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Shadow President

Guest Mr. Potato Head

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Guest ryan_the_canuck

Doubt many of you have heard of the game Shadow President, but it's an old (1993) game in which you are placed in the role of President of the United States, with an eye towards international relations, starting on June 1, 1990 (so the Soviets are still around, and Iraq is about to invade Kuwait)

Usually, my games of SP will follow a pattern...stop Iraq, insult the Chinese a bit, get bored, start wars with random African countries until my popularity sinks so low I get impeached. Gets kinda boring after a while.

So, I start a new game, and decide to completely ignore the Iraq/Kuwait situation. Iraq wins control of Kuwait within a few days. Instead of doing anything, y'know, FUN, I decide to work on trying to get South Africa, Brazil, and Hungary into my alliance.

In the meantime, Iraq has been steadily building up their army in an attempt to invade Saudi Arabia...which they do on December 2nd. Noticing that the Soviets are helping to defend the Saudis, I again decline to get involved.

Then, January 17, all hell breaks loose. Completely out of the blue, the Soviet Union nukes Saudi Arabia (seems like a bug to me, first one I've ever found). Strange. France, of all countries, retaliates first with their own nuke. The Soviets and France exchange a couple more nukes, the Soviets nuke Saudi Arabia once more, and China nukes the Soviet Union.

So, all of a sudden, the world looks much different. Europe and the Middle East are essentially non-entities...after the US, India has become the #2 superpower. It's really quite bizarre. Oh, and Iraq is using the occasion to invade Jordan and Israel, while Japan and France are trying to form an alliance.

Just thought I'd share with any other ShadPres players out here.

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Guest ryan_the_canuck


The Soviet Union, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, has tried to pick fights with Sweden and Iceland...and failed twice.

Norweigian terrorists forced a plane to crash in Western Samoa.

Iraq has invaded Jordan, and I am defending.

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Guest Hollywood™

It's a good game just played it for the first time.

Gets rather boring. Waging war against Soviet Union isn't a wise decision I hit them with nuclear bombs then im asked if they can set up an army base in America.


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Guest ryan_the_canuck

I'm considering doing a diary.

Finally, I'm now convinced that the original nuking was a bomb, as the US just nuked Jordan...without me ordering it.

If it's not a bug, than it's the Freemasons. Either one.

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Mine won't start.

The first time I opened it it asked me who said some quote, I said "Bob" and it went to a screen with the title on it. I pressed enter and it didn't do anything, so then I started pressing a few others buttons. Eventually I gave up and closed it. Now when I open it I actually put in who said the quote and now it won't even go to that screen.

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