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Superman: Casting News


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Lois Lane and Lex Luthor Picked For The New Superman Movie

Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth are two of the latest names officially confirmed for the new Superman movie, scheduled for release in 2006. They will be playing Lex Luthor and Lois Lane, respectively.

The movie is said to feature Superman returning to Earth after a prolonged absence, but it doesn't explain how he now manages to look younger than his teenage self. In Variety, director Bryan Singer has said he does not intend to tread on what has been done with Smallville. "It's a little like X-Men, where the mutants existed when the movie began," Singer said. "It's not an origin story; I didn't want to remake what Richard Donner did so well in the original, and didn't want to tread on the great work they're doing on Smallville. He's already part of the culture; he has left the planet. This is the story of his return."

For more on the new Superman movie, look all over the web. Superman-V.com is a good place to start. KryptonSite still will remain to be about Smallville the television series, and not the big-screen adaptation. And of course, before anyone worries - even though the Warner Bros. movie division is preparing a new Superman movie, production on Smallville - the young adventures of Clark Kent - will continue.

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Kevin Spacey is a lot better than the rumors floating back in 2003 about it possibly being Rob Lowe as Luthor....


Wish Gene Hackman could be him again...

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if i haddent seen the original superman movies and someone would tell me to chose betwen spacy and heckman i´ed pick stacy, they are both good actors but spacy just fit´s the optical profile better in my eyes, after heckman was that good in the original movies i can understand people that want him back, but i think some of you guys are to hard on spacy, he usualy was brilliant wen he had a good script (meaning, scew k-pax and live of david gale :D)

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