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"John Mayer Has A TV Show"


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I had insomnia last night, and I couldn't go to bed until 3 AM, so naturally I was channeling surfing, right? I wind up on VH1, and I see John Mayer on.

Apparently, he has his own television show on VH1, and it's quite good and funny.

He had Trick Daddy on the show, and they chatted like anyone would do on a talk show, except the set-up was really shitty, and it was outside one of his concerts or something. I don't know, you had to see it.

Anyways, Mayer asks Trick Daddy if he's been on eBay, and TD says he has, but he's afraid of putting his Credit Card on the internet. Mayer repsonds with something to the effect of, "You're wearing an AK-47 necklace, and you live the gangsta life, but you're scared to put your Credit Card on eBay?". Hilarious.

Later, it was revealed the venue he was at was in Nashville, and Trick Daddy & John Mayer went to some shops in Downtown Nashville. They went into one store where you can buy cowboy hats and shit, and they dressed up like cowboys, and went to a place to eat. Mayer said to TD, "Ah, the only place where country and rap meet to share their love for smoked pork", or something. Again, hilarious.

Then they went to a bar, got on stage, and performed an acoustic version of "Crazy Train". Best part? The bar was full (read: 5 people) of old men & women. They liked it, too.

Anyways, great show. Check it out if you can catch it.

John Mayer Has A TV Show

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I watched that, too, albeit a bit earlier. I'll give Mayer some major props especially for a guy who you would expect to be just okay or terrible at comedy being hilarious and smart about his jokes. I think my favorite moment was when he was talking to the "fan panel" and mentioned in a bit of self-parody and smart aleckness that Richard Marx wrote all of his songs. That, and the moment he was in the bear costume and said "You're Body Is A Wonderland" was written about a dude.

It was hilarious, I say.

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Guest Bluesman

My friend saw part of that, and said Mayer was doing an autograph signing or something and was just ripping on himself, and thus his fans. Wish I would have known it was on, I was up at that time.

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I remember the first time I heard John Mayer speak was on an MTV news bit about his rise to fame a couple years back, and Mayer more or less made fun of himself, calling himself a total geek and whatnot. I think that's when I decided I liked the guy.

I really like some of his music, too, so hey. I'm definitely going to try and catch this show.

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