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An Indy wrestling Game!


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How good would a game with Indy wrestling promotions in it be just think how cool it would be to control Raven, AJ Styles or even John Zandig. They could put promotions like ROH, CZW and TNA in them or even a create a federation and you have to sign your own talent from the indy scene. I know this would be difficult with people coming and going from indy promotion what do you guys think

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Well PWX is in the works at the moment Zero, they're currently building a fully playable demo, they've got full funding from the canadian government.

That's certainly good news, I haven't been reading the newsletter much lately. But just because it's in development doesn't mean we'll ever see it. Still, the fact that they made it this far is worthy of a big thumbs up.

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PWX? Never heard of it. Somebody care to expand on it?

PWX, or Pro Wrestling X, is a game being designed by Dave Wishnowski, founder of Wrestling Gamers United. WGU banded together about two and a half years ago after Wishnowski was sharing his displeasure about WMX8 for Gamecube on a Gamefaqs message board. The game was a blatant rip off and and really the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to THQ's handling of the WWE license. Lots of fans were pissed off and tired of the half-assed games they'd been getting. Smackdown 3 was absolute garbage and then THQ hyped up WMX8 as the wrestling game Nintendo fans had been waiting for since No Mercy. So this guy is on a message board complaining about it and someone says, "Well you couldn't do any better!"

Well, he kinda took that to heart and has made it his mission for the last two and half years to make the ultimate wrestling game. Fans banded together and would get weekly newsletters from Dave about him laying the groundwork to make a game. He's gotten funding from the Canadian government apparently and he has a design team working on a demo. It's really a surreal thing that they've lasted this long. Here's the website:

Wrestling Gamers United

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I dissagree that an indy wrestling game wouldn't sell enough for it to be worth making. I mean, how many crappy/cult-following/sleeper/limited-marketablility games come out each year? The Armored Core series has a new expansion pack/sequel out damn near every 8 months, and I'd bet more people would buy an indy wrestling game than any Armored Core game since AC2. Look at Legends of Wrestling, they're on the 3rd or 4th sequel to that franchise, and before that there were WWF and ECW games on the same exact engine. And those games all sucked, hard. Backyard Wrestling even got a sequel, and that game sucked just as bad, AND the biggest draw in the game was Sabu.

If a piece of crap like Backyard Wrestling can get a sequel, a well-done game featuring RoH, PWG, IWA:MS and ideally some 'fake' japanese wrestlers(Like WCW/nWo World Tour) would sell at least enough to warrant putting one game out.

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For every one person who would buy it, there'd be ten who wouldn't.

I don't know, 9% of the total global population seems like a pretty decent-selling game to me... <_<

Oh don't you start, I was just pointing out that it was going to be a much smaller audience than what the studios would need to make their money back.

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A PC wrestling game that was highly customizable would be so great,

That's the basic idea behind Pro Wrestling X... less gimmicks and flash, more customizable stuff and badass gameplay. I suggest you sign up for their newsletter since it looks like the game will be going full-speed ahead this year. Possibly may even see a 2006 release date.

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Ugh, Everyone saying EWR, stop being smartasses.

I assume that he meant a 3D Game.

And Zero that link didn't work.

Ah fuck me, try this one


Well ass, that one's down right now too... here's the pretty much official fan site though:


And yes, we're talking about a 3D Indy Wrestling game for consoles, not a text based sim.

Edited by Zero
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