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Thought of the Day: Rare


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So what was it, a year or two ago that Microsoft acquired Rare? Either way, we've seen absolutely nothing of note out of the studio since they left Nintendo and their last game with the big N (Star Fox Adventures) sucked major ass. Now, with Conker on the horizon and rumors of Killer Instinct being brought back from the dead, is Rare the X-Box's secret weapon or a huge waste of Microsoft's money?

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I say it's probably a waste. They had a much better creative system with Nintendo, who seemed more willing to enhance and work with the company to make games better. Not to mention, for the moment when Rare needed to take one of Nintendo's game franchises (for example, the Donkey Kong series), they were able to focus on quality. Rare either needs to hope for big success with these games or hope Microsoft gets a truly successful and solid franchise not named Halo.

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It's a waste. Microsoft will never allow them to make a FPS becuase it might actually surpass Halo. And we have seen almost nothing out of them ever since the purchase.

Then again, what if Rare had made Perfect Dark 2 on the Gamecube? It would give Halo a run for it's money. So maybe it wasn't a waste afterall.

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Rare rocked fucking ass, I had no idea they were aquired by Nintendo.

...aquired by Microsoft, away from Nintendo.

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I'm pretty sure Perfect Dark Zero is "still in the works" but it's going to be a third-person action shooter.

Anyway, my views on the subject? To use a wrestling analogy, it looks like Vince Russo leaving the WWE. Rare had Nintendo to keep all their ideas in check and keep them on schedule. Since Rare has jumped to Microsoft (who really doesn't need them), all we've seen is delay after delay and no quality showing for it. And in all honesty, I don't think Nintendo needs them either. The new Star Fox game with Namco developing looks better than anything Rare ever did with the series.

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