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Trying to Get Back Into ROCK


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So lately I've been downloading and listening to A LOT of rap. Some Shady/Aftermath, David Banner, Tech N9ne, Canibus, Young Zee, Hush, etc...

But I wanted to get back into my hard rock (or Nu Metal I guess) side of things. The problem is, that's changed so much I think.

I'm not into real HARD HARD metal rock. When I used to listen to nothing but rock, my playlist was always:


Papa Roach

Breaking Benjamin

Lo Pro


So, whatever genre you would call those bands, I'd like some newer bands like the above.

I still enjoy Papa Roach's latest CD. Has Chevelle put out anything since The Clincher? Breaking Benjamin's done something since So Cold? Disturbed's got a new album coming out right? I can't seem to find Ten Thousand Fists (The Song), but I find "Avarice". Good?

Before anyone asks, I do buy my music after downloading and I am happy supporting bands this way.

So, I guess now it's your turn to tell me. :)

EDIT: Lately I've been listening to Fall Out Boy but their more punk than rock. I do like "Dance, Dance" though. :pinch:

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Chevelle has a new single called Panic Prone. Came out a couple weeks back, it's not too great, but it's a single.

I would suggest for bands:

The Prom Kings


Dark New Day

No Address

I'd recommend Skindred too, nice blend of a bunch of genre's together.

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So I was looking through Allmusic for some stuff and found Dark New Day (Thanks Witlon for the suggestion). When I heard stuff about Sevendust's guitarist, Tommy Lee's drummer, and other things I had to check them out.

I'm loving 12 Stones, thanks for the suggestion.

I also remembered "Pillar", who I first heard of when "Fireproof" was around. They released a new album a while back, "Where do we go from here?", that's awesome

So I now have the latest albums from Pillar, 12 Stones, AND Dark New Day. Have about $80 remaining to spend on albums and DVD's.

And I downloaded "Panic Prone", listening to it now. It's alright, from a new album (which would ROCK)?

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Alice in Chains. Best band ever.

But barring that, have you heard much Sum 41? Their new album Chuck is actually some good rock stuff. I'm not a fan of their earlier punk-ish stuff though.

Taking Back Sunday is my favorite emo-ish punk band, so if you like Fallout Boy, you may like them.

I like Theory of a Deadman's new album, Gasoline. I hated their first album, but this one has some catchy tunes on it.

Oh wow, I almost forgot Tornley, my favorite new rock band. Definately check them out.

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This is my expertise so to speak so...


10 Years

30 Seconds to Mars


Blind By Noon

Breaking Point



Double Drive




Element Eighty

Five Bolt Main


Full Devil Jacket

Future Leaders of the World

Life of Agony


Moments In Grace


Primer 55

Reach 454



Scars of Life


Seven Wiser





Sunset Black

All of those bands are mainstream hard rock, etc. that you would probably be interested in.

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Alice in Chains. THey've been around for a LONGG time haven't they?

I'm from Canada, who hasn't heard Sum 41 3958230578234896734890673489067349867 34896 times?

Theory of a Deaman was one of the few rock bands I had in my playlist before a few days ago.

Thornley's alright.

Thanks Livid, that should keep me busy for a few years. (Y)

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Not sure if you would consider all of them rock but some bands I like and enjoy a lot are and songs by them that are good:

A Perfect Circle (one of my favorite bands today)

- The Noose

- The Outsider

- Pet

- Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums (Pet Remade)

- Passive

Three Days Grace (my favorite if not second favorite band)

- Drown

- Overrated

- Burn

- Scared

- Take Me Under


- I Don't Know

- A Million Miles

- Burn, Burn

- Hello Again

- Start Something

Atomship (Only know one song but plan on knowing more soon)

- Pencil Fight


- Die Buying

- After You're Gone

- Where The Sun Never Dies

- Caught A Glimpse

- You Can Hide It

I might think of some more bands and songs but that's all I can think of right now.

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I don't listen to much 'rock' (I listen to punk-rock mostly and mostly i've been getting heavily in prog and experimental stuff) mostly because I hate lots of the newer bands like Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, they seem so plain and generic.

However I love Trivium, Freak Kitchen (I believe they've broken up. But downloading Razor Flowers is a must), 36 Crazyfists, 40 Below Summer, Death By Stereo (Though are quite punk'ish, mixes rock/metal/punk), Funeral For A Friend and Sevendust.

As for Fallout Boy I recommend Alkaline Trio (For the emo'ish element), The Get Up Kids (Again for the emo'ish element. The older stuff is quite 'punk' the newer stuff is really poppy. Both are great though) and Sugarcult (For the pop-punk element). All of whom I prefer to Fallout Boy.

It'll be easy to find stuff by all of the bands i've mentioned. Most are mainstream or have at least had a taste of success.

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The new Nine Inch Nails would be right up your alley, since it has a few good tracks, and the rest all sound generic and boring.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the new Taproot album.

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Finch are pretty good. You might like them if you don't already know em'. They have a new album "Say Hello To Sunshine" which is pretty good. Their new single is "Bitemarks and Bloodstains". (http://www.bandbuilder.com/finch/player.php)

Something Corporate are a little emo-ish, but they're not too bad. You might like them.

Buy the new Breaking Ben. And the old one if you don't have them already. They were on the Halo 2 soundtrack also with a track called "Blow Me Away"

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