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Deathrow Wrestling

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It all started like this...


If you are gay, straight or bi, black, white, Muslim, or asian, Catholic, Jewish, or athiest, a man, woman, or child, dog, cat or goat, Bret Hart, Jeff Hardy, or Cade Sydal, have any sense of morals, decency, or have an aversion to racist, sexist, or just down right wrong ideas, this diary may offend you.

If you have heart, lung, or anal related medical problems, are pregnant or nursing, or are a recovering addict, consult a doctor before reading this diary.

You must be this tall to read this diary. Also, please keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times.

No animals were harmed in the making of this diary. In fact, the goat liked it.

We must also ask that you don't try this at home, any of these acts can result in serious bodily harm, lawsuits, or being beaten to death by an angry mob.

You've been warned. Don't bitch, because beyond this point, its your own fucking fault if you read it.

Thank you,


P.S. Fuck Dukes.

This is....

Deathrow Wrestling

user posted image

Enjoy... bitches

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Once again Dmn starts a diary.

Once again I shall wait with baited breath for reading it

Hopefully not Once Again the diary will go on the backburner after one show

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user posted image

Founded in February 2004, it wouldn't be unusual for you not to have heard of Deathrow Wrestling, despite some of their high profile workers. Sustained on an underground audience that comes to shows held in a warehouse, and an underground circuit of tape trading, Deathrow has carved out a nice little niche for itself in the previous year.

Based on the tenant that nothing is too shocking, or too offensive for its viewing audience, nudity, violence, racism, and every other vice, sin, or wrongdoing under the sun has become the norm in Deathrow. An angle in which Pogo The Clown murdered an opponent before a big match drew media attention in the Los Angeles area, but was quickly hushed by 'friends' on the city council.

With no rules, wait, I take that back, pinfalls, submissions, and referee decisions only, no countouts, disqualifications, or anything else, Deathrow is a haven for the 'extreme', or 'ultra-violent' athlete. An anything goes atmosphere, were, unlike others who claim it, anything short of a felony does, indeed, go.

With a mysterious owner, fronted by the Blank Corporation, a pornographic and unique video distributor, most of Deathrow's information is shrouded in secrecy. What is known however, is the wrestling side. Run out of a run down warehouse in the outskirts of Los Angeles, and funded by this mysterious backer, Deathrow is here, and its here to stay.

Title History

Deathrow Heavyweight Title

Mustafa Saed Won February 21st, 2004 ~ Tournament Final against Abduallah The Butcher

Spanish Angel Won January 22nd, 2005 ~ 'Circle of Death' match

Deathrow Junior Heavyweight Title

Cade Sydal Won March 13th, 2004 ~ Tournament Final against X-Cal

X-Cal Won May 22nd, 2004

Chris Sydal Won August 28th, 2004

X-Cal Won November 13th, 2004

Cade Sydal Won January 22nd, 2005

Deathrow Deathcore Championship

Supreme Won October 31st, 2004 ~ Tournament Final against Abdullah The Butcher

Pogo The Clown Won February 19th, 2005

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The Champions

user posted image

Spanish Angel

user posted image

The current Deathrow Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Spanish Angel is most known for his brutal feuds with both 'The Cracka Killa' Mustafa Saed, and 'The Hardcore Homo' Angel, the later just because of the unfortunate circumstances of 'The Hardcore Homo' sharing the same name. Having gained the top title in Deathrow in a devestating 'Circle of Death' match, just two months ago, Spanish Angel has risen to a level of brutality not seen from him before.

'The Teen Idol' Cade Sydal

user posted image

'X2C is a helluva drug, ain't it SugaTits?' That line exemplifies the 'Teen Idol', holder of the Deathrow Junior Heavyweight Title. Recently re-united with childhood friend X-Cal after a brutal and bloody feud, the two know stand atop Deathrow Wrestling, united, as the 'Two True Partyboyz'.

Pogo The Clown

user posted image

Most known for his ultra violent exploits, the champion of Deathrow Wrestling's Deathcore division, Pogo is oh so much more. Like a serial killer, we think. Never seen without his shovel, and a mirror to check his clown makeup, Pogo is urged on by his own set of fans, the aptly named 'Victims of Gacy' who come to Deathrow shows sporting their own clown makeup, and torn clothes, as if they have been buried by the big clown himself. His long standing feuds with both Abdullah The Butcher and 'The Hollywood Horror Show' Supreme notwithstanding, Pogo has been making waves in Deathrow, and shooting straight to the top.

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The Rest of The Best

Abdullah The Butcher

Everyone knows and loves Abby. Never seen without his fork, Abby may be the oldest man on the Deathrow roster, but like a fine wine, he's gotten better with age. Never more content then when he's going off on someone's head with that fork in a match, Abby, while never holding a title in Deathrow, is a top challenger at all times.

'The Hardcore Homo' Angel

One third of the sorta tag team, sorta stable, all relationship trio of The Rainbow Coalition, along with Lodi and Kraq, Angel has yet to really make his mark in Deathrow, having tasted mostly defeat, and crotch, in his time in the company. Never one to let that get him down, he has fought the good fight, to let everyone know that 'He's Here, and He's Queer, now deal with it'.


The Deathrow Junior Heavyweight Champion Cade Sydal, and his partner X-Cal's valet, manager, and full time love slave, as well as X2C's most obsessive fan, Candice is at all times at the side of her men, many times with the Junior title slipped around her waist. Never one to stay away from the action, she has used her 'Cootchi-canarana' to help him secure victoriesin the past.

Chris Extascy

The on again, off again tag team partner of the most well known man in Deathrow Wrestling, Jeff Hardy, some say that Chris has lead the 'Xtreme Icon' down a path that will cost him all he holds dear. A raver, not unlike the popular Special K, Chris is at all times under the influence of some substance, but it hasn't stopped him from gaining some high profile victories in Deathrow, including one in non title action against Cade Sydal.

'The Confederate Outlaw' Creek Walker

One half of the Kentucky Rednecks with Denny Ray, Walker is perhaps best known for his disdain of people smarter then him, which is, well, everybody. Straight out of a scene in Deliverance, Walker is also famed by his 'Tobaccy Spit Mist', a redneck twist on the Muta classic. Having not been very successful here in Deathrow, Ol' Creek has looked to up his game, and tried to cheat his way to the top.

'Dastardly' Denny Ray

The more successful member of the Kentucky Rednecks, though thats not saying much. Always ready with a racist statement, a put down, or an insult, often aimed at his slightly dimmer partner, Ray claims he has 'connections' to the KKK. Having battled against the biggest stars Deathrow has to offer, and lose, Denny still considers himself a star, due to his exposure.

'The Preacher' Edgar Stryfe

The enemy of all that is not good, right, or decent, at least, in his eyes. This, of course, puts him at odds with the fans in Deathrow, who live for the blood, breasts, and violence. On a mission to 'convert' the masses, Stryfe hasn't been around recently, as he proclaimed that he must go on a 'mission' and would be back stronger then ever.

Halloween Barbie

The manager of 'The Panther' Seth Shai, Barbie is one of the hottest women in wrestling, and never afraid to show a little skin for the fans. Adept in the art of distraction, Barbie has lead her man to almost the top of the mountain, gaining him an upcoming title shot, and the future is bright for her and Shai.

'The Fighting Rabbi' Harold Goldstein

The fightingest Jewish wrestler since, well... Goldberg, Goldstein has yet to really make a mark in Deathrow, having been fighting a losing battle against The Masked Nazis. Not that its his fault, as its been mostly a two on one battle, as Goldstein has not found a partner suitable for his high standards. Famed for his 'Torah Torah Torah' finisher, Harold is here to stay.


A dark horse of sorts, Icarus has not yet shown his true colors, only wrestling 3 matches in his six months in the company. So far he's been content to sit in the rafters and watch, but he has made his presence known, coming to the aid of 'The Fighting Rabbi' Harold Goldstein during an attack by The Masked Nazis at the last show. Time will only tell if this will turn into a more lucrative partnership. As of know, all we know of Icarus is that he has vampiric tendencies, shunning the light.

Jeff Hardy

Yes, that Jeff Hardy. Jeff has, you could say, hit rock bottom, and is working his way up in Deathrow. Having brought a fan base to Deathrow that has never been seen before, Jeff is easily the best known man in Deathrow, although it hasn't brought him a title shot. Undefeated in eight matches here, Jeff utilizes both his unique style, and his partnership with Chris Extascy to garner him victories. Many question the effect of the team on Jeff, but no one can doubt its effectivness.

'The Rock SuperStar' Joey Idol

Having patched up a real world relationship with 'Devilish' Lee Handsome, Idol, formerly known as Kaos, has brought the whole Hollywood Inc. family, now including Handsome, Valentina, and their financial backer Veronica Caine to Deathrow, seeking fame, fortune, and glory. Never one to miss a party, the 'Rock Superstar' made his precense felt with a victory over his own cousin 'The Hollywood Horror Show' Supreme, and hasn't stopped since.


Another member of The Rainbow Coalition, Kraq is the 'enforcer' of the group, and also 'The Hardcore Homo' Angel's 'Life Partner'. Not the greatest of technical wrestlers, Kraq puts his body on the line to gain his victories, which despite his size and strength advantages, have been few and far between. Alway seen at the side of 'The Hardcore Homo', Kraq is fanatical in his love for his partner.

'Devilish' Lee Handsome

Manager turned wrestler, Handsome is a quick talking, hard working, pain in the ass. Always looking for the loophole in whatever is put before him, Handsome uses his former work as an agent to gain the advantage for himself, and the rest of Hollywood Inc. in everything. While his in ring work has been rare, his work behind the curtain has brought much acclaim to the group he founded.


The leader of The Rainbow Coalition, Lodi is all about the fun lovin' anal buttsex. As far out there as a gay man could get, Lodi flaunts his sexuality at anychance given, wether its on the mic for his 'partners' or at the announce table next to Steven Jackson. Lodi's not really a bad guy, he just likes to fuck with you, in more way then one.

The Masked Nazis #1 and #2

No need for seperat introductions for our proponents for a master race, these men have, at one time or another, been at odds with almost everyone in Deathrow. Never ones to step back from controversy, and sporting their SS uniforms and swastika lucha masks, waving their Nazi flag proudly, these two have recently, and predictably, been at odds with 'The Fighting Rabbi' Harold Goldstein. Wether history will repeat itself and lead to the rise of the Fourth Reich has yet to be seen, but the Masked Nazis promised that soon, their true leader will reveal himself.

'The One Man Jihad' Muhammed Allah

Quite possibly, in this day and age, the most offensive member of Deathrow, Muhammed has yet to actually wrestle a match. At odds with not only 'The Fighting Rabbi' Harold Goldstein, but also The Masked Nazis, Muhammed is living proof that the enemy of my enemy is my friend is not the truth. Fanatical in his beliefs, Muhammed says that were it not for his need to prove himself, he would not even be here, working for 'The Great Satan'.

'The Cracka Killa' Mustafa Saed

Filled with hate, Saed has never quite forgiven the white man for what he's done to his family. After seeing the KKK kill his mother as a young child, anger grew into full blown hate, and 'The Cracka Killa' was born. A former Deathrow Heavyweight Champion, Saed is a top challenger for the title still, although his feud with Spanish Angel has cooled signicantly.

'The Panther' Seth Shai

Another 'home grown' member of Deathrow, Shai has made a name for himself with his violent, almost psychotic style. He put Chris Extascy in the hospital, his first night in the company, and drove at least one man out of Deathrow. For all that though, the fans love him almost as much as he loves them. Accompanied by Halloween Barbie, Shai has earned himself a Heavyweight Title shot, and aims to take the belt.

'Lady's Man' Steven Jackson

The 'Voice of Deathrow', Jackson is probably the sanest man in the whole damn company. Seated beside Lodi for hours on end has given way to him taking the moniker 'The Lady's Man', more out of self defense then any real ego. Jackson has seen it all in Deathrow, and always calls it as he sees it.

'The Hollywood Horror Show' Supreme

A former Deathcore Champion, Supreme has tasted defeat only two times in Deathrow, once to Pogo the Clown, a match that cost him his title, and once to his own flesh and blood, 'The Rock Superstar' Joey Idol. Never one to take defeat lieing down, Supreme has vowed to avenge those defeats, though it hasn't happened yet.


One half of the Pussy Posse portion of Hollywood Inc., Valentina always stands by her man, in this case 'Devilish' Lee Handsome. More then just a pretty face, Valentina holds victories over both of the Kentucky Rednecks in her only two matches.

Veronica Caine

The other half of the Pussy Posse, and the bank behind the brawn, Caine is the chief finiacial backer and CEO of Hollywood Inc.. Hardly ever seen except behind the scenes, Caine has yet to step into the ring, and has no plans too, having proclaimed that ' Thats what money's for'.


The first ever two time champion in Deathrow, X-Cal has recently found himself re-united with childhood friend 'The Teen Idol' Cade Sydal after a brutal and bloody feud over the Deathrow Junior Heavyweight Title nearly drove an unfixable rift between the two. With X2C riding high, and Candice, can anyone stop the 'Two True Partyboyz'?

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As usual Syco a great start to this diary. The backstory is top rate and gives the darker feel even before you have got to the shows - which I can tell is the direction you are heading in. This is going to be your (more extreme) XPW and I can tell this diary is going to be great.

Also - make sure Cade gets placed into your "nicest" matches -_-

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Says the man not posting anything about the diary :shifty:

And I definitely like the look of the diary so far, a dark and mysterious aura with it and thats just with a backstory. I look forward to an actual show and can hope that the diary doesnt die, as I could maybe read this, whereas with XPW couldnt.

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great backstory on this one Syco even though you both flamed me and stood up for me i will be reading this diary as i am intrested to see what will happen looking forward to seeing an acutual show though good luck.

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In your hands, you hold a DVD. No markings on the case, other then a simple 03/05/05 date notation. The DVD is a copy, with the same date notation written in permanant marker on the surface. It came to you in a plain brown wrapper, with no return address. Inside is a simple note, 'If you did not order this tape, please, dispose of it as you see fit. If you wish to order more, please call the number supplied on the tape'. You pop it in your DVD player, and hit play. There is no FBI warning, no frills, no extras. Just one simple logo...

user posted image

No fancy introduction, no hype video, as the logo fades out to a small, but die-hard crowd of just over 200, crammed into a medium sized warehouse setting. A ring is set up, with all the acountraments you would expect of any low level indy. Guardrails, tables, steel folding chairs. The crowd eagerly await the show, milling around, when Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird begins to play.

Out walk two men, in what most would consider hick garb. Fitting, as their announced as The Kentucky Rednecks, 'The Confederate Outlaw' Creek Walker and 'Dastardly' Denny Ray. The two make their way to the ring, with Ray proudly displaying the Confederate flag he carries with him. Once inside the ring, Walker takes the house mic.

Creek Walker: ' Shut yo' fat asses up, you hear me!'

The crowd generally ignores Walker.

Walker: ' About what I'd expect from some high falutin' Cali-fornia fucktards. Now, it has come ta our attention, me and ol' Denny here, that ta-night we is expected to wrassle a negro. Now, normally, we wouldn't mind a little coon stompin', but this here ain't your average nigger. No, they expects us to take on the negro who calls himself 'The Cracker Killer'.'

There is a mixed reaction to the mention of Mustafa Saed.

Walker: ' Now, don't take this as a case of us being yeller, but we ain't about to wrestle this here nigger. No way, no how. So, if the bookerman would be so kind, we would be much obliged to...'

Suddenly, Natural Born Killaz hits, prompting the crowd to roar with approval, because despite the disdain Mustafa Saed has shown for them in the past, any appearance by him means bloodshed and carnage, and lots of it.

Saed rushes out from the back, carrying the black bat he has dubbed 'Da Cracka Smacka', and rushes the ring, causing Walker to drop the mic, and flee the ring, to the outside. Saed looks at the mic, then tosses it to the outside of the ring, beckoning the Kentucky Rednecks to climb into the ring, for this handicap match. The two Southerners contemplate this on the outside, and then form a plan, circling the ring, until they are each on an opposite sides of the ring, before sliding in, and attempting to overwhelm their bigger, more accomplished opponent, as the bell is rung.

The Kentucky Rednecks vs. Mustapha Saed

The match opens with Saed taking Denny Ray out with a swift crack of 'Da Cracka Smacka', sending him to the mat, and busting him open early. From their out, its all about the former Deathrow Heavyweight Champion, who beats both members of the Rednecks from pillar to post, both with the bat, and his fists, before getting a chair involved as well.

The Rednecks are able to mount a bit of a comeback with some semi organized double teaming, but a badly timed Tobacco Mist attempt by Walker goes awry, as the stanky brown substance nails Denny Ray squarly in the face, allowing Saed to send him out of the ring, and finish Walker off with the Neck Cracka Piledriver, ONTO THE CHAIR, both busting Walker wide open, and finishing off the match.

Winner: Mustafa Saed (Saed p. Walker)

After the match, Saed raises his arms in victory, as we cut to a backstage segment.

X-Cal is stretching in the X2C lockeroom, and is apparently a bit hungover from the hard partying the night before. Hell, he's probably still drunk, you know how these guys are. He's putting on his ring gear, preparing for X2C's upcoming match against the debuting High Impact. X-Cal looks across the lockeroom, where we can see 'The Teen Idol' Cade Sydal, but only from the waist up.

X-Cal: ' You know anything about these two losers we've got tonight. High Impact, whatever the fuck their names are?'

Cade looks down, then looks at X-Cal.

Cade Sydal: ' No, but I do know one thing. Tonight, their gonna find out that X2C is a helluva drug, ain't that right, sugatits?'

As Cade finishes his sentence, Candice comes into the scene, apparently rising from her knees in front of Cade. She wipes off her mouth, and nods, as the scene fades out.

Jackson and Lodi make their first appearance from the announcer's booth high above the action, as they speak about Saed's domination of the Kentucky Rednecks, as expected, and the 'teamwork' of X2C, with Lodi marveling at Candice's 'technique', as it were. They then run down the rest of the card, which has X2C's match against the debuting High Impact, Pogo the Clown defending his Deathrow Deathcore Title against Abdullah the Butcher in tonight's main event, and, up next, 'The Rock Superstar' Joey Idol taking on the Rainbow Coalition's own, 'Hardcore Homo' Angel.

'The Rock Superstar' Joey Idol is out first, to, of course, Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill, accompanied by both 'Devilish' Lee Handsome and Valentina. Idol is all smiles as he slides into the ring, and removes his 'Hollywood' sunglasses. He converses with Handsome and Valentina, as he awaits his opponents.

Aqua's Barbie Girl is the theme for 'The Hardcore Homo' Angel, who is accompanied, as always, by his 'life partner' Kraq. Lodi makes the traditional 'ain't he cute' comment about his stablemate, leading to Jackson's traditional answer anytime there's a women near the ring of 'yes she is'. Angel gets some last minute words of encouragement from Kraq, and a goodluck smack on the ass, before the bell is rung.

Joey Idol w/ Lee Handsome and Valentina vs. Angel w/ Kraq

Slow to start out, but the two quickly picked it up in this back and forth match. All on the outside came heavily into play, as Handsome and Valentina tripped up Angel several times before being blindsided by the larger Kraq, who sent Handsome sprawling, before catching a superkick from Valentina. A sloppy superkick, but a superkick nonetheless.

Back in the ring, Idol made use of the distractions, turning an Angel 'rana attempt into a sitout powerbomb for two, and nearly taking the match a second time after a Rockstar Cutter, but the gutsy fag got the shoulder up out of the lazy cover at two. An attempt to go high risk failed for Idol, who found himself crotched, then tied to the tree of woe, and set up for the Angel Job, with his head bounced off Angel's crotch, and the turnbuckle, multiple times, before being missle dropkicked to the mat. Angel went for the quick cover, but the save was made by Valentina, who pulled the hot pant clad West Hollywood resident off  of Idol.

Finish came rather suddenly, as a whip to the turnbuckle turned into a sternum bump by Angel, and a Hollywood Blockbuster by Idol, who continued his run of dominance in Deathrow.

Winner: Joey Idol

Idol celebrated his victory with Valentina and a woozy Lee Handsome, as Angel was consoled by Kraq on his way to the back. A little face time for the announcer's followed, before we cut backstage once again.

Apparently, 'The Fighting Rabbi' Harold Goldstein is on his way to the ring for some mic time, when he's attacked from behind by The Masked Nazis. After a valiant fight by Goldstein, he's put through a nearby table with the Nazi's signature double team maneouver The Gas Chamber (Dudley Death Drop), as he just can't overcome the numbers. The damage done, the Nazi's look to leave, but not before Nazi #1 gets in the camera...

Nazi #1: ' Ve huf had ENOUGH! Ze time for fun und games is OVER! Ze Reich shall rise again, and our leader comes... in two veeks!'

The Nazi's look like they might have some more damage to lay into Goldstein, but think better of it, when the enigmatic Icarus appears with the great Deathrow equalizer, the barbed wire chair! A swing and a miss is all it takes to make the Nazi's decide that descretion is the better part of valor, and high tail it as Icarus checks on Goldstein.

Back at the announce table, Jackson ponders who the Nazi's leader could be, while Lodi ponders how Jackson would look in a teddy. Thanks, we really needed that image. Jackson gets all manly for a moment, then tosses us to a promo for the upcoming bout between 'The Panther' Seth Shai and the reigning Deathrow Heavyweight Champion The Spanish Angel, to take place in two weeks. While a stip has not been announced for the match, the promo promises that Shai will announce his end of the bargain next week.

From the promo we go to the ring, where Smoke Two Joints by Sublime is playing, as Andy Van Dam and the masked Prodigy, also known as High Impact, have entered the ring. In case you need the point driven home further, Van Dam's tights sport the '4:20' logo, while Prodigy's mask has a marijuana leaf design, telling us exactly what the 'High' in High Impact means.

N.E.R.D.'s Rockstar (Poser) hits, as quite possibly the most popular duo in Deathrow, the reigning Deathrow Junior Heavyweight Champion 'The Teen Idol' Cade Sydal and his partner X-Cal, X2C, make their entrance, along with Candice, who carries Sydal's title around her waist. The fan favorites slap hands with the masses, before sliding into the ring to pose on the turnbuckles, and ultimately get attacked by High Impact.

High Imact vs. X2C

As always, lucha rules are in affect for this one, so if one man leaves the ring, his partner may enter, and become the legal man. Its one of the few rules upheld in Deathrow. Sydal and AVD start us off, with Sydal showing exactly why he is the reigning Jr. Heavyweight champ, schooling the debutee, and nearly getting a pinfall with a nice sunset flip. For anyone curious, our Junior division is where you actually see things that resemble wrestling. Sydal quickly tags out, and X-Cal eats dropkick, as we go into 'face in peril' mode, and he's trapped in the wrong part of town.

Ruthless efficiency not expected from a couple of potheads like High Impact rules the middle portion of the match, as they work the legs of the two time Jr. Champ X-Cal, with submission manuevers, and double teams that leave him unable to make the tag. The crowd finally gets what its looking for, as X-Cal nails a nice enziguri, and rolls out of the ring, allowing Sydal to enter as the legal man, in a nice little change on the hot tag scenario. Sydal enters a house EN FUEGO~! nailing forearms to both men, before heading up top, and getting two with a moonsault that would have ended the match had it not been for a save by Prodigy.

As the match winds down, Sydal falls victims to a double team, as Prodigy re-enters the ring after taking liberties with X-Cal and the guardrail. A chair somehow comes into play, as Sydal wipes Prodigy out with a NASTY shot, before catching a very predictable Van Daminator from Van Dam that nearly puts the match away, if the Jr. Champ hadn't gotten the shoulder up at 2.9. Incensed, Van Dam argues with the ref, but gets rolled up for his trouble, only to have Prodigy somehow make the save with a brass knuckle shot, before he rolls Van Dam over on top of Sydal to secure the upset victory for the debuting High Impact.

Winner(s): High Impact (Van Dam p. Sydal)

Prodigy and Van Dam look to worsen the damage to the champ, until X-Cal is able to chase them off with a chair, and help his wounded running buddy to the back, as Jackson and Lodi marvel at the upset by the debuting team. Jackson notes that this may put Van Dam in line for a forthcoming Jr. Heavyweight Title shot, but notes that he needed help from the brass knucks to put this one away. Alls fair in love and wrestling says Lodi.

'Devilish' Lee Handsome is in the back, fired up, and looking like an extra out of A Clockwork Orange. Behind him stands the rest of Hollywood Inc., Joey Idol and Valentina. Per usual, the money behind the Inc., Veronica Caine, is nowhere to be found.


Handsome starts doing a little Ric Flair strut in a circle before Idol cuts him off.

Handsome: ' But down to business baby! See, it seems to me that looking at the record books around here in Deathrow, we have two... two... undefeated guys. Now, I don't know about other places, but in Hollywood Inc., that just ain't gonna fly. So, Jeff Hardy... ya painted freak... its time to man up. Its time to go downtown to Chinatown baby! Its time to go face to face... with... THE MAN!'

At this point, Idol cuts him off, and takes the mic.

Joey Idol: ' Enough is enough. Jeff Hardy, the Charasmatic Enigma. The Drugged Up Piece of Shit is more like it! See kid, there just ain't room for two men atop the mountain here in Deathrow, and it comes down to you... and me. Two weeks Hardy. March's Night of Champions. You...me...Number One Contender. Its gonna happen, and, just like always, I'm going to walk out like I always do... on top.'

Handsome takes back the mic.

Handsome: ' Damn straight kiddies! Two weeks Hardy. Two weeks.'

Instead of going back to the announce booth, we cut to another scene backstage, where a bloody Harold Goldstein is in a lockeroom with Icarus. Goldstein is being bandaged by medical staff, and looking down at his hands.

Harold Goldstein: ' The Old Testament says an eye for an eye. Tonight, Nazi's, you took my eye, and with God as my witness, I'm sure as hell going to take yours. For too long, I have fought a losing battle, took the moral high ground, and fell, everytime. No more. This will end, next week. You will not have time to build your 'Reich', and your leader will have nothing more then a shattered group by the time he makes his appearance. I have found a partner, a partner pure of soul and mind, a partner willing to stand by my side, andI will no longer turn a blind eye to his aid. Next week Nazi's... you... versus us.'

The camera pans to Icarus, who simply nods, then raises his eyes skywards, as we fade to the announce booth.

Jackson gushes over Night of Champions, as now, besides the Deathrow Heavyweight Title match between Seth Shai and The Spanish Angel, we also apparently have Jeff Hardy versus 'The Rock Superstar'. Two huge matches, and one next week two, as The Fighting Rabbi finally gets some equal revenge against The Masked Nazis. Of course, none of that is going to top our next match, a certified bloodbath for the Deathrow Deathcore Title, as the reigning championing takes on the veteran.

Emerson Lake and Palmer's Fanfare for the Common Man brings out HUGE fan favorite Abdullah the Butcher, who raises his fork high in the air to the cheers and 'ABBY' chants from the crowd. He also brings with him a variety of deadly instruments, in a cart, including a barbed wire board, a packet of light tubes, and what looks to be a bucket of salt.

Pogo the Clown is similarly armed for war, as he enters to Dead Skin Mask by Slayer, dragging along a bed of glass, and what appears to be a barbed wire and light tube coffee table, along with his trusty shovel. Before entering the ring, he checks his face paint in his always at hand mirror, then hands the title to the referee, as the bell is rung.

Pogo the Clown© vs Abdullah the Butcher

Deathrow Deathcore Championship Match

It goes without saying that in the Deathcore division, all the rules go out the window. Pinfall, submission, and referee's decision are all that matter, and if the referee calls the match, someone better be going to ICU, or the morgue. Don't expect much wrestling in this one, as both men open up with fists to the head, and a wild brawl around the ring, and ringside insues, before the weapons are brought into play, as Pogo gets to taste what a light tube is like. Abby goes on the offensive with his packet of light tubes, before going to town with the FORK~! much to the delight of the fans, who chant 'FORK FORK FORK' for every eating utensil strike Abby dishes out. How about a little salt to go with that two, as Pogo is on the ropes early, bleeding, and holding his head in pain.

Abby is unable to keep the momentum though, as a whip attempt is reversed, and sends his plans awry, as he takes the barbed wire board intended for Pogo to the back, allowing the big clown to make a comeback in a huge way. More light tubes go the way of Owen Hart, as their snuffed out across Abby's head and back, before he is liberally salted, and then A-ssaulted with his own fork, which gets a 'FORK FORK FORK' chant of its own.

Pogo tries in vain to lift the huge man from the Sudan, but is still able to make use of the glass he brought along, as he simply smashes it over Abby's forehead, and by now, both men are bleeding like hemophiliacs. More punches, more light tubes, more salt, more forking, and more barbed wire and glass mayhem insue, and this is quickly becoming one of the bloodier battles in Pogo's short reign as Deathcore champion, as he simply can't keep the big veteran down. Finally, a pair of rolling elbows puts the Sudanese veteran down, allowing Pogo to move the light tube, steel, and barbed wire coffee table into suitable position, and drag the massive Butcher into place. Once there, however, the two fight for position, but a brief Abby comeback is thwarted by a well placed punch to the head, and he gets sent off the ring apron... INTO THE CONTRAPTION!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! GLASS, STEEL, BARBED WIRE, AND FLESH AND BLOOD GO FLYING EVERYWHERE! Pogo makes the cover in the carnage, and retains, after a bloody and brutal battle that is sure to leave both men scarred or life.

Winner and STILL Deathrow Deathcore Champion: Pogo the Clown

The DVD ends with Jackson screaming 'HOLY SHIT' as replays are shown, and Abby is stretchered away, with Pogo posing with his title on the turnbuckle.

Any thoughts on the format would be much appreciated. I find myself getting worn out with long results, and as such, never getting a show up. I'd like to know how well this gets the storylines and such across. I'll work on getting more into the promos and such later, as storylines continue to develop. As you can see, we are building off of not only new storylines, but those established in the backstory.

Mainly, do you like the way the matches and such were done, and anything else about the layout, format, and such would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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syco, the format is ok, though I've never been a fan of using the quote function for an actual show. Don't ask me why, I just don't like it. But as far as the descriptions and promo's and such, they were fine, though a little more length to them (promo wise anyway) wouldn't be bad. But since you said you'd be working on that, it's also fine for now.

It looks like you've got some good storylines to build off of, and some...interesting characters to work with. This kind of fed isn't the type I normally read a diary for, but in this case, I might make an exception.

Hopefully keeping things a bit shorter will allow this to continue, as it looks to have a lot of potential to be somethin fairly different for the Dome.

And of cose, any diary with Abby in it = :thumbsup:

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Very good show, and I enjoyed the original version of this.

As for the results, I thought the length was just ifne, and the promo's helped establish the charecters a bit more, which is what I think you were going for. Some personal highlite's were the X2C promo, Goldstein's promo & the main event which was brutal, but nothing too extreme so as to make big show encounters meaningless.

Good stuff, hopefully you can keep this one alive.

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I really love the hardcore, no rules, don't give a F*ck feeling of the company, and haven't seen a diary like this yet in EWB. You've got some very edgy characters like the Rednecks and Nazi's, can't wait to see where this goes. I thought the format for the show was just perfect as there's no reason for long full length results until the heavily hyped major shows. The promos were awesome, keep up the great work!

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I just wanted to say, I have a little say in my promos, and I actually helped come up with the ending of my promo on this show. :D

That said, I liked the show, top to bottom. I like shorter matches, because there's only so many times you can read about how devastating a suplex is, and I know that I personally always try to top myself...there's a point where you can't really do that, so shorter matches are A-OKAY, just hitting the important points and whatnot.

Night of Champions should rock. Or it damn well better.

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