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Anyone speak Klingon?

Guest insaneluchador80

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Guest insaneluchador80

A little help?

In "My Big Fat Geek Wedding", Comic Book guy says some Klingon words, that, loosely translated, mean "I would kill the children of a thousand planets just to see you smile." Does anyone know what those Klingon words are?


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The Simpson family spots Comic Book Guy (CBG) and Edna scandalously walking into "Multipurpose Room B" and they follow to see the room filled with costumed conventioneers, mostly Klingon. Friends place a Klingon forehead on CBG and he says, "Edna, the Klingons have a romantic saying..." He then blurts out a guttural phrase, prompting to other Klingons to go, "Awwwww." CBG continues, "Roughly translated it means, I would kill the children of a thousand planets just to see you smile." Edna responds, "Aww. That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard — which is kinda sad if you think about it." CBG then kneels down and proposes.
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