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Favorite Zelda Game?

Dr. Rated-R

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I've been playing a new file on Majora's Mask today, on my Collectors Edition disc. I'm up to the part where you're inside the Deku Palace, searching for the monkey. Playing through the game again has made me wonder, which game is your favorite? I'm undecided, so I narrowed it down to 3. These are in no order:

-A Link to The Past

-Ocarina of Time

-Majora's Mask

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Ocarina. Every game since the first has been less serious and more aimed at a child then the last. Majora's Mask was half story, half goofing around. And Wind Waker is so bleh. Ocarina is the only one I finished since LTTP.

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Followed up with the original, and then..well, I never played A Link To The Past (I know, shocking).

I dunno, I kind of enjoyed the second Zelda game...

Looking back on the NES games, I just can't play them anymore. I used to love them, but with all of these next gen consoles, it just makes the game impossible to play. I hope someone decides to make a Freeware version of them, using a LTTP grapics style. I know there's someone doing quite well on an OoT clone, using the LTTP graphics, which I'm excited over, so I think I'll search for LTTP style clones of the NES games.
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Ocarina of TIme, but all were fantastic.

But the new one in 2005 has a chance to beat it

Zelda+Realistic Awseome Grahpics+Hope to be Long Game+Awseome,Awseome,Awseome Link+Horse>*

Check the trailer(Quicktime a must): The Legend of Zelda:Reborn

Coming in 2005.

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