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Question about the Scorpion


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P.I. Mac Gargan became the vengeful and psychopathic Scorpion with funding and a bit of coercion by J. Jonah Jameson. Agreeing to experimental physiological enhancement using chemical and radiological bombardments modeling the transformation on a scorpion.

See also: http://www.samruby.com/Villains/Scorpion/scorpion.htm

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I noticed on the site that I posted that they made a Dr. Ock 2. It was interesting that the Scorpion wasn't on http://www.marveldirectory.com either.

She was a joke. After Doc Ock was killed this loser took over the mantle and the mechanical arms/tentacles of the great villian. Once he was reserrected, don't get me started, she went away. I do not remember if they ever said where or why.

Still, fuck Marvel.


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BLAH...Greg Rucka's run on Superman is fucking gold.

And yes, DC is FAAAAAAR superior in every way to Marvel at the moment. While DC attempts new and interesting things, Marvel simply gives us umpteen shitty X Books, umpteen shitty Spider-Man books, and half the fucking line written by Joe Quesada's lover Bendis.

From the age of 6 I loved Marvel, but in the last decade they have consistently taken that love and shit upon it and their characters. I read Runaways and The Hulk, and that is ALL the Marvel I can stomach.

Fuck Marvel.


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You want some good X-Men, go read Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men.

The stories are good, and you've got Joss's trademark sense of humour in it that makes it special. That and the art is fantastic.

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If you're an old school fan like me, Marvel has Peter David back on The Hulk for the first time in a decade. It's gold, I promise you. Likewise, Runaways is about as good a book as you can find. Marvel fucked up and cancelled the book the first time, but brought it back just last week with a Season Two kinda thing. It also is quite good with some of the most beautiful art I have seen in years. Other than that, and the aformentioned AXM, Marvel is crap. The Ultimate line has become stale and repetitive, the rest of the X Line is horrid beyond belief, the Spider-Man line is fucked up now more than it was when the Clone Saga was going on, The Avengers line has been ruined in the last six to seven months thanks to Bendis, although chuck Austen's tenure on the book was pretty god awful bad, and that's pretty much the estent of what Marvel is publishing. I was into Waid's run on The Fantastic Four, but found myself becoming bored in the last five months and dropped that.

Sadly, Marvel seems to be about promoting anything written by Bendis, JMS or one of his friends, and whatever Hollywood name they can find, whether the Hollywood name is good or not, and letting quality writers and books die off. I heard nothing but good about She-Hulk, but it's been cancelled ala Runaways, with a second season planned for sometime, eventually. Another thing I can just pick up the trades the read I guess.

DC is all about making things new, different, and exciting. Even if their new things fail, they at least give it a shot and promote the shit out of it to try and get it to fly. Manhunter is solid gold, Adam Strange is pure genius, and Firestorm is a damn fine read, and all of them are chances that DC has taken in the last year. That doesn't even count Identity Crisis, the upcoming DC Countdown that promises major changes in the universe, the impending Crisis II, as well as radicaly different and FUN takes on such old classics as Nightwing, Superman (Adventures Of written by Rucka), and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics is where it's at, and Marvel is simply treading water and losing fans.

And I never would have guessed that HT was a comic book fan.


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