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Celtic/Gaelic style music


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Recently I've been trying to find music with an Irish theme behind it (due to it being my major ethnic backround), especially after hearing bands like Gaelic Storm and The Trojans (who are more of a celtic ska band). Basically, I'm asking for suggestions for more of this kind of music. Probably alot of people will want to suggest the Pogues and Dubliners, and that's fine, but if they do I'd like some specific songs. Although I'm hoping some of you can provide me with a variety of good Celtic/Gaelic bands.

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Well. Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly have Irish/Scottish links. But you probably know that. There's just tons of small Celtic punk bands in Scotland (and probably Ireland), that haven't got a record deal though, it's not really appreciated as much.

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I probably should have been more specific, but really anything you guys can come up with works for me. Bands I mentioned like Gaelic Storm are definitely more on the folk side, but I'm definitely up for some rowdy rock music as well. Rock or folk I'd be happy with, as long as it's maintaining that Irish theme.

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There is a great group called Clann Zu and they are just about the best band to come out of Ireland. Half the lyrics are in english, and half are in Irish Gaelic. I recommend them highly... A good song to start with is Words of Snow.

http://www.clannzu.com/ You get alot of their music under downloads from the site.

I REALLY recommend checking it out. It is unlike anything else listed above.

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How about Horselips? Planxty (sp)? Christy Moore(was in Planxty)? Paul Brady? (I know not bands but still)

I can't recomend Horselips any highier, the songs Dearg Doom, The Man Who Built America(which Bono admittely ripped off for Gangs Of New York) and Trouble (with a Capital T) are great. If your looking for more traditional sounding bands then I'm out of ideas...but I can suggest Irish bands like The Boomtown Rats or Thin Lizzy...I'm not 100% sure if that the kind of music you're looking for.

The Dubliners and/or just Luke Kelly, I can recomend anything Dirty Old Town and On Raglan Road being favorites of mine. Same goes for The Pouges with Dirty Old Town.

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