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WWE - Attitude 2005


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I sat on a seat and played with my thumbs as the woman at the desk stood and called out "Jack Brinded, Please go and see Vince and Jim for the spare writers position job, Thomas DaBoe you will be up next" I stood up with my knees shaking and took the first faithful steps to the place wrestling fans dreamed of stepping into, Vincent Kennedy McMahons office. I walked past the woman who whisperd "Good Luck" as i walked past, That made me feel better but i still shook ,I still felt like throwing up, I still felt like ecsaping from the building but i had to do this! I took the last steps and knocked on the door. "Come in!" a voice sounded, it was obviosly the voice of Good ol' J.R ,the WWE's most respected perons after the McMahon family, I felt honered. I slowly opened the door to see three chairs set round a circle table, One chair was empty and the two other where occupied by Jim Ross and the WWE's King Vince McMahon. They usherd me to my seat and the interview started.....

Vince: Hello! What is your name?

Me: Jack Brinded

Vince: Where are you from?

Me: Lincoln, England

J.R: So Jack, Why do you think you should be writer?

Me: I studied writing at collage and University in england and passed my tests with flying colors

Vince: What do you think of wrestling at this moment?

Me: Well, Mr McMahon, I think it is going downhill, HHH and JBL are not fit to be champions and are no where near as good as the days of the Attitude era when Rock and Supreme got the crowds going against The Undertaker ,Kane and Triple H before he got the injury witch made his career go down hill, No wrestling isnt as good bt the young stars in OVW and the ones stuck in Midcarder positions or less should be given more of a chance an...an....and......

Vince: That will be enough thankyou please go home and wait for the reply....

I saw Vince and J.R where in shock, I shouldnt have spoke really and if i did get the job it would be down to the other contenders being rubbish.....

Part Two....

I sat in my living room watching the last Smackdown of 2004 when the phone rang , I picked it up only to hear the voice of J.R on the other end

J.R: Bad News and Good News! Bad news is that Thomas DaBoe got the job but Good news is that Vince wants you to take the job as Trainee Booker! This saturday before Velocity you will be expected to come, and earlier is better! some smackdown superstars will go through plans with you and youll get to watch Velocity with your head trainer - Pat Patterson!...

I placed my phone on the hook and watched Smackdown! as JBL retained his belt thanks to the JBL Administration, I didnt sleep for the next few nights in exitment when Saturday came...!

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Smackdown! Presents...

Velocity Preview!

Big Show will be in the house for a huge match against Billy Kidman in a mix of the sorts Main Event. We have Tag Team action as The Dudley Boyz go head to head with Rhyno and Tajiri who have recently been brought to Smackdown! also Cruiserweight sensation Akio goes one-on-one with Paul London in cruiserweight action to start it all off! And Carlito Carribean Cool and Jesus will be backstage with Josh Matthews and the Bashams are expected to be coming in for a visit! This Velocity is far too good to miss!

Comfirmed matches:

The Dudley Boyz vs. Rhyno and Tajiri

Akio vs. Paul London

Big Show vs. Billy Kidman

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Rhyno, Tajiri, Orton, (I think French Resistance is La Res, right?), Viscera, Richards are on RAW, and couldn't appear on Velocity.

When did they start doing 'writing' (in terms of wrestling, anyway) at University?

You're nervous, but yet you rattle off a whole list of things that you consider to be wrong with the company without batting an eyelid?

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Rhyno, Tajiri, Orton, (I think French Resistance is La Res, right?), Viscera, Richards are on RAW, and couldn't appear on Velocity.

When did they start doing 'writing' (in terms of wrestling, anyway) at University?

You're nervous, but yet you rattle off a whole list of things that you consider to be wrong with the company without batting an eyelid?

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Well, since everyone is already voicing their opinions on this diary, I kinda like to know why you switch guys from one show to another, gives me a look at your plans for the future for them, or none, if your switching them to fill up a spot, which is fine by me, just would like to know that, if that's the case. Anyways, hope this works out for you, and, looking forward, to seeing your revised Velocity card.


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I parked up my rented car in a spare space and walked into the arena where i met J.R and Shane McMahon who where waiting to meat me "Hello Jack" J.R said joyfully "How are you?" I smiled and looked at J.R trying to foget the bosses son was right next to me (Something about McMahons makes me shake!) "Im alright J.R ,im still in shock though" I felt a hand clasp my shoulder it was Shane "Hello and welcome to the WWE tonight is Velocity so we want to take you to meet some Smackdown superstars!" I was in shock i got to meet Shane O'Mac and was about to meet some superstars "O-O-Ok!" I stutterd as he and J.R started walking away so i followed, We arrived behind a monster of a man ,I knew it at once to be the Big Show "Paul!" Shane called as show turned round ,He took a long look at me and extended his hand "You must be Jack ,Im Paul Wight nice to meet you!" I stood there untill J.R usherd me to shake his hand "I hope you like it at the WWE and if you ever become head booker, give me a shot at the title would ya!" Shane ,Jim and Paul laughed so i copied as we all said our bye's i was taken to two people hanging out, The 'Man Beast' Rhyno and Tajiri "Hey Tajiri, Hey Terry" They turned and smiled "Hey Jim hey Shane who is this?" Rhyno said tapping my shoulder "Thats Jack Brinded, new Trainee booler who will be working with Pat" They both shook my hand and said "Hello!" When rhyno talked again "Pat eh? Thats great! He'll turn you into a great booker and do us one favour if you do become head booker - Give us ECW boys a chance!" I nodded as we all walked off leaving the two who where getting ready for there Smackdown! debut. We then walked over to a person who i knew was definatly my new boss Pat Patterson he shook my hand and sat me down as Shane and J.R left. He looked at me and smiled (Too many smiles!) "Hello Jack! Tonight is Velocity and i have already booked it but tonight ill want help booking Heat, You up to it" I waited a second to calm my self down and then i noticed the oppotunity "Y-y-y-yes please!" He laughed at my enthusiastic mind but then noticed my shaking "And lad ,Dont be scared ,Have fun! Thats what has got me through the years! Just listen too Vinc.... Would you look at the time! Weve got to get our first row seats for the show!" We hurried off and watched as Velocity started...

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Smackdown! Broadcasting Presents...


Josh Matthews: Hello and welcome to WWE's first show of 2005. Im here with my partner Mark Lloyd and we are ready to bring you a GREAT show!

Mark Lloyd: Sure is gonna be great Josh We have 'The Monster' Big Show in the building and he is going to fight that Cruiserweight Billy Kidman who fights for the crowds heat

Josh Matthews: Yes, We also have Tag Team action with Smackdowns new Tag-Team Rhyno and Tajiri fighting Tag-Team 'Legends' The Dudley Boyz and coming up next is cruiserweight action...

Mark Lloyd: ...As Akio who has being fighting well on Velocity lately takes on Paul london who has been impressing the Smackdown! Roster and Backstage staff as he shows us his Superb in-ring skills.... Here comes Akio...

Akio vs. Paul London

No Title

Singles - Singles

The Finish - London had not taken the oppertunity as the ball was in his court so Akio took the upper hand with some impressive Monkey Flips, Akio picked Paul up and set him up fro a neckbreaker but London reversed and planted a belly to belly suplex. Both men who ever took the adavntage would definatly win this match, Paul got up first and hit a DDT on Akio before climnbing the rope and hitting the London Calling, He pinned "1-2-3"

OR: 70% :mellow:

CR: 49% :crying:

MQ: 91% :D

A Video Is played hyping up the continuing Title feud between The Undertaker and JBL

OR: 81%

Commercial Break

The Bashams are hanging around backstage with a look of shock on there faces

Dan Basham: I can't Belive John ,Just when it looks like Undertaker has the upper hand he brings HIM in

Doug Basham: Your Right Dan! Hes a genius!

Josh Matthews: Who is HE?

Mark Lloyd: I dont know Josh, But if the Bashams are telling the truth the Undertaker has met his match

The Dudley Boyz vs. Rhyno and Tajiri

No Title

Tag-Team - Tag

The Finish - A table was outside of the ring as Rhyno Capatalized on Bubba Ray, D-Von had won a brawl with Tajiri and was now waiting for a reason to set the table up, Rhyno carried on and went for a GORE but rammed into the post and Bubba shouted "D-VON GET THE TABLE!" D-Von obeyd as the helpless Ref looked on as Dvon and Bubba set them selfs in the right position ,As soon as Rhyno got up, the 3-D was hit through the table as the ref called for the bell. Tajiri ran to the ring as the Dudleyz fled into the crowd. Tajiri checked on his hurt partner.

OR: 78% :pinch:

CR: 74% :(

MQ: 82% ;)

Carlito Carribean Cool and his bodygaurd Jesus sat on two steel chairs next to each other with Josh Matthews positioned on a steel chair opposite, They where ready for an interview...

Josh: Hello Carlito ,Hello Jesus and thankyou for coming to an interview for Velocity...

Carlito: I had too make Velocity cool somehow!

Jesus: Yeah!

Josh: So.... Carlito how was putting John Cena out twice cool?

Carlito: JOSH! STOPPING BEING UNCOOL! I put him in his place! I didn't Put him out! any way he was uncool

Jesus. Yeah!

Suddenly a figure was seen behing Carlito holding somthing metal .... ITS CENA! Cena just smacked Carlito and Jesus on the heads and left them with Josh in shcok.... It then went to the main event...

Big Show vs. Billy Kidman

No Title

Singles - Singles

The Finish: Well the finish ended up as the start with a huge Big show clothesline and a show stopper Big show got the pin "1-2-3" While Show celebrated Kidman got a chair from Justin Roberts and planet a chair shot in Shows groin and then walked off to the croweds boos

OR: 69%

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user posted image

Monster vs. Kane! Cabinet Break-Up! and Raw's Rumble Main Event!

-The WWE are reported to have a hired a 'Monster' to fight Kane we can proudly annoubce that it is Paul Birchall - The man from british federation FWA who has been bought into OVW

-JBL's Cabinet are expected to break up and start a feud the two teams are expected to be - Danny Basham and JBL vs. Doug Basham and Orlando ,We also expect Orlando or Doug will be next Champion

-Triple H is going to fight against Batista at Raw's Ryal Rumble Main Event in a hugetitle match, Triple H WILL walk out winner after an arguement with writers and Bookers

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January 2nd Todays Show-

Sunday Night Heat!

I parked my car and got out to a small crowd of Raw superstars talking among themselves about something, I tried evesdropping but Pat came along "What they mumbling about?" I whisperd, Hetutted "Internet rumors like Kane vs. Birchall, Heck Birchall is still traing but the rumours are true we have bought in a monster" "Who?" I said in exitment, He laughed "None other than ___ ___ _____!"

I smiled "Him vs. Kane? WICKED!" he nodded as we walked to the arena "How about rumors the cabinet is splitting up and Batista is splitting from Evolution for a title shot?" He looked around to make sure know one was eves dropping and then whisperd "______ Is True ______ Is just totally made up but it might come after Wrestlemania 21" I smiled and just nodded as we arrived at the arena "So whats gonna happen on Heat?" Pat sat me down with a can of Coca-Cola and grabed a Latte for hims self, He sat down "Snitsky is going to Destroy Regal in the main event btu Regel will win when Kane's Pyro's shoot of a Regal gets the brass knuckles and swings them into the face of Snitsky to get the win" I nodded " And Bischoff will announce that ______ _______ will be Heat's GM!" I smiled "A new GM oh Gawd!" We both laughed as he handed me a peice of paper "This is going to be your first ever match booked, Out of those 5 names on the paper make a match for Heat and we will stick with it" I looked at the scruffy writing of the sheet...

Steven Richards

Garrison Cade

Val Venis

Sylvan Grenier

Christopher Nowinski...

It wasn't a higly skilled list but i made a match out of it quickly "Venis vs. Cade" I said after a minuite "In a singles match no stipulation and i want the winner to be ____ _______" He nodded and wrote it down on his 'Booking Sheet', He handed me the sheet and i read through the plans i smiled and nodded "Seems strong!"

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Guest mroniimusha

What the hell? Devil Rays aren't THAT bad...

In other news: Please, for the love of God, learn to spell properly, how to use paragraphs and also, learn to write well. Also, it's Burchill, not Birchall.

Edited by mroniimusha
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Raw Productions Present...

user posted image

With Joey Styles and Al Snow...

Al Snow: Hello and welcome to Raw's first production of 2005 .... SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT! Im here with my newly appointed partner Joey Styles

Joey Styles: Hey, Hey Al and im SO glad to be at the WWE with such heroes as Triple H and Ric Flair and losers like The Rock and Randy Orton

Al Snow: Ok Joey! Your scaring me now... We are going to our first match between Garrison Cade and Val Venis

Garrison Cade vs. Val Venis

No Title

Singles - Singles

Garrison and Venis seemed unmatched - You have the young flair of Cade and the experianced grappling of Venis, But the fans liked it! The match was won when Venis was up for the MONEY SHOT but Cade moved last second and he climed the ropes himself, He waited for Venis to get up and Hit the MISSILE DROPKICK ,Cade got the pin "1..." Venis showed no sign of moving "2...." Venis still couldnt move "3!" Cade deliverd some boots to the hurt Venis' mid section before leaving to a booing crowd

OR:65% :blush:

CR:62% :blush:

MQ:69% :pervert:

We go backstage where Eric Bischoff is standing

Eric: Heat always seems to waste my time so I ERIC BISHCHOF is choosing a General Manager of Sunday night Heat, He is a man i can trust to Book matches well ,Keep Everything in-line and help the future of Raw rise from the ground and that trusty man is, Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman!

Commercial break

Viscera vs. Bobby Lashly

No Title

Singles - Singles

Why bother fighting Vis - you just know Vince is going to make him win and this was no exeption ,Lasley nearly got a math-winning Bulldog but Vis turned it into a GIANT powerbomb, Vis got the pin "1...2...." Lashly was knocked out "3" Vis celbrated over Lashly as we go backstage with...

OR:41% :wacko:

CR:32% :angry:

MQ:50% :mellow:

Jonathan Coachman: Hello and welcom to HEAT ALA COACHMAN! I only have One match left so id better make it GREAT! Ill have one half of the tag team champs William Regal taking on the monster Gene Snitsky

Commercial break

William Regal vs. Gene Snitsky

No Title

Singles - Singles

The match goes Snitsky's way as he monsters his way over Regal - who puts up little fight... Sunddenly while Regal was in the pump handle slam position the ring posts exploded causing Snitsky to go wild looking for Kane give Regal time to hit the power of the punch with brass knuckles, He got the pin "1-2-3"

OR:66% ;)

CR:64% ;)

MQ:68% ;)

Snitsky was going mental as the place went black, when the lights went on Kane was delivering a choke slam to snitsky

We then go to Bischoff ang Coach who announces a match on raw between the two

~End of Broadcast~



My match went well nearly as good as the main event

Bischoff did well

Main Event (Snitsky)


Vicera just has to go

Lashly couldnt carry Vis AT ALL

Main Event (Regal - Hopefull Eugene can help)

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Raw Productions Present...

user posted image

With Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Raw's Rumble Main Event!

"Im Back!" Hits and Eric Bischoff walks out with a clipboard as the fans boo, He walks up the steps and gets into the ring, He grabs a 'Raw' Mic from Lillian Garcia and begins to speak

Eric Bischoff: Welcome to RAW 2000 AND 5! Ive come out hear to give you all one HUGE announcement(pop) But im not sure you deserve it!(Heat) So ill only tell you if you can all shout loud enough (pop), Not loud enough! (Huge pop) Ok, Ok, I guess that'll do! Tonight, On Raw we will see Batista (heat) VS Chris Jericho (pop) and that will be the first match of a 4 Match tournement because next week It will be Randy Orton vs. TRIPLE H, I made that match because they can't face each other in the finals so itll have to be a semi-final! The week after we will se Chris Benoit vs. Edge and on the last raw we will see HBK Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock in a legends AND EGO clash! All of this is because at the ROYAL RUMBLE WE WILL SEE A 4 WAY ELIMINATION RULES MATCH!(pop)

"Evolution is a Mystery" Hits as Bischoff smiles because Triple H and Batista walk out with Ric Flair following "Wooooo"'s go of every where as the nature boy taunts the crowd. Batista looks ready too fight and Triple H is wearing a cream suit and sunglasses they join bischoff in the ring, HHH grabs a mic

Triple H: Eric, Eric, Eric! Why not just give me the title its obvios im going to win!?

Eric Bischoff:Well Hunter, I know you or Batista will win the belt but id like to give every SOME hope, So....

"Hey, Hey Nothing you can Say, Say" Hits as Randy orton walks out onto the stage as the crowd goes wild ,He has a mic

Randy Orton: Hey if it isn't Triple H and his Clowns, Dave Batista and Ricky Flair! You may laugh now but it'll be me who has the last laugh when i beat you next week! So Triple H, Batista ,Ric Flair ... SUCK IT!

Evolution go wild as Randy walks to the back

OR : 87%

We go backstage to see The Hurricane standing with Rosey both with Superheroe Taunts, Hurricane starts patting Roseys head

The Hurricane: Dont worry my young S.H.I.T you can beat that evil being Muhammed Hussan and if his evil master Khosrow Daivari, Because this is a Super Hero Stipulations match ,So using you Super Hero Training will you win this?

Rosey: Yes Boss!

OR : 70%

Rosey (w/ The Hurricane) Vs. Muhammed Hussan (w/ Khosrow Daivari)

No Title

Superhero Stipulations (Hardcore Match)

Match Overview: Rosey started the match by pounding away but most of the crowd where watching Hurricane take on Khosrow, hurricane threw Rosey a chair and used a Chair himself

The Finish: Rosey was getting a beating untill Hurricane slid him a chair witch he legally used to knock Muhammed out, He then laid a chair on Hussan's chest and he went uptop , he then posed and jumped landing a body splash, Khosrow tried to stop the pin but he couldn't , It ended up with rosey getting the pin! Jerry "The King" Lawler ran to the ring and with help from The Hurricane and Rosey beat up The Two Arabs.

Winner: Rosey (w/ Hurricane)




Commercial Break

Benoits Message To Edge

We go to a video with Chris Benoit training inside a ring thoughout it, The video is black and white inside a empty arena, Throughout the short video some words are spoken-

Ive payed my Dues,

Ive trained my whole life,

Ive had it before,

Ive been cheated out of it,

Ive got a new chance,

Ill Take it right,

Ill get the crossface,

Ill Make you tap,

Ill Make you cry,

I have to win 2 matches,

Ill win them both,

Edge, You better watch out,

Because im going to make you tap,

And the rest of you,

Im coming, Watch your backs!

The scene ends with the screen turning into colour and showing Benoit staring into the camera as the words "Watch Your Backs!" Echoes


Edge isn't scared

We then go to Edge's locker room where Edge is siting on a bench watching the screen, He then looks at the screen and smirks

Edge:No Chris i won't tap! You obviosly havn't been to school if you think you can make me tap to that Cripples Crossface(He Laughs), So in two weeks time I think its time you will get some Edge-O-Cation"


Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko)

Intercontinental Title

No Stipulations

Match Overview:Aint no stopping him! Benjamin is obviosly the better wrestler even though he is one card lower down, His push was evedent as he deliverd move after move on the defenceless Cristian, Tomko got involved whenever he could but he got sent to the back!

The Finish: Benjamin ducked a clothseline as Christian turned around into a super kick, Benjamin picked him up and got him in the T-Bone suplex position but Christian reversed into the Unprettier postion witch Benjamin re-reversed and planted the T-Bone for the pin! He celebrated with his belt

Winner: Shelton Benjamin




Commercial Break

Trish Stratus vs. Ivory

#1 Contender match for WWE Woman's Championship

No Stipulations

Match Overview: She is one of the oldest divas who has took up presenting but Ivory still had the most fight in this usually short womans fight

The Finish: Stratus used a fans replica belt to score the advantage while the ref was distracted by an angry Lita ,Trish hit the stratisfaction to get the win

Winner: Trish Stratus




Next Week's MAIN EVENT!

The scene goes to Chris Jericho who is walking to his locker room when he meets Ric Flair who just stares at him, Then from behind Batista and HHH attacked him witch chairs when Bischoff comes from behind smiling

Eric Bischoff: I guess that was alright! But if You Two (points at HHH and Ric) interupt tonight, your suspended without pay. And the same goes next week when Ric will face Jericho in a steel cage!

Bischoff walks off leaving Flair going wild


Commercial Break

Chris Jericho vs. Batista

World Title Tournement

No Stipulation

Match Overview: Jericho was hurt and it showed as Batista just controlled the whole match, after 5 minuites 2 sit down power bombs had been hit and that wasn't all he had as the monster nearly put Jerichos career out when he pwoer bombed him onto the ramp.

The Finish: Batista thre Jericho back into the ring and set him up in the croner to hit a OFF THE TOP ROPE SIT DOWN POWERBOMB! Batista wasn't finished as he hit another sit-down powerbomb to get the 3 count, Flair and Triple H ran out to beat Jericho out as the show went off air

Winner: Batista






Chris Jericho -2

Batista +3

Overall Rating: 78%

TV Rating: 5.62

Best Match: Shelton Benjamin Over Christian

Best Segmant: Edge's Reaction to Chris Benoit

Worst Match: Rosey Vs. Muhammed Hussan

Worst Segmant: Superheroes Preparing

Attendance: 7549 People

Ticket Money: $301960

After-Show Notes:

Road Agents-

Muhammed Hussan is losing heat because he is being pushed too much (He'll proberly be sent to development!)

Chris Jericho was over-used

Ric Flair was Over-Used

Randy Orton-

I would like to work with Edge

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