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Pick me some computer games


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I have a whopping $82 to spend.

I want some computer games.

Suggest me some.

System specs:

Athlon 2200+ processor


Radeon 9200SE GFX card


So please, don't suggest me a game that's beyond my system specs. I'll look into games with online play, so if a reason for suggesting the game is online play, make sure you have something to support the "It's decently playable on dialup internet" argument.

Games I have:


Sims 1 (Livin Large and Vacation expansion packs)

Sims 2

Roller Coaster Tycoon


Wrestling Spirit

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I was going to say Half-Life 2, but then I saw your RAM. I'd probably upgrade to atleast 768 MB's of RAM before getting Half-Life 2.

Anyways, I was going to get Star Wars Battlefront today, but then decided against it. Maybe you'd like it?

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Fallout and Fallout 2 should work on your system. I had that when I had my older, shit computer and it worked very nicely. The game rocks plus its cheap as hell too. I believe that I got both games for like 10 bucks.

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If your comp can't handle Rome - Total War you should get Medieval - Total War. The second best strategy game ever made.

Also definately look into Civ 3. Both are internet play (if you have Civ 3 expansion packs there is a deluxe edition out) M/RTW are RTS battles so may not work but Civ 3 is turn based and should be ok with your connection.

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I agree with Kou and Triplexpac, Grim Fandango and Monkey Island own all, they are trully amazing, if you're into them type of games that is.

I liked Max Payne for the short time we had it, (the CD magically disapeared). You could probally get it cheap now, not sure what Max Payne 2's like tho.

Grim Fandango

Monkey Island(all of them)

Max Payne

Command and Conquer are pretty good games.

Swat 3(A great tactical game)

Deus X

Neverwinter Nights

All great games, tho thats my opinion, you might think otherwise.

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