agree Dave?

DM: I have to agree Tenay. That match right there is just another example of the kind of great WRESTLING action that you're only going to find here in WCW. Those three men are three of the top athletes in the world today, and they proved it out there tonight.

MT: Very true. Now next fans, we have...

**The Bisch is pissed**

*Tenay is interrupted by some familiar music. Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage to the cheers of the fans, but he doesn't look very happy. He holds his mic up to speak*

Eric Bischoff: Alright, it's time to cut the crap. Hall and Nash, I'm tired of the two of you running around here like you own things. Nash, you may be the heavyweight champion, and you may be one of the biggest athletes in the world today, but that does NOT give you the right to do whatever you damn well please. I run this show, NOT you. As for Scott Hall? The same thing goes for you. You two may be the so called "Outsiders" but on MY show, you're nothing but employee's. And when employee's act up, you have to discipline them. Now, last week, I made a match that would pit Goldberg against the two of you at Genesis. But you weren't content to just let it go and get ready for that match. No, you had to wait until after Scott Hall got his BUTT kicked by Sting to stage another of your "beatdowns". Well I'm sick of it. So tonight, for all of these fans in this arena, and all the fans watching at home, I'm going to give Sting a chance at some revenge. Because tonight, in that ring, Sting will take on KEVIN NASH, in a non-title match. And Scott Hall, let me say this to you. "HEY YO", if you interfere in the match, then you're suspended indefinitely. So Outsider's, get ready. Because tonight, it's going to be SHOWTIME, folks.

*Bischoff walks off the stage as the crowd buzzes about his announcement*


DM: Eric Bischoff once again proves why he makes the big money, as he makes a big money MATCH here tonight.

MT: You know Sting has wanted to get his hands on Nash and Hall all week. Tonight, he gets his chance against the world champion. Fans, we now takes you backstage for a word with the Tag Team Champions.

**Arn lay's it on the line**

*We cut backstage where Arn Anderson is standing with a mic in front of the Tag Team Champions, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko*

Arn Anderson: I'm gonna make this real simple. Tonight, these two men behind me defend these Tag Team Titles against two idiots who call themselves the "Dancing Fools". But they've got bigger fish to fry. Kanyon, DDP, at Genesis, you have these two men in a match for the Tag Team Titles. And no matter how many times you jump them from behind, no matter how many times you try a sneak attack on them, it won't matter. These are two of the best pure wrestlers the world has ever seen. And at Genesis, they're gonna prove it to you two boys, 2 on 2, in the middle of the ring. And I hope you two boys bring your best, cause you're gonna need it.

*Arn drops the mic and walks off with Benoit and Malenko close behind him*

(68% WTF?!?)

MT: More strong words from Arn Anderson there.

DM: Strong words indeed. I hope that DDP and Kanyon were watching, because that's what they have in their future. Personally, I can't wait for that match. It should be a classic tag team encounter.

MT: No doubt about that Dave. All four men are in their prime, and all four want to hold tag team gold. Next on the agenda fans, we're going to see a young man who has certainly made an impact in the short time he's been in WCW. He debuted a few weeks ago, and already holds a win over Buff Bagwell. That young man's name is Chris Daniels. And tonight, he takes on another veteran of the squared circle, in Curt Hennig. Should be a tough test for the youngster.

DM: Tenay, I want all of these people to pay attention to Chris Daniels in the ring tonight. Because what you're going to see, is the future of this sport. Daniels has all the tools necessary to become the next big superstar in WCW.

MT: Let's find out how he fares tonight, next!

**Curt Hennig vs. Chris Daniels**

Hennig enters the ring to the usual chorus of boo's, while Daniels is slowly starting to be more and more recognized by the WCW fans. The two men circle each other for a few minutes, before Hennig takes control with a thumb right to the eyes. Hennig controls the next few minutes of the match, keeping Daniels off guard with some stuff chops and boots to the midsection. Daniels fights back however, and puts Hennig down hard with a springboard dropkick. Daniels continues on the offensive, giving Hennig a chance to do what he does best, and sell his butt off for the newcomer. Daniels eventually tries for the double-underhook powerbomb that's been getting him some victories, but Hennig blocks it with a low blow. Hennig then tries to catch Daniels in the Fisherman's Suplex, but Daniels manages to block that move by shifting his momentum and bringing Hennig back down into a small package for a close 2 count. With his frustration rising Hennig goes down into his tights for something, and comes up with what looks to be a steel chain. He wraps it around his hand and nails Daniels in the head with it. Unfortunately for Hennig, he's not able to conceal the weapon in time. The referee sees the chain, and calls for the DQ, awarding the match to Daniels.

*As Daniels tries to rise from the mat, Hennig actually appears to be trying to help him, seeming to want to atone for his previous actions. However, this proves false, as when Daniels finally makes it to his feet, Hennig kicks him in the stomach and delivers a Fishermans Suplex that actually turns into more of a Fisherman Buster, landing Daniels right on his head. Satisfied, Hennig leaves to more boos from the crowd*

(63/62/81; **; Chris Daniels gained overness)

MT: Once again, a great performance by Chris Daniels, who is now undefeated in WCW action.

DM: I don't know Tenay, if Daniels is the winner, being the loser might be so bad right now. Hennig knocked Daniels OUT with that last move.

MT: That's very true, but I think Chris Daniels is proving to a lot of people, both the fans AND some of the other wrestlers backstage that he definitely belongs here in WCW.

DM: No doubt Tenay, no doubt. Now fans, what we have next is some footage that was caught by one of our cameras at an autograph session earlier in the day. Let's take a look.

**Whoooooo...Does Bret Hart think he is?**

*We go to footage shot earlier, as Ric Flair is sitting at a table signing autographs for some fans. After signing a small child's autograph, we see a rather larger hand throw down a piece of paper. The camera pans up to reveal none other than Bret Hart*

Bret Hart: Surprised, Ric? Aww come on, sign the paper. It's not often I get to meet someone as famous as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. You know Flair, it's great that you're out here today, signing all these autographs. No, it really is. Because, the way I see it, before too much longer, you're not gonna be able to sit up long enough to even write your name. So go ahead Ric, sign while you can. Hey, maybe one day this would be worth something. I hear they're always looking for toilet paper to recycle.

*Hart crumples up the paper and throws it in Ric Flair's face, who has done nothing but sit in his chair the whole time Hart was speaking. As Bret Hart walks away, Flair glares at his back, seething with the words Hart has said*


MT: How disgraceful for Ric Flair to have to listen to those comments from Bret Hart. Bret of ALL people should have a respect for the true legends of this business. It makes me sick to see the way he's treating Ric Flair.

DM: Tenay, in this case, you're absolutely right. I think Bret Hart should have agreed to Ric Flair's challenge, so that then they could settle this like men, in the ring. As it stands now, all Flair can do is listen to what Bret Hart says.

MT: Well I for one hope that someday soon Ric Flair has the chance to step into the ring with Bret Hart and show Bret why he DESERVES respect.

DM: Maybe we'll get to see that Tenay, who knows? I DO know however, that coming up next, Booker T defends his Television Title against a man who apparently wasn't very happy about losing to young Chris Daniels last week, Buff Bagwell. He told me earlier that all the frustration he felt last week, he'll take out on Booker T THIS week.

MT: We'll see if he can do just that, NEXT!

**Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell; Television Title match**

Buff comes down to ringside with a surly look on his face, ignoring the crowds taunts. Booker enters to a big pop, and the match gets underway. The two men exchange some basic wrestling holds and counters for the first few minutes, but Booker soon takes the advantage with some big kicks and power moves. He takes Buff down with a big powerslam and follows up with a flapjack that almost earns him a victory. Buff is able to kick out however, and grabs Booker's tights to throw him into the corner. Buff works Booker over in the corner, but pauses between each shot to play to the crowd. This proves to be his undoing, as Booker manages to reverse a whip into the opposite corner and catch Buff with a big clothesline. With Buff down, Booker ascends to the top turnbuckle, and comes off with a big Missile Dropkick to put Buff down for the 1-2-3!

*Before Booker even has a chance to grab his belt, Chris Jericho emerges from the crowd. He grabs the belt himself, and blindsides Booker with it inside the ring. Jericho nails Booker again and again with the title belt, leaving Booker a bloody mess in the center of the ring. Jericho stands over Booker, holding the belt aloft, screaming "I'm the champion! I'm the champion!" Referee's and other officials finally manage to pry the belt out of Jericho's hands and get him out of the ring before he can do more damage*

(**3/4; TV Title gained image)

MT: What a sickening beating Booker T took from Chris Jericho there. Jericho obviously is still upset over losing that match for the Television Title against Booker T, but did he really need to take it out on Booker THIS way?

DM: Evidently Jericho thought so Tenay. Jericho was sending another message to Booker T tonight. And that message was this: I haven't given up. Jericho is still determined to get that Television Title around his waist.

MT: If he continues with those kinds of attacks, the only title he may have will be "Unemployed". We already saw how Eric Bischoff responds to those kinds of actions. Wait a minute fans, I'm getting word in my headset that something is going on backstage. Let's see if we can find out what...

**He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...**

As we quickly cut backstage, we see Eric Bishcoff's office. However, something is definitely wrong. As the camera pans across the room, we see what: Kevin Nash is standing over Bischoff with a chair in hand, and it's obvious that he has just used it on Bischoff. He slowly smiles down at Bischoff and says loud enough for the camera to hear "You ready to earn some frequent flier miles, Eric?" He then grabs Bischoff and starts to drag him through the door, into the backstage area. He continues to drag Bischoff out onto the stage, where the audience can see what's going on . Nash drags Bischoff over to the side of the stage, and again gives that same slow smile. He positions Bischoff's head and body in the right position, raises one arm, and then proceeds to powerbomb Eric Bischoff off the stage and through a table down on the floor! After staring down at the carnage for a moment, Nash again raises his hand, before leaving to a huge chorus of boos from he audience.


MT: What the hell? What was Kevin Nash thinking?

DM: Careful Tenay, watch the language...

MT: Watch the language? Kevin Nash just powerbombed Eric Bischoff about 8 feet off a stage through a table, and you want me to watch my language?

DM: Well, just try to calm down. They've got medical personnel up there right now, and at least Eric appears to be able to move some. Hopefully nothing TOO serious has happened to him. But what a sight that was, seeing Eric fly through the air like that.

MT: I'm sorry for my initial reaction fans, but that was truly one of the most shocking thing's I've ever seen. And coming right after Chris Jericho's attack on Booker T...Well, let's just say that tonight is DEFINITELY a wild night on Nitro.

DM: That's an understatement Tenay. Well fans, as hard as it is to move on after something like that, we do have another match on the way. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defends their Tag Team Titles against Alex Wright and Disco Inferno, next...

**Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. The Dancing Fools**

The crowd seems stunned after what they just witnessed, but manage to focus somewhat on the next match. The Fools don't receive much reaction at all, but Benoit and Malenko are certainly crowd favorites. As with most of their matches recently, Benoit and Malenko are dominant through the entire match, using quick tags and fast double teams to keep Wright and Disco from ever getting on track. The end comes when Malenko locks in the Texas Cloverleaf on Wright, as Benoit knocks Disco out of the ring to prevent him from breaking up the hold. Left on his own, Alex Wright has no choice but to tap out.

*Benoit and Malenko quickly grab their belts and head for the back, leaving their opponents arguing in the ring*

(68/67/86; **1/2; Tag Team Title's gained image)

**The Triad strikes**

*The camera follows Benoit and Malenko backstage, overhearing Malenko tell Benoit that he needs to go call his wife, then he'll meet him in the dressing room. Benoit rounds a corner, only to run into Triad member Bam Bam Bigelow.*

BBB: Hey, Benoit, where's your little buddy? Huh? You ain't so tough when you're by yourself, are ya? Huh punk? You want a piece of me? Come on and get it then...

*As Benoit goes to do just that, Kanyon and DDP jump Benoit from behind a stack of boxes, taking him down and keeping him down as they proceed to pummel him into the floor. Their dirty work done, the three leave before anyone can rescue the fallen Benoit*

(64% SIGH)

MT: And there we go again, yet another sneak attack on a night that's been FULL of sneak attacks. The Triad really is trying to take Benoit and Malenko out before Genesis, aren't they?

DM: It only makes sense Tenay. The weaker Benoit and Malenko are at Genesis, the better chance DDP and Kanyon have to win those tag team titles. It's pretty sound strategy, if you ask me.

MT: Sound strategy or not, it's not going to make Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit happy. Fans, we have two more matches coming up tonight. One is of course the big match between Kevin Nash and Sting. And let me say, I hope that Sting watched what Nash did to Eric Bischoff, and I hope that he does the same thing to Kevin Nash.

DM: Whoa whoa whoa, try to be objective about this thing Tenay. That match is of course the main event. But before that, Bret Hart is going to defend his US Title against Rick Steiner. Now, personally, I have to put my money on Bret Hart. Not ONLY is he the "Excellence of Execution", but Rick Steiner hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire with his matches here lately.

MT: He has been on quite the losing streak. I wonder if maybe that's why Bret Hart agreed to a match with him, thinking that he'll be easy pickings.

DM: As intelligent as Bret Hart is, it wouldn't surprise me. Let's go to the ring for that match.

**Bret Hart vs. Rick Steiner; US Title match**

Although Steiner may not have had many wins lately, the crowd still pops big time for him, as he will be facing a man they have come to despise in Bret Hart. The opening minutes of the match are actually controlled by Steiner, as he uses his power to keep Hart off balance. When he tried for the tope rope Steiner-Dog however, Bret is able to fall into the ropes, crotching Steiner on the top turnbuckle. This is enough to give Hart the advantage, and he proceeds to go to work on Rick Steiner's leg, setting him up for the Sharpshooter. He actually manages to lock it in, but Steiner is too close to the ropes and Hart has to break the hold. As the ref checks to make sure Steiner can continue, Bret can be seen duplicating Curt Hennig's actions from earlier, as he reaches into his tights and pulls out what appears to be brass knuckles. He manages to hide them better than Hennig did, and nails Rick Steiner right between the eyes. With Steiner out, Bret locks on the Sharpshooter again. The referee raises Steiner's hands 3 times, and three times the hand drops, giving Bret Hart the win.

*After the match, Hart looks as though he's going to continue assaulting Rick Steiner. But a massive reaction from the crowd let's him know that Ric Flair is sprinting to the ring. Hart quickly vacates the ring, grabbing his belt and hightailing it back up the aisle, as Flair stands in the ring, daring him to come back and fight*

(70/79/77; **1/2; US Title gained image)

MT: It appears as if Bret Hart doesn't really want to find out of Ric Flair can take him or not. He sure left the ring in a hurry when Ric came down that aisle.

DM: I don't know Tenay. I don't think Bret is scared of Ric Flair, I think he just knows that the more he can play mind games with Flair, the more unstable Flair will be. That only serves to help Bret Hart in the long run. Of course, I still can't agree with the way Bret is going about doing this.

MT: Glad to see you still have some morals left Dave. Fans, what we have for you next is a match that I personally can't wait to see. Kevin Nash will be in the ring with Sting, and Scott Hall cannot interfere.

DM: Of course, with Eric Bischoff in the shape he's in right now, he might not even KNOW if Scott Hall interfered or not.

MT: Still, it's good to know that finally Kevin Nash will have to win one on his own.

**Kevin Nash vs. Sting**

As Michael Buffer makes the introductions, the fans come alive in anticipation of what they are about to see. Sting gets a huge pop from the crowd, while Nash is almost booed out of the building. The two men don't waste time locking up, instead going straight to heavy brawling in the middle of the ring. Sting gets the advantage and whips Nash into the ropes, taking him down with a big clothesline. Sting looks to finish the match quickly by throwing Nash into the turnbuckle, but he misses a Stinger Splash when Nash moves out of the way. Nash controls for the next few minutes with his methodical offense, using his size advantage to keep Sting off his feet. He manages to muscle Sting up into position for a Jacknife Powerbomb, but Sting punches his way back down to the ground. Nash can't seem to fight off Sting for the next few minutes, as Sting gains momentum and support from the crowd. He nails Nash with several power moves, including a big powerslam that shakes the ring. With Nash in positions for the Scorpion Deathlock, it appears as if Sting will get the victory. However, when Sting goes to apply the Deathlock, Nash kicks straight up into Sting's crotch, putting him down on the canvas. Nash rises to his feet, and uses the advantage gained from the low-blow to pick Sting up and deliver a Jackknife Powerbomb. He covers Sting for the 3 count and the victory.

*Nash doesn't want to celebrate his win, but apparently wants to give Sting a dose of the same medicine he gave Bischoff. He drags Sting out of the ring and down the aisle to the stage. He puts him in position for another Jackknife Powerbomb, this one on the other side of the stage from where Bischoff took flight. Before Nash can complete the move however, a loud roar goes up from the crowd. Nash turns to look behind him, only to be met by a huge spear from none other than GOLDBERG! Nash is almost torn in half by the impact, and immediately crumples to the ground. The fans go crazy as Goldberg looks down at Nash laying on the ground in pain.*

(72/86/68; **3/4; Sting lost overness)

MT: Finally, some revenge is taken on Kevin Nash! Goldberg with a huge spear to take Nash out, right as he was about to do the unthinkable again! What will happen between these two men next week? What will happen when Eric Bischoff confronts Kevin Nash? Fans, tune in next week to find out!

*The last shot of the evening is Goldberg standing on the stage, helping to support Sting, as Nash continues to groan in pain on the floor*

Overall: 72

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I won't pretend to have ever read very much of this originally, although I do remember it and the first two shows well enough. I have to wonder why I stopped reading though, as I find this to be quite enjoyable. You have the characters down pretty well, some obviously better than others, but overall you have found the right voice for all involved.

I think my one "complaint" is that I am most curious as to just whom you released. While I can guess who some were, I am wondering if you maybe fired over half your roster. You seem to be using the same 20 people over and over, and for a company that probably had well over 80 people on the active roster alone, this is quite strange. I know that you wanted to do away with the crap enhancement talent, but do keep in mind that WCW was still a bit Old School even in '99 in that they did have the enhancement talent on board for the sole reason of making the "stars" look really good. And if you released Norton, Lodi, Lenny Lane, or Glacier I will hunt you down and...well, do nothing really. I just like those four losers.

Correction, two complaints. Putting a Turner owned show on a Rupert owned station??? That, my friend, is unrealistic to the Nth Degree. Here's hoping that Fox rejects you, just for realism sake.

Good job and looking forward to seeing where the remainder of the reposts head to and whats in store for the new stuff.

Edited by thegodcomplex
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Well TGC, thanks for the comments. I don't know why you would stop reading either. :P

All seriousness though, I do appreciate the feedback. I don't THINK I released any of the ones you mentioned (I'm still reworking the scenario for 4.0 to make sure it matches what I had before). As far as your' "complaint" well, that's something that conniption mentioned when he reviewed it also. And to be honest, it's something I struggle with. You'll see in the repost that I DO tend to feature a core group of guys frequently. I was just trying to get myself out of that, and had done so a little bit, when I had to wipe my computer. But stick with it and after the repost is done things will improve in that area. :thumbsup: And as far as Fox goes, wel, I deal with that later, so it's kind of a ~spoiler!~

Anyway, thanks again for the comments, and I hope you DO continue to read. I had fun doing this, and can't wait to continue it.

And since I'm here already...

Tuesday January 19th:

*I can tell that Sophie is still pissed at me. I can tell this for one very simple reason. It's the day after Nitro, and she's not in my office giving me the usual rundown of the numbers from last night. Instead, I had this waiting on my office. It's a letter. A letter? Man, I didn't realize she would get THAT upset over a dog. I read...*

Letter: Approval rating 72%. Tv rating 5.21. Network unhappy. Turner not happy that network not happy. Hope you don't screw this up for both of us. 6009 people at Nitro. Reviewed proposed card or Genesis. Eh, it'll do. If you need me, I'm out of the office. I'll be back sometime this week. Sophie.

Me: Damn. She really IS mad. I'd better call and apologize again.

*I try to place the call to her home, but get nothing but a busy signal. I try her cell phone, and get the same response. Oh well. I guess she just has to work things our herself. Meanwhile, I'd better get to work on Thunder. We need a good show to keep the big boss happy. Sure would be easier if Sophie was here for me to bounce some idea's off. Oh well...*

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Thursday, January 21st:


*As the music for Thunder blares through the arena, 6,043 people express their excitement for another edition of WCW Thunder by raising their voices in a huge pop*

*We join our hosts, Mike Tenay and "The Bull of tha Woods, if ya weeeeelll" Dusty Rhodes. They briefly discuss the events of last weeks Thunder before throwing it to ringside for our first match.*

**Hardcore Hak vs. Bam Bam Bigelow**

The announcers discuss how Hak hasn't been seen in the ring for several weeks. They go over some of the history of the two men as the match begins. The match is a total brawl from the beginning, with lot's of outside the ring action. In the end, Bigelow gets the victory when Kanyon sneaks down to ringside and grabs Hak's foot, allowing Bam Bam to catch him with Greetings From Asbury Park.

*Before Bam Bam and Kanyon can do more damage, Dean Malenko comes running down to ringside, clearing both men out of the ring*

(72/68/77; **3/4; Hak debuted his new gimmick(Fun Drunk) and it got a positive response)

Tenay and Rhodes discuss how later tonight Malenko will take on Kanyon in one on one action. The then throw it backstage for an interview with young Chris Daniels.

**Daniels Speaks**

Backstage, Chris Daniels gives an interview discussing his short WCW career, and what a thrill it gives him to be in the ring with the top wrestlers in the world. He goes on to say that he'll continue to do his best to entertain the fans and move up the ranks.

(65%; Chris Daniels gained overness)

The announcers reveal that coming up next, Daniels will be taking on the Disco Inferno in a singles contest.

**Chris Daniels vs. Disco Inferno**

This is a back and forth match, with neither man able to keep an advantage. Finally, Daniels catches Disco with a boot to the stomach and hits him with his Double Underhook Powerbomb to pick up another win.

*As Daniels tries to celebrate, Buff Bagwell runs down to the ring and viciously attacks Daniels, nailing him with a big Buff Blockbuster that puts Daniels down in the ring*

(71/58/85; **1/2; Disco Inferno lost overness; Chris Daniels gained overness)

**Buff issues a challenge**

Buff grabs a mic and talks about how ever since Daniels "got lucky" and beat him, he's had nothing but trouble.He issues a challenge to Daniels for Genesis to prove who's the better man. Daniels is barely conscious, but manages to nod yes, so Buff delivers another kick and walks off.

(72%; Daniels gained overness)

Tenay talks about what a great match that is sure to be at Genesis, and wonders if Daniels knows what he's up against. Dusty agrees with him, but switches subjects and tells us about the next matchup, a 4-way cruiserweight spectacular.

**Juventud Guerrera vs. Lash Leroux vs. Psicosis vs. Yoshohiro Tajiri**

This match, as would be expected, is all action from the opening bell. Tons of high flying spectacular moves happen all over the ring as each man puts his body on the line to try to move up in the cruiserweight ranks. In the end, Juvi manages to catch young Tajiri with a Juvi Driver while the other two are outside the ring, and pin him for the win in this 4 corners match.

(69/54/84; **1/2)

After putting over the great action in the previous match, Tenay throws up to a clip of Goldberg and Kevin Nash's shared history.

**Goldberg vs Kevin Nash in video form**

A video package shows all the highlights from the past few months of Goldberg and Kevin Nash, closing with a shot of the two men nose to nose.


After some more discussion about Kevin Nash and Scott Hall's actions against Goldberg and others, it's time for Kanyon against Dean Malenko.

**Dean Malenko vs. Kanyon**

The two men tear into each other right away, exchanging holds and counterholds along with more heavy doses brawling. Malenko is able to eventually take control and lock in the Texas Cloverleaf, leaving Kanyon no choice but to tap out.

*Malenko leaves the ring after his victory, while Kanyon does nothing but pout and kick the ropes, obviously upset with himself for failing to secure a victory.*

(79/70/88; ***)

Tenay and Dusty remind everyone of the big Tag Team Title match at Genesis between The Triad and Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko. They announce that the final match of the evening will feature Booker T defending his TV Title against a man on a run of bad luck, Rick Steiner.

**Booker T vs. Rick Steiner; Television Title match**

Like the opening match of the evening, this match is basically a brawl from the get-go, with both men going at it toe to toe to the fans delight. The end comes when Chris Jericho jumps out from the crowd and attacks Booker T, causing Rick Steiner to be disqualified.

*Rick Steiner, frustrated and upset at losing another match, takes out his frustrations on the man who cost him the chance, Chris Jericho.*

(74/69/79; **3/4; Television Title gained in image)

The last shot of the evening is Rick Steiner taking it to Jericho in the middle of the ring, beating him down to the delight of the crowd.

Overall: 73

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Friday, January 22nd:

*I'm sitting in my office, and I'm not happy. I'm not happy because I don't have the information I need. I need the results of the audience approval ratings for Thunder last night, as well as the ratings. I need someone to bring me these things. I need my assistant, Sophie*

Me: *Massaging my temples* Why was I stupid enough to tell her that I was taking care of my DOG instead of meeting with her? I could have lied and told her ANYTHING...

*Suddenly, there is a knock at my door. I jump up, thinking that it may be Sophie...*

Me: Come in!

*The door slowly opens. It's...not Sophie, that's for damn sure. But it IS female. Blond female. LEGGY blond female. Leggy blond female with huge...tracts of land...(Don't worry if you don't get that one)*

Hot Female: Hi, I'm Mindy, Sophie's cousin. She asked me to stop in and make sure everything is going OK while she's on her little vacation.

Me: Oh, um, sure. Nice to meet you Mindy. Please, come in. Have a seat. Have any seat you want.

Mindy: Oh that's O.K., I can't stay long. Sophie just wanted me to drop this paper off and ask you how things are going?

Me: *As I catch myself staring at her huge...tracts of land...*What? Oh, things, well, things are fine. As a matter of fact, things are definitely looking UP right about now.

Mindy: That's great. I'll take the good news back to Sophie. She said to tell you she's not sure when she'll be back. She also said something about, ask you about you dog's fleas? Not sure exactly what she meant...

Me: HAHAHA, that's just a little joke we have. Nothing to be concerned about.

Mindy: Whatever you say. Listen, I have a date, so I need to run.

Me:*Crestfallen* A date?

Mindy: Yeah, with one of my girlfriends. I like to go out and have a good time, so we're planning on hanging out at the club tonight.

Me: Really? Well, what do you know, I was planning on going to the club myself tonight.

Mindy: Really? I thought Sophie said you were married...

Me: She did? Damn. I mean, damn RIGHT I'm married. Happily married too. Listen Mindy, thanks for bringing this by. Have fun tonight. Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

Mindy: I hope so. You're kinda cute, even if you ARE married. If you change your mind, here's where I'm gonna be tonight.

*She writes the name of a club, along with a phone # on the stat sheet for Thunder*

Mindy: That's my cell phone. Call me sometime. Bye!

Me: Buh bye.

*She exits the room, leaving a trail of lilac scent behind her. I sit at my desk, with my legs actually shaking from being that close to her huge...tracts of land*

Me: OK, gotta focus. Let's see, 73% approval rating for Thunder, good, good. 6043 people in attendance, great, great. Mindy's legs, hot, hot. Wait, wait wait. Focus, focus. 1.87 rating for Thunder? What happened THERE? At least the network is still happy with us. MAN I wish Sophie was here so I could go over the plans for Nitro. I think it's gonna be great. Maybe Mindy has some idea's on wrestling...

*I look down at the cell phone number she left, debating whether I should call or not. To call, or not to call. I sit there, in doubt, wondering what to do...*

*OK, OK, so I call. But just to find out if Sophie left a number where she can be reached. I've GOT to get her back in the office. Genesis needs to be a solid show, and I need her help.*

Me: Hello, Mindy? Yeah, I missed talking to you already, too...:rolleyes:

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WCW.com, in conjunction with WCW: The Magazine, has released the following preview for tomorrow's Monday Nitro:

The countdown to Genesis continues!

- Kidman defends his Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mysterio, Jr.!-

- Chris Benoit takes on Diamond Dallas Page!-

- Kevin Nash and Scott Hall face Sting in a special "PPV warm-up" handicap match-


-Eric Bischoff speaks on Kevin Nash and his actions from last week's edition of Nitro!-

All this plus much more, only on Monday Nitro!

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Monday, January 25th:


*A huge BOOM is heard as the pyrotechnics explode and 6028 erupt in cheers, as we begin another edition of Monday Nitro!*

*Instead of the usual cut to the announcer's booth, we instead head straight to the ring for our first match...*

**Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.; Cruiserweight Title match**

Both men enter the ring and go right to work on each other. They exchange move after move, with neither man able to maintain a clear advantage. Finally, Mysterio takes control when he manages to knock Kidman out of the ring with a dropkick, then follows up with a huge pescado. Throwing Kidman back in the ring, Rey follows up with a springboard into a hurricanrana that almost gives him the victory. Kidman manages to kick out however, and is able to take control back when he dropkicks Rey in the stomach on a splash attempt. Both men are down in the ring when suddenly the crowds attention is distracted by a figure running down to ringside. It's none other than Eddie Guerrero, who jumps into the ring and attacks both men, focusing especially on Kidman. With the match broken up by the interference, the referee has no choice but to call for a double disqualification.

*After the end of the match, Eddie continues his assault on both men, beating them down with punches and stomps. AS they both lay on the mat writhing in pain, Eddie, leaves the ring and grabs a mic.*

(69/49/90; **1/2; Cruiserweight Title gained image)

**Eddie advises on a match**

Eddie Guerrero: What do you think about me now, Mr. Cruiserweight champion? Not so good now, laying on your back, huh? I got CHEATED man, cheated out of MY title. Well this Sunday, I'm not gonna get CHEATED anymore. Cause this Sunday, I'm gonna HAVE my Cruiserweight title shot. Only thing is, I wasn't able to convince Eric Bischoff to give me a one on one shot. You see, he seemed to think that the FANS wanted to see a 3 way match. That's right, you two losers and me, in the ring, for the title. I'll see you boys at Genesis, essa.

*Eddie adds another kick to each man and throws the mic down, leaving to the boos of the crowd*

(83%; Eddie Guerrero gained overness)

*We now cut to our announcers, Mike Tenay and Dave Meltzer*

Mike Tenay: What a way to open Monday Nitro, fans! Good evening everybody, I'm Mike Tenay, with me is my broadcast partner Dave Meltzer. It appears we have another match to add to the card at Genesis, Dave.

Dave Meltzer: You're right Tenay. A three way match for the Cruiserweight title. Eddie Guerrero must have taken advantage of Eric Bischoff's rattled condition to get him to sign that match.

MT: But apparently, Bischoff wanted to make sure that Rey Mysterio got his fair chance too. That should be a great match for the Cruiserweight title at Genesis.

DM: No doubt, Tenay, no doubt. But if I was Billy Kidman, I wouldn't get too attached to that title. Eddie Guerrero is going to be looking to take Kidman out, and do it quickly.

MT: Fans, that's just one more reason to order Genesis this Sunday. Coming up in a moment, we're going to see two of the men involved in the Tag Team Title match at Genesis, as Chris Benoit takes on Diamond Dallas Page. Now these two men have a long history between them.

DM: they certainly do Tenay. This won't be the first time they've hooked up in the ring. And I'll tell you something. Every time they DO face each other, they put on a great match. You'll want to stay tuned for that match in just a few minutes.

MT: As a matter of fact, that match is coming up now...

**Face to face to face to face**

*Tenay is interrupted as we cut backstage where a confrontation is taking place between... well, the men Tenay and Meltzer were just talking about. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are walking backstage, when around the corner come DDP and Chris Kanyon*

DDP: Well well well, if it isn't the toothless wonder himself, Chris Benoit.

Kanyon: Yeah, and his sidekick, "The man of 1 facial expression".

DDP: I hope you two boys have been keeping those belts shined up real nice. Cause at Genesis, they're coming to The Triad. And I DON'T like to have my accessories tarnished.

Kanyon: Yeah, no tarnish.

DDP: Whatever. You two guy's just get ready. And hey, Benoit, I'm gonna give you a little sample of what to expect tonight. Get ready, cause just like at Genesis, tonight you're gonna FEEL...THE...BANG!!!

*Throughout the whole "conversation", Benoit and Malenko have been standing, staring at The Triad. After DDP finishes talking, Benoit and Malenko just tap their belts, and walk away, leaving DDP and Kanyon staring after them*

(64% )

DM: Well, Benoit and Malenko sure are a talkative pair, aren't they. I think their silence is only serving to make DDP and Kanyon more upset.

MT: You may be right Dave. But whatever the reason, Chris Benoit will get a chance to prove himself with actions, not words, coming up right NOW!

**Chris Benoit vs. DDP**

Benoit makes his way to ringside to a large pop from the crowd. DDP follows soon after, looking pissed and paying no attention to the fans whatsoever. The two men go face to face in the middle of the ring, each staring the other down. The stare is broken when DDP attempts a punch on Benoit, who blocks it and starts to chop DDP's chest. After only a few, DDP's chest is bright red from the force of the chops. Benoit continues on the assault, taking DDP down with a variety of suplexes and other high impact moves. DDP manages to slow Benoit down some with a poke to the eyes, but Benoit doesn't let DDP gain full control. After a few minutes of back and forth action, Benoit looks to have finally wrapped the match up as he goes up top and nails DDP with a Diving Headbutt. However, the force of the impact knocks Benoit momentarily out, which is just enough time for DDP to recover. He motions to the entrance, and Kanyon comes out, holding a chair in his hand. As Benoit makes it to his feet, he catches DDP from behind with a big German Suplex, which takes DDP out again. By this point, Kanyon has made it to ringside, and distracts Benoit when he tries to hit him with the chair. Benoit ducks, and nails Kanyon with a back elbow that knocks him off the apron and down onto the floor. Benoit turns around, only to be met with a Diamond Cutter from a recovered DDP, who then pins him for the (tainted) victory.

*As DDP and Kanyon go to attack Benoit further, Dean Malenko finally makes it to ringside to save his partner. DDP and Kanyon bail out of the ring, but continue to taunt Malenko as the head back up the aisle*

(82/78/86; ***1/4)

MT: What a great match that was Dave, spoiled slightly by the ending. It seems as if DDP wasn't confident in his ability to win the match on his own.

DM: I disagree. I think DDP and Kanyon are doing one thing: sending a message. They're letting Benoit and Malenko know that at Genesis, they're in for the fight of their lives.

MT: Certainly is one thing to look forward to at Genesis. That should be a classic match for the Tag Team titles. Now fans, coming up next, we have a special interview with a young man who's making a big impression on everyone here in WCW. As a matter of fact, he has a match at the upcoming PPV with Buff Bagwell. Let's go backstage for an interview with young Chris Daniels.

**Daniels explains it all**

*We go to the back, where Chris Daniels is holding a mic. He looks directly into the camera, and speaks.*

Chris Daniels: You know, I came to WCW for one reason, and ONLY one reason. And that was to be able to step into the ring with the best talent the world has to offer. And I've gotten the chance to do just that. And I have to say, it's been a thrill so far. I've gone up against some of the most famous wrestlers in the world, and I've loved every minute of it. Except one. And that was when Buff Bagwell decided to attack me on Thunder this past week. Now Buff, I know you were upset about not winning in our match we had. I know that you probably didn't like the fact that I was even in the ring with you. But Buff Bagwell, I want you to realize something. At Genesis, I'm going to get my chance to prove to a Pay-Per-View audience that I'm not just a flash in the pan. I'm going to get the chance to prove to everyone watching that I truly have what it takes to be a WCW superstar. And Buff, I want you to know, I have no hard feelings for what you did. I'm just glad that I get one more chance to step into the ring with you, and beat you again. I'll see you in the ring, on Sunday.

*Daniels hands the mic to someone off-screen, then walks off camera*

(74%; Chris Daniels gained overness)

DM: Well, Chris Daniels certainly said a lot in a short amount of time, didn't he? Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing that match at Genesis. Daniels is going to have to have his A-game if he wants to beat Buff Bagwell again, Tenay. But if anyone can do it, this kid can. I mean, after all, he IS undefeated in WCW action.

MT: I agree Dave. Buff Bagwell was, well, he was embarrassed at his loss to Chris Daniels in their last encounter. I talked to Buff earlier this evening. He said, and I quote, "There's no way that punk kid is gonna get lucky enough to beat me again." I guess we'll find out this Sunday.

**WHOOOOOOOOOO...will Flair face?**

*Before Tenay can even make a segueway, the opening from "Also Sprach Zarathustra" fills the arena, as the fans rise to their feet in anticipation of hearing from none other than "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. He enters the arena to deafening WHOOOOO's, and makes his way to ringside. Not surprisingly, he has a mic.*

Ric Flair: I'm not gonna waste a lot of time out here tonight. What I'd like, is for the man who calls himself "The Hitman" Bret Hart, to come out here, right NOW. WHOOOOOOO!

*Flair doesn't have long to wait, as Bret Hart's music soon starts to play. He saunters onto the stage to massive boo's from the audience. He too has a mic*

Bret Hart: Alright, Ric, I'm out here. You got something to say to me? Do you wanna apologize for your actions?

Ric Flair: ME? Apologize for MY actions? Listen punk, what you're looking at right here, is a man who's been through it all. I've been world champion more times that even I can count. And they way you've acted towards me, makes me sick. You've SPIT on me and my career. And when you spit on me, you spit on all the wrestlers who came before me. The Funks, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat...

Bret Hart: Yeah yeah yeah, spare me the whole list, OK? Listen Ric, I've been thinking it over. And maybe you're right. Maybe you DO have al little gas left in that beat up old tank of yours. Maybe you DO deserve a little bit more respect than I thought. But you see Ric, where I come from, you have to PROVE that you deserve respect. And you have never, NEVER proven anything to ME. So here's my offer. I'll give you a chance to prove yourself to me. This Sunday, at the Genesis PPV, I'm going to let you have a match...

Ric Flair: Bring it on, punk! I'll tear you apart! WHOOOOO!

Bret Hart: Not so fast there, Ric. You see, I STILL don't think you deserve a chance to get in the ring with ME. But I WILL let you step into the ring with my hand-picked opponent for you.

Ric Flair: Who's it gonna be? I'll wrestle anybody. Who's it gonna be? Bring 'em out!

Bret Hart: Whoa whoa, getting a little bit ahead of yourself there Ric. If you wanna know who your mystery opponent is, then I guess you're just gonna have to show up at Genesis. If you've still got anything that works left between your legs.

Ric Flair: Bret Hart! I'll be at Genesis. And whoever my opponent is I want you to be at ringside. So that when I break their leg, and make them cry, you can look in my eyes. And when you do that, when you do that, THEN maybe you'll understand what I mean when I say "To be the man, WHOOO, you've got to BEAT the man." Cause Bret Hart, until YOU can prove otherwise, Ric Flair, is STILL THE MAN. WHOOOOOOOOOO!

*Flair continues WHOOOOing in the ring as Bret slowly walks offstage with a smirk on his face*


DM: What's Ric Flair thinking? There's no telling WHO Bret Hart has lined up as the mystery opponent.

MT: I think Ric Flair is thinking of only one thing. And that's proving to Bret Hart that he still has what it takes to be a force in the ring.

DM: Well, if he's not careful, trying to prove himself may cost Ric Flair what little career he has left. Bret Hart is an extremely intelligent man. Whoever he has picked as Ric Flair's opponent is SURE to be someone who can get the job done.

MT: No doubt about that at all Dave. But now fans, let's turn our attention back to ringside. In this next match, we have man who has really been getting a lot of attention in WCW lately. That man, is Chris Jericho. His constant attacks on Booker T have really served to divert attention from the fact that Jericho is a world class athlete. Tonight, he faces a man who hasn't been seen much lately in WCW in Hardcore Hak.

DM: This match will be a clash in styles Tenay. Jericho favors the Japanese junior style, while Hak prefers to just plain fight. Should be interesting to say the least. Let's go to ringside now...

**Chris Jericho vs. Hardcore Hak**

Hak enters to a mild reaction from the crowd, while Jericho is almost booed off of the stage. The match begins with Jericho using his speed to almost dance around Hak, slapping his face repeatedly. Hak finally tires of the games Jericho is playing and nails him with a big right hand. Hak continues using his brawling skills to keep Jericho down, but Jericho rallies back with a springboard dropkick that nails Hak in the chest. After a few more minutes of Jericho domination, he puts Hak away with a Lionsault, pinning him for the 3 count.

*After the match is over, Jericho goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He rolls back in the ring and proceeds to blast Hak in the back and side of the head repeatedly with the chair, bloodying him in the process. Jericho looks to be trying to seriously injure Hak, when suddenly...*

(81/75/87; ***1/4)


*...Booker T comes running down to ringside! Jericho clears out of the ring and runs halfway back up the aisle. Booker grabs a mic*

Booker T: Jericho, why you runnin' man? Come on man, you got a chair, come use it. No wait, I got a better idea. See, since you like using chairs and things like that, why don't I give you a real good chance to use a chair on me. How 'bout, this Sunday, at Genesis, you and me go one on one for my Television Title, in a HARDCORE match, anything goes. How bout that, huh?

*Jericho is seen nodding his head and yelling "FINE, FINE!" back at Booker T*

Booker T: Good, I'm real glad you agree. Cause this Sunday, at Genesis, it's gonna give me a real good feeling to knock you on your ass with a steel chair, then put you down through a table. And I promise, after I pin you, the only chair you'll need, is a ROCKING chair, SUCKA!

*Jericho continues to mouth threats at Booker T as he backs up the ramp*

(94% ; Chris Jericho gained overness; Booker T gained overness )

MT: Wow,what a huge announcement! It looks like Genesis is shaping up to be a great PPV Dave.

DM: Tenay, with matches like the ones we've had added here tonight, plus the previously announced matches, I don't see how this can be anything BUT a great PPV.

MT: And of course fans, the match that's probably receiving the most attention is the handicap match between The Outsiders and Goldberg.

DM: As it should be, Tenay. This is a HUGE match for both sides. If Goldberg loses, there's no telling when or IF he'll be able to get his hands on Kevin Nash again. And if Goldberg wins, then Nash has to defend his World Title against Goldberg. Both sides have a lot to gain, but also a LOT to lose.

MT: Fans, coming up in just a few minutes, we'll be having our main event. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have what has been dubbed a "warm-up" match tonight against a man they've ALSO had some trouble with in the past few weeks, Sting. Before the match, Nash and Hall requested a chance to come down to the ring and speak on their upcoming match. Let's see what they have to say for themselves.

**The Outsiders speak inside...the ring**

*As the Wolfpac music fills the arena, it's almost drowned out by the boos from the crowd as The Outsiders saunter down the aisle. They each hold a mic(of course) and stand with a smirk on their face for the crowd reaction to die down*

Scott Hall: Hey yo...Listen up people, cause I got something to say. Tonight, we're gonna beat down that punk Sting, just cause we wanna give Bill Goldberg a show of what we're gonna do to HIM at Genesis. Billy, you ain't NEVER gonna get a shot at big Nash's title belt again. Cause at Genesis, we're gonna put your ass through the ring.

Kevin Nash: Yeah, you know what Goldberg? Wherever you are, watch this next match really closely. Cause in just a few more days, this is gonna be you. Only I'm not gonna take it as easy on you as I will on Sting. After Genesis,Goldberg, there's not gonna be anything left of you. I'm gonna make DAMN sure of that. And besides...


**Eric Bischoff is here...sorta**

*This time it's Kevin Nash who gets cut off, as Eric Bischoff appears on the big screen, sitting in a large chair He appears to be in his living room. In the bottom corner of the screen the words "Live via satellite" can be read.*

Eric Bischoff: Sorry I couldn't be there live boys. But you see, getting powerbombed through the stage can take a little bit out of you. So I'm here at home, but I wanted you to know, I'm DEFINITELY there with you in spirit. Also, I have a little announcement to make. I know it's just a week before Genesis, but somehow, I'm a little bothered by something. You see, the thought occurs to me that, you two being the "gentlemen" that you are, you might find it hard to keep your hands off Goldberg for the next few days. So I just wanted to clue you in to something. If anything happens to Goldberg before the main event of Genesis, then you're BOTH suspended indefinitely. And Nash, for you, that means no more title. Now, just to be fair, I've also instructed Goldberg that he is not to lay a hand on either of you until the match. Because I don't want to hear any excuse from the two of you after Bill Goldberg beats your ASSES and puts you down for the three count. You know what? That's really all I had to say. Thank you for your time gentlemen, and good luck in your match tonight.

*The feed cuts out, leaving an angry looking Nash and Hall in the ring. They don't have much time to be angry, however...*


**The Outsiders vs. Sting**

As the video feed from Eric Bischoff's house is cut, the lights come up to reveal something behind the two Outsiders. They turn around, only to get floored by two big right hands from Sting, who had evidently crept into the ring while Bischoff talked. Sting handles both men easily for the first few minutes, constantly rocking them with big right hands. He knocks them into separate corners, then delivers Stinger Splashes to both men, leaving the crowd in a frenzy. When he tries another splash on Hall however, Hall manages to move out of the way, leaving Sting to land hard in the corner. The Outsiders take over, showing why they won the WCW Tag Team Titles so many times by using quick tags and liberal amounts of double teaming. Hall slows the pace down with a rear chinlock on Sting, although when Nash distracts the referee Hall manages to turn it into a chokehold. With Sting nearly out, Hall decides to try for the Outsiders Edge. Sting slips off his back and catches Hall from behind with a Scorpion Deathdrop, leaving both men out. Hall does manage to crawl to his corner and tag Nash, just as Sting gets up to his feet. Sting again rocks Nash with some big right hands, then throws him back into the corner. He nails another Stinger Splash, taking Nash down to the ground. Sting looks around for support from the crowd, then locks Nash into the Scorpion Deathlock as the crowd goes crazy. The reaction is short-lived however, as Hall quickly breaks up the hold. Sting runs to the apron and nails Hall, sending him flying off down onto the floor. Nash gets to his feet, only to be caught by another right hand. Sting whips Nash into the ropes and bends over to deliver a backdrop, but Nash catches him with a shot to the back. With Sting already in position, it's easy for Nash to lift him for a Jackknife Powerbomb. Nash isn't satisfied however, and delivers one more Jackknife to Sting, before calling Hall into the ring to give him an Outsiders Edge. Satisfied that Sting will stay down for good, Nash casually covers him for the 1-2-3.

(79/83/72; ***)

*Nash and Hall beat on Sting for a few more minutes, before deciding to leave him down and hurt in the middle of the ring. They head back up the aisle, pausing as they reach the stage to "pose" for the audience. The audience gives off a huge pop, which the two men interpret as being for them. However, they soon learn the truth, as when they turn around, they find themselves face to face with none other than GOLDBERG! He stares into the eyes of both men, as we hear the voice of Mike Tenay...*

MT: Goldberg is here! Goldberg is face to face with the Outsiders!

DM: But none of the three can touch each other. What gonna happen here?

MT: I don't know what's gonna happen here, but I DO know what's gonna happen at Genesis this Sunday. These three men are finally going to step into the ring and go toe to toe. I can't wait! Fans, this is Mike Tenay for Dave Meltzer, reminding you to call your local cable operator to order Genesis! You WON'T wanna miss this one!

*We end with a close-up of The Outsiders and Goldberg nose to nose, almost touching. No words are being spoken, but the look on each face tells the whole story. These three men are going to tear it down this Sunday.*

Overall: 79

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Tuesday, January 26th:

*Here I am. In my office. Alone. Again. It's times like this that I really wish I knew when my assistant, Sophie, would be coming back. We haven't worked together for that long, but she's already become my right hand "man" so to speak. Right now I'm waiting on someone to bring me the Nitro wrap-up report. There is a knock on my door*

Me: Come in.

*The door opens, revealing...a white flag? That's interesting enough, but it's what is behind the white flag that really makes me happy. Because behind it, is SOPHIE!*

Sophie: Can I come in?

Me: Can you come in? Of COURSE you can come in. Man Sophie, it's good to see you again.

Sophie: Yeah, you too. Listen, I'm sorry I got so upset about things. I don't know what came over me. I can understand how you feel about your dog. He's just like a baby to you. I used to have one myself.

Me: I know. Listen, I probably could have handled things a little bit better myself. But that's water under the bridge now. In fact, let's don't even mention it again. Deal?

Sophie: Deal. So, here's the report from Nitro. Things are looking pretty good.

Me: Lay it on me.

Sophie: Well, we managed a 5.41 rating, which is good enough that it got the networks off our backs, at least for one week.

Me: Man, those guys flip-flop every other week it seems like. I wish they would just make up their minds whether they're happy or not.

Sophie: I'm just thankful we're working on that deal with Fox. These guys seem kind of flaky, if you ask me.

Me: I agree. What about the approval rating?

Sophie: Well, that's the REALLY good news. Seems this was the highest rated show since you've taken over. We scored a 79% approval rating.

Me: Whoa, 79%? That's GREAT. Just out of curiosity, what did the WWF score for RAW last night.

Sophie: I couldn't get the "official" numbers they put out, but somewhere in the neighborhood of about a 72%. So we beat them that way. As a matter of fact, our public image has gone steadily up since you took over. Mr. Turner is very pleased.

Me: Great, now if we could just get the network off our backs for GOOD, then everything would be all set. What did YOU think of Nitro, Sophie?

Sophie: I thought it set-up the rest of the matches for the PPV very well. The fans really seemed to respond in a BIG way to Jericho and Booker, so that's a good sign for that match. And the Ric Flair mystery opponent thing will be interesting. By the way, I saw your choice for the opponent. Should be good if he's got his working boots on.

Me: Oh, he will. I've already talked to him, and told him how important this match is to his future here in WCW. I think he'll bring his best stuff on Sunday. What about the cruiser match?

Sophie: I'm not sure if the fans totally understood the reasoning behind making it a three way, at least based on they way Eddie explained it.

Me: Yeah, I was worried about that too. Think I'll have the announcers on Thunder point out the fact that Rey has been involved with the Guerrero's for the past few weeks especially not to mention in the past. I just hope the audience will get into the match.

Sophie: They should. All three guys are really putting on some great matches lately. The audience reaction will catch up soon enough.

Me: I hope so. I really want to push the cruisers. But it's hard to get the audience to take them seriously. Some of my "predecessors" really did some damage to the cruiserweight legacy.

Sophie: I agree. But I think the audience will still accept it. They just need some time.

Me: What about the rest of the card? See any problems?

Sophie: Not in my opinion. Everything has been laid out pretty well, and I don't think there's a "bad" match on the card. If everybody is on, and not having "One of those days", then Genesis should be great.

Me: Yeah, I hope "One of those days" happens to someone ELSE this Sunday.

Sophie: Me too. OK, well, since I've been out of the office for a while, I have a few things I need to do. By the way, my cousin Mindy said to say hi. She ALSO said she thinks you're really cute. And something else about you and her kitty. I thought maybe she was talking about your dog, but she said no, she meant her "kitty"?

Me: I have no idea what that means. Believe me.

Sophie: Well, anyway, she just told me to pass along the message. I'm gonna run and go talk to finance. If you need me, just call.

Me: I will. Oh, and Sophie?

Sophie: Yes?

Me: Welcome back.

*Sophie just smiles and nods her head, before leaving and shutting the door behind her. I sit there, thinking about how good it is to have Sophie back. I bend over my desk to get back to work on Thunder, when suddenly a light goes on in my head*

Me: Oh man, her KITTY!

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