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Xtreme Combat Wrestling - The Diary

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Sometime in November, 2003

I won the lottery!!! Roughly 65 Million dollars, after taxes! After spending a long time thinking about what I should do with the money, I decided to do the only logical thing that I could think of: Start a wrestling promotion!

Now, my mother didn't raise no fool, so I wasn't about to blow it all on wrestling, so I shoved most of it in the bank, and invested the rest in stocks, and decided to wait a few months.....

Mid-February, 2004

Thanks to some smart investments, I have $40,000,000 to spend on a wrestling promotion. Not bad, considering I started with $15,500,000. :)

I called up some old friends of mine, and asked them if they would be involved:

Valeria Cage - Valeria thought I was insane when I told her about my plans....then signed on anyway. A former wrestler who worked in the indies but also spent quite a bit of time in Japan, she retired from the ring after a shoulder injury - when it healed, she decided she'd rather work behind the scenes instead of stepping back into the squared circle, and has been working as a road agent for some indy fed that's about two footsteps from going bankrupt. She's going to be on-screen talent in my new fed. Probably acting as an authority figure. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince her to wrestle again someday.... (She's a Face, but uses a Vampire gimmick as a wrestler, by the way)

Mister Charisma - An old acquaintance of mine, Mr. C not only has the gift of gab (Fonz Factor), but he's also an accomplished booker and trainer. His gimmick is based on the fact that he has really low charisma but doesn't realize it. His perfectly white teeth that gleam when he smiles add to the effect.

Mister C also recommended that I take a look at one of his students as a possible signee for the fed:

Mariko Anzai - A fairly charismatic, high-flying Japanese worker. I flew to Japan to witness her compete in a couple of matches at the school she was attending, and agreed to sign her, but only if she got more training. She's good, but not quite ready yet. Mr. C agreed.

We figured it would take a few months before everything would be ready, and started building the fed. But first, we needed a name. I finally settled on the name Xtreme Combat Wrestling, after going through a list of around thirty suggestions.

Thanks to some connections, I even managed to get a show, even though the fed doesn't even exist yet! XCW Friday Night Fury will air Friday Nights (GENIUS!!!!) on MTV2.

Projected start date:

July 2, 2004.


Note: Due to the fact that most of the wrestlers submitted were Openers and Jobbers, and I want to keep the roster at around 60 workers to keep it manageable, I don't know how well this fed will do. I have Arsenic, but am not willing to use it to change anything, with the exception of injuries to anyone who is currently holding a title, gets injured from doing a Sick Bump, or is in a feud. (i.e., I get an incident report that someone is injured, that injury WON'T be fixed)

If anyone gets an injury that I am not willing to fix and they will be out for more than 3 months, they'll likely be fired. If someone goes into Rehab, I'll flip a coin. The diary ends if: The fed goes bankrupt, I get fired, or the fed drops to National level and I can't get it back to Global within 2 months of it dropping.

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Some things to know about XCW rules:

XCW has a few rules differences than most other federations:

1. Count Outs: XCW uses a count of 20, instead of the usual 10. However, rolling back into the ring to intentionally stop a count out does not work like it does in other feds. The ref will keep counting, as if they never rolled in and back out. (If someone rolls in and is yanked out by someone, then the ref WILL restart the count - this keeps people from getting their opponent counted out by exploiting the rules this way)

2. Ladder Matches: XCW Ladder Matches start with the ladder already placed in the ring. However, it will be positioned lying underneath the ropes on a particular side of the ring (usually directly across from the entrance way). leaning in a corner.

3. Cruiserweight matches: Ladders are legal during cruiserweight matches. (Chairs, tables, and other weapons are not, though)

4. Tag Matches (regular 4-man tag): Normal tag matches use Lucha tag rules, meaning no tag is required if a wrestler's partner leaves the ring. Unlike other tag matches, where breaking a pin by interfering is the norm and may happen several times during a match, each tag team is allowed only two pin interferences per match (NOT per wrestler). More than that will get you DQ'd, and titles CAN change on a DQ of this manner.

5. Other Tag Matches (6 or 8-man tag): Due to the fact that keeping up would be too confusing, 6 and 8 man tag matches use regular tag rules. The same pin interference rules that apply to 4-man tag also apply to 6 or 8 man tag.

(Note: The interference limit rule does NOT apply to Tornado Tag or Elimination Tag matches)

XCW Owner Brian Floyd also has a special system in his office called the XCW Match Randomizer. This is a program on his personal computer that he can use to add random rules to matches. He only uses this program for special matches, and will actually decide the rules\stipulation changes himself as often as he uses the program to do so.

Other rules changes may occur later (and will be added to this post, if they happen).

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XCW Friday Night Fury Episode 1

Pre-show, backstage

XCW owner Brian Floyd has all of the talent gather backstage to listen to a statement:

"I'm sorry that not all of you will have a chance to appear on the first show, but there simply isn't enough room. However, Valeria and I discussed it, and we've decided that, next week, we will hold a Battle Royal, with the winner getting a shot at facing the winner of tonight's Television title match. To keep things fair, the loser of tonight's title match will NOT be in the Battle Royal." (pauses) "Now, those of you who ARE on tonight....good luck, and good show!"

The show

The show opens to a montage of action shots, and the XCW theme, "Fast Like A Bullet". After the opening, the cameras pan across the crowd gathered at the XCW arena, before switching to the announce team of Joey Styles and Dave Meltzer seated at ringside.

Joey Styles: "Welcome to Xtreme Combat Wrestling Friday Night Fury. I'm Joey Styles, and will be calling the action alongside my broadcast partner, Dave Meltzer."

Dave Meltzer: "The crowd here at the XCW Arena is rabid, Joey."

Joey Styles: "Then lets get right to the action!"

Elimination Match - Cade Sydal vs. David Levy vs. Joe Crazy

Sydal goes for a standing leg lariat on Joe, which connects. David Levy lays into Joe with a series of chops, as Cade climbs the turnbuckle. Cade goes for a splash on Joe, but Joe gets his knees up. European Uppercut by David Levy on Joe, cover gets 2...just barely. Cade gets back up and hits a dropkick on Joe, followed by one on Levy. Pin attempt, but Levy kicks out before the ref even counts 1. Joe connects with a spinning roundhouse kick, sending Sydal flying. Levy grabs Sydal, and Joe comes over to help, as they double Suplex Sydal. Joe climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a Diving Headbutt. 1-2-3. Cade Sydal pinned by Joe Crazy at 3:08. David Levy dodges a clothesline attempt and counters with a front dropkick. Hooks the leg, but Joe gets his shoulder up on 2. David Levy reverses a backdrop attempt, and starts taunting. David Levy backs up to the ropes, just in time to be nailed in the back by a chair shot from Christopher McDonald, who must've come from out of the crowd. Unfortunately, the ref doesn't see it. David Levy turns around to see who hit him, and is promptly rolled up by Joe Crazy for the 1-2-3 at 5:29. Winner: Joe Crazy

Kevin Nash is on the mic. He rips into LA Park, saying Big Sexy will destroy LA Park and walk away with the World Heavyweight Title belt at Evolution Of The Revolution, no matter who his opponent is. Nash makes some funny comments about Park, and himself, during the segment. (83% rating! W00T!)

Commercial break.

The show comes back on with a match already in progress....

JuggaloNinjaLee vs. Marc Korver

The two men are trading punches back and forth. Finally, JNL manages to avoid a behind the back clothesline attempt (the one where the victim ducks and the attacker hits them in the back of the head), whips Korver into the corner, and hits the Reaper Bomb for the 1-2-3. He celebrates for a few seconds, looks down at Korver, kicks him in the back of the head, then leaves the ring. Winner: Juggalo Ninja Lee. (Only about 30 seconds of a 1:49 match aired)

(My computer froze for a second, and somehow I skipped past the match, so I didn't feel like writing it completely from scratch. Sorry about that)

Ladder Match for the XCW Television Title - Pierroth Jr vs. Halloween

(Unlike a lot of ladder matches, XCW matches start with the ladder already in the ring, lying underneath the ropes and on the apron on the side opposite the entrance isle)

Halloween and Pierroth Jr hook up for a test of strength. Pierroth Jr breaks loose and applies a headlock, but Halloween powers out. Halloween hits Pierroth Jr with a punch to the gut, but Pierroth Jr blocks a shot aimed at his face and counters with a kick to the stomach. Stump Piledriver by Pierroth Jr, who goes for the ladder, but Halloween gets up and grabs him by the back of his pants, spins him around, and picks him up and slams him down on the ladder. Pierroth Jr counters a Sleeper Hold attempt with a Jawbreaker, then puts Halloween down with a forearm shot. Tornado punch by Pierroth Jr barely connects, but hits hard enough to put Halloween down again. Pierroth Jr goes for the ladder and sets it up, but Halloween grabs him by the back of the neck and slams his face into the ladder. Spinning neckbreaker by Pierroth Jr, who glances at the ladder for a second, then decides to pick up Halloween and go for another spinning neckbreaker. Big mistake, because Halloween reverses it into La Calabaza (aka the Crippler Crossface)!! Pierroth Jr struggles to reach the ropes, but passes out. Halloween adjusts the ladder, climbs it, and grabs the belt at 7:14 then raises it high into the air before coming down with it! Halloween checks on Pierroth Jr, who got up as Halloween finished decending the ladder. Halloween extends his hand, and Pierroth Jr shakes it, congratulating Halloween on the win. Winner (and first SCW Television Champion): Halloween

The camera opens up on the Hardcore Icon himself standing backstage. That's right folks, Screamin' Norman Smiley is in the hizzouse!!! He talks about his upcoming match with Mister Charisma, explaining that it doesn't matter where the match ends, because the Big Wiggle is ready to be unleashed! (66% rating)

Commercial Break.

Falls Count Anywhere Match - Norman Smiley vs. Mister Charisma

Norman Smiley enters to his old WCW music. To get over with the crowd, he's wearing a Steve McNair Tennessee Titans football jersey (home model, of course). He plays to the crowd, dancing in the ring for a few seconds.

Mister Charisma enters next, flashing his white teeth that are so bright the glare causes the camera man to make some adjustments. He's walking with his black lacquer cane and dressed in his usual red leather pants and coat, with a black sleeveless t-shirt and black boots. He steps into the ring, takes off the coat, and shakes hands with Norman, as they wait for the bell to ring.


Both men charge in, and Norman is sent to the ground by Mr. C's shoulder block. Mr. C taunts when he should be fighting, because he turns around right into a stiff flying clothesline by Norman. Vertical Suplex attempt by Norman is blocked, and he pays for it by taking a devastating Backbreaker from Mister Charisma. The front row of the crowd is blinded as Mister C turns around and smiles, gloating at his handiwork. German Suplex by Norman, who makes the mistake of holding on. Mister Charisma breaks the waistlock and slips behind Norman, slapping on a Sleeper Hold. Norman appears to be close to giving in, but eventually powers out with a Jawbreaker. Funny, because he turns around right into a Jawbreaker by Mr. C! Mister Charisma slips out of the ring and starts looking for a weapon, but Norman slips out, too, and comes up behind him, then whips him into the railing. Right hand shot by Norman, who sees Mister C's cane lying on the ground. Shades of Sandman, because Norman uses the cane to assist in a Russian Leg Sweep on the Charismatic(less) One! Pin attempt by Norman. 1....2....thr....NO! Mister Charisma kicks out! Drop kick by Norman, barely a 2-count before Mr C gets a shoulder up. Norman eats a couple of punches to the gut and one to the face, but dodges a clothesline attempt and takes Mister Charisma down. Here it comes....NORMAN CONQUEST!!! MISTER CHARISMA TAPS!!! Norman climbs back into the ring, and celebrates, doing the Big Wiggle. Winner: Norman Smiley by Submission at 10:36

Cage Match - Ultimo Dragon vs. Super Hentai vs. Damien 666

Ultimo Dragon hits a spinning kick to the jaw of Super Hentai, then is whipped into the cage wall by Damien 666. Hentai counters an avalanche attempt by Damien 666 by raising his foot - how's that toejam taste, Damien? Running dropkick by Super Hentai sends Ultimo crashing to the mat. Super Hentai starts to climb the cage, but about halfway up, he is pulled down by Damien 666. Springboard blockbuster on Damien 666 by Ultimo Dragon. Super Hentai goes for a flying elbow on Damien, but misses.....Damien rolls out of the way, just in time. Asai DDT on Damien 666, and Ultimo Climbs out of the cage for the win! Winner: Ultimo Dragon - exiting the cage at 8:44

Commercial break.

Joey Styles: "Just in case you've only recently tuned in, or didn't see the line-up for tonight's show posted on the XCW website, tonight's main event features Big Sexy Kevin Nash taking on LA Park, with the winner facing a mystery opponent to determine the first ever XCW World Heavyweight Champion at the first XCW Pay-Per-View, Evolution Of The Revolution, in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 18th."

Dave Meltzer: "Now, we can't tell you who the mystery opponent will be. Because, quite frankly, even we don't know who it is. All that XCW owner Brian Floyd....who will be the special guest referee for tonight's main event, by the way....will tell us is that its someone that a certain owner of a certain fed located in Stamford has been trying to get his hands on for years."

Joey Styles: "Lets go to the ring!"

Main Event - Winner gets a shot at the XCW World Heavyweight Title - Kevin Nash vs. LA Park - Special Guest Referee: XCW Owner Brian Floyd

Mister Floyd motions for someone to hand him a mic. The timekeeper hands him one.

"Before I came out here, I decided that me being the referee wouldn't make this match special enough. As the first XCW Main Event, I decided it needed something else to be special. So I used the XCW Match Randomizer computer in my office, and it determined that, to make things interesting....chairs WILL be legal!" (pauses) But all other weapons, such as tables, are STILL outlawed. And I want to keep one thing perfectly clear: No cheating will be tolerated. I will not hesitate to call a disqualification, and if I have to do so, then I guarantee that the person who is DQ'd won't get another title shot for AT LEAST 6 months! So lets keep it clean!" (pauses) "Now ring the damn bell and lets get it on!"


Nash offers his hand, but when LA Park goes to shake it, Nash headbutts him and slaps on a Bearhug. Park manages to get his arms free and boxes Nash's ears, making Big Sexy let go. Series of stiff chops on Nash by Park, who slaps on a Mexican Surfboard after Nash goes down, but Nash won't give up. Splash by Park, but Nash gets his knees up. Nash picks up Park, who is still holding his ribs, and hits the Sidewalk Slam. Nash sets Park up for the Jackknife, but Park starts punching Nash in the face and Nash crashes backwards to the mat (in other words, Guillotine Strikes from the Smackdown games). Park slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. Nash starts to get up, and Park nails him with a wicked chair shot, busting Nash wide open. Park starts to dance with the chair. Bad move, because Nash is up and is pissed! He jerks the chair from Park's hand, tosses it out of the ring, whips Park into the ropes, and....BIG BOOT!!! Nash picks up Park, and hits the Jackknife Powerbomb for the win. Nash is still mad. He slides out of the ring, grabs the chair, places it flat on the mat, grabs LA Park, and signals for the Jackknife. Just as Nash lifts Park up, `Seek And Destroy' starts to play, and the crowd goes wild! Joesy Styles: "OH MY GOD!!!!! IT'S STING!!!!" Sting slides into the ring and decks Nash, causing him to let go of Park. Sting whips Nash into the corner and hits the Stinger Splash!!! Winner: Kevin Nash at 11:34

Dave Meltzer: "I think we just found out who Nash's mystery opponent will be....."

Camera fades to black as Sting checks on LA Park to make sure he's okay.

Show stats

Drew a 0.91 rating. 4,007 in attendance, and made $92,280 from ticket sales.

Unfortunately, the 61% rating for the show caused XCW to lose two points of PI, dropping from 15% to 13%

XCW Owner logbook:

Valeria and I discussed things, and we decided we need to bring in some bigger name talent. Mister Charisma, who was asked for some advice, suggested we try to re-unite the nWo Wolfpac, but that idea was quickly nixed. We don't want to re-do WCW (or WWF\E) shtick, for one thing, and re-uniting the full Wolfpac would mean signing that waste of space Lex Luger. I don't care if he's a friend of Sting's, Luger will NEVER work for XCW....unless we're desperate for enhancement talent to put over our current jobbers, that is. Also, I'd rather stick with using Nash as a heel for now. He *might* turn a few months down the road, but not just now

It looks like we may sign either Randy Savage or Scott Hall. There's even been some talk of getting the Ultimate Warrior to come in for a show or two. But I don't know if that would be a good idea, considering how he bombed in WCW (and the fact that he's nuts)....

Valeria recommended jumpstarting the women's division, but that's not possible. Most of our female workers aren't ready for the ring yet. However, I did decide to book a women's match for the next show. I'm definitely going to book Ayako Hamada, but haven't decided on her opponent yet.

And L.A. Park is definitely getting the La Parka name back next week.

Episode 2 will feature the following matches:

Jason Kintro vs. Johnny Stylez

10 Man Battle Royal - winner faces Halloween for the Television Title

Ayako Hamada vs. ????

Hardcore Match - Terry Funk vs. Sean O'Haire

Tag Match - Sting and `Demented' Danny Dawson vs. Kevin Nash and Road Warrior Animal

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No Torn Prince makes me cry :P

He's in the Battle Royal on the next show. :)

And I already have him scheduled for a 6-man tag match on the show after that. ;)

And is Halloween the Mexico's Most Wanted Halloween?

Damn skippy, he is! :) In fact, there's no tag belt at the moment, because MMW is the only true tag team that I have on the roster right now.

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XCW Owner logbook.

An interesting development happened on the Monday following our first show; Court H. Bauer showed up at our offices and claimed to be my new boss. Turns out some nut sold him a fake document giving him ownership of XCW. I explained the document was a fraud, wished him luck in finding the crook and getting the money back, and promptly had security toss him out on his ass.

The WWE had some interesting firings. As a result, XCW has had some interesting hirings. I'm going to try to get at least one of the new signees booked for the next show. Saves me the trouble of either recalling one of the female workers from Developmental to face Ayako Hamada or putting Ayako up against another Japanese worker, and should provide an interesting match.

Still haven't decided on Scott Hall or Macho Man yet......


JDK: Yes, I'm using Animal as a heel.

sirdavinator: Dennis Harris will be in the Battle Royal. (Its only a 10 Man Battle Royal, btw)

I have about 60 wrestlers on roster, and only 3 of them (all female, btw) are in Developmental at the moment. So it'll be a few more shows before I've used everyone on roster.

Roster for the Battle Royal (in no particular order, and subject to change, since I haven't done the show yet):

1. Dennis Harris

2. Dragon Jones

3. Biotech

4. Obliverator

5. Hajjhowe

6. Falcon

7. Gabriel Price

8. Troy Fenix

9. Super Hentai


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XCW Friday Night Fury Episode 2

A re-cap of Kevin Nash hitting the Jackknife on L.A. Park and then attempting to Jackknife him onto a steel chair, only to be stopped by Sting, is shown. Then the usual opening, with the theme `Fast Like A Bullet' plays.

Joey Styles and Dave Meltzer are at ringside:

Joey: "Ladies and gentlemen, it has been confirmed by XCW owner Brian Floyd that Sting will indeed by Kevin Nash's opponent for the XCW World Heavyweight Championship at Evolution Of The Revolution. However, it will NOT be a standard rules match."

Dave: "However, its been decided that the stipulations for the match will not be announced until next week. Mister Floyd could not be here tonight due to some personal commitments, and wants to announce the stipulations for the match himself. He has confirmed, though, that it won't be a Guest Referee match."

Joey Styles: "Dave, it appears that we are ready for the first match of the night...."

Jason Kintro vs. Johnny Stylez

Jason Kintro connects with a forearm shot, but Stylez dodges a second attempt. Whip into the corner by Stylez, who charges in, but Kintro moves out of the way and eats turnbuckle. Kintro grabs Stylez by the neck and smashes his face into the turnbuckle again. Stylez misses with a clothesline and takes out the ref by mistake. Sit-Out Powerbomb into a pin by Stylez, but the referee is still down. Stylez appears to set up Kintro for a belly to belly suplex, but Kintro delivers a wicked headbutt that stuns Stylez. Stylez and Kintro start trading punches. Stylez delivers a wicked right hook. Wait a second....Stylez pulls something out of his tights! Its brass knuckles! He hits Kintro with a wicked shot that sends Kintro crashing to the mat, then tucks the knucks back into his tights and goes for a pin. The ref apparently saw the knucks, and he DQ's Stylez! Stylez starts arguing, then decks the ref and leaves the ring. Winner: Jason Kintro by DQ at 6:41

Commercial break.

The show comes back on, and the members of Violent Conduct are in the ring: Big Bad Brad, Joe Crazy, Troy Johnson, and Christopher McDonald. They do a good job of putting themselves over as the assholes they are, even mentioning Joe Crazy's (tainted) victory last week. Big Bad Brad does most of the talking, but they all get a few words in. When the crowd isn't booing them, that is. - 63%

Joey Styles: "Next up, we have a 10 man Battle Royal, with the winner facing Halloween for the XCW Television Title. The TV Title match was originally supposed to take place immediately after the Battle Royal, but XCW General Manager Valeria Cage decided that it would be unfair to make the winner wrestle twice tonight, so the match will not take place until next week. Halloween has been given the night off."

10 Man Battle Royal - Winner is the #1 Contender for the Television Title (match to be held next week)

Gabriel Price uses a forearm to the face. Troy Fenix gets bundled out by TTP! (Elimination # 1) Biotech hits an arm drag on OB. Obliverator gets backdropped to the outside by Biotech! (Elimination # 2) Back heel kick from Biotech. Biotech goes for the elimination, but Dragon Jones holds on to the ropes! Super Hentai gets hip tossed by Dragon J. Slingshot clothesline by Dragon J. Super Hentai gets hip tossed by Dragon J. Dragon J tries to eliminate Super Hentai, who hangs on to the top rope! Dennis gets caught with a belly to belly suplex from Hajjhowe. Dennis Harris gets eliminated by Hajjhowe! (Elimination # 3) Spinning bulldog in the corner, Hentai is down. Falcon goes for the elimination, but Super Hentai holds on to the ropes! Hajjhowe hits a dropkick on Super Hentai. Hajjhowe backdrops Super Hentai over the top rope! (Elimination # 4) Dragon J hits a quick kick on Falcon. Dragon J clotheslines Falcon to the outside! (Elimination # 5) Stiff chop lights up Hajjhowe. TTP slams Hajjhowe down. Double arm suplex by Dragon Jones, TFA hits hard. Dragon J eliminates TFA with a clothesline over the top rope! (Elimination # 6) Big backdrop on Biotech, executed well. TTP goes for the elimination, but Biotech holds on to the ropes! Some chops from Hajjhowe on Biotech. Biotech gets backdropped to the outside by Hajjhowe! (Elimination # 7) Short range spear from Dragon Jones. Dragon J tries to eliminate Gabriel Price, who hangs on to the top rope! Back heel kick from Hajjhowe. Hajjhowe tries to get Dragon Jones over the top rope, but can't. Some chops from Dragon J on Hajjhowe. Dragon J clotheslines Hajjhowe to the outside! (Elimination # 8) Dragon J takes a headbutt from Gabriel Price. Gabriel Price with a spinning neckbreaker on Dragon J. Dragon Jones can barely stand. Here it comes - LeVey Driver. TTP clotheslines Dragon Jones to the outside! Winner: Gabriel Price at 9:27

Dave Meltzer: "The Torn Prince wins a hard fought Battle Royal. But will he be able to defeat Halloween to take the TV belt next week?"

Commercial Break.

Sting and `Demented' Danny Dawson are on the stick, talking about their match with Nash and Animal. Sting does most of the talking, and ends the segment by sayings he's going to make Nash regret trying to hurt La Parka last week, and he'd better be ready, because....IT'S SHOWTIME, FOLKS! - 58%

10 Minute Time Limit - Ayako Hamada vs. Victoria

Ayako and Victoria shake hands before the bell rings. *RING!* Victoria hits an arm wrench on Ayako, but Ayako counters a second attempt at one, turning it into an arm drag. Kick to the chest by Victoria, who goes for the pin. 1....2....shoulder up! Hamada counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Dropkick by Hamada, followed by a pin. 1....2....th...KICK OUT! Victoria blocks a DDT attempt and turns it into a Snap Suplex. Second rope splash by Victoria, pin gets to about 1 and 1/2 before Hamada gets a shoulder up. Victoria applies a hammerlock, but Ayako powers out with an elbow to the face. Flying neckbreaker by Ayako, followed by a running dropkick as Victoria gets up. Ayako and Victoria charge at each other, but both crash to the mat as they clothesline each other. The ref starts to count: 1....2....3....4....5....6....*RING!* Time Has Expired, and ref declares a draw! Victoria and Ayako both get up slowly, then shake hands after they recover. Wait a second! Someone's running down the ramp! IT'S GAIL KIM, AND SHE'S GOT A CHAIR!!! Gail Kim nails Ayako with a wicked chair shot, but Victoria blocks a shot aimed her way and kicks Gail Kim in the gut! WIDOW'S PEAK!!! Time Limit Draw

The camera comes on and shows `Demented' Danny Dawson enjoying a cup of coffee backstage. All of a sudden, Kevin Nash and Road Warrior Animal appear and start beating the hell out of him. 3D manages to get loose long enough to grab the pot from the coffee machine and tosses the hot liquid on Animal, but Nash grabs him and Jackknife Powerbombs him through the craft services table. - 65%

Hardcore Match - Terry Funk vs. Sean O'Haire

Various weapons are scattered at ringside (but none actually in the ring itself). Both men start trading punches, and O'Haire finally counters and hits a suplex on Funk. Funk rolls out of the ring, and grabs a golf club, then slides back into the ring. O'Haire easily dodges a swing of the club....then takes a shot upside the back of his head from the club. Bodyslam by O'Haire. Pin attempt barely gets to 2 before Funk kicks out. They end up brawling at ringside, and O'Haire slams Funk face first into the ringpost. Funk is opened up! O'Haire starts gloating to the crowd as he looks for another weapon. Big mistake, because once he turns back toward Funk, he eats a trashcan shot to the head and drops the cookie sheet he had picked up. Funk puts the dented trashcan over O'Haire's face, then trips him. O'Haire dodges a clothesline attempt by Funk, but slides back into the ring instead of counterattacking. Funk climbs back in, only to get kicked in the head. Funk reverses an irish whip, and sends O'Haire into the ropes. O'Haire is tied up, and Funk hits a series of chops that light up O'Haire's chest. O'Haire eventually gets loose and they start brawling again. O'Haire grabs Funk, but Funk has a toaster in his hand and blasts O'Haire in the head with it. Now O'Haire is opened up, and bleeding badly! Funk goes for the Spinning Toe Hold, but O'Haire stops it by kicking him in the rear and gets up. O'Haire dodges a clothesline, grabs Funk by the back of the shirt, and spins him around. CRUEL INTENTIONS!!! 1....2....3. Funk kicks out too late. O'Haire starts taunting the crowd, but Funk is back up and they start brawling again. They fight all the way up the ramp, and Funk looks like he's almost ready to pass out from the massive blood loss. His face AND the front of his shirt are both completely red by now. Winner: Sean O'Haire at 6:46

The camera opens up on Valeria Cage, sitting in the office. She looks in the direction of the camera, and it is clear that she is NOT happy....

"I have no idea what Nash and Animal thought they were doing, or what they would accomplish when they attacked 3D earlier tonight. Danny had to be taken to the hospital due to his injuries, so he will not be able to compete tonight. And Animal has severe, but not life-threatening, burns on his chest from the coffee that Danny threw on him. However, since Animal was attacking 3D and basically got what was coming to him, he is not going to be allowed to sit this one out. He still has to compete tonight." (pauses) "Tonight's main event will still be a tag match. After phoning Mister Floyd and discussing the situation, we have decided to assign Sting a new partner....."

Valeria looks to her right. The camera pans over to show....La Parka, who waves to the camera.

"There are also two additional stipulations: First, If Nash or Animal attack either of their opponents after the match is over, then Big Sexy forfeits his title shot at Evolution of the Revolution!" (pauses) "Second, to keep Animal from weaseling out of tonight's match, he MUST start the match for his team!"

The scene switches to Joey Styles and Dave Meltzer at ringside.

Joey Styles: "Wow!"

Commercial Break.

Main Event - Sting and La Parka (subbing `Demented' Danny Dawson) vs. Kevin Nash and Road Warrior Animal.

Nash and Animal come out first. Animal appears to have his chest bandaged up and is wearing a black tank top in addition to his usual wrestling gear. "Seek and Destroy" starts to play, and Sting walks to ring, with La Parka at his side instead of entering separately. Sting has his usual black baseball bat with him, and La Parka is carrying a steel chair.

La Parka and Animal start the match. Test of strength, and Animal breaks it with a kick to the gut, then hits a spinning neckbreaker on La Parka. Animal tries to lift La Parka for a Gorilla Press, but La Parka punches him in the face, forcing him to let go. La Parka whips Animal into the ropes, then hits the BIG BOOT!!! La Parka starts dancing, then goes over and steps onto the apron as Sting steps in. Animal and Sting start trading punches, and Animal eventually blocks one and hits stick with a left jab. He steps out of the ring, and Nash steps in. Nash whips Sting into the corner and charges in, but Sting dodges and Nash eats turnbuckle. Nash grabs Sting and hits the Sidewalk Slam. Nash picks up Sting and signals for Animal, who comes in to help out with a double team move. Sting counters with a double clothesline. Powerslam by Animal, as Nash leaves the ring. 1...2....La Parka kicks Animal in the head, breaking the pin, then quickly heads back to the ring apron. Sting turns around and knocks Nash off the ring apron after Sting gets too close and Nash hits him in the back of the head. Bodyslam by Animal, but Sting kicks out of the pin almost immediately. Irish whip reversal by Sting sends Animal into the corner, and....STINGER SPLASH! Nash tries to interfere, but La Parka runs in and stops him. Animal and Sting trade blows, but Sting gets the best shots in. Animal crashes to the mat, and Sting signals La Parka, who climbs the turnbuckle. SKY TWISTER PRESS!! Nash charges in to the ring, but La Parka clotheslines him out of the ring, as Sting grabs Animal's legs. Seconds later, Animal taps to the Scorpion Deathlock, just as Nash climbs back into the ring. La Parka and Sting celebrate with crowd, as Nash and Animal look irate.Winners: La Parka and Sting at 19:38

The show is running over, so no comments from Styles and Meltzer as the camera fades out.

Show stats

Drew a 0.94 rating. 4,030 in attendance, and made $161,200 from ticket sales.

Unfortunately, the 64% rating for the show caused XCW to lose two points of PI once again, dropping from 13% to 11%

XCW Owner logbook:

The show went off a little better than I expected. Unfortunately, I had to attend a business meeting in Ohio, but Valeria was more than capable of running things in my absence. I'm not happy about our PI taking hits two weeks in a row. At this rate, we'll drop to National status within a month. I'm hoping the promo tape I'm sending to E! Television draws the attention of someone there, as I could try to use a second show to improve things. It would let me use the enhancement talent and curtain jerkers more sparingly, for one thing.

Vince McMahon pissed me off on Monday by signing La Parka to a written contract. I had big plans for La Parka, so I am not happy about that AT ALL. I just hope the new signings we've had this week can help make up for his loss, but I'm not really sure they can.

Episode 3 will feature the following matches:

Travis Andrews vs. Paul Armstrong

Biotech vs. Heavy D

Television Title Match - `The Torn Prince' Gabriel Price vs. Halloween (Champion)

Norman Smiley vs. Sean O'Haire

Texas Death Match - `Demented' Danny Dawson vs. Road Warrior Animal - If Kevin Nash interferes, he is FIRED!!!!

And one or two other matches that haven't been decided yet.

I'm considering adding either Ayako Hamada or Victoria vs. Gail Kim, but I *may* save that for the PPV.

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A Winner R Me!

Really though, that was a fun show, Price winning or not. Lets just hope that we see his valet/manager soon :P

I like the use of La Parka, because outside Mexico he dosen't seem to get used, and on the board it seems no one but me really uses Luchadores unless their doing retro WCW.

Well, unfortunately, after I went through the next week to get to the following Friday, La Parka got snapped up to a written contract by the WWE. (I thought I had signed him to a written contract after the first show, but I hadn't) And since Arsenic can't steal workers with written contracts from other shows....

La Parka being snapped up by the WWE pisses me to no end, because I planned on pushing him to the moon. In fact, I was going to have him beat Road Warrior Animal at the PPV and then form a lucha stable, with someone I recently signed acting as the manager. (I signed them as a tweener, but all the stable members were going to be faces) Without La Parka, the stable idea is on hold....temporarily, anyway.

I'm going to have to do some killer signing and hope I get a second show at the end of the month (I sent a promo tape to E!), because if I keep losing PI, I'm going to drop to National level. If I get a second show, I'll sign more midcarders through main eventers (I mostly have jobbers and openers, thanks to all the submitted wrestlers), and use the jobbers and openers more sparingly (ie, one match per show).

Oh, and if JDK reads this, Jason Kintro and Johnny Stylez are feuding. The heat went from 10 or 15 (don't remember which) before their match to a whopping 35 after it! :blink:

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I've already done Friday Night Fury episode #3 and the Evolution Of The Revolution PPV in the game, but I haven't written the shows for posting yet.

I won't say anything about the contents of either show, except I will add this: The PPV got a rating of 80%. :)

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Ok Since I'm bored I'm *Hoping* for some interview time on the next show cause my guys a rapper and the gimmick wouldn't work without interviews so here comes my rap."


Yo Yo Yo

The Ace is on the show

gonna show everybody

just how far they gotta go

you cant beat the ace

Cause I'm in your face

24/7 never backing down

or acting the clown

Armstrong you better be ready

cause I'm gonna turn you into spaghetti

This fed is my base

and your about to be ACED!!!!

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XCW Friday Night Fury Episode 3

No recap of last week's main event to open the show. Instead, the show opens with an action montage, with `Fast Like A Bullet' playing. The cameras then open up on a fairly large crowd gathered in the XCW Arena, before switching to Joey Styles and Dave Meltzer at ringside:

Joey: "Welcome to another action-packed episode of Xtreme Combat Wrestling's Friday Night Fury. I'm Joey Styles, and with me as always is the amazing Dave Meltzer."

Dave: "Before we get to our first match, I think everyone at home who hasn't visted the XCW website should be made aware that XCW has lost one of its most....intriguing wrestlers. This past Monday, La Parka signed with a certain competitor up north. XCW owner Brian Floyd isn't too happy about this, as he had La Parka scheduled for a match at our first Pay-Per-View, Evolution Of The Revolution, airing this weekend."

Joey: "That's right, Dave. And the upcoming Pay-Per-View is the main reason that Mister Floyd was unable to be with us last week. He was in Cincinnati, making arrangements for the show."

Dave: "Well, it looks like we're ready for the first match of the night: "Wildcard" Travis Andrews vs. Paul Armstrong. For exclusive footage of "Wildcard" and his comments about Armstrong, please visit the XCW website."

"Wildcard" Travis Andrews vs. Paul Armstrong

Armstrong charges at "Wildcard", only to be hip tossed for his effort. Snapmare by Andrews puts Armstrong back down on the mat. Armstrong hits a flying elbow on "Wildcard", but it barely connects. Armstrong dodges two consecutive running clothesline attempts and counters with a spinning heel kick. Russian legsweep by Andrews, but only a 2 count on the pin before Paul kicks out. Armstrong and Andrews start trading blows, but Andrews gets the better of Armstrong, grabs him, and hits a delayed suplex. 1....2....KICKOUT! Armstrong whips "Wildcard" into a corner and goes for an Avalanche, but ends up eating a boot to the face. Second rope splash by "Wildcard". Pin attempt, but Armstrong kicks out just as the ref begins to count. Armstrong breaks a hammerlock with an elbow to the face. Backdrop Suplex into a pin by Armstrong, but "Wildcard" kicks out just as the ref counts 2. Armstrong goes for an arm wringer, but Andrews counters with an elbow to the size of the head, then hits a running knee lift on Armstrong. Here it comes....THE ACE!!! 1...2....3.Winner: "Wildcard" Travis Andrews at 6:13

"The Torn Prince" Gabriel Price and Fallen Angel are backstage. TTP starts talking about his match with Halloween, and goes off on a tanget, talking about sins and how he is a sinner and knows that Halloween is a sinner, too. Fallen Angel mentions that it doesn't matter, because Gabriel will make tonight into Hell for Halloween and walk away with the Television Title. - 58% rating

Commercial Break.

Biotech vs. Heavy D - Match joined already in progress.

As the show comes back on, Biotech is sprawled out on the mat. Heavy D goes for a big Legdrop, but Biotech rolls out of the way easily. Biotech kicks Heavy D in the left leg, then in the gut, then goes for a clothesline but misses and hits the ref by mistake. Biotech hits an Enzugiri, then goes for the pin, but the ref is still down. Biotech drops an elbow, but misses when he goes for a second one. Flying shoulder tackle by Heavy D, and Biotech goes down. The two lock up, and Biotech reverses into a Full Nelson Slam. 1...2...shoulder up! Biotech hits a wicked right hand shot, then clotheslines Heavy D and plays to the crowd. Big mistake, because once he turns around, Heavy D hits a Spear. Biotech is obviously hurt. 1....2....KICKOUT! Heavy D looks both shocked and pissed. He whips Biotech into the ropes and hits a Powerslam into a pin, leg hooked, when Biotech bounces off. 1....2....KICKOUT! Heavy D has had enough. He does a throat cutting motion, and lifts Biotech up. Heavy D goes for a suplex, but Biotech reverses it and suplexes Heavy D instead. Biotech goes for a clothesline, but Heavy D ducks and grabs Biotech. RISING STORM!!! 1....2....3. Heavy D raises his arm in victory, then looks over at Biotech, then walks over and stomps on him a few times, then leaves the ring. Winner: Heavy D at 8:22

XCW Television Title Match - Halloween © vs. "The Torn Prince" Gabriel Price with Fallen Angel

Halloween starts out strong, hitting Price with two consecutive back heel kicks. TTP blocks a third attempt, grabbing Halloween's leg and hitting a Dragon Screw Legwhip. European Uppercut followed by a Back Elbow from TTP, and Halloween goes down. 1...shoulder up. Side suplex by TTP, who covers. 1...2....Halloween kicks out just in time. TTP looks shocked. Halloween reverses a waistlock and takes Price down. Running dropkick into the corner by Halloween, who goes for a pin. 1...2....Fallen Angel points out that Price's leg is on the ropes (she should know - she put it there). Slingshot clothesline by Halloween. 1...2...shoulder up. TTP backdrops Halloween out of a piledriver attempt, then hooks up Halloween, only to eat a DDT. Halloween and TTP start brawling, and the ref accidentally gets knocked out when he tries to break it up after almost a full minute of fighting. Fisherman Suplex by TTP. Drop Toehold by Halloween, who climbs the turnbuckle. Fallen Angel slides into the ring and knocks him off the turnbuckle with a chairshot, then blasts him in the head with another chairshot before sliding out of the ring with the chair, just as Price is getting up. TTP smiles and walks over to Halloween, and the ref conveniently starts to come around. Price kicks Halloween in the gut and sets him up.....LeVey Driver! 1...2...3. TTP and Fallen Angel start putting the boots to Halloween, but Damien 666 comes running down to the ring and lays them both out with a chair! Winner (and new XCW Television Champion): "The Torn Prince" Gabriel Price at 11:47

Commercial break.

The camera comes back on, and Valeria Cage is standing in the ring with a microphone:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to join me in welcoming the two newest signees to Xtreme Combat Wrestling.....


Jerry and The Juice walk down to the ring and play to the crowd for a couple of minutes before they and Valeria depart. - 89% (WOOT!)

Norman Smiley vs. Sean O'Haire

(Screamin' Norman has on the same Tennessee Titans jersey he was wearing last time)

Smiley hits a snap suplex on O'Haire. O'Haire responds by hitting a suplex on Norman. O'Haire hits Smiley with a series of punches, then slams him to the mat. 1...2...KICKOUT! Forgot to hook the leg. Tornado Punch from O'Haire. 1....2....shoulder up. Smiley backdrops O'Haire, then hits a short-range Spear (a very week short-range Spear, at that). 1...2...shoulder up. O'Haire takes a trip to splash mountain thanks to Screamin' Norman. 1....2....shoulder up. O'Haire locks in a leg lock, but Smiley grabs the ropes to force a break. Spear!!!! O'Haire climbs the turnbuckle, and hits the Seanton Bomb. 1....2....3. O'Haire plays to the crowd, celebrating the win. Winner: Sean O'Haire at 5:22

Lash LeRoux vs. Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon hits a back heel kick on LeRoux. LeRoux counters a sleeper hold attempt by hitting a jawbreaker. Kick from LeRoux, followed by one from Ultimo. Dragon reverses a whip, and LeRoux hits the ref! Super Kick by LeRoux, and Ultimo Dragon goes down. LeRoux checks on the ref, since he can't pin Ultimo. He helps the ref up. LeRoux avoids a clothesline attempt, but Ultimo hits a dropkick to the back. Second rope splash by Ultimo, who goes for a pin. LeRoux kicks out on 2. Flying cross body off the ropes by LeRoux. 1...2....KICKOUT! Slingshot clothesline by Ultimo, who goes for a Magistral Cradle, but LeRoux manages to get out of the hold just as the ref begins to count the pin. LeRoux hits a sweet dropkick that sends Ultimo flying, then goes over to pick Ultimo up. Bad move, because Ultimo kicks him the gut then slides behind him. Dragon Sleeper!!! LeRoux tries to reach for the ropes behind him, but he's a couple of inches away. He taps out! Ultimo celebrates while LeRoux recovers. LeRoux offers a handshake, and Ultimo accepts. Winner: Ultimo Dragon at 6:21

Commercial Break.

XCW Owner Brian Floyd walks out to the ring with a microphone:

"I would like to announce that, at Evolution Of The Revolution, you will see a 4 man Elimination match for the XCW Cruiserweight title, featuring....Ultimo Dragon! Lash LeRoux! Juventud Guerrera!" (smiles) "And A...err......a mystery opponent, making his XCW debut!"

The crowd cheers at the announcement, and Mister Floyd leaves the ring and heads over to the announce table, joining Joey and Dave. - 61%

Joey: "Welcome to the table, Mister Floyd."

Brian: "Thanks. Due to the things that have been going on here lately, I felt it would be best if I'm out here to watch the main event in person."

Dave: "That's understandable...."

Brian: "I would also like to announce that I've notified Kevin Nash that, if he interferes in this match, that he will be FIRED!"

Joey: "Good idea."

Dave: "But....what about the main event for the Pay-Per-View? You haven't announced what the match stipulations will be...."

Brian (smiling): "Oh, I think everyone will be amused. I really have to thank Nash and Animal, because they were the ones who gave me the perfect idea for the match. I won't announce it until after the main event, however. I want to keep him surprised....although, I've already told Sting, and he loved the idea."

Texas Death Match - `Demented' Danny Dawson vs. Road Warrior Animal - Kevin Nash is fired on the spot if he interferes.

Animal runs right into a Fallaway Slam by 3D. Animal grabs 3D and drops him with a Gorilla Press. Animal and 3D start brawling and end up at ringside. 3D dodges a clothesline and Animal turns around to charge again, as if he meant to miss with the first one, only to eat a trash can lid to the face when he runs at 3D. 3D bashes Animal with the lid again, then lifts him up and rolls him into the ring. Hooks the leg, but Animal gets his shoulder up on 2. Full Nelson Slam by Animal, who goes for the pin. 1....2....3.....4.....5....6....KICKOUT!! Animal goes for a splash off the turnbuckle, but Danny gets his knees up. 3D rolls over on top of Animal for a pin. Animal kicks out on 4. Animal counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Headbutt by Animal, and 3D is stunned. Animal whips him into the ropes and hits a Powerslam Pin. 1....2....3....4....shoulder up! Animal and 3D start brawling, and 3D wears Animal down, delivering a stiff elbow to the jaw and following up with a massive Spinebuster that shakes the ring! Someone is running down to ringside with a chair! IT'S SCOTT HALL!!! Animal blocks a punch, and goes to whip 3D into the ropes, as Hall prepares to swing the chair. 3D reverses, and Hall nails Animal instead! Animal is stunned! DAWSON DRIVER!!! The ref counts to 10, and 3D wins!

Animal and Hall attack 3D and are beating up on him pretty good. Mister Floyd gets up from ringside, totally insensed, and starts to fold up his chair, but suddenly Terry Funk appears and slides into the ring, armed with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat! He smashes it across Hall's back, drawing blood. Hall and Animal leave the ring! Winner: `Demented' Danny Dawson' at 11:26

The camera shows Animal and Hall standing halfway up the ramp and smiling, then cuts to a shot of a very pissed off XCW owner.

Show stats

Drew a 0.95 rating, with 4,528 in attendance, and made $181,120 from ticket sales. The show's overall rating was 59%, so PI dropped from 11% to 9%.

XCW Press Release

Xtreme Combat Wrestling presents Evolution Of The Revolution, July 18th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The card will feature:

Ayako Hamada vs. Gail Kim!

6-Man Tag action, as Mexico's Most Wanted (Halloween and Damien 666) and Pierroth Jr face Jerry Lynn and two mystery partners recently signed away from NWATNA!

Elimination Match for the XCW Cruiserweight title! Ultimo Dragon vs. Lash LeRoux vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. a mystery opponent making their XCW debut!

XCW World Heavyweight Title Match! Kevin Nash vs. Sting! Due to the recent actions of Kevin Nash and Road Warrior Animal, XCW owner Brian Floyd has ruled that this will be.....a Table match!

In addition, another match has been added, due to events stemming from the main event of the latest episode of Friday Night Fury:

Terry Funk and `Demented' Danny Dawson vs. Scott Hall and Road Warrior Animal!

Additional notice, posted on the XCW website:

"Due to the actions taken by Fallen Angel during the XCW Television Title match that resulted in Gabriel Price winning the belt, I am making the following ruling:

The win stands, BUT....

If The Torn Prince retains the belt in his next title defense, which will be against Halloween's tag partner, Damien 666, then Halloween will receive a rematch the following week. And Halloween will pick the match!

Furthermore, I am scheduling another match for the next Friday Night Fury:

A Four Corners Match - Ayako Hamada vs. Gail Kim vs. Fallen Angel vs. Victoria!

In addition, I am also scheduling the following match, as a result of actions taken by Scott Hall, as I don't feel the match added to the Pay-Per-View will be punishment enough:

Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match - If Nash wins the World Heavyweight Title at Evolution Of The Revolution, then this will be a non-title match!"

(No XCW Owner logbook, because I don't feel like doing one. The website announcement is enough, I think. And it won't be America's Most Wanted teaming with Jerry Lynn in the 6-man tag match, in case anyone is wondering.)

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I hope one of the mystery people is the mighty Hajjhowe. FEAR HIM!

Ummmm, Hajjhowe already debuted (in the Battle Royal), and was never with NWATNA, so.....

I've played out the PPV and the episodes of FNF through episode #6. I'll try to get the PPV posted soon.

I actually wrote episode 3 of FNF while I was posting, and am going to do the same with the PPV. No big deal, because I plotted most of it out a long time ago (Before I even posted the first episode of FNF, in fact!). Had to make some changes, due to losing La Parka, but still.....

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