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Nathan Barley

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For those not in the know, Nathan Barley is a comedy series that has been airing on channel 4 in the UK on Friday evenings at about 10pm, and repeated on Saturday evenings.

It's written by Chris Morris (Of "Brass Eye" fame) and personally after taking a couple of episodes to get into it, I think it's very clever, shows great observation and is a funny programme.

The interplay between Dan Ashcroft and Nathan is superb, Dan's character is definitely the best cos he can see through all the stupid 'fashions' and despises those who fall into them. Yet somehow he's still seen as some kinda king of cool by Nathan. (The haircut last week and the clip I saw about the coffee next week are class)


Claire's a decent character too.

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I think it's a pretty good show caus at times it just so random.

"Oh man, he just farted up my muff 8 times in a row." :lol:

Need to catch yesterdays episode tonight, too busy watching Comic Relief University Challenge. :thumbsup:

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Awesome program. But at the end of the day it's no The Day Today or Brasseye. Still really good, thought out, it's not a hysterical comedy it's more something you would actually see in real life, it's well observed (The whole idiot thing, however in many aspects he idiot is often a lot more skilled and even successful, but is just an idiot).

I missed this weeks as I decided to record the Red Nose Day University Challenge instead.

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