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WWE : Through The Eyes Of A Superstar...


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This diary is a bit different for two reasons.

1. It's my first attempt at a diary.

2. It's not written as a booker, but as a wrestler.

Hopefully, it'll turn out alright, and not suck too much. :P

What'll happen is that I will be writing from the point of view of a worker on WWE Raw, and will follow the WWE storylines to start with, but once I feel more comfortable with it, I'll start to branch off, whilst hopefully keeping it realistic. I won't be booking Smackdown, as it's working as different promotions in this game.

So, without further ado, heres the roster!

Faces are Blue, Heels are Red, Tweeners are Green

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

The Rock

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

Upper Carders

Chris Jericho


Shelton Benjamin




Mid Carders

Eugene Dinsmore


Matt Hardy


Val Venis



Gail Kim


Johnny Nitro

Molly Holly

Randy Orton



Lower Carders

Chris Glen (Thats me!)





Steven Richards

Tommy Dreamer


Christopher Nowinski (Out with injury)

Chuck Palumbo

Garrison Cade

Mark Henry (Out with injury)

Rob Conway

Rodney Mack (Out with injury)



Stacy Keibler

Ric Flair

William Regal

Non Wrestlers

Al Snow

Jerry Lawler

Lance Storm

Mick Foley

Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon


Eric Bischoff

Jonathan Coachman

The backstory will be up in a moment, with the first Raw following shortly afterwards. All criticism is accepted, although not as warmly as praise, and, be gentle. It's my first time.

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The ringing phone woke me up. Even bleary-eyed, I was excited. Could this be the call I had been waiting for?

"Hello, Chris here."

"Hello Chris, this is Jim Ross. We've been meeting with Mr McMahon all morning, and we finally made a few decisions. Some of the OVW trainees are being called up today."

This is it. I had been waiting for two years for this call.

"Well Chris, among the names being called up was Horshu, Seven, and Travis Bane. And you of course."

My heart leapt. I was finally being called up to the WWE! I couldn't believe it; my hard work had finally paid off!

"They're all being given new names gimmicks of course, but we weren't sure which way to go with you. We wanted you to come down today to the arena, have a dark match before Raw, show us what you can do, before we decide how to market you. How's that sound?"

"That sounds amazing! Thank you so much, Mr Ross I'll be down immediately!"

After hanging up, I sat down, allowing it to sink in.

This is my big chance. I got to be at my best today, I couldn’t screw this up.

I got up, and got ready. Knowing how important this is, I desperately searched for the perfect outfit, finally deciding on short pants and a baggy shirt. Satisfied, I left my apartment, and got into my car.

Sure, it's only a Ford now, but wait till I start pulling in the big bucks! I'm goin to the WWE baby!

I drove my crappy car to the arena Raw was being held, and got out. I stared at the marquee before heading inside.

'WWE Raw : Chris Benoit V Shawn Michaels, World Heavyweight Championship'
Hah! Soon it'll be my name up there!

Grinning, I headed inside the arena, and found Jim Ross. He was busy with a few of the superstars. Despite my big ego, I was in awe of them, my heroes. For the past two years, I had worked my ass off to make it to the big leagues. To get my chance in the spotlight, and now it was happening. After a long time training to even make it into OVW, I was overjoyed at seeing such stars as Spike Dudley, Steven Richards and Lance Storm, coming down to show us how it was done. But that was nothing compared to this. What better way to get accustomed to the WWE than to have the first person you meet be the Former World Heavyweight Champion himself, Triple H? And over there, was Chris Jericho! Before I could approach any of them, Jim Ross pulled me aside. Shaking hands, he introduced me to Eric Bischoff.

"Eric, I'd like you to meet the guy I was talking about. I saw him down in OVW, and I think he'd do great. You'll like him, his names Chris...uh, Chris Glen."

"It's an honour to meet you sir!"

"Now you don't have to call me sir, we're all a big family here aren't we? You got a match tonight, right? A dark match?"

"Uh, yes I do! That’s why I'm here, I w.w..wanted to get to know my way around. I really hope I get to continue here, it's always been my d..dream!"

I couldn't believe it. Five minutes of meeting Eric Bischoff and I had the stutters.

"Yeah well, if you’re as good as JR says you are, you should have no problem fitting in. Listen, I gotta go, but good luck in your match tonight kid."

He left before I could respond, but in a way, I was glad. My stuttering had embarrassed both of us, but Jim Ross didn't seem to mind. I didn't realise until later why, but it helped calm me down. JR showed me around, and after brief introductions, led me to the ring, where, I was told, my opponent would be. It turned out to be my OVW buddy, John Hennigan! But now, he was called Johnny Nitro, and was Bischoff's on screen lackey. When he saw me, he waved me over, and we went through a basic plan for the match.

"Remember, it's a dark match, so it's not that important that you play a role, but make sure you are careful, got it?"

For the rest of the day, I caught up with John, as we planned out our match. I was lucky to have someone I was comfortable with in my first match. God knows I reacted badly enough with Eric Bischoff. I would have ended up just standing there if it was a serious wrestler.

"Hey, whadya mean serious?! I'm serious as well!"

I started to worry. Listening to John's jokes, I worried that he might not take me seriously tonight, and I wouldn't be called back. But I knew I could do it. John always was a joker, but I knew I was going to realise my dream, and nothing would stop me.

"Stop dreaming and take me down, you dumbass!"

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Bastard. Great start this is. I just spent ages writing up a good show, and my crappy computer goes and loses it. Just my typical luck. Anyway, sorry, I'll have to do it tomorrow, I'm too tired to try and rewrite it now. Bah.

*feels like crying*

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I could see the arena was starting to fill up. My match was next, but I had everything down for the match in my mind. Now I just needed to wait for the go word.

The Dark Match

There was little reaction from the crowd as we made our way to the ring. Maybe it was because they had never saw either of us wrestle before, maybe it was because they knew it wasn't on television. Whatever, it'll not stop me from wowing them! I went over the spots in my mind as the bell rang, and Johnny Nitro charged me. Quickly, I sidestepped him, and drove him straight into the turnbuckle. Before he could recover, I came running up with a dropkick to his head, and we both fell to the ground. I wasn't the one who just got kicked in the head though! I sprang back to my feet, and jumped up the turnbuckle, just as Nitro was getting up, and hit him again in the back of his head, with a missile dropkick that almost knocked him out of the ring. As I got up, I tried to lift Johnny's head, but he came back with a vengeance, throwing left hand after right hand at me! I must have stiffed him on the head; he was swinging hard with his punches, forcing me to cover up. He forced me backwards to the ropes, where he whipped me to the other side, and prepared to backdrop me, but instead, I leapfrogged over his head. As he turned, I bounced off the middle rope, and flipped straight over his head, rolling into a schoolboy pin as I landed. 1....2...no! As the referee signalled a two count, Nitro rolled out of the ring, to catch his breath. Here it comes, the big spot. I took a breath, measuring the distance to my opponent, and ran up the turnbuckle, and dived out of the ring with my corkscrew bodysplash! But...Nitro saw it coming and spun out of the way! I crashed on the mat, hearing the crowd get into my bombing, but before I could recover, Nitro had thrown me into the ring. I tried to stand, but Johnny took me down with a textbook DDT, and climbed the top rope. Knowing what was coming, I tried to shuffle into position, but even then, Johnny almost blew his move. Almost, but didn't. The crowd cheered when they saw Johnny Nitro come off the turnbuckle with his Shooting Star Leg Drop, but realised he was a heel, just in time to boo when he picked up the three count. 1...2...3!

Rating = 63%

The match was over. I rolled out of the ring, and stumbled down the aisle to the back. By this time, Jim Ross had left to join the King at the commentary table, so for now, all I had to do was sit back, try to recover, and enjoy Raw.

user posted image

*The pyro exploded on the entranceway as the Raw theme blasted out over the PA system, heralding the start of Raw*

JR : This is Jim Ross with Jerry the King Lawler! Welcome to Raw!

King : We got a hell of a show tonight JR, how about the main event? Shawn Michaels versus Chris Benoit! With the World Heavyweight title on the line, this is gonna be great, oh I can't wait JR!

JR : Well King, here comes our Champ now!

Chris Benoit's music hits as he walks out to the stage. Both his titles over his shoulder, Benoit walked to both sides of the stage, and held his belts high before approaching the ring. Once inside, he strapped the Tag Team Title belt around his waist, allowing him to hold a microphone in his free hand.

Benoit : Last week, on Raw, the number one contendership for my World Title, was decided. In a Battle Royal, it could have been any man on this roster. But when it came down to it, it was Kane, it was Kane that won the chance to face me, at Badd Blood. The big, red, monster. At Badd Blood, you are going to see something you will never have seen before. At Badd Blood Kane, you will, tap, out!

Rating = 77%

Benoit leaves the ring, and heads up the ramp, when the camera cuts to the locker rooms. We see Victoria polishing her Women’s Title, when Molly Holly appears and knocks her down and straddles her, Molly starts lashing out at Victoria.

The champ tries to turn the tables, but is overpowered when Gail Kim appears, and starts putting the boots to her. Eventually, the backstage crew pull the divas apart, as Molly tries to rip out Victoria's hair.

King : Puppies! Oh! JR look, puppies! Wheee!

Rating = 80%

Just as the crew break the fight up, Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair walk past. They watch as the two divas are pulled apart, and are about to walk away when someone bumps into them.

Eugene : I'm sorry, I didn't see you! Where’s TRIPLE H? Vroom!

Orton : Oh my God, would you look at this freak! What, what are you supposed to be? An aeroplane?!

Flair : Nah, hahah! He's supposed to be a wrestler!

Evolution busts a gut laughing, as Eugene looks sad and confused. Evolution suddenly stops laughing though, as Shelton Benjamin is seen behind Eugene.

Benjamin : He might be a freak, but it's you guys that are retards!

Evolution attempt to jump Benjamin, but Bischoff quickly intervenes, breaking up the two parties.

Bischoff : Hey! Hey no! No! Stop it right now! I am sick of this! No more fighting! I'm sick of this! Last week, I had Triple H and Shawn Michaels beat the hell out of each other, I have divas trying to kill each other, and now this! You know what? From now on, if you got differences to settle, do it in the ring. Up next, it's gonna be Batista and Randy Orton, versus Shelton Benjamin and Eugene! Now get out of here, save it for the ring!

Rating = 70%

Shelton Benjamin and Eugene make their way to the ring, this time without William Regal. Inside the ring, Eugene waves to the fans from the top turnbuckle, whilst Shelton limbers up. Evolutions music hits, but it's Ric Flair that appears from the back. Confused, Benjamin never saw Orton and Batista come from the crowd, and attack him from behind. Eugene rushes over, and Batista tries to simply throw him away, so was amazed when Eugene took him down with an arm drag! Batista gets up and charges at Eugene, on to receive a drop toehold, which send him flying through the ropes. The referee sends Eugene to his corner, which receives boos from the fans. Randy Orton and Benjamin start things off, throwing punches back and forth, until Orton delivers a kick to the stomach, and follows up with a suplex. Orton drags Shelton to his corner, and tags in Batista. They double-team him for a few seconds, both stomping Benjamin into the mat. They take turns weakening Benjamin, allowing him to get in zero offence, but never managing to keep him down for the three count. Batista tags Orton back in, but not before delivering a massive spinebuster to Benjamin. Orton takes control, and hits a DDT on Benjamin. He decides it's time to finish it, and sets up Shelton for the RKO, but it's reversed! Shelton pushes Orton against the ropes, giving him enough time to reach his corner. Eugene is tagged in! Orton tries his uppercut, but Eugene takes him down with a standing croassface! Batista comes in with a clothesline to Eugene, but Benjamin is back up! Benjamin tries a kick to the gut, but Batista catches it. Shelton spins, and hits the Dragon Whip! Batista is out! Eugene has the crossface locked in......and Orton taps out! Evolution has been beaten by Eugene and Benjamin! Benjamin and Eugene slide out of the ring leaving Evolution screaming at the referee, Eugene hugging Benjamin and waving to the fans.

Rating = 74%

JR : Yes! Eugene picked up the win! And he kicked ass doing it! Good for you Eugene goo...AGH!

The pyro from Kane’s entrance almost blew JR from his seat. Kane makes his way to the ring, easily stepping over the ropes, and awaits his opponent.


            MATT HARDY

            VERSION 1.0

            NOW LOADING = 70%

Matt Hardy sprints down the ramp, and into the ring, desperate to get his hands on the big red machine. Punch follows after punch as Hardy relieves his stress and anger onto Kane, but the monster simply threw Matt away, and shrugged off the blows. Matt jumped to his feet and charged Kane again, this time met by a big boot. Kane grabs Matt's throat and drags him to his feet, and, one chokeslam later, the match was over.

Rating = 79%

Kane kicks Hardy out of the ring, and grabs the mic from a terrified Lillian Garcia.

Kane : I proved myself last week, of being worthy of the World Heavyweight title!

I single-handedly, beat twenty men in this ring! And come Badd Blood I will become the new World Champion! And I will make Benoit feel my pain!!!

Rating = 81%

JR : That son of a bitch! He just destroyed Matt Hardy, and then forgot all about him! I hope Benoit beats some feeling into that big sick son of a bitch! I'm sorry King, but I do!

King : Your about to have a heart attack JR! Calm down, just watch the main event, it's up next!

Howard Finkel : This next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship! It will be one falls, and introducing first is the challenger. From San Antonio Texas, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring, stopping every now and then to dance. Halfway down the ramp, he stops to pose, allowing his pyro to go off behind him. Eventually, he gets in the ring, and removes his entrance attire.

Howard Finkel : And now, from Alberta, Canada, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit!

Benoit then appears, again, posing with his title belts before walking to the ring. Once inside, they stare off as they bell rings. The match goes back and forth, neither man taking the decisive advantage. Both men attempt their finishers and fail, both try for multiple pins, which also fail. Now, Benoit had hit the three German suplexes, and had signalled for the finish! The fans went nuts as Benoit climbed the turnbuckle, and dived off with a perfect headbutt, but! The heartbreak Kid managed to roll out of the way in time, sending the champ crashing headfirst into the mat. Michaels tried to cover Benoit, when out of nowhere, Triple H appeared in the ring. The crowd were livid as they watched Triple H deliver a Pedigree to his former friend. The referee threw out the match, but Triple H didn't care. He left the ring, smiling at what he had done, until an explosion on the ramp knocked him over. He looked up in panic, and saw Kane walking solemnly down to the ring. Triple H tried to back away from Kane, but the monster grabbed his throat, and chokeslammed him right on the ramp way! Kane then climbed in the ring, and did the same thing to Shawn Michaels, chokeslam straight to Hell! Benoit finally got up, dragging himself up with the ropes, looking around to see his opponent laying on his back, to see Triple H down on the ramp, and finally, to see the Big Red Monster standing in front of him. Benoit charged Kane, but got scooped up into a Tombstone Piledriver! Kane drove Benoit into the mat on his bad neck! Kane then started laughing as he rolled out of the ring, as Raw went off air.

Rating = 88%

And that was Raw. After the show had finished, Jim Ross came to find me backstage. By this time I had been sitting with some of the superstars, including Johnny Nitro.

JR : Congratulations kid. You did good out there earlier, I think you impressed the higher ups. You've to come back tomorrow, and we'll start talk about your character, how’s that? Good. I'm sorry to leave you like this, but I have to go right now, but I'll see you tomorrow. Well done kid, your in.

I'm in. I knew it when I got here this morning, but now, I'm in. I'm going to become a WWE Superstar!

I couldn't believe my luck. I was exhausted, but at the same time, filled with excitement. I didn't know what to do first, but luckily, my friend Johnny helped me out there.

Johnny : Well done Chris, I told ya you'd make it! Come one, lets go get something to eat to celebrate!

So I spent the night enjoying myself, but I never stopped thinking about the next day. I was happy to be celebrating, but all I wanted to do was go home and work on my character. But I decided, I'd have all day tomorrow to do that. I had just made it to the WWE. I was on top of the world.

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Very interesting. I like this, but please don't push you to moon. I hate moonies <_<

Oh, no chance of that! The only stat I'm good in is speed, I'm a jobbing Cruiserweight! Yet for some reason on Raw...Anyway, my goal is to get over, I won't be winning any World Titles. Thanks for the replies, I'm glad some people liked it before they read my horrible shows. I know the matches suck so far, but I just wanted to get them out of the way until I start my own storylines. Hopefully, they'll get better.

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Nice one here. I like how you continue to book the shows along with your matches. But yeah, you should post some of the matches in Raw from your point of view. You would be watching the matches and develop certain opinions on wrestlers and whatnot. Other that that keep up the good work.

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I arrived at the arena the next day, with a slight headache, but nothing to worry about much. I was hoping I'd be able to meet some of the wrestlers that I would be working with before I had to go to the meeting, but almost as soon as I stepped in the door, Jim Ross called me over.

JR : Ah, Chris right on time. If you'd just step through here and take a seat, the meeting should start soon.

I entered the room JR had pointed out, and saw a room filled with people, some I recognized, some I didn't. To my amazement, Triple H was in the room, sitting up near the head of the table. After a few minutes, Jim Ross came in.

JR : I'm sorry to say this, but Mr McMahon won't be able to attend today’s meeting. Paul, I'll need to speak to you later, in private.

Triple H suddenly had a look of boredom on his face, as he got up and left the room. Now I had a chance to see, I noticed that the majority of people here were the call-ups from OVW.

Obviously. That’s what this meeting was about. Why did I expect to be spoken to individually?

I could see Horshu, Travis Bane, Seven, or as I had came to know him, Kevin Fertig. Fertig was a great guy, I was happy to see he got called up as well. Hopefully I'd have a chance to work with him soon.

JR : Well, since Mr McMahon won't be here, I guess all we can talk about is you guys. Now, Kevin Fertig? We know exactly what’s happening with you. Your gonna be recording some vignettes for the debut of your new character, on Smackdown. His name is going to be 'Mordecai'. The plan for Mordecai is that he's basically the exact opposite of the Undertaker, a hellfire and brimstone priest kind of character. Any questions?

Fertig : Well.....what's my appearance going to be?

JR : You'll be wearing white, for the most part. We'll need you to die you hair white as well, if you have no problems with that. You'll have a logo in the shape of a cross, but we'll design that later. Anything else?

I saw Kevin shrug his shoulders. I was kinda disappointed that we wouldn't be on the same show, but hey. At least his character is awesome.

JR : Good, that’s that sorted out. Next....ah, Horshu. Your character isn't that drastic a change; we'll simply be changing your name to Luther. You'll be playing a bodyguard type character, working with Kurt Angle, in his role as Smackdown General Manager. Any questions?

Horshu : It's not permanent, is it? I will get to wrestle, right?

JR : Oh, of course! This is just for the duration of the angle, where Kurt is injured. Anything else? No? Lets move on then.

Horshu seemed indifferent to his character, as if he didn't really care. But then, he never did, just as long as got to do his thing in the ring.

JR : Now, it's Travis Bane wasn't it? Same deal for you as with Horshu, just a simple name change. You'll be playing a bodyguard as well, for Christian, on Raw. And you'll be using your real name, Tyson Tomko. Questions?

Bane : Uh, yeah. I thought Kevin and me would be on the same show? Back in OVW we were a tag team, I just assumed we'd be staying together...

JR : I understand the situation Tyson, but we really need you on Raw. I'm sorry, I really am, but that’s the way it is.

It wasn't hard to see that both Fertig and Tomko were displeased about the separation, but like Jim Ross said, that’s the way it is. Tomko wasn't really trying to hide his disappointment, but Fertig seemed less annoyed. Maybe it was because he knew he was sitting on a great gimmick. Maybe....oh, it's my turn now. I fought the nervousness down, and just hope I get as good as Fertig.

JR : Now, Chris Glen. We already spoke about you joining the Raw roster, and that’s still the plan. I thought it would be best for you to join Smackdown, and compete in the Cruiserweight division, but...uh...the new, policies introduced encourage you to be on Raw.

I could see JR was uncomfortable saying that, but he quickly swept on. I wonder what these policies are that stop cruiserweights joining the cruiserweight division?

JR : Rest assured, your here because of your talent. But with no Cruiserweight division on Raw, and no title to go after, we decided we'd try to build up the Tag Team division instead. For now, you'll be playing an athletic character, looking to take over the wrestling business as well. We've made a new signing, someone who we think would go well with this character, and would suit you best as a partner. Come up here, I'll show you his profile.


I wasn't sure if I was happy with the meeting. I myself thought it was strange that I'd be on the Raw roster, but apparently, that’s the plan. The gimmick wasn't the best though, nor was the plan for my debut. 'Show up on Heat, we'll book you a match.' Figures. But at least I have a new partner, who is very capable of pulling this gimmick off. Jim said he was arriving shortly, so I decided to hit the gym for a while, before he arrived. It's good to know I won't be the only person who's new around here. I wonder if his brother gave him any pointers....?

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The only thing I'm not fond of is all the colors

Think yourself lucky, I was about to have everyone's speech in different colours...

Hopefully you get a good partner

My partner may not be considered a good partner, but he will perform as a partner brilliantly. If that makes sense. :unsure:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll have another update either tonight or tomorrow.

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user posted image

HeAt Main Event : La Resistance V Chris Glen & Mystery Partner

Badd Blood

Chris Benoit V Kane, World Heavyweight Championship!

Triple H V Shawn Michaels, Hell In a Cell!

Randy Orton V Shelton Benjamin, Intercontinental Championship!

Victoria V Molly Holly, Womens Championship!

Chris Jericho V Christian, First Blood Match!

PLUS Eugene, Edge, and more in action!

Um...yeah. I didn't realise that the next show would be the PPV, but it's actually better this way, now I can get the generic stuff out of the way and go in my own direction. Since I won't be able to post this till tomorrow, how about this. If you predict the first three matches of Badd Blood correctly, I'll allow you to choose which of many storylines I have waiting, will begin next month.

For a tiebreaker, tell me who you think my mystery partner will be.

I know you're all desperate to get predicting, so I'll leave you to it :P

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