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I like to know some good international bands, my tips are

De Heideroosjes (punk)

Wealthy Beggar (kinda like coldplay)

Racoon \

Suburbs |-----Rock

Green Lizard /

All dutch bands that are really good.

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Let's see...

Xutos & Pontapés (I like 'em)

The Gift

Blind Zero (they recently won an european award, I think, but I don't think they're that well-known)

Silence 4 (decent enough band, although it's not my kind of music... although the lead singer, David Fonseca, has a new single out that I really like, Someone That Cannot Love)

And if I remember any more bands, I'll post.

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De Heideroosjes are signed to Epitaph, one of the biggest Punk/ whatever labels in America (as far as I know). I guess that makes them a tad known outside the Netherlands.

God Dethroned is a good Death Metal band from the Netherlands though, worth checking out.

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Kill Hannah


Stabbing Westward

The Beautiful Mistake



Stabbing Westward has two gold albums. They're known in plenty of places.

Great Unknown Canadian Artists/Bands:

- K-Os

- The Trews

- Billy Talent

- Pilate

- Sam Roberts

- alexisonfire

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I'll throw my hat in for The Vibrators. Very good pre-punk stuff. Check out 'Troops Of Tomorrow', 'Petrol' and 'Stiff Little Fingers'. Then fall gleefully into the kitsch pop of 'We Vibrate' and 'Pogo Dancing'. And if you like The Clash, check out 'Pogo Dancing' anyway, just to hear how much the singer guy sounds like Joe Strummer on the lyric ' / to do the pogodance'. It's fucking uncanny. Get 'Amphetamine Blue' as well, it's their 'Train in Vain'.

Speaking of 'Stiff Little Fingers' -- The Stiff Little Fingers. I'm not sure if they're unknown enough, though. They're very well known in Britian and Ireland, USA not so much. Excellent band -- a lot like The Clash and The Damned.

And finally, Gang of Four. Excellent New Wave -- the most 80s sounding band in the history of ever. Everything of theirs is just great.

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The End [Canadian metalcore]

Courtesy Blush [touring Europe this summer - my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend is in this band, so please - you English folk, go see them on tour, and BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF THE DRUMMER! Muchos fun shall result]

Just a note to GGWAB:

alexisonfire and Billy Talent suck. ;)

They only are where they are because they suck producer dick, not because they're particularly talented [well, not because they're the most talented groups in that style of music, anyway - I guess they have talent, AOF moreso].

The end.

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Billy Talent are certainly not unknown outside Canada and I know of a few people who have heard of alexisonfire.

To be honest I can't think of that many, there's loads but i'm not fully into the underground scene and in the UK mainstream I don't know what you American's/Canadian's/Australian's etc. have already heard of. For example, bands like Funeral for a Friend, Muse, InMe, Hell is for Heroes (Not completely mainstream), The Hives etc.

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I've heard of The End, gys, I haven't heard any of their stuff though. They ran an article about their new CD "Within Dividia" (sp) in an issue of Terrorizer magazine.

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