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What was that movie?

MalaCloudy Black

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So I was just watching this movie on TBS and I didn't catch the title of it. It starred Sean William Scott (or whatever -- one of the guys from American Pie.), Tom Green, and even at the end, the guy who played "Frankie" on Boy Meets World.

The basic premise was that Tom Green was leading these kids on a tour of this college in Ithaca, NY, and he told them the story of 3 of their "most successful" students: One of them went on to make amateur porno, one developed a strain of undetectable weed and was High Times' "Man of The Year" and the other reconciled with his dad and brought home a black girlfriend.

What was it?

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Ethan Suplee, that's it. I've looked that up before.

And don't be surprised Trist, TBS shows movies like this in a movie to be "edgier" and "funnier".

Needless to say TBS' quest failed, because most movies aren't funny when you edit most of the movie out.

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