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I was listening to Mindless Self Indulgence's Shut Me Up, and I realized how much I like it. I want more songs that are like it. If you haven't heard it, download it. It's awesome.

CSAMH, I'm looking at you.

I think. I'm not sure if you're the one that's obsessed with Björk and shit. Oh well. Either way.

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MSI is the fucking shit. I missed them live down here because my parents decided to take me away on vacation. But they rule. I don't have their first album unfortunately, but have everything else which is brilliant.

But as my friend (Who is a much bigger MSI fan than I) says, "There is only one band remotely close to MSI. And that is MSI."

The closest band I can think of is Atari Teeange Riot.

I will suggest you some Industrial now, it bears some resemblance to MSI (Though without pretty much all the punk influences). KMFDM, ohGr, Front Line Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ, Front 242, and PIG.

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I've also recently gotten into MSI (after hating them in High School), and yeah they're alot of fun.

I don't know much about electronic music, but I'd suggest The Screamers and Killing Joke. They are older, but still very good. The Screamers were part of the SF/LA punk scene from the late 70s to early 80s. They were composed of synthesizers, keyboard, and drums. They managed a raw punk sound, but with an electronic twist.

Killing Joke is kind of a pre-cursor to industrial metal, but mostly their first album is like that. Their later stuff was alot more in the electronica mold. Check out their song "Follow the Leader" if you can find it, it's excellent.

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I would have just recommended MSI and Apopytgma, I'm a little out of my depth with that kind of thing.

For slightly cheerier quirky electronica, though, Robots In Disguise are well worth a listen.

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Would that happen to be Pigface by any chance?

To the others: Thanks for the help, guys. I'm going to download some songs by the bands right now.

No, just PIG. They are more or less known as KMFDM's little brother.

And I can't believe I forgot to mention Apoptygma Berzerk. If you get into music like that you should check out more of the straight EBM like Icon of Coil, VNV Nation, and Seabound.

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