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World Wrestling Federation '93


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As the World Wrestling Federation neared the end of 1992 things were set for a new generation of Superstar to take the helm, that was to begin with Bret Hart defeating Ric Flair for the WWF Championship. Unfortunately no matter how well made a plan is, one thing can always change things-Injury. ..and no man is immune to such things, not even Bret Hart. Just a week before Hart was scheduled to win the WWF Title for the first time he faced Razor Ramon on Prime Time Wrestling. The match progressed fine until Hart was to be knocked over the top rope. Hart went over with more force than expected and was unable to correct himself in time and landed straight down with all his weight on his right foot. Hart immediately buckled to the floor, Hart told the referee as he checked on him to do a count-out finish but Ramon felt it wasn't a suitable end to the match. He exited the ring and whispered to Bret as he pulled him up and rolled him to the ring. Hart unable to stand remained on the mat as Ramon came in and taunted Bret. Razor stood over Hart and bent down and slapped him across the face, he looked out to the crow and laughed but Bret quickly hooked him into a small package and got the three count to win the match. Hart picked up a big win and the crowd had no idea just how seriously he was hurt. This was how the year 1992 would end for "The Hitman". As the year came to a close and Hart went to every doctor and surgeon around, getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th opinions we would learn he would not be able to step back into the ring for at least a year....

And so we begin, the year 1993 is upon us, Ric Flair remains the WWF Champion and God only knows what other changes may occur due to the ripple effect started by the injury of Bret Hart.

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WWF Roster

Face Heel

Main Event

Bret Hart *Injured

Hulk Hogan *On hiatus filming a crappy movie

Randy Savage

The Undertaker

Ric Flair


Upper Midcard

Mr. Perfect

Shawn Michaels

Lex Luger


Big Bossman

Bob Backlund

Brian Knobbs



Jerry Saggs

Jim Duggen


Marty Jannetty

Owen Hart

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner




Bam Bam Bigelow

Giant Gonzalez


Jerry Lawler


Papa Shango

Razor Ramon

Ted DiBiase

The Mountie

Lower Midcard


Jim Powers

Koko B. Ware

Max Moon

Beau Beverly

Blake Beverly

Dean Malenko

Doink The Clown


Red Rooster

Repo Man

Rick Martel




PJ Walker

The Kamikaze Kid

Barry Horowitz

Brooklyn Brawler

Damien Demento

The Berzerker


Reno Riggins

Ross Greenberg

Barry Hardy

Duane Gill

Glenn Ruth

Iron Mike Sharpe


Paul Bearer


Harvey Wippleman

James E. Cornette

Jimmy Hart

Luna Vachon

Mr. Fuji

Sensational Sherri


The Genius


WWF Champion - Ric Flair

WWF Intercontinental Champion - Shawn Michaels

WWF Tag Team Champions - Money Inc(Ted DiBiase & IRS)

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WWF SuperStars

January 2nd, 1993

Commentary Team - Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Bam Bam Bigelow def. PJ Walker - An easy win for the big man Bam Bam. Bigelow dominated Walker from the opening bell. Walker got in a small amount of offense but the tables were quickly turned back in Bam Bam's favor after he caught Walker coming off the ropes with a massive clothesline. Bigelow smelling blood went in for the kill from there finishing Walker off with his patented diving headbutt.

Overall: 58

Crowd: 50

Match: 67


The Headshrinkers(Fatu & Samu) w/Afa def. Ross Greenberg and Reno Riggins - Much like the opening match this was a very one sided bout. Samu and Fatu overpowered Greenberg and Riggins with ease. The Headshrinkers seemingly toyed with there opponents as they could have easily put them away at anytime but Afa instructed them to continue to punish them. Eventually Afa finally gave his boys the ok and Fatu put Riggins out of his misery.

Overall: 46

Crowd: 38

Match: 55


SuperStars returns from a commercial break as newcomer Mike Tenay stands by with the WWF Intercontinental Champion, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels.

Tenay: "Thank you for joining me, Shawn..."

Michaels: "The pleasure is without a doubt all yours, not many people get to stand this close to a true living legend like myself."

Tenay: "The year 1992 was a busy year for you and now you step into 1993 and into a new bunch of challengers for your Intercontinental Title...."

Michaels: "Now hold on there just a second, when you're talking about "The Heartbreak Kid" there's no challenge involved. The only thing there is a new group of little boys who want to try become men by beating me...but just like in '92 this year will be no different. I will enter the ring as the Champ and I will walk out with the gold still around my waist looking as only I can. Now if that's all I got better things to do than stand around talking to you..."

Shawn walks off but not before tipping his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose and giving a little wink...

Tenay: "The Intercontinental Champion....as confident as ever. Back to ringside."

Overall: 81

Debut Match

Dean Malenko def. Max Moon - In his WWF debut match Dean Malenko of the great Malenko wrestling family was pitted against Max Moon. The match started out quickly with Moon taking it to Malenko....but Dean was doing nothing more than waiting to pick his spot. This came as he came off the ropes and ducked a clothesline attempt by Moon. Moon turned around only to get nailed with a dropkick right on the knee. Moon went to the mat and Malenko went to work on his leg. After several minutes and a few failed comeback attempts by Moon, Malenko locked him up and turned him into the Texas Cloverleaf getting the victory by submission.

Overall: 59

Crowd: 56

Match: 63


High Energy(Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware) def. Barry Hardy and Barry Horowitz - Hardy and Horowitz tried to get an early advantage by jumping Koko and Owen before the bell rung...and for a sort time it appeared to work, but it only took one mistake for Hart to explode onto Hardy and turn the tables around. Owen and Koko from there put things in high gear and Hardy and Horowitz couldn't keep up with them. Owen put Hardy away after hitting a high cross body from the top turnbuckle to get the pinfall as Koko made sure Horowitz wasn't able to interject himself.

Overall: 45

Crowd: 43

Match: 48


"Don't miss the spectacular debut of WWF...."

user posted image

"Don't miss all your favorite WWF Superstars "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Razor Ramon in action. And in the Main Event we will see...."

user posted image

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Defend the..."

user posted image

"WWF World Championship against..."

user posted image

"Mr. Perfect"

Overall: 82

WWF SuperStars returns to the Main Event as....

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Crush - The veteran Lawler spent much of this match on his heels as Crush just overpowered The King. Lawler though picked his spots and broke any rule he could to get the advantage over Crush. Lawler poked, jabbed, choked and low-blowed his way into a successful offense. The King racked up a few near falls but just couldn't put Crush away for the three count. Lawler went to put Crush away with a piledriver but got blocked and back body dropped. Lawler got up only to get powerslamed. Crush continued working over Lawler looking to pick up the win but Lawler able to force Crush into the a turnbuckle he had exposed earlier in the match gave him his opening to strike. Lawler caught Crush as he came back out of the corner and rolled him up. that along with his feet on the bottom rope gave The King enough to secure the victory. Lawler though not waiting around quickly rolled out of the ring and got out of there as WWF SuperStars came to an end...

Overall: 70

Crowd: 68

Match: 72

Show Quality

Overall: 63

TV Rating: 4.54

Attendance: 5005


WCW Saturday Night

TV Rating: 2.11

Attendance: 5028


TV Rating: 0.14

Attendance: 329

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user posted image


All three Titles will be defended....

WWF Intercontinental Championship

"The HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels w/Sensatonal Sherri V/S "Macho Man" Randy Savage

WWF Tag Team Championship

Money Inc.("Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase & IRS) w/Jimmy Hart V/S High Energy(Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware)

Main Event

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair V/S Mr. Perfect

Also on the card

The Undertaker takes on The Mountie

Razor Ramon battles The Big Bossman

All this and much more on the debut of Monday Night Raw!

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Raw looks awesome, Especially for 1993. Savage versus HBK sounds so killer as well as Perfect/Flair. I see both men retaining their titles, Though the thought of Perfect/Flair at WM9 for the title would rock. Hopefully 1993 will be the year of the phenom :D

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January 4th, 1993

Commentary Team - Vince McMahon & James E. Cornette

McMahon: "Welcome everyone to the debut of Monday Night Raw! I'm Vince McMahon alongside James E. Cornette and what a night it is going to be. We have three titles on the line, Intercontinental, Tag Team and of course the Main Event where Ric Flair will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against r. Perfect..."

Cornette: "You sure said a mouthful, McMahon. This is ging to be a historic night to say the least."

Just before McMahon can get in a response the attention turns to the entranceway as WWF President Jack Tunney steps out carrying an unidentified championship belt.

McMahon: "Well looks like we're going to start things off with something from the President of the WWF, Jack Tunney..."

Tunney stands in the ring with the belt in one hand and a microphone in the other as he begins his address...

Tunney: "Ladies and gentleman I welcome you all to a historic night in the WWF, the very first edition of Monday Night Raw...."

Tunney pauses a brief moment as the crowd gives it's obvious approval. He waits for things to die down before he goes on...

Tunney: "Now I have three announcements to make so if you can remain silent and let me get through this the quicker we can get to what you all came to see. All right, now first of all in the Main Event tonight I am saying right here and now this match will be a strict one on one affair, if anyone and I mean anyone decides to get involved in anyway they will be suspended indefinately."

McMahon: "A good call by the WWF President, no one wants to see that match end anyway other than one man beating the other cleanly..."

Tunney: "Now the next two announcements concern the Royal Rumble pay-per-view less than two weeks away. First of all in the Main Event, the Royal Rumble match itself as usual will consist of thirty superstars in an over the top rope battle royal....but this year, the winner of that match will become the number one contender to the WWF Championship and will face the champion in the Main Event at WrestleMania IX!"

Nothing can stop the crowd from letting loose after that announcement. Tunney raises his hand to get them to settle down, eventually they do and he goes on...

Tunney: "Just one final announcement, as you have no doubt noticed I am carrying a championship belt in my other hand. This belt will commemorate the WWF's former flagship show, ladies and gentleman I give you the Prime Time Championship!"

Tunney holds the belt up as the crowd lets out a massive pop. Tunney again gives them the signal to settle down before he continues...

Tunney: "There will be an eight man tournament to crown the first champion. The finals of this tournament will take place at the Royal Rumble and the tournament itself will begin...Right now!"

The crowd reacts as expected as Tunney exits the ring. He walks over and hands a paper to The Fink as he steps into the ring to introduce the first match....

Overall: 62

Prime Time Title Tournament Round 1

Dean Malenko def. Crush - In this opening first round bout Malenko found himself in quite a predicament in only his second WWF match as he faced the much larger and more powerful Crush. Malenko used his greater speed to keep Crush on the move. Malenko hit and moved on the big man trying to put a dent in his armor. Eventually after taking a pretty good beating himself, Malenko managed to chop Crush down to size enough to hook in the Texas Cloverleaf and that was all she wrote.

Overall: 58

Crowd: 60

Match: 70


Monday Night Raw returns as Mike Tenay was in the back with The Tag Team Champions, Money Inc. and manager Jimmy Hart.

Tenay: "I am here with the WWF Tag Team Champions, Ted DiBiase and IRS along with Jimmy Hart. Thank you for joining me, in a few moments you will defend your tag team titles against an energetic tag team in Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware. Your thoughts?"

Tenay moves the mic towards DiBiase but Hart steps in...

Hart: "Let me tell you something Mike Tenay. You are looking at the greatest tag team ever put together. Two of the best technical wrestlers in the business. Now Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware may be a couple guys who can move around that ring but speed and energy doesn't matter much when you're being put to sleep by the Million Dollar Dream, baby!"

Tenay goes to speak to DiBiase who simply lets out one of his trademark sinister laughs before the three men walk off and we cut back to ringside...

Overall: 76

WWF Tag Team Championship

High Energy(Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware) def. Money Inc.(Ted DiBiase & IRS)© w/Jimmy Hart - The match started out just the way Owen and Koko wanted. They went straight into high gear and took it right to the champions. DiBiase and IRS spent much of the early portion of the match trying to find a way to slow there opponents down. Eventually the champs found an opening as DiBiase was able to roll out of the way of a top rope dropkick attempt by Hart. DiBiase pounced on Owen and he and IRS put the screws to him. DiBiase and IRS kept Hart cut off form his corner, even Jimmy Hart got involved by distracting the referee whenever it looked like Owen may make a tag to either allow the champs to double team and make an illegal switch or keep the referee from seeing the tag.

McMahon: "Koko B. Ware got the tag but the referee didn't see it and is making him leave the ring...this must be frustrating for Koko, he's watching his partner get torn apart and can't do anything about it..."

But don't count Owen out just yet. DiBiase was set to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, he got it hooked on Owen but Hart able to get over to the corner and use the turnbuckles to kick himself backwards ontop of DiBiase for a pin and a near fall before IRS came in to break it up. Seeing this as a chance to get himself into the match Koko came in and jumped all over IRS. The two started going at it as DiBiase and Hart started to get to there feet. DiBiase the more aware of the two clotheslined Owen knocking him into the referee. Owen and the ref go down, DiBiase goes over to help IRS with Koko as Jimmy Hart gets on the apron with IRS' metal case in hand. He hand it to IRS as DiBiase holds Koko up. IRS winds up and swings....

McMahon: "IRS NAILS DIBIASE! OH MY! Koko B. Ware somehow able to break free of DiBiase just in time and that metal briefcase just got drilled into the forehead of The Million Dollar Man!"

Koko B. Ware quickly drop-kicks IRS out of the ring before he can even react to his little mistake. Jimmy Hart still on the apron gets knocked down as well as Owen Hart clotheslines him off the apron before climbing to the top turnbuckle and coming off onto DiBiase with a big splash from the top! Owen with the cover as the referee comes to and makes the three count!


Cornette: "I don't know what to think, McMahon. It wasn't the cleanest of victories but in this case that's more the fault of the now former tag team champions...I don't think DiBiase will be very happy once he wakes up."

Overall: 58

Crowd: 67

Match: 62

Ted DiBiase lost overness from this match.

Owen Hart gained overness from this match.

Koko B. Ware gained of overness from this match.

The WWF Tag Team title has lost image.


Prime Time Title Tournament Round 1

Tatanka def. Papa Shango - In another first round match in the Prime Time Title Tournament the "Native American Warrior" Tatanka battled the Voodoo man Papa Shango. The two battled each other back and forth in what was not much more than a pure brawl, but in the end Tatanka came out on top after putting Shango away with a tomahawk chop off the top turnbuckle to advance in the tournament.

Overall: 56

Crowd: 67

Match: 54


Raw returns as once again Mike Tenay stands by in the back with The Mountie, though unusually absent is his manager Jimmy Hart.

Tenay: "Well I guess first off I have t ask where is Jimmy Hart?"

The Mountie: "That's none of your business, Tenay! And for that matter it doesn't matter, The Mountie is his own man! The Mountie can speak for himself and he can damn sure beat anyone in the WWF!"

Tenay: "Well speaking of which, tonight you step into the ring against none other than The Undertaker..."

The Mountie: "The Undertaker, everyone acts like he's some supernatural being that cannot be stopped....but it doesn't matter to The Mountie. Natural, supernatural...alive, dead, undead they all have to obey my law! The Mountie's law, and I always get my man!"

The Mountie lifts up his cattle prod...

The Mountie: "No matter what it takes!"

The Mountie walks off as the scene shifts back to ringside...

Overall: 60

Razor Ramon def. Big Bossman - The two men met up in the center of the ring before the bell was sounded. Ramon acting as cool and cocky as ever as Bossman gave him a little spiel in law and order. Ramon simply smirked at him before chucking his toothpick in Bossman's face. Not to thrilled by this Bossman floored Razor with a monster right hand and the match was underway. The two men from there brawled back and forth for much of the match. As things came to a head Ramon found himself on the arena floor where he took hold of Bossman's nightstick. Ramon concealed it well. Bossman reached out to pull Ramon back into the ring only to get the nightstick driven right across his skull. Ramon dropped the weapon to the floor before entering the ring and pinning Bossman for the victory.

Overall: 67

Crowd: 74

Match: 77


WWF Intercontinental Championship

"Macho Man" Randy Savage def. "The HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels© w/Sensational Sherri by DQ - In a definite Main Event quality match former WWF Champion Randy Savage challenged one of the brighter young stars and current Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels. Michaels also one of the more cocky wrestlers in the WWF got right into the face of Savage, but Savage not intimidated in the least by HBK. Savage though gets under the skin of the champion after he points to Sherri on the floor and makes a rather suggestive gesture.

McMahon: "Michaels fails to get under the "Macho Man's" skin but Savage has succeeded as he goaded HBK into throwing the first punch...."

Which Savage easily blocks as Michaels threw it wildly, Savage then floors HBK with a shot of his own. The match went on with Savage on the advantage for a good deal of it, finding a way to push Michaels' buttons at every turn....and after throwing everything he could think of at Savage and being unable to put him away Michaels reached his breaking point. He gestured out to Sherri who slipped him the Intercontinental title belt. Savage made his way over and went to pull Shawn to his feet but HBK was waiting for him and floored him with the belt.

McMahon: "Shawn Michaels just blatantly using that belt as a weapon right in full view of the referee, who with obvious reason is calling for the disqualification."

Michaels then slid out of the ring, sweat dripping down his body as Sherri rushed over to help him. The Fink announced Savage as the winner but Michaels made his way to the back exclaiming "I'm still the champion, I'm still the champion..."

Overall: 74

Crowd: 86

Match: 78


Raw returns once again to a face we are becoming more and more familiar with, that of Mike Tenay. This time Tenay is standing by with the WWF World Heavyweight Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Tenay doesn't even get a word out before Flair interjects himself with a long and loud....

Flair: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mike Tenay, get ready for the interview of a lifetime! You are standing next to the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, jack! Now I've been hearing people talk from miles around saying that the days of the Nature Boy are coming to an end. They say I've passed my prime and it's only a matter of time before someone younger knocks me off the top and takes my place....Well that ain't gonna happen! It ain't gonna happen next week, next month or next year...and it certainly won't happen tonight. Maybe someday someone will come along that will take the Nature Boy to the mat and make him see his career flash before his eyes but it isn't going to be you Perfect! Tonight the Nature Boy flies high and at the end of the night he will still be the World Heavyweight Champion..."

Flair begins to walk off but stops and gives another quick, "WOOOOOOOOO!" before walking off camera and we cut back to ringside...

Overall: 88

The Undertaker def. The Mountie - Despite his words earlier in the show The Mountie seemed a tad off his game without Jimmy Hart at his side. The Canadian Lawman made a good effort but it seemed tonight that he could do nothing to The Undertaker. The Mountie threw everything he had at the deadman but he just kept coming. The Mountie became desperate and grabbed his cattle prod from his corner, he was set to use it but when he turned around all he got was a mouthful of 'Takers boot. The Mountie went down and his weapon flew to the floor. The Undertaker stood poised waiting. The Mountie stumbled to his feet only to get scooped up and drilled int the canvas with the Tombstone! Undertaker crossed the arms of The Mountie across his chest for the pin.

McMahon: "What a victory for The Undertaker!"

Cornette: "He's probably the most dangerous man in the WWF right now, McMahon...and h just showed why."

McMahon: "He sure has and...what in the world? It's...It's Razor Ramon!"

Ramon sneaking down the aisle as The Undertaker kneels in the ring paying homage to the urn carried by Bearer. Ramon scoops up the cattle prod dropped by The Mountie earlier and slides into the ring. Bearer looks up and sees him coming but before he can say anything to warn The Undertaker it's to late. Ramon charges the cattle prod and jabs it right into the back of his neck shocking him senseless. The Undertaker drops to the mat, Bearer makes a move towards Razor, but Ramon easily dispatches of him with a single right hand. Bearer drops the urn and falls to the mat. Ramon picks it up and places it by the head of The Undertaker before taking the cattle prod and sticking it into the ribs of the Undertaker. Officials rush out to put an end to this but Ramon walks away of his own accord, but not before tossing a toothpick at Bearer who has propped himself up in one of the corners.

Cornette: "Maybe I spoke to soon, McMahon...Razor Ramon may very well be the most dangerous man in the WWF!"

McMahon begins to speak but nothing understandable comes out as suddenly the lights in the arena go out completely and we hear....


The sound echoes across the arena as a single light comes on over the ring where we see The Undertaker still in a prone position with the urn at his head, but then suddenly he sits up!

McMahon: "HE SAT UP! HE SAT UP! I don't believe it! Is there anything that can stop him?"

That's just what one Razor Ramon is thinking as he feels the gaze of The Undertaker burning it's way through him. Razor slowly backs up the aisle with a look of utter disbelief on his face as The Undertaker does nothing more than sit in the middle of the ring staring out at him....

Overall: 62

Crowd: 73

Match: 62


WWF World Heavyweight Championship

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair© def. Mr. Perfect - The anticipation for this match was high, the crowd was on the edge of there seats as both men were introduced and met in the middle of the ring. Flair and Perfect stared into each others eyes, neither saying a word, neither blinking. Finally Flair put an end to the tension with a "WOOOOOOOO!" right in Perfects face followed by a hard open handed slap. Perfect recoiled back then lunged forward with everything he had slapping the champion right across the face. Flair taken off guard drops down to a seated position and Mr. Perfect looks down at him and let's out a "WOOOOOOOO!" of his own before tilting his head back, spitting out his gum and slapping it away.

McMahon: "Flair taken by surprise here, I don't think he expected such a response from the challenger here...."

Flair got to his feet slowly and the two men circled each other as the bell rung to officially start the match. The two men battled back and forth or the first ten minutes of the match with neither man able to really get a clear advantage over the other....and the frustration was beginning to show on both of there faces. Both men tossing everything in there arsenal at there opponent only to kick out, escape the hold or respond with an equally hard shot of there own. As we neared the eighteen minute mark things began to shift as Mr. Perfect found himself with a real upper hand for the first time in the match and looked to be on the verge of becoming the new WWF Champion.

McMahon: "Mr. Perfect could very well be only moments away from winning the World Heavyweight Champion, we could be seeing history in the making...."

Cornette: "Don't count Ric Flair out until his shoulders have been pinned to the mat for a three count, McMahon. He hasn't gotten to where he is by being easily beaten..."

But Flair was on the verge of being beaten here as the challenger began to hook him up for the end. Perfect with Flair's head hooked and his leg cinched, ready to execute the Perfect-Plex. Mr. Perfect started to hoist Flair up but only got him halfway up when Flair was able to shift his weight back taking Perfect down with him and hooking him into a small package for the pin...."ONE.....TWO.....THREE!" Perfect kicks out of it but a spit second to late....

McMahon: "OH MY! Ric Flair retains the title after an intense battle. He has once again proven why he is such a great champion...."

Flair to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory as he is announced the victor as Mr. Perfect sits on the mat...just a look of shock on his face. Flair now turns his attention to the man who was one move away from beating him and extends his hand. Perfect stares at it for a moment before taking it, Flair pulls Perfect to his feet and the two look at each other for a moment before shaking hands....

Cornette: "A great show of sportsmanship here, McMahon. Ric Flair is truly a class act..."

McMahon: "As is Mr. Perfe...."

Before McMahon can finish his thought Mr. Perfect clotheslines Flair out of nowhere. The entire audience goes dead silent in shock at what they are seeing as Perfect just stomping on the exhausted World Champion. Perfect hoists Flair up and hooks him up into the Perfect-Plex once again, this time though he hits it. Perfect holds onto it for a few seconds before letting go and getting to his feet.

McMahon: "Mr. Perfect showing his true colors here tonight, ladies and gentleman...a poor sport and a sore loser!"

Cornette: "And now he's taking the WWF Championship belt..."

Perfect with the belt in hand looks at it and down to Flair as he simply says, "This title is mine! Nobody beats Mr. Perfect! NOBODY" Perfect then drops the belt down on the mat next to Flair before spitting on the champion and walking away as Monday Night Raw comes to a close....

Overall: 76

Crowd: 89

Match: 77

The WWF World title has lost image.

Show Quality

Overall: 67

TV Rating: 5.68

Attendance: 5015

Edited by BlackFlagg
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Good show, HBK/Savage could be a good feud, But Sherri wasn't with Michaels at the start of '93 IIRC. I think she had already left him by then. Anyways, Perfect turning could work, But I'd prefer him as a top face against Flair. I like the way you're easing Malenko, But I hope you don't push him too fast. Owen/Koko shocked me with the titles, But it could lead to bigger things for DiBiase. A Razor/Taker feud is excellent too. Keep up the good work :D

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Guest Prototype

Good show. The tag title switch really shocked me. I hope you keep Perfect a face and have a big feud with Flair. Im interested to see how a new title will work. It seems a little too similar to the IC title.

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Guest Prototype

I meant that it sounded similar because it was a mid-card title, like the IC title. I hope it doesnt get too jumbled and it be passed around alot, like when the WWF had the IC and Euro, and even Hardcore titles all at once. But I think it will be good if you keep it as a lower mid card title and keep it and the IC title's prestige seperate.

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WWF SuperStars

January 9th, 1993

Commentary Team - Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Skinner def. Ross Greenberg - In a completely one sided match Skinner dominated Greenberg from bell to bell. In the 2:35 the match lasted Greenberg got about 10 seconds worth of offense in before the gator man put him away with ease.

Overall: 37

Crowd: 32

Match: 52


The Nasty Boys def. Duane Gill and Glenn Ruth - The Nasty Boys looking to get back in the hunt for the tag team titles showed they were as dominate as ever in this match. Gill and Ruth didn't know what hit them as Knobbs and Saggs went right at them from the opening bell and didn't stop until they hit Ruth with a double DDT for the win.

Overall: 47

Crowd: 44

Match: 62


SuperStars returns as Mike Tenay stands in the back along with none other than former WWF Champion, "Macho Man" Randy Savage...

Tenay: "Just five days ago you faced the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels on the debut of Monday Night Raw and looked to be on the verge of becoming the new champion..."

Savage cuts Tenay off...

Savage: "You got it, Tenay! I had ole HBK, BEAT! I had him right where I wanted him until he decided to hit me with the Intercontinental Championship! Big mistake, Michaels...BIG MISTAKE Oh yeah, all you did "HeartBreak Kid" was wake up the "Madness" inside of me. It had been dormant for some time but now it's AWAKE! It's awake and it's coming for you...IT'S COMING FOR YOU! And there ain't no stopping it. You won't know where, you won't know when, but one day you're going to wake up without that Intercontitenal Title around your waist...because the "Madness" is back....DIG IT!"

Savage walks off as Tenay kicks it back up to the ring...

Overall: 89


Round 1 Prime Time Title Tournament

Bam Bam Bigelow def. Jim Duggan - In one of the two feature matches of the night "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan faced Bam Bam Bigelow in the first round of the Prime Time Title Tournament. Gorilla Monsoon made the call of it being like "Two train colliding." as Bigelow and Duggan went at it. Duggan clearly with the crowd behind him but that wouldn't be enough as the Beast from the East put "Hacksaw" away after hitting his patented headbutt from the top turnbuckle to advance in the tournament.

Overall: 57

Crowd: 66

Match: 61

Jim Duggan lost overness from this match.

Bam Bam Bigelow gained overness from this match.

Repo Man def. Reno Riggins - In the shortest match of the night Repo man made his way to the ring only to hide under the ring. Riggins went out to look for him and as he looked under the ring he was suddenly dragged under. Less than a minute later Repo Man came out alone, got in the ring and told the referee to count. Eventually the referee called for the bell and gave Riggins the ten count. Repo Man skulked back after being declared the winner, during the following commercial break Riggins was pulled out from under the ring where he had been hog tied....

Overall: 39

Crowd: 32

Match: 56


SuperStars returns to a close-up of the massive Yokozuna. The camera pans back as we see Mike Tenay and Mr. Fuji as well. Tenay begins to speak but Fuji stops him...

Fuji: "Don't waste breathe, Mike Tenay. My Yokozuna here on WWF SuperStars for one reason, to enter name in Royal Rumble...Where my Yokozuna beat 30 other superstars to go to WrestleMania and become new WWF Champion."

Tenay: "Do you have anything to add, Yokozuna?"

Yokozuna just stares into the camera intensely before yelling "BANZAI"

Overall: 75

Yokozuna lost overness from this segment.

We go back to ringside as the next match is ready to begin...

The Kamikaze Kid def. Brooklyn Brawler - The Kamikaze Kid looking impressive as he dazzled the audience and his opponent with several high risk moves. The Brawler did his best to try and keep his opponent grounded but eventually he was unable to keep up with the speed of the Kid which led to his defeat. The Kamikaze Kid came off the top rope with a missile dropkick that put the Brawler away for the three count.

Overall: 45

Crowd: 34

Match: 69


Round 1 Prime Time Title Tournament

The Dynamite Kid def. Doink The Clown - The Dynamite Kid making his big return to the WWF here, and with a chance to become the first Prime Time Champion as he faced the mischievous Doink the Clown. Doink tried to sucker Dynamite in at the start of the match with a handshake but Dynamite didn't fall for it. From there Doink used any and every opening to try to pick up the win no matter what he had to do but Dynamite just would not go down. The match came to an end as Dynamite moved out of the way of a Whoopee Cushion attempt by Doink. Doink just landed flat on the mat and Dynamite pulled him up, sent him in the ropes and caught him with a powerslam as he came off. Dynamite from there went to the top rope and put Doink away with a swan dive headbutt.

Overall: 59

Crowd: 61

Match: 72

Show Quality

Overall: 56

TV Rating: 5.64

Attendance: 5036


WCW Saturday Night

TV Rating: 2.14

Attendance: 5006


TV Rating: 0.15

Attendance: 328

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