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DMN in the House

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Don't Worry, Be Happy wins the Grammy for Record of the Year. Batman and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade fill theaters. Lil' Romeo is born, and Lucille Ball dies. George Bush Sr. is in office, and people in the US still think Iraq is a type of car. The WWF is riding high, WCW hasn't even been founded, and the NWA is still alive and well. In Georgia, Kevin Sullivan has an idea.

user posted image

A new style of wrestling. Faster, harder, more violent, more real.

This is the International Wrestling Alliance.

Sullivan quietly gets out of his contract with the NWA, and begins negotiations with a small arena, south of Atlanta. He continues, contacting young up and coming workers from around the world. Names like Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero, and Konnan from Mexico. Jinsei Shinzaki from Japan, and Chris Irvine and Lance Storm from Canada. These men, along with others, are to form the inagural run of the IWA.

A regional television deal in place, staff and workers ready, Sullivan prepares. Thursday, January 4th, 1990. IWA TV: International Incident. It begins.

This is that story.

user posted image

International Wrestling Alliance

Small change, upon doing further research, Eiji Ezaki (Hayabusa), did not debut until 1992. As such, he won't be appearing in this diary. Neither will several other people I planned to use, but did not research fully first.

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Awesome idea. I have tried something like this too a while ago but I got stuck without any good storylines. I hired guys like The Punisher and Steve Austin and the Tazmaniac. A new promotion that really wants to be succesfull needs one good storyline that will capture the hard of the fans, am I correct? I hope you stick to this diary and I hope you have fun with it but most of all I hope you can chance the face of wrestling in 1990. Hell yeah!

Go Lance Storm :lol:

I'd like to see a card if possible :)

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user posted image

IWA International Incident

Television Preview

The International Wrestling Alliance is sure to start off with a bang, and you won't want to miss out, as we look to crown our first IWA North American Champion, only on IWA International Incident!

The world's top stars were in the house for the one night only battle royal, and if you weren't able to get a ticket to the show in Cornelia, Georgia, then we have ALL the action for you. Ten men, one ring, one belt, who came out on top?

Also in action will be The Seventh Days Arabian Madman, Abuddah Singh, as he takes on Steven 'Great' Dane! The finish of this match has consequences far and wide for the IWA Superstars!

In tag team action, Los Gringos Locos take on the young Canadian team of The Thrillseekers, and if you missed that match live, you'll want to be sure not to miss it this time!

All of this, as well as a visit with IWA Superstar Scott Anthony at his palatial Beverly Hills estate, and an interview with the new IWA North American Champion. We'll also have the first announcement of the two men to challenge for the IWA World Heavyweight Title, Saturday, January 30th, LIVE from Atlanta, at IWA's Big City Showdown!

Check your local listings for time and channel, and DON'T MISS THE INCIDENT!

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It sounds pretty good, but then again, all of your diaries do. Hopefully you actually do this one. I was kinda disappointed in the last one, didn't really peak my interest but this does. So good luck man, keep this one.

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user posted image

The International Wrestling Alliance Presents...

From the IWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia...

International Incident

Guns N' Roses' popular Welcome to the Jungle leads us into the opening of International Incident, with action and still shots of all the IWA Superstars. The montage, in muted black and white tones, gives way to the IWA logo, and finally to a studio setting, where Bobby Blackstone, in a simple suit, and Lord James Blears, in more regal attire, sit.

Blackstone: ' Hello fans, and welcome to the first ever International Incident! We've got all the action that went down in Cornelia this week, as well as the huge announcement of the two men who will square off in Atlanta on the 30th, for the IWA World Heavyweight Title!'

LJB: ' Yes, yes, but now for the real reason all of these southern heathens have tuned in... pearls of wisdom from me, Lord James Blears. You do know I'm considered a god in some parts of the Ozarks.'

Blackstone just rolls his eyes at his broadcast partner.

Blackstone: ' Fans, up first we have singles action between Steven 'The Great' Dane, and Kevin Sullivan's Arabian bodyguard, Abuddah Singh. The finish of this has left many IWA Superstars worried about their saftey.'

LJB: ' I can't say I like Sullivan's motives, but his tactics are superb!'

*tape feed*

Abuddah Singh versus Steven Dane

Match is joined in progress with Singh clubbing Dane down. The Great Dane fights back, firing off a few punches to the ample midsection of Singh, then sends him for the ring, charging in and scoring with a clothesline. The Arabian stumbles out of the corner, and face plants, allowing Dane to hit the chinlock, and really wrench back on the neck, as he gets the small crowd behind him. Suddenly, from the back, Evad and Kronus, Kevin Sullivan's other two henchman, charge out, jumping up on the apron, and distracting referee Dave Hopp. As Hopp tries to deal with the intrusion, Sullivan himself makes his way through the crowd, and comes up behind Dane, who has risen to his feet to assist Hopp in his trouble. Sullivan pulls out the Golden Spike, and visciously applies it to the side of Dane's neck, taking him to the ground, and putting him all but out of commission. Their leader's job done, Evad and Kronus allow Hopp to turn around, where there is little to do but count the ill-begotten pinfall for Singh.

Winner: Abuddah Singh


After the match, The Seventh Day continue their beatdown, with Sullivan calling the shots. Hopp calls for help, and gets a right hand from Kronus for his trouble, as officials flood the ring, in a vain attempt to save Dane.

*cut feed*

Back in the studio, Blackstone and Blear are prepared to speak.

Blackstone: ' A viscious, premeditated assault by Sullivan. Totally unneccesary.'

LJB: ' Call it what you will, but I'll tell you what it was, effective. This is a cut throat business Robert, and all that matters is victory.'

Blackstone: ' There are things like integrity, and honor, things you seem to know nothing about.'

LJB: ' Your words wound me young Robert. Honor, integrity, thats what being a Lord is about!'

Blackstone: ' So you say. Fans, even after this heinous assault, Sullivan wasn't done yet, and we will have that footage after this commercial break.'

[Commercial Break]

Before coming back to the studio, the announcement of the two men to square off for the vacant IWA World Heavyweight Championship is made. In one corner it will be the man we just saw, Kevin Sullivan, who will be squaring off against Japan's own Hiroshi Hase! Hase is in the US doing some work with the NWA, who graciously allowed him to appear on our show as well.

Studio time!

Blackstone: ' As you just saw folks, Japan's native son, Hiroshi Hase, a great technical wrestler, will square off against the depraved mastermind, Kevin Sullivan, to determine the first ever IWA World Heavyweight Champion, and you will only be able to see that match live at Big City Showdown, at the Sports Arena in Atlanta, Georgia! We will, of course, have all the action the following Thursday, right here on International Incident.'

LJB: ' Wah, wah, wah. After what we are about to show, Hase may make the smart decision, and not even show up.'

Blackstone: ' Hiroshi Hase is a great competitor, and never one to back down from a challenge, no matter how daunting. He is a warrior.'

LJB: ' A true warrior would know that at times, discretion is the better part of valor. Either way, we'll let them see for themselves... roll the tape.'

*tape feed*

Kevin Sullivan and The Seventh Day are still in the ring, along with a now bloody Steven Dane, who Singh has thrown over his shoulder's like a sack of potatoes. The mat is stained red in several spots, and Sullivan is holding the Golden Spike, also bloody, along with a microphone. His half black, half white face paint is smeared.

Sullivan: ' As Abuddah Dein has commanded, so it will be done. Hiroshi Hase, stranger in a strange land, this is a message. Next week, you shall see a changed Steven Dane. This will be a warning, a warning from The Seventh Day. A warning to all who would step into this squared circle with us. A warning to YOU!

Hiroshi Hase, you have signed away your life, it is forfeit. You cannot change your fate, only accept it. This is your path. Big City Showdown, Atlanta, Georgia. This is the place. The IWA World Heavyweight Title. This is the prize. Your future, your present, your past. This is the sacrifice. If you wish to chase false idols, you will fall. This, I promise you.'

Sullivan spikes the mic, and commands The Seventh Day out of the ring, and too the back. They are careful to take Dane with them, an apparent 'warning' to Hiroshi Hase.


*cut feed*

Blackstone: ' Disgusting, just... disgusting. Everyday, Sullivan gets worse. Attacking Steven Dane was bad enough, but kidnapping him?'

LJB: ' When will you learn young Robert, that in this game of kings, you do what is neccesary.'

Blackstone: ' How is that neccesary? Nothing Sullivan will do can change the fact that January 30th, at the Atlanta Sports Arena, he will be face to face with Hiroshi Hase, nothing. This is entirely unneccesary!'

LJB: ' To you. You've never been in the ring Blackstone. Mind games, they can win you a match. Thats what this is, mind games.'

Blackstone: ' And what about Dane? Don't you give a *bleep* that he was just kidnapped like that, all for doing his job, for signing a contract to a wrestling match?'

LJB: ' We all know the risks.'

Blackstone: ' You're incredible!'

LJB: ' I thank you for the compliment.'

Blackstone: *muttering* ' It wasn't a compliment.'

LJB: ' I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.'

Blackstone: ' I said, up next we have tag team action between Los Gringos Locos and The Thrillseekers.'

LJB: ' Quite a mouthful. Of course, I'm sure you're used to more then a mouthful.'

At this point, Blackstone is rapidly becoming visibly angered.

Blackstone: ' Just call the match...'

*tape feed*

Los Gringos Locos, Art 'Love Machine' Barr, and Eddie Guerrero, are making their way to the ring as the clip opens up, in their traditional blue tights. They walk with a cocky swagger, and Barr pauses along the way to bicker with a fan, taking away and tearing up a pro-Thrillseeker's sign. Guerrero looks on with a smirk, then laughs at the fans dismay, before the team gets into the ring, and begin a strategy session on the far side.

'The Lionheart' Chris Irvine and Lance Storm, The Thrillseekers, are out second, full of energy, slapping hands and bouncing around in the aisle. They pay special attention to the fan who's sign was defiled, and then quickly rush the ring, causing LGL to back out the oppisite side, allowing the Thrillseeker's to pose on the turnbuckles. This turns out to be a mistake, as Barr and Guerrero re-enter the ring, and attack the young Canadians, until referee Rich Knox is able to get things under control, and send both teams to their respective corners.

Los Gringos Locos versus The Thrillseekers

Irvine and Barr start things off, and Barr immediatley reaches into his bag of tricks, raking the eyes of Irvine, and taking him over with a suplex. The Lionheart grabs his back, as Barr smirks down on him, then lays some stomps into his midsection. He discontinues this, tagging out to Guerrero, and the two both lay in the stomps on Irvine, until Knox forces Barr to the corner.

Guerrero takes advantage of the referee's momentary distraction, using Irvine's hair as leverage for a chinlock variant, then rolls through and lifts Irvine up, connection with a European uppercut, then sending the Canadian for the ride. Irvine ducks a clothesline attempt however, and scores with a dropkick to Guerrero's gut, enabling him to tag out to Storm.

Storm comes in with a strange springboard kick, right into Guerrero's mouth, and follows that up with a suplex of his own, and a pin attempt. Guerrero gets the shoulder up at one and a half, and Storm is immediatley back on him, lifting him up, and sending him to the corner. A charge is dodged, and Guerrero scores with some rights, pushing Storm back into the corner, where Guerrero executes a nice climb up 'rana, sending Storm back to the center of the ring. Guerrero is up on the ringpost in a flash, but Storm eyes him, and a kneedrop attempt misses.

Storm moves in on the damaged joint, focusing his sound technical attack on the knee, and bending it ways it isn't supposed to go. Eddie is able to stall Storm's momentum with a sureptious low blow, and makes the leap to his corner, where Barr charges in, blitzing Lance with lefts and rights, then flipping him with a lucha-esque arm drag, into an armbar. Storm gathers the cheers from the crowd, and fights to his feet, then flips Barr over, putting him in an armlock of his own, but Barr rolls through into a sweet pinning combination, but Storm escapes out to his feet.

Both men circle, and then lockup, with Storm getting the advantage, and getting a double leg takedown on Barr, who quickly regains his footing. Storm next tries a kick, but its caught, and he's pushed to the ground. Barr nails a quick leg drop, then runs the ropes, with Storm hitting the deck each time he passes over, until a shoulderblock knocks him to the ground. Barr is on him in a flash, and Storm fights to his feet, and goes for a quick kick, which is caught, until Storm nails an enziguri, and both men are down in the middle of the ring, as we predictably cut to commercial!

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, and just in time, on tape delay, for THE HOT TAG~! Both Barr and Storm crawl, then leap, across the ring to their partners, who charge in, and meet in the middle, with a crash, as Guerrero sends Irvine up and over with a belly to belly suplex. That might finish a match between lesser workers, but not here in IWA, as Irvine gets the ropes on a cover attempt, infuriating Guerrero, who lets loose with that famous Guerrero temper, tearing into Irvine with punches, until Knox has to physically pull Eddie off The Lionheart himself, at the risk of his own body.

The distraction of Guerrero is all the opening Irvine needs, as he dropkicks him in the back, then face plants him, causing Guerrero to bounce off the mat and to his back, before Irvine runs to the ropes, and comes off with an in-ring moonsault, or a quebrada, which he calls The Lionsault. Irvine goes for the cover, one...two...thr..BROKEN UP BY BARR! Irvine is furious, and Knox backs Barr, who does a 'what did I do?' motion the whole time, into the corner. Guerrero uses this moment to pull something out of his tights, and nail Irvine with it, causing the Canadian to crumble to the mat. Eddie rushes the face corner, taking out Storm as well, knocking him from the apron. At this point, Barr exits the ring, just in time for Knox to see Guerrero come crashing down on Irvine with the Frog Splash, which is good enough for the three count in this excellent contest.

Winner(s): Los Gringos Locos (Guerrero p. Irvine)


LGL bail from the ring, and celebrate, but don't notice Storm behind them. A Superkick floors Barr, and Guerrero gets a quick second one as well, little consolation for the Thrillseekers after being cheated out of a victory in Cornelia. Storm enters the ring, and helps his partner to his feet, as LGL help each other up. Storm and Irvine say words to the effect of 'this isn't over', but LGL don't respond, instead holding their heads as they back up the ramp.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, but instead of the studio, a faux 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' intro is heard.

Intro: ' Beverly Hills, California. Champagne, caviar, movie stars and moguls. The best of the best, and the cream of the crop.

Hidden off a side street filled with shady lanes and upscale villas, rests the home of one of the IWA's greatest, and wealthiest, Superstars. Scott Anthony. From this mansion in the city of angels, Anthony has procured the best training money can buy, and spared no expense in his quest to gain the one thing he cannot buy, IWA gold.'

Clips of a posh training center are shown, and one man is focused on. His dirty blonde curls down to shoulder length, belaying his toughness. He takes down a sparring partner with a quick, flowing, DDT.

Voiceover: ' Yes, the rich have it well. A life of leisure and relaxation, but once in the ring, Anthony is the best there is. However, once the battle is done, and victory gained, the life he leads is one of Hollywood starlets, and regal companions.'

user posted image

Anthony is shown in full formal dress, posed, as the scene fades out.


Back to the studio.

LJB: ' Now that, Robert, is a real man of distinction, much like myself.'

Blackstone: ' I'd call him a rich snob, much like yourself.'

LJB: ' Now now, no need for such namecalling. Men like us can afford the finer things, if that makes you a 'snob' as you so eloquently put it, then so be it.'

Blackstone: ' Moving along, how about that great match between Los Gringos Locos, and The Thrillseekers. Shame it had to be marred by LGL winning in such an underhanded way.'

LJB: ' One man's underhanded is another man's any means neccesary, Robert. Learn it, live it, love it.'

Blackstone: ' I'm sure that Los Gringos Locos are loving it after Lance Storm nearly took their heads off with those kicks of his.'

LJB: ' A dastardly attack, entirely unneccesary, and after the conclusion of the match. I should hope that he is fined and suspended for such action unbecoming an IWA Superstar!'

Blackstone: ' How can you say that, yet defend the actions of Los Gringos Locos, and Kevin Sullivan?!?'

LJB: ' A time for everything, and everything in time, and right now I believe it is time for highlights from the IWA North American Championship Battle Royal.'

Blackstone: ' Thats the first time you've been right about anything all night.'

LJB: ' Again, with such slanderous accusations.'

Blackstone just stares at the smirking Lord James Blears.

Blackstone: ' Fans, as my... illustrious colleague just mentioned, up next we have the highlights of the Battle Royal to crown the first ever IWA North American Champion. Due to the length of the match, we cannot possibly show it in its entirety, but rest assured, all the high points and eliminations are there. Immediatly following the match, we will be taking you to an interview with the North American Champion, to wrap up the show.'

*tape feed*

IWA North American Battle Royal

Entrants: Corporal Kirschner, Curtis Thompson, Evad, Jerry 'Lightning' Lynn, JT Smith, Kole (w/ Stevie Ray), Kronus, Moondog Cujo (w/ Teddy Long), Moondog Rex (w/ Teddy Long), The Sandman, and TD Madison

All eleven men are in the ring to start, but The Moondogs quickly make it ten, but spiking Jerry 'Lightning' Lynn to the outside, much to the delight of their manager, Teddy Long.

Kronus is the next to go, despite the attempted save by Evad, as the unlikely alliance of JT Smith and The Sandman make short work of Kevin Sullivan's minion. The Sandman, however, falls prey to a double-cross, as Smith assists Evad in eliminating the beer drinking madman, in this every man for himself matchup.

Kole bides his time, getting advice from his older brother Stevie Ray, who is on the outside in his trademark fedora, and the youngster comes up huge, eliminating both Moondogs, with a double clothesline, after ducking an attempt by the veteran tag team. Kole's jubilance is shortlived however, as he's dumped by another veteran, Cpl. Kirschner.

Remaining: Cpl. Kirschner, Curtis Thompson, Evad, JT Smith, TD Madison

The young TD Madison is the next to go, at the hands of the Smith/Evad alliance, which quickly breaks down itself, as Evad turns on Smith, tossing him out, in a fit of psychotic rage. Evad simply presses Smith up and over the rope with almost superhuman strength.

Kirschner and Curtis Thompson had been brawling in the corner, but upon seeing this feat by Evad, both rush him, and with their combined might, succeed in wresting the Seventh Day member from the ring.

Remaining: Cpl. Kirschner and Curtis Thompson

Kirschner and Thompson stop, and nod to each other, then charge like bulls. Kirschner sends Thompson to the turnbuckle, then slams into him with a wicked shoulderblock, before dropping a couple of shoulder's into Thompson's gut. CT stumbles out of the corner, and gets a kneelift for his troubles, then a running high knee as he rises. Corp lines him up for a Lariat, but at the last second, Thompson ducks, and Kirschner almost takes himself right over the top rope! Thompson is on him in a flash, but Corp is able to slide back under, and save himself.

Curtis Thompson lays in with stomps, then pulls Corp up, and sends him for the ride, which turns out to be a mistake, as when Thompson bounces off the ropes to add momentum to his own charge, he's suprised, and gets BLASTED by a second Lariat attempt, then sends him tumbling to defeat, and makes Corporal Kirschner the first ever IWA North American Champion!

Winner: Corporal Kirschner


As Thompson backs up the ramp, mad, but more at himself then anything else, Kirschner is handed the belt, as his music, the Marine Corps Hymm, plays in the background. Kirschner shakes Mr. Wrestling II, the Commisioner of the IWA,'s hand, then begins to leave the ring. As he does, portly, Louis Spicolli, IWA's intrepid backstage/ringside reporter, hustles up, out of breath, and panting.

Spicolli: ' Mr. Kirschner, Mr. Kirschner, can I get a word with you?'

Kirschner: *with a booming, drill seargant style voice* ' Thats CORPORAL Kirschner son... don't you forget it! Go ahead.'

Spicolli: ' Your thoughts on becoming the first champion crowned in IWA, and on your future in IWA.'

Kirschner: ' First of all son, straighten up, have some self respect! As for this belt, it is truly an honor to be the first champion in the IWA, and I intend to defend it with the honor, and respect it deserves. There are a lot of great Superstars, some of whom you saw in the ring tonight, and I intend to give them all the chance, if they show they deserve it.'

Spicolli: ' Anyone in mind?'

Kirschner: ' You put me on the spot son, but if I had to say, it would be Curtis Thompson. That boy has it all, the competitive fire, the stature. He'd make a fine soldier, and it would be an honor to take him on next week, if the Commisioner would allow it.'

The camera pans over to Mr. Wrestling II, who nods. Kirschner then moves out of the way, slapping hands with the fans, as we fade back out.

*end feed*

Back in the studio, for the wrap up.

Blackstone: ' Fans, that match, Curtis Thompson versus the first ever IWA North American Champion, Corporal Kirschner, will be taking place THIS SATURDAY, at the IWA Arena, in Cornelia, Georgia. You won't want to miss it live, but in case you do, we'll have that action, as well as everything else that goes down Saturday, for you next week, right here on International Incident. For the IWA, I'm Bobby Blackstone...'

LJB: ' And I am the Lord James Blears...'

Blackstone: ' See you next Thursday!'

Hit the IWA logo, and we are out.

Overall Rating: 54

Television Rating: 0.24

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Maybe a stupid question but is Scott Anthony none other then Raven?

Good show, but I like it better when the show is live and not taped. Corporal Kirschner as your IWA Champion isn't really exciting but I guess it's good for business because he's the most over guy on your roster (?) I hope you push Jerry Lynn and Kole. Is Kole the Bookerman?

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1. A live show wouldn't work for our company, especially in this time period. Although we utilize talent from all over the world, we are, at heart, a regional promotion, and run weekly shows from the IWA Arena.

2. Kirschner is NOT the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, he is the IWA North American Champion. The IWA World Champion will be decided between Kevin Sullivan and Hiroshi Hase at Big City Showdown, on January the 30th, from Atlanta, Georgia.

3. Thank you for your interest in both Scott Anthony and Kole. Scott Anthony is a well to do young grappler from Beverly Hills, California and Kole is from the mean streets of Harlem, New York, where both he and his brother Stevie Ray were raised.


Keepin' it Kayfabe since the start of this diary.

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Nice choice with Kirschner as NA Champ, although the hand slapping of fans would indicate he is a fan favourite, no bigoted, anti-unification South African promos from the Colonel then? I thought you would of been the first man to jump on that

Sullivan/Hase should be an interesting one, I'm liking the look of Sullivan's group despite not being a huge fan of Sullivan

Nice work syco (Y)

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Im lazy so this is going to be in fragments aka numeric-notation, yeah,

1. The logo blows, what the fuck is that supposed to be anyway?

2. Some background on your roster would have been/would be, good, im not an ‘old-school’ wrestling fan, so a lot of these guys are nothing but names on a screen to me, and others are obscured by old gimmick-names etc. Though some are obvious, like Anthony, Irvine, Abby etc. but who the fucks is Evad? ‘Dave’?

3. Relating to the second point, you’ve got a stable, seventh day, a name and everything, it would have been more logical in my mind, if their allegiance had been made clear prior to the show, included with their profiles, you feel me?

4. Im loving the inclusion of Hase in the title match, more puroresu icons would be great, awesome choice, but why are these two guys getting the shot? You need to explain why they’re worthy of a title match.

5. LJB and Blackstone are good, the usual heel-face dynamics, but its good nonetheless, and not bland, ‘wow what a great match’ stuff, which some writers tend to do.

6. Sullivan promo was well-done, and got his character over well enough, but so far he’s the only who I can really ‘feel’ for as reader if you feel me? More promo time for the other guys would be good. Edit: the Corporal K. promo was also good, which makes the show 2/2 for promos, and makes 7. Somewhat obsolete, as you did do an interview segment, but maybe the thoughts of some of the losers on the show? Particularly the younger talent.

7. Maybe splice some interviews segments with your workers and Blackstone /LJB/?

8. Rick Knox reffing the LGL/TS match, hehe.

9. The Tag main was fun/good, clearly the best match on the show, perhaps not a coincidence, it had the longest report! Although with the matches, im wondering why you don’t have commentary cuts from LJB and Blackstone, seeing as you have them commentating during the breaks from ‘live feed’, why not include comments in the matches themselves. Im assuming, personal preference?

10. Just a little nitpick, Eddie didn’t use the Frog Splash until after Art Barr died, and henceforth he used it as a tribute to his departed friend.

Overall good little show, it’s the first so nothing had any build and all the workers were new to the diary world, and many new to me, plus it was a TV show. All of those factors mitigate my rating, a strong B- show, nothing bad about it, but you’re just getting started, good work brother, and good luck.

Damn you blink.gif Still dunno if it's Raven
Edited by kaya
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user posted image

IWA International Incident

Television Preview

After the week that was at the IWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia, the Incident is about to heat up, as the IWA brings you ALL the action you'll ever need, with your hosts Bobby Blackstone and Lord James Blears!

The house was rocking and rolling, and so were the issues between Los Gringos Locos and The Thrillseekers, as Lance Storm locked horns with Eddie Guerrero. This match has to be seen to be believed, and the aftermath has lead to the Commisioner of the IWA, Mr. Wrestling II, laying down the law!

Last week, Kevin Sullivan laid down a promise of a 'warning' to Hiroshi Hase, in the form of one Steven Dane. This week, it was time to collect, as he showed exactly how he planned to do things. But that wasn't all, as Sullivan got much more then he bargained for, and found out that he isn't the only man with friends!

Plus, we've got the action from the IWA North American Championship match, as champion Corporal Kirschner put his gold on the line, against the man he eliminated last to win the gold, Curtis Thompson. Gold, glory, fame, and fortune, its all on the line tonight, on International Incident!

Check your local time and listings, and DON'T MISS IT!

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January 11th, 1990

user posted image

The International Wrestling Alliance Presents...

From the IWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia...

International Incident

Guns N' Roses' popular Welcome to the Jungle leads us into the opening of International Incident, with action and still shots of all the IWA Superstars. The montage, in muted black and white tones, gives way to the IWA logo, and finally to a studio setting, where Bobby Blackstone, in a simple suit, and Lord James Blears, in more regal attire, sit.

Blackstone: ' Fans, its Thursday, and that means this...is...INTERNATIONAL...INCIDENT!'

LJB: ' You might want to switch to decaf, or better yet, tea, more distinguished.'

Blackstone just looks at Blears.

Blackstone: ' I'm Bobby Blackstone, and to my left is James Blears...'

LJB: ' Thats Lord James Blears...'

Blackstone: *sarcastically* ' I'm sorry... Lord James Blears, and this is the very best of wrestling from the International Wrestling Alliance, with all the action that went down this Saturday in Cornelia, Georgia, at the IWA Arena!'

LJB: ' And what a regal show it was, with The Seventh Day fufilling their promise of a 'new' Steven Dane, and the unexpected appearance of Jinsei Shinzaki.'

Blackstone: ' Indeed. Fans, we'll have all that for you, as well as the IWA North American Title match between Corporal Kirschner and Curtis Thompson, but first, we have almost a rematch between one half of The Thrillseekers, Lance Storm, and one third of Los Gringos Locos, Eddie Guerrero. It was a wild affair, with an ending that had serious consequences for Los Gringos Locos. Lets go to the tape now!'

*tape feed*

Lance Storm is mid entrance, his music muted out for television, leaving us with an eery silence. He's sporting red and white tights, with 'Storm' written across the back, a very Canadian motif, though void of the maple leaf. Chris Irvine is with him, in his street clothes, a simple jean and Thrillseeker's t-shirt, available at all IWA shows, combo.

Storm enters the ring, as Irvine walks around the outside. The two exchange words, contemplating strategy, then Irvine climbs up on the apron, and slaps Storm's hand, as Eddie Guerrero hits the stage, accompanied by Art Barr. Guerrero is in the same blue tights as last week, and sports a sleeveless shirt over it. Barr is in street clothes, jeans and a white shirt. They take time out to jaw at some fans, and Barr threatens to hit one, but laughs when the fan backs off. The duo slide into the ring, and threaten Storm, but Barr eventually backs off, to the outside.

Lance Storm w/ Chris Irvine versus Eddie Guerrero w/ Art Barr

Guerrero and Storm circle, both cautious of the others ability. They lockup, and Storm gets the best of it, backing Guerrero into the corner, and giving him a clean break. Another lockup, and this time Storm is backed into the corner, where Guerrero feigns a clean break, and gives Lance a pair of fists to the stomach, doubling him over, before suplexing him out of the corner. Guerrero is on him in a flash, stomping his legs, in an attempt to weaken Storm's finishing move, the Superkick.

Storm rolls to the ropes, forcing a break, then uses them to stand up, looking Eddie in the eyes the whole time. Barr provides a momentary distraction on the outside, and Guerrero uses Storm's quick glance away to charge, but Storm turns back in time, and backdrops Guerrero over the top, or so he thinks, as Guerrero lands on his feet on the apron, spins Storm around, and hotshots him on the top rope. This brings Irvine over to that side of the ring, and after some stalling, Guerrero backs off, and into the ring.

Guerrero pulls Storm up, and takes him over with a quick vertical suplex, then works on the leg some more, before snapmaring Storm over, and dropping a knee into Storm's knee. Lance rolls around in pain, holding his knee, as Guerrero points, then shares a laugh about it with Barr, before going back to work, only to get rolled up, if only for a moment. This angers Guerrero, who tries to lay into Storm, but catches a suplex of his own for his trouble. Storm hobbles around for a moment, then attempts to lock in a half crab, which he calls the Maple Leaf, but Barr pulls Guerrero to the ropes, before getting chased off by Irvine.

Storm pleads with the referee to send Barr away, but it ain't happening, and this allows Guerrero to catch his breath, and a dropkick sends Storm to the canvas. He rises, and catches another one to his jaw, and Eddie covers, but its only good for two. Guerrero is livid, yelling at the ref about a slow count, and angrily slapping one hand against the other in the referees face, even going so far as to grab the ref by his shirt, until Storm pulls him off, and drops the back of Eddie's shoulders across his knee. Storm immediatley tries for the Maple Leaf again, but its once again countered, this time as Guerrero tangles himself up in the ropes.

Storm runs the ropes, and baseball slides Eddie to the outside, then runs the ropes again, and this time comes flying OVER the ropes, and onto both Barr and Guerrero, on the outside, before popping up and back into the ring, to a rousing ovation from the crowd, as Storm is pulling out all the stops after getting cheated out of a victory last week. Guerrero stumbles to his feet, and it looks like Storm's going to go for the high risk move one more time, but at the last second Guerrero stumbles out of the way, and Storm is able to pull up at the ropes.

The two then engage in a bit of gamesmanship, yelling back and forth at each other, until finally Guerrero is forced to re-enter under the ten count rule, and is set upon by Storm, who pulls him up, and opens him up with some knife edge chops. These back Guerrero into a corner, until he is able to steal the momentum, and reverse the action, lighting Storm up with some chops of his own. At this point, the cocky Guerrero makes the cardinal mistake of turning his back on Storm and taunting the crowd, which costs him the match, as when he turns back around, he eats a Superkick for the second time in as many weeks, and the count is academic.

Winner: Lance Storm


After the match, Storm stands tall with his arm held high, and Irvine enters the ring to congratulate his partner. As he does, they are both taken down from behind by Barr, who handcuffs Irvine to the ropes, and begins to lay into Storm with a steel chain, which he had in his pocket. All this time, Guerrero is down, still suffering from the effects of the devastating Superkick, and he eventually rolls to the outside, missing the entire beatdown by Barr.

Barr continues to beat Storm with the chain, then wraps it around his fist, and pounds into Storm's skull, blooding him, then showing him to the handcuffed Irvine, who is unable to help his partner, instead resigned to lunging out in vain attempts to reach either man. Finally, a legion of IWA officials, led by Mr. Wrestling II, and the face lockeroom, reach the ring, and eventually succeed in pulling the now rabid Barr off of Storm. Guerrero finally rises, only to see the carnage in the ring, and thinks better of involving himself physically involved, instead opting to hurl abuse at the officials, as they drag Barr to the back, and the medical staff tend to Storm and Irvine.

[Commercial Break]

Back to the studio.

Blackstone: ' Fans, I don't even know how to describe the carnage that resulted from Art Barr's malicious attack. It was devastating, violent...'

LJB: ' Effective.'

Blackstone: ' What is that supposed to mean?!?'

LJB: ' Think about it. If you were Lance Storm, who lies in a hospital bed as we speak, or Chris Irvine, you would think twice before stepping in the ring again with either Barr or Guerrero. Ninety percent of wrestling is sixty-seven percent mental, as they always say.'

Blackstone: ' No one says that!'

LJB: ' I do believe I just did.'

Blackstone: *sigh* ' At any rate, Art Barr won't be stepping in the ring, nor even the IWA Arena, until Big City Showdown, January 30th at the Atlanta Sports Arena, because IWA Commissioner, Mr. Wrestling II, has suspended him, and made a match for BCS... as the Thrillseekers will get the match I'm sure their waiting for, as they'll lock up with Los Gringos Locos, once again.'

LJB: ' After that, I wouldn't be too sure their looking forward to it.'

Blackstone: ' Fans, if you thought Art Barr's actions were bad, you haven't seen anything yet, as up next we have the 'redebut' of Steven Dane, now, according to Kevin Sullivan, under the control of The Seventh Day, and Abuddah Deim. LJB, I don't even know how to begin to describe this one.'

LJB: ' For once, young Robert, we agree. This, well, we'll just have to show it to you, roll the tape.'

*tape feed*

The IWA Arena is shown, with an empty ring. The fans are beginning to get restless, when Kevin Sullivan leads The Seventh Day out through the curtain. Evad, Abuddah Singh, and Kronus, form a line across the walkway, leading out the new crown piece in Sullivan's stable, the former Steven 'Great' Dane. Dane has a hollow look in his eyes, and wears simple black trunks that come down to his thighs, and a spiked dog collar.

Sullivan leads Dane into the ring, as the rest of The Seventh Day take up positions on the outside. Sullivan demands a mic, and ask and ye shall recieve.

Sullivan: 'So it is said, so shall it be done. I brought forth a new day, and a new monster. DANE!'

Sullivan motions towards Dane.

Sullivan: ' Hase, this is a warning. I now control this beast. I can, I will, control you just as easily, as Abuddah Diem wills it. You have no recourse, no detour. January 30th, it comes from the darkness, and rises up, to swallow the IWA. A new era, an era of evil, deciet, jealousy. An era of craven decadance.

Do not fear it, for it can smell your fear, it will feed off it. Hase, the days are waning, your hour of judgement will soon be at hand. I will not pity you. I do not honor you. I do not respect you. These words I speak, they are truth. Soon, it will be done.

Now, I bring to you a second warning, a warning of the power of The Seventh Day. Tonight, three will go against three. You will see, Hase, you will see.'

Sullivan drops the mic, and rounds up his troops, as we cut out.


*cut feed*

Blackstone: ' I just don't know what to make of it anymore. I just know that Kevin Sullivan sends chills up my spine.'

LJB: ' I will admit, I would not have tea with the man. These are beyond mind games, but against a man like Hiroshi Hase, it will take more then this to get into his head. If anyone can do it, its Kevin Sullivan.'

Blackstone: ' Indeed. Fans, as you just saw, Sullivan laid down a challenge to any three men to take on three members of The Seventh Day. After this commercial break, we will see that match, as Ebony Experience, brothers Kole and Stevie Ray, teamed up with Jerry 'Lightning' Lynn, to fight the very faces of evil.'

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, and the match is JIP, about eight minutes in.

Dane, Evad, & Abuddah Singh w/ Kevin Sullivan & Kronus versus Ebony Experience & Jerry Lynn

Predictable Lynn beating by Dane as we JIP, as he slams the smaller man down, picks him up, and slams him down again, multiple times. This angers Kole enough to charge out of the corner, but he gets caught with a clothesline by Dane, who has thus far dominated the match, much to the delight of Sullivan. Kole's momentary distraction, however, allows Lynn to make a much needed tag to the powerhouse Stevie Ray, who charges in.

Stevie is a house of fire, blasting Dane with lefts and rights, and flapjacking him over, but a pinfall attempt is broken up by Evad, who catches a flapjack of his own for the trouble. Finally, with Sullivan distracting the ref, the trio of Seventh Day members is able to grind down Stevie Ray, and Singh goes to work with clubbing forearms to the back. Stevie gets driven to the mat, at which point Singh taunts the face corner, and EVERYONE INTO THE POOL! I think thats when you're supposed to use it. Anyway, Sullivan uses the massive distraction of the six men, plus Kronus, brawling, to slip Evad the Golden Spike, which he makes good use of on all three of the faces, and all this leads to Lynn taking the pinfall after a top rope Splash by Abuddah Singh, after all the confusion.

Winner(s): Singh, Dane, & Evad (Singh p. Lynn)


*cut feed*

Meanwhile, in the Batcave... I mean, the studio...

Blackstone: ' Fans, Kevin Sullivan's night wasn't quite over at this juncture, though he may have wished it was, because, as we're about to show you, Hiroshi Hase is not a man without friends.'

LJB: ' No he isn't, but that dosen't excuse this distasteful, disgusting, blatant violation of all that is sacred in the sport of professional wrestling!'

Blackstone: ' Kevin Sullivan kidnaps and brainwashes a guy, and you don't say anything, but this is distasteful, disgusting, and blatant?'

LJB: ' You heard me, young Robert. This is well outside the boundaries of the ring. Fans, decide for yourself, I am quite certain how you will see it.'

*tape feed*

Kevin Sullivan is making his way through the back hallways at the IWA Arena, in his normal hooded garment. As he turns a corner, he nearly runs into a figure in white, a wide brimmed Japanese style hat on his head, and covered, from head to tow, in Kanji tattoos. Sullivan takes a step back, and the figure, a staff in one hand, points out with the other.

Sullivan tries to continue around the man, but he cannot, as he is blocked at every turn. The man begins to berate Sullivan in Japanese, and finally, when Sullivan turns his back, spins him back facing him, and attacks! Sullivan fights back, and the two begin brawling up the hallway, with the white suited man getting the better of the battle. Finally, officials rush in and are able to pull the man off, but not until the damage is done, and Sullivan is pulled off by The Seventh Day.


*end feed*

Blackstone: ' We would soon discover not only this man's identity, but his motives as well. Roll that footage.'

*tape feed*

Once again in the hallways, this time the camera is focused on two men. One is the white suited man from before, the second is a man in a suit, who identifies himself as the first man's interperator. The man begins to speak, with the interperator translating it into English.

??: ' Kevin Sullivan, you made a grave mistake, one which is unexcusable, when you dishonored Hiroshi Hase's name. I, Jinsei Shinzaki, a student of the puroresu style of wrestling, of an honorable style of wrestling, have come to defend the name of a native son of Japan. I promise you, what happened today, it is only a taste of what I, and on January 30th, Mr. Hase himself, will inflict upon you. We value our honor above all else, and you have denied it. For this, you will suffer the wrath of the rising sun.

Mr. Sullivan, I challenge you, meet me in the ring, two weeks from now. I challenge your honor, I call upon your fighting spirit. If you are any kind of man, you will accept this challenge, or tempt the fate of a coward.'

With his piece said, Shinzaki bows his head towards the camera, and we fade out to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Blackstone: ' It now appears that Sullivan faces not one challenge, but two, as Jinsei Shinzaki made his presence felt, and challenged Sullivan to a match, one week from Thursday, at the IWA Arena. We've already recieved word that Sullivan has acknowledged this challenge, and will give his answer next week, live in Cornelia, Georgia.'

LJB: ' I don't see why Kevin Sullivan would accept the challenge of this rapscallion. There are proper ways of doing this sort of thing, not a backstage sneak attack, a... Pearl Harbor attack... hahahahaha...'

Blackstone: ' That... that was just wrong. Wrong, and unneccesary. I happen to know we have a large Japanese audience for this show. Fans, I apologize on behalf of my partner, and the IWA, for his... off color... remarks.'

LJB: ' Its called humor, Robert. If these cretins are too stupid to understand it, let them be offended.'

Blackstone: ' I think we best be moving on. Fans, closing the show tonight is the IWA North American Championship match between the reigning champion, Corporal Kirschner, and Curtis Thompson. Due to time restraints, we are unable to show you the match in its entirety, so we will be cutting to a midway point. Immediatley following the match, we'll be switching to your regular local programming, so don't forget to tune in next week, where, along with Kevin Sullivan, here in the studio, to give his answer to Jinsei Shinzaki's challenge, we'll also have all the action from Saturday's show at the IWA Arena. Don't forget. Now, roll that match!'

*tape feed*

Cpl. Kirschner © versus Curtis Thompson

IWA North American Championship

We're JIP with Thompson in control, as he executes a greco-roman gutwrench maneuver, sending Kirschner over, and bridging, but is unable to sustain the hold, and has to break the pinfall attempt. This close call seems to breath new life into Kirschner, as he begins to fight back with rights and forearms, and an atomic drop, before whipping Thompson to the ropes. A clothesline is dodged, and the two exchange blows in the corner, which Thompson getting the upperhand, and ramming Kirschner's head into the turnbuckle multiple times.

Kirschner staggers out of the corner, and gets locked up by Thompson, who uses his amatuer wrestling background to duck under Kirschner's arm, and get a waist lock, tripping the champion forward, and transitioning to a headlock. Kirschner fights to his feet, and forearms Thompson in the stomach, before sending him into the ropes, and shoulder blocking him down. A standing fist drop, followed by a knee, and finally an elbow drop, all combine for a two count, but this match is all but over, as when a groggy Thompson finally manages to rise to his feet, a crushing Lariat, sends him down for the count, and the V1 defense by Kirscher.

Winner and STILL IWA North American Champion: Cpl. Kirschner (V1)


Overall Rating: 51

Television Rating: 0.22

Current Card For

Big City Showdown

LIVE from the Atlanta Sports Arena, in Atlanta, Georgia

IWA World Heavyweight Championship

Kevin Sullivan versus Hiroshi Hase

Tag Team Grudge Match

The Thrillseekers versus Los Gringos Locos

Plus, the IWA North American Champion, Corporal Kirschner, will defend his title!

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IWA International Incident

Television Preview

If its Thursday, it must be IWA International Incident!

This week, Bobby Blackstone and Lord James Blears will be joined in the studio by the one and only crown prince of darkness, Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan will have his answer to last week's challenge by Jinsei Shinzaki!

Speaking of Jinsei Shinzaki, we'll have the tape of his first meeting with a member of The Seventh Day, where he takes on Kronus.

We'll also have what you DIDN'T see last week, involving Scott Anthony, and the IWA North American champion, Corporal Kirschner. Also, we'll have footage of Anthony's matchup from Saturday, as he took on Jerry Lynn.

We'll have all this, and the rest of the action from the IWA Arena, this Thursday, only on the Incident!

Check your local times and listing.

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