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Best albums from this bands

Guest George

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Guest George



Led Zeppelin:

The Beatles:

The Who:




Rolling Stones:

Paul Mccartney (& Wings):


They can be any type, from singles to recopilations.

Thanks for the help.

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Bush is Razorblade Suitcase by a mile. Of course this is only my opinion but unlike the other bands i'll mention afterwards, there is no competition between this one and the rest of their albums. Sixteen Stone isn't a bad album either but everything since Razorblade Suitcase is just Boring.

Yes - Fragile/Close to The Edge

Led Zeppelin - any of the Self Titled albums

The Beatles - My favourite Beatles album is Please Please Me, but all the beatles fans in here will jump on me disagreeing with that opinion. From their later albums i'd say the White Album and Abbey Road.

Who - (sings) My generation

Radiohead - Pablo Honey (i don't doubt lots of people will disagree here, but it's the ONLY radiohead album i can listen to)

Wings - Red Rose Speedway maybe

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I like The White Album, myself.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

I'm So Tired



Mother Nature's Son

Helter Skelter

Long, Long, Long

Revolution 1

Savoy Truffle

Revolution 9

I need to buy it. :P

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Guest concretedog

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin I-IV, I prefer I.

The Beatles: White Album or Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Cream: I'm not a supporter of 'Best Of' Albums, but get the Best of Cream on Casette release in the early 90s.

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