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The Punisher


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Going shopping tomorrow, and I'm looking to pick up The Punisher - but what to get it on?

I've heard that the PC version isn't so good, because it's built for the PS2's analogue controls. Is that true (for those that have played it on the PC?) Also, seeing as I prefer the X-Box controller to the PS2 one, would it be better on that?

So; PC, PS2 or X-Box?


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I played the demo of the PC version, and I thought it was pretty great. There is nothing wrong with the controls at all, I picked them up fairly quickly.

Also, there are hacks that you can install in the PC game that get around the black and white screen you get when you kill someone in negotiation. You can watch the whole gory animation in its full glory on the PC very easily.

I know you can get them on the Xbox as well, but its just easier to do on the PC version.

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If on the PC Version you can get around the "De-goryfying" of the black and white screen during an interrogation then I say go for that.

From reviews though I've heard that because of having to tone it down a little the game isn't as good as it could have been.

Come on, feeding someone into a woodchipper and being able to decide how quickly or slowly you push them through?! Classy.

If you're still able to do stuff like that I say PS2 version is good cos of the fully Analogue controls.

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they have gameshark and codebreaker hacks for the ps2 that gets rid of the black and white and takes the zoom off the camera when doing those special innterogations.. the game was great the only game i beat within 2 weeks and went back to beat it 2 more times. it could have used some more unlockables but it's still good

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