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World Wrestling Entertainment 2005


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OOC: Right so before we start I’ve decided to do this diary because WWE is the company I know most about, I know the wrestlers better and can portray them much better so I’ve decided to do this. This diary will hopefully be more like fourstarfizzle’s in the idea that it’s somebody else reporting on the happenings in WWE rather than a long winded out results where I’ll get burned out. For storyline purposes I’m changing the draft to suit myself, the draft took place on June 30th on SmackDown! Five wrestlers were picked from either brand to the opposite one through a tumbler. Thank you.

World Wrestling Entertainment 2005

We join the World Wrestling Entertainment company on July 1st , the draft has just ended yesterday seeing Charlie Haas, Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool , Matt Morgan, Rob Van Dam, Big Show all departed SmackDown! For Raw, and going in the opposite direction and heading off to SmackDown were, Val Venis, Steven Richards, Ric Flair, Christian and Kane. Tune in on July 4th to see RAW! (PS. There will be no Velocity or Heat posted this week, I’m starting with RAW but I will do Heat and Velocity showing just the results afterwards. This weeks Velocity and Heat will be booked by Paul Heyman.)

WWE RAW Preview

Independence Day Welcome

Thursday night sealed the fate of ten men, five wrestlers were coming to Raw and the other five were heading to SmackDown. The newest five Raw superstars will all be in the building on Monday for Raw were they are expected to be presented to the crowd, and the world, in the middle of the ring by General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff has already put one of the new wrestlers in an Intercontinental Title match against current champion Shelton Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin will be defending his title against none other than Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool, one of the five newest Raw superstars. Carlito is a former United States champion and has been drafted, as he was drafted he will have his hands full with Shelton Benjamin and the Intercontinental Title leaving no time to worry about the Cruiserweight title.

Ric Flair is one of the wrestlers departing for SmackDown! However what will the elder wrestler have to say to his old time friend Triple H? Flair and Triple H have been together and were the founding members of Evolution before it’s demise, Batista left for greener pastures and Randy Orton turned on Triple H but has been sidelined recently. With Evolution then in cahoots and finally laid to rest, the team of Flair and Triple H lived on but has finally come to and end. It will definitely be an emotional farewell for the legendary wrestler.

Also Charlie Haas will be in action as he takes on the Masterlock challenge, it has been announced that if Masters loses this match to the all-American he will leave Raw. Haas may prove to be Masters biggest challenge yet with his amateur background but also Haas and Shelton Benjamin will finally be reunited in what can only be described as emotional between the two stars. Also in action on Monday Night Raw will be Tag Team title action as the current holders, Rosey and The Hurricane defend their tag team titles against the former holders, William Regal and Tajiri.

Raw Matches Confirmed

Intercontinental Title

Shelton Benjamin =O= vs. Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool

Chris Masters vs. Charlie Haas

Tag Team Titles

Rosey & The Hurricane vs. William Regal & Tajiri  =O= =O=

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RAW Results

July 4th 2005

Ric Flair and Triple H had an emotional moment in the middle of the ring as Ric Flair let out a heartfelt speech to his friend before the duo embraced and Ric Flair left RAW for SmackDown! At the beginning of the night. Flair called Triple H his friend, his buddy, his favourite, as the two parted ways. Flair and Triple H were the founders of Evolution with Triple H providing the present, Flair the past and Orton the future. Batista was then brought in as a bodyguard figure and the four held all the titles at one point, however as Flair said “Batista and Orton got too up themselves” and thought they were too good for Evolution. Batista thrived on RAW! And became the champion and Orton ended up on the shelf but in the end Evolution came to a demise, it started with a bang but ended with a whimper. Flair and Triple H embraced in the ring and Ric Flair solemnly exited the RAW ring and arena, for the last time.

Chris Masters was next to be sent packing as Charlie Haas schooled the apparent “Master of the Masterlock” as Haas worked over Masters with technical holds, Masters eventually abandoned any technical moves and came out swinging with punches but Haas sent Masters down with an armbar. Masters could barely get any offence in as Haas showed Masters what wrestling was all about and finished it off with his own version of the Masterlock, causing Masters to pass out. When Masters finally came to in the middle of the ring he was met by a song from the fans singing “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!”

Following the match between Haas and Masters, the resident Arabian’s - Muhammad Hassan and Daivari made their way out to the ring. Hassan done his typical promo by talking about how today is a disgrace and that America are celebrating a holiday because they were freed from the United Kingdom’s grasp. “Why should you fools all hold a holiday because the UK got rid of you? You were nothing but second fiddle to the UK and you always will be, yet you act as if you are the greatest in the world. Clearly you American’s believe you are better than you are.” He continued his typical tirade against America before Daivari ripped into the crowd screaming in Arabic. The duo left to the back following this without a match today.

Following the promotion from Hassan and Daivari we go backstage where we see Billy Kidman, he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as the camera shows him and Tajiri in a locker room together. Kidman looked at Tajiri who was warming up, he told him that he would have his back today if they needed it, Tajiri nodded with a blank expression and walked away leaving Kidman smiling slightly sadistically.

We go back to the ring where William Regal and Tajiri aim to win back their Tag Team titles against Hurricane and Rosey. The two teams go at it in the middle of the ring until order can be obtained by the referee. Regal used his technical ability to isolate the smaller Hurricane and combined with lethal kicks from Tajiri they looked well on their way to winning the Tag Titles back, however Hurricane managed to tag in Rosey who cleaned house in no time and the tide was turned. Tajiri’s kicks seemed ineffective against Rosey until Tajiri nailed a final kick that rocked the big man, and then sent him tumbling from the ring. Tajiri celebrated in the ring as the only man standing until Kidman hit the ring with a steel chair. Kidman dismantled Tajiri in no time with the chair and started shouting that a talent like him shouldn’t be on RAW and should be fighting on Smackdown for the cruiserweight title but Tajiri was just a destined loser. As Regal came to he chased off Kidman who scampered from the ring, Regal and Tajiri had won the match, but they weren’t champions.

Regal helped his fallen partner to the back as Hurricane and Rosey also left looking demoralised that they couldn’t have a more entertaining match, however the crowd soon had something to cheer - or jeer about - as La Resistance made their way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier cockily got into the ring looking rather pissed off to be exact. They got a microphone and once again trashed America much like Hassan and Daivari had done earlier, however this time their tirade against the Red, White and Blue was interrupted by none other than the Sexy Boy himself - Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels produced his own microphone and he was ready to go, he retaliated to La Resistance’s trash talking with some French insults and defended the Red, White and Blue of America. After constant bickering between Michaels and La Resistance, Eric Bischoff made his presence felt and put his foot down. He said that Shawn Michaels would go against La Resistance in tag team action with an arranged partner arranged by Eric Bischoff himself. Michaels gave him a weird look but was relieved as his partner turned out to be none other than Rob Van Dam.

Michaels and Rob Van Dam stormed the ring but their opponents bailed out, Michaels and RVD taunted La Resistance to get back in the ring but the Frenchman and his French sympathiser partner refused to enter until one wrestler left the ring, RVD complied and Rob Conway entered to go one on one with Shawn Michaels. The two teams battled back and forth with Conway using technical moves against Michaels who opted for more of a flashy onslaught of attack but soon Conway and Grenier were using quick tags and were keeping Michaels isolated. Eventually Grenier and Michaels went down the hot tag was inevitable with RVD receiving an electric reception. The crowd cheered wildly as RVD took out Conway, then Grenier, then Conway again, and then to cap it all off took down Conway and Grenier with a double clothesline. His flurry was abruptly ended as Conway hit RVD in the leg as he crouched on the turnbuckle. JR reiterated how RVD hurt his knee badly and was kept out of action as Conway mutilated it around the top rope before attempting a superplex, RVD hit him in the gut and sent him to the mat as Michaels connected with a sweet chin music to Grenier laying him out but the match belonged to RVD as he connected with a five star frog splash to Conway and covered for the victory as the all-American team celebrated in the middle of the ring.

Following the match we cut backstage where we see Charlie Haas, the crowd give the Masterlock conqueror a loud cheer as the camera panned back even further to reveal Shelton Benjamin warming up with his Intercontinental Title sitting on a chair. Benjamin continued doing stretches as the two chatted about what had happened while they were separated on different brands, Haas then got up and went face to face with Benjamin, Benjamin stopped stretching as Haas broke the silence saying he would have his friends back. It was a similar incident to earlier with Kidman and Tajiri, Haas then left, pausing to look at the Intercontinental Title as he left leaving Benjamin to finish warming up.

Shelton Benjamin then came out to the ring with his Intercontinental Title wrapped around his waist, he was cheered on by the fans. He got in the ring when suddenly Charlie Haas’ music began to play, Benjamin looked on in confusement but Haas walked down the steps from the stage and joined Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the commentary table. Benjamin smiled slightly as Carlito Cool then came to the ring to start the match, the match was intense to start with both wrestlers going nose to nose with the crowd firmly behind the reigning champion. JR stated how Carlito won the US title on his Smackdown debut, could the same happen with the Intercontinental title tonight on RAW? The two wrestlers got into a technical battle early on, struggling for an advantage but Carlito found the advantage with an eye poke to get some momentum and continued from there. Haas completely backed his best friend throughout the match and eventually left the commentary table to aide his friend at ringside, as Carlito hit the ropes and came back with a vicious lariat Haas distracted the referee to prevent the count, Carlito got up and pulled Benjamin up, he kicked him with a low blow and then planted him with a swinging neck breaker. He hit Haas off the ropes and covered Benjamin, one…two…three! Carlito has won the Intercontinental title on his debut! Haas gets in the ring as Carlito leaves to celebrate as Haas checks on Benjamin, Benjamin finally wakes up slightly and pushes Haas away clearly annoyed about losing his title. He storms off leaving Haas apologising from the ring.

Following the match conclusion Triple H came down to the ring stating that this show was a disaster because on a day celebrating America he was not featured to wrestle and even though he dislikes Shelton Benjamin, he lost his title to some “Mexican” as Triple H called him. Triple H then turned his attention to Batista and told him that he was challenging him to a match next week, each man had to find a wrestler of their choice to tag with next week. Batista came out onto the entranceway and agreed to the match next week as the two men stared down and the show came to an end.

RAW Quick Results

Charlie Haas d. Chris Masters with a Masterlock in 6:35

William Regal & Tajiri =O= =O= d. Rosey & The Hurricaneby DQ when Billy Kidman interfered at 10:14

Rob Van Dam (W) & Shawn Michaels d. Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway (L) with a Five Star Frog Splash at 18:45

Carlito 'Caribbean' Cool d. Shelton Benjamin =O= with a Swinging Neckbreaker at 22:05

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WWE SmackDown! Preview

The Nature Boy’s Arrival

This Thursday on SmackDown! The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, makes his debut on SmackDown! Following an emotional farewell to long time friend Triple H, Ric Flair is heading to SmackDown! Are greener pastures awaiting Ric Flair or will he be too demoralised after leaving RAW? Flair is expected to be in the building on Thursday night but what role will he take?

Another man who was heading to SmackDown! Was the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane has had his problems in the past with Lita and Edge on RAW but now he is looking to start fresh on SmackDown! Which is his new home. Kane will be in action on Thursday against the Japanese monster, Kenzo Suzuki. The two titans will collide but who will emerge victorious on Kane’s SmackDown! Debut?

The tag team titles will be on the line as well in triple tag team action as the tag team champions Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro put their titles on the line as they will be assisted by the lovely Melina however standing in their way will be the new pairing Hardcore Holly and Scotty 2 Hotty and a team that will be revealed on the night.

Also in action will be a number one contenders match for the United States title, in action in fatal four way match will be Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Christian and Rene Dupree with the winner facing Orlando Jordan on July 31st at the Great American Bash. Booker T is the only one of the four men who has ever held the United States title so this match could be seen as a window of opportunity match for the three other men. The match will adopt elimination rules.

SmackDown! Confirmed Matches

United States Number One Contenders Match

Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Christian vs. Rene Dupree

Kane vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Tag Team Title Match

MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/ Melina) vs. Hardcore Holly & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. ???

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SmackDown! Results

July 7th 2005

John Cena came out to the ring to open up the show much to the delight of the crowd. The crowd favourite for a standing ovation as he came out to the ring, gave his ‘Word Life’ hand gesture, span his title around and then got on the stick. He cut a rap about himself and some of his enemies on SmackDown! Such as John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle, as he was about to leave JBL made his way to the ring in his stretch limo, he was accompanied down to the ring by his cabinet members Doug and Danny Basham and the United States champion, Orlando Jordan he got in the ring and told Cena to shut up and put himself over as though he should be the champion, just then the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle, hit the ring and said that HE should be the champion because he is a true American and has Gold Medals. The three men bickered in the ring until Teddy Long came out onto the stage and said that JBL and Angle did have a claim to be champion as they were both good competitors, however he wasn’t willing to just put them in a match against each other, instead he was going to make it into a Triple Threat match with…The Undertaker! Right here, tonight!

Following the in ring argument that had just ensued, the Tag Team titles were about to be put on the line as MNM defended against Hardcore Holly and Scotty 2 Hotty and a team that would be revealed in about five minutes time. The champions were accompanied by the lovely Melina, Holly and Hotty came down to Hardcore Holly’s theme and to cap it all off, a loud siren was heard with a red circle and line through it flashing on the screen. It’s…Steven Richards and Val Venis…Right To Censor! They’re back! The two get a chorus of boos from the crowd as they come down with white shirts, black trousers and black ties. After they take their shirts and ties off they are ready to begin. The match is fast and furious to begin with, Scotty 2 Hotty hit’s a diving press from the turnbuckle onto the two opposite teams and the ring clears out leaving Scotty and Mercury to battle it out. After a while Richards and Venis are in the match and using their dastardly tactics as Venis strangles Scotty with his tie while Richards distracts the referee. Despite Venis’ and Richards’ reunion they could not capture the tag team titles as Nitro rolled up Holly with a handful of tights for the victory.

Following the match the beaten Richards and Venis get on the microphone and begin trash talking the crowd. They say that since they were drafted they had a change of heart and we’re going back to what they new best, pissing off the crowd and trying to rid the WWE of any unnecessary rubbish. They would be not alone however and they would soon be attempting to recruit people for their team but they would need to be in tip-top shape and have a great wrestling mind to join such a prestigious group such as the Right to Censor.

After the Right to Censor had left the ringside area, we went backstage where we saw Chavo Guerrero being interviewed. He said he was very annoyed with how Rey Mysterio had been given preferential treatment to himself and that he should be in the United States Number One Contender match. He said his Uncle Eddie had told him to do something about it and that he would. Just then Rey Mysterio confronted him and said that if he wanted to say something to him he was right here. Chavo started shouting at Rey Mysterio which soon ended up as Spanish. The two trade insults in Spanish until Rey Mysterio went down like a sack of potatoes, the camera pulled back to reveal Eddie Guerrero and the two Guerrero’s began putting the boots to Mysterio. Interviewer Josh Matthews was shoved out the way as the Uncle and Nephew team threw their masked enemy into the interview set leaving Mysterio in heaps of pain and the Guerrero’s in heaps of laughter.

We joined Cole and Tazz at ringside who were discussing the terrible happenings from just before as Kenzo Suzuki made his way to the ring accompanied by Hiroko. The crowd didn’t give Suzuki a great reception but then the stage was engulfed in flames and Kane sauntered his way out onto the ring. The crowd went nuts, as did Michael Cole, as Kane made his way to the ring but was attacked as he tried to get in by the Japanese giant. The two traded blows in the middle of the ring as Suzuki nailed Kane with several clothesline before finally taking him off his feet with a diving clothesline. Kane sat up however as Kenzo struggled to keep his masked opponent on the mat. Kane battled his way up to his feet and the crowd were behind him all the way, Kane dominated throughout the entire match and wrapped it up with a tombstone Piledriver, and then pulled Kenzo Suzuki up and sent him straight back to hell with a massive choke slam for the victory. After the match Kane pulled up his Japanese opponent and planted him with a second choke slam before leaving to the back as Hiroko tended to her husband.

Following the match we went to Teddy Long’s office where he was with the two Guerrero’s. He told Chavo Guerrero that if he was so desperate to fight Rey Mysterio once again they could have a match at the Great American Bash but neither man could lay a finger on each other until then. However Eddie Guerrero objected stating that he wanted Rey Mysterio one more time to prove that he could defeat him, Teddy Long thought about it before making the match. The Guerrero’s would team up to take on Rey Mysterio and a partner of his choice, however Chavo and Eddie could not touch Rey or his partner and vice versa up until July 31st when their match was. Chavo and Eddie left satisfied.

We then went elsewhere backstage where we saw Nunzio sitting in his locker room. He was speaking to someone but it wasn’t shown who it was. Nunzio said that since his family left the company he has been wasted and deserves more, the camera then shows Ric Flair standing in his room. Flair tells him that the two should join up because with what Flair done for Evolution could be the same for Nunzio. Nunzio thinks about it but quickly makes his mind up and shakes hands with Flair who begins discussing what they should do.

Up next was the Number One Contenders match for the United States title. Mysterio and Dupree started the match off trading some moves as Mysterio got into his element and took to the skies with some high flying moves. Dupree tagged in Booker T who took down Mysterio with a clothesline as the two went at it in the centre of the ring, Mysterio ran the ropes and ducked Dupree’s clothesline attempt and took him down with a clothesline, but Booker T had tagged himself in as Mysterio ran the ropes. The first elimination came when Christian took out Rey Mysterio with an Unprettier. This left Christian, Dupree and Booker T. Dupree was next to go and he suffered the same fate as Mysterio, an Unprettier at the hands of Christian. This left Christian and Booker T, the two went at it in singles action with the winner getting a shot at the Great American Bash for the United States title. The two beat on each other throughout the duration of the match and became weak and weary both men hit a double clothesline on each other and crashed to the floor with an arm draping over each others chest. The referee looked confused and went to his knees and with both hands counted, 1...2...3. The referee raised both men’s hands with a slight hesitation as the crowd seemed confused, who had won? Who was facing Jordan at the Bash?

As the two wrestlers slowly get up they get into a shove fight over who has won, the referee tries to come between them but is cast aside. The two wrestlers go nose to nose and are about to break into a fight but Teddy Long emerges onto the stage with no music, yelling down the microphone “Woah Woah Woah, Playas” Long goes on to say that since there was no way of determining a clear cut winner in the match they would have to have a singles match next week on SmackDown! With the winner going on to face Orlando Jordan at the Bash. However the Champion emerges from the back and with a microphone he says that he doesn’t need to face either man because neither man won the match therefore he should be given the night off at the Bash. Teddy Long apologises to Jordan and removes the number one contenders match from next week on SmackDown! Booker T and Christian are clearly annoyed, as are the fans, only Jordan is happy but Long then announces at the Bash Jordan will be in action against both men in Triple Threat action! The crowd go wild as Jordan looks absolutely mortified at the announcement as we go to a break.

After the commercial break we return to the ring as we are ready for another number one contenders match this time for the WWE Title, between JBL, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. The match begins with Angle and JBL trying to double team the dead man but ‘Taker takes them out with a double clothesline and then begins to methodically (see: slowly) take apart JBL with big boots and right hands but Angle races to JBL’s aid, although he just wanted to attack ‘Taker really and exchanges blows with the Dead man, despite ‘Taker’s shots being much bigger than Angle’s, Angle keeps fighting and suddenly plants ‘Taker with an Angle Slam minutes into the match, 1...2...JBL breaks it up. The three men all go at it in the middle of the ring when the crowd go nuts, John Cena is here! Cena runs down to ringside to commentate distracting JBL and Angle who feel the need to shout abuse at the champ! The duo turn around and get massive hands wrapped around their throats, they break free and double team ‘Taker but that’s as far as the alliance goes and JBL demolishes Angle with a Clothesline from Hell, 1...2...Angle has the rope. The match continues and Angle soon has ‘Taker in the Ankle Lock! ‘Taker crawls to the ropes but Angle drags him back to the middle of the ring, JBL runs the ropes and demolishes Angle with the second Clothesline from Hell of the night. He drapes his arm over his chest 1...2...3! JBL has done it! JBL is the number one contender once more!

After the match John Cena stands up at the commentary table and raises his title, he still has the headset on and is shouting “You want this!?” JBL is pointing at the title and nodding as Cole tells us all that Cena and JBL will be fighting at the Bash! Well done Captain Obvious, the two stare each other down intensely as the show ends.

SmackDown! Quick Results

MNM (Johnny Nitro (W) & Joey Mercury w/ Melina) =O= =O= d. Hardcore Holly (L) & Scotty 2 Hotty, Right to Censor (Steven Richards & Val Venis) with a roll up at 8:32

Kane d. Kenzo Suzuki with a choke slam in 4:29

Christian drew Booker T in a United States Number One Contendership Fatal Four Way Elimination match.

Christian drew Booker T at 17:43 with a double clothesline pin

Christian pinned Rene Dupree at 10:45 with an Unprettier

Christian pinned Rey Mysterio at 6:34 with an Unprettier

John Bradshaw Layfield d. Kurt Angle and The Undertaker with a Clothesline from Hell on Kurt Angle at 20:34

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Writing as I'm reading;


Flair/HHH stuff to start. Nothing much to say about this apart from I half expected Hunter to Pedigree Flair, but t'wasn't to be.

Masters losing? I'm no fan of him, but jobbing him out to Haas seemed like a bit of a copout. Would've been much better to build up to a PPV and then have Masters lose. I can see why you wanted to get rid of him, but there were better ways to do it.

Typical Hassan bashing America, although I can't see him effectively praising the UK. I dunno, it just doesn't seem like something he'd do.

Obviously building towards something with Kidman vs. Tajiri here.

There we go. Could lead to a good match between the two, and it's nice to see you're using Kidman on RAW.

Van Dam? Nice. Didn't see that coming, and a good way to get him over by putting him up against Michaels as well. Not surprised to see RVD/HBK winning with RVD getting the pin.

Oh please, please let this lead to a feud between Haas and Benjamin. The WWE really dropped the ball with this, I hope you won't do the same.

You planted the seeds here, which is good. Disappointed to see the title go to Carlito - not because I dislike him, but because I'd rather see Haas and Shelton feuding over the IC Title. That being said, Benjamin needed to lose really to make the feud seem meaningful.

I guess you're leading up to one more HHH/Batista match, which is OK as long as you end it soon. I don't see Hunter winning the title, but it'll be interesting to see what you have planned afterwards.

I'll do SD! in a bit.

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I'm really enjoying the shows Ace! Pretty sweet stuff! Plus, I always enjoying reading a Carlito push. Nice to see you are using Haas well too although it must be difficult to work Haas with Masters considering Masters isnt very over at the mo! Keep up the good work!

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Alright diary so far Acey, but then again, some things I didn't like about RAW...

- Not a fan of the way Haas beat Masters and how Masters is gone already. There was so much work spent on Masters and the Masterlock competition that it seems somewhat counter-productive for all that time to be for nought. At least have him beaten at a PPV like Rock A Box said, because then it isn't so bad and he goes out in a good way. Then again, wasn't it a Masterlock challenge not a match? I assumed that it was to be if Haas escaped from the Masterlock then Masters was gone, but Haas didnt escape from the Masterlock so I say bring him back and finish the challenge once and for all.

- Hmm, as soon as Kidman said he had Tajiri's back, with or without the 'sadistic grin' addition it was obvious to me that Kidman was going to attack Tajiri and then start a feud up with him. But past that transparency, I hope the feud goes well and it should do, but it needs a bigger reason than an attack to get the feud really off the ground. If I were doing it I'd have this attack lead to a match next week, have something happen then that either prevents the match from happening (Say Tajiri is attacked by Kidman) or Kidman goes with a DQ/cheating finish. If it is to continue you can't have a clean win for either really unless it is at a PPV. Build to a PPV match, again if it was me I'd go for a lumberjack match or some lower gimmick match because we know Kidman will try and bail from the match.

Anyways, you can go with that or something similar but i feel the feud needs something to happen to make it mean something, an attack doesn't really justify a 'feud' as such.

- Haas and Benjamin is a feud I really wanted the WWE to do but they didn't and it annoyed me. Haas and Benjamin could do a killer feud because both know each other really well considering they worked together for so long and I feel that whenever you have two former partners wrestling each other in a feud, as long as it means something then you get a guaranteed reaction because of it being good friends or even family that are fighting.

Overall an alright RAW but I look for next week to really build to the next PPV, which is Summerslam I think?

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Velocity Results

Akio d. Funaki with a hurricanrana from the top rope at 6:43

Doug and Danny Basham d. Hardcore Holly and Scotty 2 Hotty with the Ball and Gag on Scotty at 6:03

Nunzio w/ Ric Flair d. Chavo Guerrero with the Sicilian Shooter at 9:45

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WWE RAW Preview

Who Are The Partners?

Last week on Monday Night RAW, Triple H challenged Batista to a tag team match this week on RAW if both men could find partners, it has been confirmed that both Triple H and the World Heavyweight Champion have both found partners for their upcoming tag team match this Monday but no one knows who they are as of yet. Tune in to Monday Night RAW on Spike TV to find out just who will be the partners of the two biggest superstars on RAW.

Also last week we saw Billy Kidman make his impact on RAW by apparently befriending the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri prior to his tag team title match, only to attack him during the match with a steel chair. This week their will be a Tag Team title rematch between The Hurricane and Rosey against the current champions Tajiri and William Regal only this week Billy Kidman is banned from interfering during the match.

Chris Benoit will be in action tonight as he takes on the Money in the Bank winner, Edge. Benoit and Edge are former tag team champions however recently Edge has had a change of heart and now has the ability to cash in his Money in the Bank challenge for the World Title shot any time he likes however he has to concentrate on one Mr. Benoit. Tonight, the Rabid Wolverine will definitely be ready to take on Edge tonight.

Last week we saw Charlie Haas accidentally cost his best friend, Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Title, Haas will look to make amends this week as he teams up with Benjamin to reform the World’s Greatest Tag Team to face the new Intercontinental champion, Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool and his sporadically appearing ‘lackey’, Matt Morgan in tag team action.

Speaking of Carlito, he will host his Cabana this week with special guest referee…Mr. Rob Van Dam himself as he will address questions to his injury and his goals now that he has come back!

RAW Confirmed Matches

Triple H and ? vs. Batista and ?

WWE Tag Team Title

Rosey & The Hurricane vs. Tajiri & William Regal =O= =O=

Chris Benoit vs. Edge

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool & Matt Morgan

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RAW Results

July 11th 2005

We are welcomed to RAW by JR and the King as per usual and Eric Bischoff’s “I’m Back” music fills the air and the ground begin to boo as the General Manager of RAW makes his way to the ring. He climbs in the ring, smiling broadly as you can tell he has some news to give everyone. He starts off by hyping up his great news but not giving it away, he then said he had come to a deal with Teddy Long over on SmackDown! And said how he had acquired Armageddon to be an exclusive RAW PPV instead of SmackDown! However Vince McMahon had stated they were returning to one PPV a month meaning New Years Revolution would have to be removed. By acquiring Armageddon there were now four RAW pay per views, four SmackDown! Pay per views and four inter brand pay per views. As he was giving his speech, Triple H then came down to the ring and interrupted Bischoff saying that “this was his time to speak and he had important business to attend to” as he began to speak Bischoff flipped out and started shouting at Triple H for interrupting the General Manager of RAW! The crowd cheered on Bischoff as Triple H argued back and said that he had to announce who his partner was for tonight, Bischoff then stated that he already knew so to save Triple H his breath he would announce that tonight Randy Orton would return to RAW and team up with Triple H and take on Batista and…The Big Show! Triple H looked stunned and angered at the same time (with talent like that no wonder he’s a reoccurring champion) as Bischoff smiled and left to the back.

After that bombshell we opened up the show with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin coming down to the ring together to their old World’s Greatest Tag Team music, could this be a sign of a reunion. They seem to be friends once again following last weeks debacle which cost Shelton Benjamin’s Intercontinental Title to the man about to come out. Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool then lead out Matt Morgan as Carlito gloated with his title, holding it up to Benjamin and pointing while laughing. The two teams came together in the middle of the ring as Haas said he would start and began to school Carlito on the mat, with an eye poke Carlito began to attack Haas who tagged out to Benjamin, Benjamin started off well but Morgan hit him from behind over the ropes and Carlito ambushed him. Using quick tags Carlito and Morgan kept themselves fresh and wore down Benjamin but Benjamin hit a big enziguri and got the inevitable hot tag to Haas who cleaned house of the Intercontinental Champion and his lackey. Haas rolled up Carlito, 1...2...Morgan breaks it up and beats down on Haas, Benjamin makes the save on Haas, evening it out as all four men go at it in the middle of the ring. Benjamin throws Carlito out of the ring as Haas grabs Morgan and goes to whip him at Benjamin but Morgan reverses it and sends Haas flying into Benjamin knocking him out of the ring, Haas stumbles around as Morgan rolls him up for the victory! Morgan bails out of the ring and pulls Carlito up, he takes the Intercontinental Title from the referee and gives it to Carlito as he assists him up the ring leaving Haas and Benjamin in the ring. Benjamin shoves Haas but this time Haas shoves him back holding his ground. Benjamin grabs Haas and applies a headlock but the referee drags him back and gets him out of the ring, each man leaves to the back individually.

We then head backstage where we see Jonathon Coachman standing with Billy Kidman. Coach compliments Kidman for what he done last week to Tajiri and Kidman thanks him. The two joke about Tajiri until Coach asks Kidman why he done it because everyone wants to know. Kidman begins to get angry and flustered, he begins yelling that he done it because he doesn’t deserve to be on RAW. He’s a Cruiserweight wrestler and should be the champion, he needed to prove a point against a fellow Cruiserweight and Tajiri just so happened to be in the right place, at the wrong time. Kidman said that he never liked Tajiri for what he done to Torrie when he treated her like a classless female, Kidman said that is a prime reason for why he attacked Tajiri. Kidman told Tajiri to watch out because he still wanted to get his hands on him, he wanted to end him. It may have been three years ago but Kidman never got his revenge and he could avenge it right now, he then said how he never forgets anything.

Following Kidman’s rant and rave, it was Muhammad Hassan’s turn as he came out to the ring with Daivari. Hassan stated how he hated being rejected in America, he was sick and tired of it and he just wanted to live and work in America in peace but instead the fans all wanted him to leave. He claimed the fans were too prejudice to allow him into their society which was dominated by white and black people and people of Arab-background were nothing but an afterthought with the “selfish American’s”, in fact they weren’t even a thought at all! Hassan told of how he was annoyed that even in his workplace he was disrespected and promised an equal life with white and black people alike, yet he remained shoved on Heat and despite being allowed time to speak his mind, he was unable to show his mind in action and it was disrespect like this he was attempting to remove from the company.

So today we had seen Eric Bischoff announce Triple H’s and Batista’s partners, we’d seen Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin reform, lose and then seemingly break away all in one match, Kidman explain his reasons for his attack on Tajiri and now Muhammad Hassan running his mouth once more. It was shaping into an explosive night and that became even more explosive when Rosey and The Hurricane captured the tag team championships when they defeated William Regal and Tajiri in tag team action. The match was fast and furious at times and also clean with Kidman no where to be seen and The Hurricane picked up the win with the Eye of the Hurricane on Tajiri for the victory. After the match William Regal helped his partner up but Kidman hit the ring cracking Regal in the back with the chair, Tajiri fell to his knees without Regal to help him and Kidman hit Tajiri in the head sending him to the mat, Kidman ascended the turnbuckle but Rosey pushed him off, Kidman fell to the outside but landed on his feet and backed up the ramp laughing. As JR called Kidman ’despicable’ but the King tried to defend his actions.

After the match we go to a commercial break and when we return Carlito’s Cabana is all set up. He announces that he will be interviewing Rob Van Dam this week, however he didn’t fail t comment on his win last week and how he worked hard to win it. Carlito took an apple and introduced Rob Van Dam as the crowd cheered the superstar who returned last week from his knee injury. Carlito began the interview, keeping it surprisingly straight bas RVD described just how hard the rehab was while he had his injury and how he was close to hanging up his boots once and forever but now he was back and feeling great. When asked about his goals RVD said he wanted to become Intercontinental champion once more, or maybe capture the World Title. As Carlito heard RVD’s goal of becoming Intercontinental champion he nearly choked on his apple before spitting out and declaring “that’s not cool” before ending the interview in a bad mood and telling RVD to leave now! RVD slowly backed away and up the ramp.

Bischoff shakes his head after just watching Carlito’s Cabana, as the camera pulls back to reveal Charlie Haas leaning over his shoulder watching, Bischoff catches a glimpse of Haas and turns around startled and questions Haas if he has manners and knows how to knock. Haas doesn’t look in the mood to hang around though as he and Bischoff discuss the happenings between himself and Shelton Benjamin. They try to come to a solution, such as another tag team match but Haas doesn’t like the prospect of teaming with Benjamin, citing that he had ‘changed’ a lot. He admitted Benjamin’s title loss was his fault and he shouldn’t have got involved in the first place but the tag team match earlier was a complete accident and he wasn’t willing to apologise for an accident. Bischoff smiled slightly and said they obviously had some differences to work out, but he couldn’t think of a solution as to what it should be. He then stated that next week he had decided to hold a twenty man battle royal to determine the number one contender to Batista’s title, and that Haas and Benjamin were both entered, if they wanted to get their hands on each other then they could do it there and then. Haas said that he didn’t necessarily want to attack Benjamin, just wanted him to understand and not be so stubborn, Bischoff recommended he beat the stubbornness out of him and told him to get out as JR and King deliberated on the prospect of a twenty man battle royal to determine the number one contender.

Following the announcement by Bischoff that shook RAW. Two superstars who are expected to be in the Battle Royal for the number one contenders spot to the World Heavyweight Title, held by Batista, were about to go head to head. Chris Benoit and Edge were the two competitors and Edge carried the briefcase with him, smirking. The two went at it in the middle of the ring with Edge getting the upper hand, taking Benoit done to the mat and pummelling him with right hands but Benoit showed ruthless (or is it toothless?) aggression and came back at Edge. The match couldn’t be decided with each man having periods on top but being at a stalemate for the most part. Benoit began to fall behind slightly as the younger Edge took it to him and nailed him with a spear but Benoit showed resilience to kick out and come back in the match and locked Edge in with the Crippler Crossface following a Swandive Headbutt but Edge got his arm to the ropes. Edge then reintroduced his own submission manoeuvre, the Edge-a-cator as Benoit was bent like a pretzel but refused to give up, after being held in the hold for a while he slung an arm over the bottom rope after a slow crawl. Edge tried to pull him back and succeeded after a brief struggle but Benoit cracked him in the head with a enziguri and slapped on the Crippler Crossface once more, Edge tapped out profusely and almost immediately as Benoit released the hold and got up to celebrate holding his neck in pain as one arm was raised in the air by the referee. The crowd gave a big celebration for Benoit in that good display of wrestling with his once tag team champion partner and friend, but now enemy as Edge recuperated and used his hard briefcase to nail Benoit and send him to the mat. Edge left smiling holding the briefcase in his hand.

With the match just over between Edge and Chris Benoit we go backstage to see Batista warming up, there’s a knock at the door and in steps the seven foot giant, the Big Show. The crowd give a slight cheer for the biggest man in Sports Entertainment as he and Batista shake hands. Batista says he is happy to be teaming with a monster like the Big Show and that they will go out now and dominate, annihilate, demolish their opponents because no matter who it is, they look like shrimp in comparison to this duo.

The two left the dressing room and after a brief commercial that showed wrestlers being injured which featured RVD god knows how many times, he return just in time to see the old Evolution theme hit and out comes Triple H and Randy Orton! The crowd boo as Orton returns to the ring after a while out of action with an arm injury. Following Evolution’s prolonged introduction, Batista comes out and then Big Show as the crowd give the Champion and his partner a good cheer. The four men all go at it in a barbaric start to the match as the referee manages to get Orton, and somehow, the Big Show out of the ring leaving the Champ and Triple H in the ring. The two went at it blow for blow and when Batista got the slightest edge over Triple H he tagged out for Orton and scampered to the apron. Orton didn’t feat Batista however and dived straight in forcing Batista to finally tag out to Orton. Orton wasn’t afraid of the Big Show either, but maybe he should have been, as Show made short work of the returning superstar. Show quickly sent Orton into the turnbuckle and he tagged in Triple H who wearily made his way inside the ring. Triple H matched Big Show and managed to run rings around him (…yeah…) and then take the big man off his feet with a chop block. More madness ensued as Big Show was on his knees but Triple H couldn’t get the big man right down before he nailed a raised knee to Big Show’s face. The crowd booed as Triple H and Orton seized control but eventually Show tagged out to Batista and the monster entered the ring and took both of Evolution out of the ring at the same time. He helped up Big Show and as he did Orton and Triple H snuck in the back door and ambushed Batista from behind. Triple H planted the World champion with a Pedigree and covered for the victory as Orton took out Big Show with an RKO. The crowd booed as Triple H picked up Batista’s title and posed with it above his head.

Triple H then got a microphone and began to deem Batista an unworthy champion and entered himself and Randy Orton into the battle royal. He continued to slate Batista and Big Show with both men occasionally kicking their fallen foes just to make sure a recovery isn’t on the cards. Triple H gets in Batista’s face with the title as the show comes to an end with us learning that so far in the twenty man battle royal next week are; Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Edge, Chris Benoit, Triple H and Randy Orton.

RAW Quick Results

Carlito ‘Caribbean’ Cool & Matt Morgan (W) d. The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas (L) and Shelton Benjamin with a roll up at 9:34

World Tag Team Title

Super Heroes, The Hurricane (W) & Rosey d. William Regal & Tajiri (L) =O= =O= with the Eye of the Hurricane at 13:56

Chris Benoit d. Edge with the Crippler Crossface at 17:34

Evolution, Triple H (W) & Randy Orton d. The Big Show & Batista (L) with a Pedigree at 14:46

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WWE SmackDown! Preview

John Bradshaw Layfield Is The Number One Contender

Last week we saw John Bradshaw Layfield truly cement his place in the WWE as a real World title contender, despite a several month reign people have been uncertain whether he can maintain such grace within the company but he has proved that he can with a victory over Kurt Angle and The Undertaker last week. Once a beer swilling redneck, much like Steve Austin, John Bradshaw Layfield turned his life around and is now a ferocious competitor within in the WWE and now that he has another shot at taking back his title from John Cena, will he be able to capture the title that he won this very month, one year ago? We can expect to hear from John Bradshaw Layfield on Smackdown!

Also last week we heard that the Guerrero’s would once again team up at the Great American Bash, however that team was formed much sooner than the Great American Bash when Uncle Eddie, and Nephew Chavo launched a two on one assault on Rey Mysterio last week to leave him beaten down. However Rey Mysterio already knows who his partner is and we have had confirmation that his partner will participate in a singles match on SmackDown!, the stipulation for the match is simple, Rey Mysterio’s partner will take on any Mexican wrestler that Eddie and Chavo Guerrero choose. However the match will bar the Guerrero’s and Rey Mysterio from interfering in anyway.

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, debuted on SmackDown! Last week and he knew exactly what he was doing as he picked up a valuable little wrestler in Nunzio as his client. Ric Flair has promised to make Nunzio a bigger and brighter star than he could ever imagine and they will begin that this week by issuing an open challenge to any wrestler on the SmackDown! Roster to take on the Fiery Italian. The challenge is to show the World just what Nunzio can do as he is a skilled technical wrestler, and now that he has Ric Flair as his mentor Nunzio could be on cloud nine and not about to come down anytime soon.

Also, Christian is believed to be ready to speak out about last weeks debacle that was the Number One Contenders match for the United States title. Christian and Booker T drew each other when both men hit each other with a double clothesline and pinned each other simultaneously. Christian and Booker T both believe they deserve the title shot to themselves, Christian more so as he has failed to live down the fact that both Rey Mysterio and Rene Dupree were eliminated by himself. Christian believes that his claim to the title is superior to Booker T’s and Booker T’s feels the same however with the roles reversed, both wrestlers have been booked to face Orlando Jordan at the Bash but will that change before they get there? Christian will be in the building to address the situation.

And in this weeks main event we will see an extremely ticked off Kurt Angle team up with Rene Dupree to take on the WWE Champion, John Cena, and the Big Red Machine - Kane. Angle is believed to be very annoyed with last weeks happenings when he had Undertaker seemingly ready to tap out to his Ankle Lock when Bradshaw ‘ambushed’ him with a Clothesline from Hell to ‘steal’ the victory from Kurt Angle. Those were the words he used, however there is no turning back time now but Kurt Angle could, theoretically, score a pinfall victory over the WWE Champion on SmackDown!

SmackDown! Confirmed Matches

Kurt Angle & Rene Dupree versus WWE Champion, John Cena & Kane

Nunzio Invitational

Nunzio versus ???

Mexican Showdown

Rey Mysterio’s Great American Bash Partner versus ???

Tune in to UPN to check out SmackDown!

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SmackDown! Results

14th July 2005

SmackDown! Starts off with JBL’s music playing on the speakers and the stretch limo pulls out onto the stage. The crowd boo as the chauffer opens the door for John Bradshaw Layfield to step out of, when Layfield has stepped out, Orlando Jordan steps out with the United States title and following them are Doug and Danny Basham. The four make their way down to the ring as red, white and blue confetti rains down in the middle of the ring as Doug and Danny holds the ropes open for Layfield who climbs in and salutes the crowd to a chorus of boos. JBL thanks the crowd for helping him last week, then he pauses and thinks, then he says how the crowd had nothing to do with him becoming such a star in the first place and how they most certainly done nothing to help him become the Number One Contender last week or when he won the World Title for the first time this time last year. Layfield continued to put himself over and saying how this year would see a repeat of last year when he would be crowned WWE Champion once more. As he is talking John Cena’s music hits and the crowd let out a roar as the WWE Champion comes out to the ring and spins the title around. He cuts a white-ghetto speech on the Cabinet and how JBL will fall at the feet of John Cena once again. Word Life. Cena leaves to the back leaving Layfield in the ring furious as the rest of the Cabinet stare at the entrance as Cena walks to the back and the show music begins to play.

After the introduction music and video have ended, we go to the ring where Michael Cole tells us the opponent of Rey Mysterio’s partner has entered. Apparently he came down with no music and was dubbed “El Crazio” by the announcer, he wore full body suit and a match black mask. He waited in the corner as WCW fan’s began to cheer wildly as familiar music to them filled the air and out came a man known as ‘Juventud’. The crowd seemed to instantly take a liking to the guy, probably because he was partner with Rey Mysterio going into the Great American Bash. The two locked up early on and participated in some high flying action and despite El Crazio being able to take to the skies he never seemed to be in control as much as Juventud who dictated the pace - which was fast and even though El Crazio gave it his bravest effort he was unable to pick up the victory as Juventud finished off with a dazzling Juvi Driver for the three count. Once the match was over, Juventud got on the turnbuckles and celebrated with the crowd completely behind him.

Following the opening match we go backstage where we see Nunzio and Ric Flair being interviewed by Josh Matthews. Matthews asks Flair why he decided to take on Nunzio and Flair responded by stating he was still a wheel an’ dealin’, kiss stealin’, son of a gun but he was also a changed man in that he realised he could no longer cut it as a wrestler but he still felt he may possibly the greatest speaker on SmackDown! And seeing Nunzio, a technical masterpiece it reminded what he was like twenty or so years ago when he was in his hay day. He felt Nunzio could go places, that he was a great talent and that he could surpass what many thing would be best he could achieve. He stated that when he was brought in by Jamie Noble many moons ago he was never destined to go in a certain direction, he had no way to go, he couldn’t go up, his talent meant he wouldn’t go down and he just seemed to linger and now that Nunzio had teamed up with Flair he had only one direction, not up, but way, way up, further than you could believe because Nunzio now had that mouthpiece he always needed. Flair ended the interview with an emphatic “woo” before leading Nunzio off to the back to prepare for his match.

Paul London made his way out to the ring carrying his Cruiserweight Championship over his shoulder. He climbed into the ring looking ready for action as he grabbed a microphone from ringside as the crowd quickly hushed seeing he had something to say. He told the crowd how, even though he had respect for Rey Mysterio, Juventud and even Chavo Guerrero, he was the Cruiserweight Champion after all and felt that he needed to remind everyone why the was exactly. He called on an opponent to come out and face him in a title match but the answer he got was no a cruiserweight, instead it was Theodore Long. Long told London that he could have his little Cruiserweight Championship match, but not tonight. This seemed to deflate London somewhat as Long continued. Long told London that he had a strict schedule to run today and couldn’t let London wrestle unfortunately, however he would guarantee London a match next week. In fact, Long would write it in his notepad as soon as he got back to his office that Paul London would take on Spike Dudley in a Cruiserweight Title match. He said that he didn’t feel the need for a number one contenders match because Kidman was now on RAW and Rey Mysterio, Juventud and Chavo Guerrero were all preoccupied. Long thanked London for his patience and looked forward to him reminding everyone just what he is capable of next week.

Following Paul London’s little charade, followed by a brief commercial we were joined by Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and the lovely Melina all coming to ringside to join in the commentary for the upcoming match. Michael Cole stated how it would be a rematch from Velocity on Saturday between the members of the Cabinet, the Basham Brothers and the newly formed tag team, Scotty 2 Hotty and Hardcore Holly. As Holly & Hotty made their way to the ring we were shown a video of Velocity where we saw Scotty 2 Hotty get hit with the Ball and Gag giving the Basham’s the victory. The Basham’s then came out with no one else from the Cabinet in sight. The match was your typical tag team match with the heels isolating Scotty, the smaller, weaker wrestler of the face team but Scotty battled back and made the inevitable hot tag which saw Hardcore Holly clean house quickly. He tried to help Scotty up but got attacked from behind and Doug went for a clothesline but missed, Holly hoisted up Doug for the Alabama Slam but as the referee checked on Scotty this allowed Danny to plant a low blow kick to Holly and Doug slipped out and behind Holly and caught him with a roll up for the victory. After the match Mercury and Nitro hit the ring and Nitro took out Danny with a springboard spinning heel kick and Doug got caught with the springboard super frankensteiner. Holly and Hotty got their fair share of a beat down as the lovely Melina lead away the tag team champions.

After the tag team match we were greeted by Christian’s music as he came down to the ring. The crowd were all over him like a rash giving him loud boos as Christian got in the ring and taunted the crowd, he took a microphone and cut a good promo on how he should be the United States champion because he eliminated both Rey Mysterio AND Rene Dupree and Booker T only succeeded in drawing with Christian, “which is a great achievement in itself” Christian gloated. However his tirade was cut short as Booker T came out to the ring and he and Christian began trading insults (for like the five billionth time in history). Booker T stated how Christian shouldn’t be United States champion because he’s Canadian, Christian retorted with “If only American’s could hold the United State’s title, not only would I not want it but it would probably lower my IQ as well. Morons like Bill Goldberg, Jim Duggan and Steve Austin have all held the title, all of them being idiots who probably couldn’t even spell USA let alone hold a title dedicated to it. Anyways, holding the United States title and being Canadian is better than letting worthless ghetto trash get their thieving hands all over it!” Christian quickly exited the ring after that comment and backed off up the ramp smiling as Booker T took his frustrations out on the bottom rope.

Following Christian’s speech on Booker T, who had now left looking extremely pissed off and most likely in search of Christian. The lights suddenly went out and then adjusted to a purple hue, torches could be seen filtering from the entrance way as druids made two rows on either side of the ramp and The Undertaker sauntered down the ramp and into the ring. He gave a spine tingling speech about how he lost the Number One contenders match, yet he would still haunt Angle, still haunt JBL and make their lives living hells until he was damned to those confinements himself. He would not rest, not cease until he had ended Kurt Angle or JBL and there wasn’t anything neither of them could do about it. The Deadman rolled his eyes into the back of his head and then sauntered to the back once again.

After the Undertaker had delivered his spine tingling speech, the fiery Italian music hit the speakers and out from the back came Nunzio flanked by the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. The two entered the ring as Nunzio removed a large robe, similar to the ones Flair used to wear when he wrestled. They awaited on their opponent who turned out to be Kenzo Suzuki. Suzuki had his wife, Hiroko by his side and looked determined on beating Nunzio. Nunzio looked quietly confident as he jumped on the spot keeping warm and as soon as the bell sounded quickly ducked past Suzuki and took the big man off his feet with a chop block. Nunzio dropped to his knees and put Suzuki’s legs in precarious positions and stretched them all over the mat, after a minute or so of stretching Suzuki’s legs Nunzio backed off and Suzuki used the ropes to pull himself up. It was evident that Suzuki was unsafe on either leg and Nunzio noticed the left leg was acting as the main supporter, realising this he went to work on the right leg weakening it down more and more. Nunzio finished off with a figure four leg lock in honour of Flair who let out a “woo” from the side and Suzuki quickly tapped out. Last week Suzuki was squashed by the Big Red Machine, Kane, and now this week someone seemingly a fraction of his size. As soon as the bell rang Nunzio released the hold and rolled out the ring and walked up the ramp with Flair in hot pursuit smiling broadly.

When Nunzio’s quick match was over, we heard the music of Rene Dupree hit and out from the back walked the French Phenom. Dupree got onto the apron and done his French Tickler dance drawing boos from the crowd and he got in the ring and took a microphone. He told everyone that despite his irrational disliking for America, he was honoured to be in tag teaming with a man of Integrity, Intelligence and Intensity such as Kurt Angle. He said that in his eyes Kurt Angle was everything that was right with America and if everyone was just like him then it would be a perfect country but instead they waged inappropriate wars and killed innocent people. He was cut off by Kurt Angle’s music, not a sign of disrespect, just to stop Rene from saying anything too inappropriate.

Kurt Angle joined Rene Dupree in the ring and the two shook hands, the crowd then went into a frenzy of cheer as the Big Red Machine, Kane made his way to the ring. He stood at the bottom of the ramp waiting for his partner as Cena’s music played and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Cena flashed the ‘Word Life’ hand signal and then span the title which was around his waist. He came down to the ring, put the title on the floor, removed his shirt, chain and cap and stormed the ring with Kane as Angle and Dupree were on the same wave length and that was to get the hell out of the ring. After a while Dupree enters the ring and locks horns with Cena, the two trade blows but Cena gets the upper hand and hits an Angle Slam on Dupree! The crowd roar in approvement as Cena gets up and gets in Angle’s face on the apron. As the two argue Dupree ambushes him from behind and tags in Angle. Angle has Cena hurt in the corner and begins stomping a mud hole in Cena’s gut before choking him with his boot, Angle then backs off and tries to drive his knee into Cena’s face but Cena moves out of the way! The crowd cheer as Cena tags in Kane who boots down Angle and then hits Dupree off the apron causing him to fall back and hit his head off the guard rail! Kane whips Angle across the ring and takes him down with an elbow to the face. Kane begins to dominate Angle as he signals for a choke slam but Angle kicks Kane in the midsection and plants him with an Angle Slam! Angle lets out a “woo” and takes down his straps. He grabs Kane and slaps on an Ankle Lock right in the middle of the ring but Cena runs in and Angle releases the hold but is too late to stop Cena who just decks him with a dive and rains down with right and left hands. Dupree is still out of the ring and hasn’t moved much since that bump, Kane is down in the middle of the ring and Angle is being pummelled by Cena. Suddenly the crowd begins to boo as JBL runs to ringside. He sees Cena’s shirt, chain, cap and the WWE Title. JBL picks it up and slides in the ring but Cena sees it coming and kicks JBL in the gut and nails him with the F-U! Cena pushes JBL out of the ring and pulls up Angle, F-U! No! Angle slips out the back door and nails Cena with an Angle Slam! 1...2...3! Angle has done it! Angle has pinned Cena and has been on his own for quite a bit of the match. Angle wearily gets up and sees Dupree on the ground on the outside, Angle staggers back to the middle of the ring and drops to his knees and applies the Ankle Lock to a fallen Cena. Cena’s face suddenly comes to life and shows sheer pain as Angle lets out another “woo” as he continues to twist Cena’s ankle.

Suddenly the lights all go out and when they come back on Angle is standing looking about for what has happened. Cena is face down on the mat, Kane is face down on the mat too, Dupree is slumped against the guard rail and hasn’t really moved since he hit his head and JBL is lying down on the outside suffering from the F-U. Towering behind Angle though is The Undertaker which gets a tremendous amount of cheers from the crowd. ‘Taker grasps Angle around the throat but Angle kicks him with a low blow and grabs ‘Taker’s leg. He twists it sending Taker hurtling to the mat face first as Angle is on one knee with the Ankle Lock synched in! Angle has demolished Kane, The Undertaker and the WWE Champion, John Cena with his devastating Ankle Lock! The shows ends with Angle holding the Ankle Lock in tight on The Undertaker who screams in pain.

SmackDown! Quick Results

Mexican Showdown

Juventud d. El Crazio with a Juvi Driver at 5:35

The Basham Brothers, Danny Basham & Doug Basham d. The Hardcore Hotty Connection, Hardcore Holly (L) & Scotty 2 Hotty with a low blow and roll up at 9:35

Nunzio Invitational

Nunzio d. Kenzo Suzuki with a Figure Four Leg Lock at 6:45

Kurt Angle (W) & Rene Dupree d. John Cena (L) & Kane with an Angle Slam at 25:35

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Velocity Results

Mark Jindrak d. John Walters with a Jindra-Driver at 7:34

Val Venis w/ Steven Richards d. Matt Stryker when Richards interfered with a Super Kick and let Venis win at 5:49

Chavo Guerrero d. Akio with a Gory Bomb in 9:35

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WWE RAW Preview

Who Will Be The Number One Contender?

Last week on WWE RAW we heard Eric Bischoff announce the number one contenders tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship would be a twenty man battle royal. By the end of RAW last week we already knew that Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Leaving eleven places to be filled, what we can confirm is that Shawn Michaels will also participate in the battle royal. The tag team champions, The Hurricane and Rosey have also been added to the battle royal as well as the Big Show which leaves just eight places to be filled.

Two wrestlers that will not be participating in the Battle Royal are Tajiri and Billy Kidman and that is because they will be taking part in a one on one singles matches. Kidman had two upped his Japanese foe in the past two weeks, starting off with an attack during the tag team title match against the now champions The Hurricane and Rosey meaning Tajiri and William Regal won by disqualification and retained the titles. However last week Hurricane and Rosey captured the titles at the second time of asking but immediately following the match Kidman once again hit the ring and took out Tajiri with a steel chair. Kidman said that his actions were to make a point that he should be on SmackDown! Competing for the Cruiserweight Title, and despite something that happened three years ago, Kidman done it just to prove a point.

Also the big underdogs, The Heart Throbs, Romeo and Antonio will be in tag team action on RAW as well. On last week’s Heat the Heart Throbs scored an impressive pinfall victory over Viscera and Mark Henry. Well this week they have to face Mark Henry once again only this time he will be partnering Snitsky instead of Viscera. In this random, wacky match, anything can happen meaning Romeo and Antonio can easily score another big pinfall victory.

Confirmed RAW Matches

20 Man Battle Royal - Number One Contenders Match

Triple H versus Randy Orton versus Chris Benoit versus Edge versus Rob Van Dam versus Chris Jericho versus Shelton Benjamin versus Charlie Haas versus Shawn Michaels versus The Hurricane versus Rosey versus The Big Show versus ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ??? versus ???

Billy Kidman versus Tajiri

The Heart Throbs, Antonio & Romeo versus Mark Henry & Snitsky

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WWE RAW Results

July 18th 2005

The show begins off with Eric Bischoff walking down to the ring, the crowd give him a surprisingly mixed reaction but mostly boos as he gets to the ring. He gets a microphone and quickly gets down to business, declaring that he has just had to okay seven people wanting in the Number One Contenders Battle Royal tonight and that those seven people are; Maven, Simon Dean, William Regal, Robert Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Matt Morgan and…his own nephew, Eugene Dinsmore! However he was left in a predicament because both Viscera and Muhammad Hassan wanted into the Battle Royal for a shot at becoming Number One Contender, so both of them had to come out to the ring now, and have a match, the winner will get the final place in the Battle Royal.

Both men complied with Muhammad Hassan coming down to the ring with Daivari at his side, he got the mandatory boos as Viscera came down next with the crowd cheering and one sign said “Big Vis” on it. Both men locked up in the middle of the ring with Hassan’s brute strength overpowering Viscera into the corner. Both men went at it with Hassan getting the advantage and pummelling Viscera, he whips the big man across the ring and nails him with a clothesline before planting him with a modified STO. He locks on the Camel Clutch and Viscera quickly taps out but Hassan isn’t done despite winning. He grabs Viscera and throws him over the top rope and yells “That’s nineteen other men’s fate right there!” before climbs out of the ring and walks to the back with the crowd booing him.

Following the match which cemented Hassan’s place as the twentieth man in the Battle Royal tonight, we go backstage where we see Batista with his world title slung over his shoulder. Jonathon Coachman is conducting the interview but can’t help but try and say how much he wants Triple H to beat Batista, in the end Batista pushes Coachman off screen and takes the microphone himself. He says that no matter who wins the battle royal tonight, when they get their shot at the title they will not beat him so it is almost pointless even trying. Batista says that the winner is the unlucky one and the other nineteen are the lucky ones that they don’t face him, no matter who he faces he will defeat them. Pretty standard interview right there.

After Batista’s finished doing his interview we go backstage to see William Regal go into Tajiri’s locker room. He tells him that he has his back tonight, Tajiri backs off slowly giving Regal a weird look and Regal assures Tajiri he’s not like that ‘scoundrel’ Kidman, when William Regal says he has a friends back he means that he has a friends back. Tajiri nods in acknowledgement as Regal pats him on the back.

Following Regal’s reassuring for Tajiri’s safety we go elsewhere backstage where we see Chris Benoit with a microphone. He says how this time it’s his time, and he may have won the World Title back in March last year but his reign was nothing but a joke but now it was time to step up and reclaim what he thought was rightfully his, the World Heavyweight Title.

We then go to the ring where Snitsky and Mark Henry are finishing off their entrance together to Snitsky’s music. They taunt the crowd and get a pretty bad reaction. The Heart Throbs come out to pretty minimal reaction as well. Snitsky and Henry dominate crushing Antonio and Romeo early on with some powerful offence but Antonio and Romeo kept coming back for more and pulled off another surprising victory as Antonio picked up the pinfall victory with a roll up on Snitsky with a handful of tights. Snitsky just got a taste of his own medicine from Antonio, the duo quickly bail out of the ring and aren’t sticking around. Henry is irate with Snitsky for losing the match and storms off leaving Snitsky apologising.

We then cut backstage again where we see Edge with his briefcase. He talks about all he’s accomplished and how he won the Money in the Bank ladder match to get a shot at the World title whenever he pleased, but he said he could keep that as a back up plan because he knows Batista is a tough person to beat, but winning the twenty man elimination match would be an easy stepping stone but facing Batista is like nothing he’s faced before. Edge stated he couldn’t wait to face Batista, one way or another, he tapped the briefcase and walked off smirking.

After Edge’s interview we see Triple H sitting in his locker room taping his hands. He says about everything he’s been through today and how he can’t wait for the battle royal tonight to once again reassert his dominance at the top of the WWE ladder. Orton may be in the battle royal but he will not hold back against his team mate if it comes down to them two because becoming champion again means more to him than anyone could ever imagine and he was relishing the opportunity to face Batista again and beat him this time.

We then go to the ring where we see Billy Kidman making his entrance to a round of boos. Tajiri then comes out to some good cheers from the crowd as he slides in the ring and instantly attacks Kidman. Kidman covers up from the onslaught of kicks from the Japanese Buzzsaw and eventually manages to dodge one and takes down Tajiri with a scrappy tackle. Kidman may be skilled in the air and Tajiri in karate but this was just a free for all with both men beating on each other. After a brief scrap Kidman starts to get more into his element and takes to the skies with a missile dropkick, and a springboard hurricanrana as Tajiri warms up the kicks as well, toppling Kidman from the turnbuckle with a big kick. The end comes when Tajiri aims for a big kick to the head of Kidman but he ducks it and gets took down with a jumping dropkick. Kidman ascends the turnbuckle and comes off with a shooting star press to Tajiri to pick up the victory.

After the match Chris Jericho was backstage saying he was relishing the opportunity to defeat nineteen other men in the Battle Royal and then defeat Batista for the World Heavyweight title. The crowd gave Jericho a mixed reaction as he told Batista that once he had overcame the nineteen other men Batista would be next in line. He told Batista that once he won the battle royal and went on to face Batista, he would never…ever…be the same…again.

The battle royal began in typical fashion, as complete anarchy ensued. Maven and The Hurricane were the first to go as the rest of the lower card wrestlers followed in similar fashion with The Big Show, Muhammad Hassan and Matt Morgan doing most of the hard work. Morgan and Hassan then turned on Big Show and began to bundle him out of the ring as everyone else pitched in and help but as soon as Show had gone, Hassan and Morgan were sent over the top rope by dual clotheslines from the Evolution counterparts. Charlie Haas was eliminated by Triple H and Randy Orton eliminated his old foe Shelton Benjamin as the Evolution connection was clear. Orton was chucked out by Edge and this left Edge, Triple H, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in the ring. Edge and Benoit attacked each other in the corner and Triple H put the boots to Jericho. Edge and Triple H tried to whip their opponents into each other but it was reversed and Edge ended up spearing Triple H! Benoit and Jericho pulled Edge up and disposed of him over the top rope to cheer from the crowd. Jericho attacked Benoit and put his head over the second rope, Jericho signalled for Triple H to run and choke Benoit on the ropes. Triple H began to run at Benoit but Jericho foiled him and chucked him over the top rope, Triple H quickly recovered on the outside and was irate with Jericho. Two men remained and they went at it in the middle of the ring. Benoit threw Jericho over the top rope, but Jericho skinned the cat back in and then threw Benoit out, but Benoit skinned the cat back in the ring and the two began an intense stare down. Benoit knocked down Jericho and went to the top rope for the Swandive Headbutt! But Jericho was playing possum and got up, before Benoit knew what had happened Jericho had pushed him from the turnbuckle to the outside and won the Battle Royal! Jericho is the number one contender! Jericho will face Batista!

RAW Quick Results

Final Battle Royal Spot

Muhammad Hassan d. Viscera with a Camel Clutch in 5:35

The Heart Throbs, Antiono (W) & Romeo d. Mark Henry & Snitsky (L) when Antonio cheated on a roll up at 8:35

Billy Kidman d. Tajiri with a Shooting Star Press at 14:35

20 Man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership

Chris Jericho beat nineteen other men to become the Number One Contender when he eliminated Batista at 35:20

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WWE SmackDown! Preview

The Invitational Continues

Last week on WWE SmackDown! Nunzio made short work of the Japanese giant that is Kenzo Suzuki. Nunzio took apart Suzuki with a vast array of technical manoeuvres and now Ric Flair has declared he is thirsty for more. Kenzo Suzuki “provided no challenge” according to Ric Flair and he now wants someone else to face Nunzio each week until someone can defeat the impressive Nunzio. There has been no word on who the challenger will be but Ric Flair has declared that it doesn’t matter because Nunzio will beat them either way.

Also last week on SmackDown! We saw Kurt Angle go into a fit of rage as he made the WWE Champion, John Cena tap out to his Ankle Lock but Kane and the Undertaker also received their fair share of an Ankle Lock as Angle and Dupree picked up the victory in the tag team action. Kurt Angle is going to be in action tonight taking on Kane in singles action, John Cena is believed to be at home nursing his injured ankle as the Great American Bash looms closer. Angle missed out on the opportunity to face Cena when he lost to Bradshaw with the Undertaker two weeks ago gifting Bradshaw the Number One contenders spot. Now Angle is severely ticked off and it showed last week as three men suffered at the fate of his Ankle Lock, will Kane suffer the same fate again or can the Big Red Machine overcome Angle and win?

Last week we saw Christian insult one of his Great American Bash opponents ahead of their match on July 31st. Booker T was left irate by Christian’s comments and now he wants revenge but Christian is seemingly refusing to get into the ring with the Bookerman ahead of the Bash. Is Christian running scared or is he just getting inside the head of Booker T in preparation for the Bash? Also Orlando Jordan is said to be annoyed how he is the champion yet he isn’t even the focus of the match and demands this to change!

And in a match that was promised last week Paul London will step into the ring for the first time in weeks when he takes on Spike Dudley in a Cruiserweight Title match. The match was made when Paul London demanded a match last week against any Cruiserweight, SmackDown! GM Teddy Long agreed to the match but said London would have to wait a week. London is raring to go against the runt of the Dudley litter.

Speaking of the Dudley’s they have been off television for quite sometime now but they are believed to have a match tonight against the Basham Brothers. Last week the Basham Brothers stole a match from the newly formed Hardcore Hotty Connection when Danny hit a low blow, the Dudley’s are far more experience than what Holly and Hotty are together, and even the Basham’s as well so it will definitely not be the same debacle that the tag team match was last week.

SmackDown! Quick Matches

Kurt Angle versus Kane

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley versus The Basham Brothers, Doug & Danny Basham

Cruiserweight Title

Paul London =O= versus Spike Dudley

Nunzio Invitational

Nunzio versus ???

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i'm REALLY enjoying this one man, kudos to you big time! I love how you did some things I'd agree, nobody expected, like Flair managing Nunzio which is a really cool touch. I also like how you have people like Aries,Walters etc., on Velocity/Heat giving it a sense of realistic manner, since they often bring in talent from other feds to do jobbing.Whether or not you're signing them to developmental deals or already had is unknown to me obviously.

I really enjoy the idea of a Angle & Dupree tag team, you made me think that they could be a pretty solid team for a short while.

Overall, REALLY awesome dude....keep it coming!

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Thanks for the kind words cory, it's much appreciated and will help me keep going although I show no signs of stopping right now, I'm really into this diary keeping it realistic but making some strange changes as well (such as the Flair/Nunzio connection which I think i'm pulling off rather nicely). I'm happy with how this is going and you will not know if someone is fired or hired etc. I'm doing this like a report style diary meaning you don't get to learn the behind the scenes things, if they disappear forever then you assume they've been released etc.

Again, thanks for the really kind words cory it's much appreciated.

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WWE SmackDown! Results

July 21st 2005

The show begins with Kurt Angle’s patented music playing and the Olympic Gold Medallist himself makes his way down to the ring. The crowd boo and restart the “You suck” chants that have been so famous for years on end now. Angle gets in the ring and jumps round on one foot while letting out a “woo” he proceeds to cut a great promo on how he injured John Cena, the Undertaker and Kane last week with his Ankle Lock. He says that JBL was fortunate not to be in the match and suffer the same fate as the other three before Angle began to talk more serious, saying how he had a bone to pick with the Undertaker after ‘Taker said he would ‘end’ Angle. Angle said that he wanted the Undertaker in the ring but had to settle for his ‘retarded brother’ but he would hurt Kane so badly - ‘Taker would feel it! Angle smiled and left to the back with a broad grin on his face.

After Angle had made his opening speech we are joined by the familiar music of Nunzio as Ric Flair follows his client to the ring. Both men wear matching blue and silver robes and climb into the ring, the crowd give a good reception to the two men. Nunzio removes his robe and Flair takes it and removes his own and gives them both to the referee. Nunzio’s opponent, Mark Jindrak, comes down to the ring next to his music, he climbs in the ring and is immediately attacked by Nunzio who singles out the left arm of Jindrak with an arm wrench, Nunzio takes Jindrak to the mat with a jujigatame and continues to wrench the left arm of Jindrak back. Jindrak finally makes it to the ropes as Nunzio drops his knee on the shoulder of Jindrak and continues to stretch it up and behind his back, Jindrak makes a brief come back with some offence and then sets up Nunzio for the Jindra-Driver but Nunzio frees himself and hit’s a knife edge chop with his left hand to Jindrak’s left arm causing him to flinch. Nunzio doesn’t stop the momentum, taking Jindrak down with a rolling monkey flip, holding onto the left arm and locking in a jujigatame for the victory. After the match Ric Flair gets in the ring and celebrates with Nunzio, they look down at Jindrak but then decide to walk away.

After the opening match we head backstage where we see Theodore Long watching the television. He claps lightly at Nunzio’s aggression inside the ring but the door thunders open and in walks the Deadman. Long puts the television on mute and asks what he can do for the Undertaker. ‘Taker asks, no, demands that Long does something about Kurt Angle’s impudence from earlier. Long thinks long and hard and then asks “how much do you want Angle?” The Undertaker says that he wants to fulfil the goal he set last week, he wants to ’end’ Kurt Angle. Teddy Long then suggests that Angle and Undertaker fight at the Great American Bash considering neither of them are in the World Title match. But if ‘Taker wants to ‘end’ Angle then he can attempt to do that at the Bash in a No Disqualification match. ‘Taker stares at Long before smiling ‘Oh I will end him, I’ll end him at the Bash’ his smile becomes larger as he leaves the ring as Long puts the television’s volume up again and begins to watch.

The crowd were cheering after that giant bombshell announcement. Kurt Angle versus The Undertaker at the Great American Bash in a No Disqualification match! However they soon began to boo as two men who would also be at the Bash emerged to the music “I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal”. The two Guerrero’s emerge from the back and come to the ring taunting the crowd and drawing some more boos, both men climb in the ring and begin a tirade against Rey Mysterio and his new partner, Juventud. They say that they will accomplish something they attempted to do many months ago and that is to ‘destroy’ Rey Mysterio once and for all, and if Juventud got in the way then he would suffer the same fate as Rey. Eddie and Chavo would finally accomplish their destiny that has dragged on long enough, it was time for the Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero feud to end and it would end at the Great American Bash with Los Guerrero’s standing tall. The two laughed a little before leaving to the back as the crowd booed the Guerrero’s out of the ringside area.

After the Guerrero’s had left Paul London’s music hit and the Cruiserweight Champion emerged with his title strapped around his waist. He motioned to the title and sprinted down the ramp and slid in the ring, he raised the title to the fans and the crowd cheered as he prepared for his opponent. Spike Dudley then came out with a menacing look about him, he stroked his beard but didn’t look away from the Cruiserweight title and Paul London. He got to the bottom of the ramp and pointed to the title then motioned to his waist, Paul London motioned for him to get in the ring and fight and Spike slid in. Both men fought viscously early on trading blows with London taking down Spike with a spinning heel kick, Spike held his chin in pain but came back with a cross body. Both men took the to the skies on numerous occasions with London hitting a corkscrew cross body from the top rope for a near fall. The crowd cheered on Paul London as he finally picked up the victory with his Shooting Star Press dubbed the ‘London Calling’. After the match Paul London is celebrating on the top rope when suddenly Shannon Moore comes running down the aisle, he gets into the ring and hit’s a massive German Suplex on London from the second turnbuckle. The crowd boo as Moore gets up onto the top rope and comes off with a shooting star leg drop! The crowd are in awe but continue to boo as Moore stomps away on Paul London as we go to a commercial.

When we return from the commercial break we see a replay of what Shannon Moore done to Paul London, Michael Cole calls it an “unprovoked attack with no purpose”. After the replay had ended we go backstage where we see the Dudley Boyz in their locker room, the crowd give a mixed reaction as the Dudley Boyz discuss their upcoming match with the Basham Brothers. The Dudley Boyz say that once they defeat the Basham Brothers tonight, they will have their way with the Tag Team Champions MNM. Bubba Ray said that he was itching to put someone through some wood as D-Von Dudley complied with ‘Testify’ the crowd gave a bit of a cheer as the Dudley Boyz left the locker room ready for their upcoming match.

The camera then went elsewhere backstage and showed Steven Richards, Val Venis and Ivory all standing in front of a large sign that was a red circle with a line through it, the Right to Censor logo. They said that they were in the WWE again to rid the company of unnecessary rubbish, they then turned their attention to Al Snow and Heidenreich. They first said that Al Snow was a pathetic excuse for a trainer, something Ivory - a trainer herself - had always said about him and no wonder none of the Tough Enough stars ever cut it with him in charge. They would not be sorry for removing him from the WWE one bit, nor would they care if they got Heidenreich out of the company, the big, useless ogre was nothing but that. A large man who couldn’t wrestle nor write poetry either. When the Right To Censor removed this two men from the company they will have finally begun their crusade to shape this company into something special.

Following the Right to Censor’s interview debuting newest member Ivory we cut back to the ring where we see the fireworks hit the stage and then “Get up, get up, get up drop the bombshell, get up, get up this out of control!” could be heard around the arena as the Dudley Boyz made their return to the WWE ring! The crowd cheered them on as the Dudleyz psyched up everyone coming down to the ring. After their entrance the Cabinet members, Doug and Danny Basham made their to the ring by themselves. After the bell rung Bubba and Doug go at it in the middle of the ring, trading blows in the middle of the ring until Bubba takes down Doug with a bionic elbow drawing cheers from the crowd. They continued to attack the Basham’s who cheaply took control of the match with an eye poke but D-Von got the hot tag and came in and cleaned house. The Dudley Boyz picked up the victory with a 3-D on Danny for the 1...2...3! After the match the tag team champions, MNM came down to the ring escorted by the lovely Melina. There attack on the Dudley Boyz failed miserably though and the famous call echoed throughout the arena “D-Von…Get the tables!” With Joey Mercury laying down on the floor outside, they put Johnny Nitro laid on the table, and turned their attentions to the lovely Melina! Melina tasted a 3-D from the Dudley Boyz through the table and Johnny Nitro! The Dudley Boyz left the ring to loud applause from the crowd as they taunted the fallen champions from the stage.

After the match we go backstage where we see Christian with Josh Matthews. When asked about his somewhat repulsive comments to Booker T last week, which were aired for viewers who missed it, Christian said that he had no regrets about what he said to Booker T and it was in no way derogatory, just the truth. Suddenly Orlando Jordan approached Christian, he had his title over his shoulder and looked at Christian smugly. He then said that no one seemed to notice that he was in this little match too, he was after all the United States Champion. Christian told Orlando Jordan that he was a prime example of what he said last week, that Orlando Jordan was ‘ghetto trash’ who had his thieving hands on the title, Orlando Jordan took exception to the comments and got in Christian’s face. Christian stepped back and smiled, “don’t worry though OJ, you won’t have the title for much longer” he grinned broadly and patted the title as he walked away. Jordan stomped his foot on the ground in anger as he watched Christian walk away.

After the confrontation between the United States champion and one of his two challengers, we cut to ringside where Kurt Angle was just beginning to come out to the ring. The crowd booed as Angle taunted the crowd but the crowd then began to cheer as Kane made his entrance. The two workers began the match trading blows with Kane getting the advantage due to his power, he nailed Angle with a throat thrust and pummelled him in the corner of the ring. Angle came back strong however, working on the left leg of Kane, softening it up for the Ankle Lock, the two continued to go back and forth until Angle got an advantage, the match was a close encounter for fifteen minutes with wrestlers showing strength, resilience and determination as Angle survived a choke slam and Kane kicked out of an Angle Slam. Angle and Kane went at it in the middle of the ring until the crowd went nuts as John Cena ran as fast as he could to the ring with an injured ankle. He slid in the ring and set up Angle for the F-U, the bell rang for the disqualification as the crowd cheered Cena on but he went to one knee, his ankle was too sore to hold Angle up. Just as Cena tried to pull up Angle one more time Bradshaw hit the ring to a chorus of boos. Cena managed to get back to both feet as Bradshaw ran the ropes and demolished an unsuspecting Cena with a clothesline from hell! The crowd booed profusely as Bradshaw began to stomp Cena into the mat as we saw a reply of the deadly clothesline from hell which occurred while Angle was still on Cena’s shoulders. Kane suffered the same fate as Cena when he tried to get up and intervene as Bradshaw stood tall.

After the match Bradshaw grabbed the WWE Title from ringside where Cena left it and shoved it in his face. Bradshaw got a microphone and told him that at the Great American Bash this would be Cena’s fate. This is how Cena would end up after their match on the 31st. The crowd booed wildly as Bradshaw ended the show with the title raised in the air with one foot on Cena’s chest.

SmackDown! Quick Results

Nunzio Invitational

Nunzio d. Mark Jindrak with a jujigatame at 6:59

Cruiserweight Title

Paul London =O= d. Spike Dudley with the London Calling at 10:11

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray Dudley (W) & D-Von Dudley d. The Basham Brothers, Danny (L) & Doug Basham with a 3-D at 13:12

Kurt Angle d. Kane via disqualification when WWE Champion John Cena attacked Kurt Angle at 16:49

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