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Mini-games into proper games


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The main example being the Harry Potter, with Quidditch being a mini-game in the main games, and then being released as Quidditch World Cup.

I would have liked to have seen a Blitzball game (FFX style, mind you) for the PSP or DS.

And a chocobo racing game for the DS.

So many things could be expanded, and the unlockables and oh god yes.


- Wireless matches

- Proper tournaments and leagues

- A city where you can freeroam and pick up players

- More abilities

- Keepa, Botta, Datto etc. obtainable as unlockables

- Create a player

- Fan interaction

- Program formations/plays to trigger words using the DS's microphone

Chocobo Racing DS

- Create a player/chocobo

- Wireless races

- Acessories, and other unlockables

- Guest appearances by Chocobo Joe, Cloud, Tifa and Cid

- Gold Chocobo sidequest

- Proper tournaments

Just my ideas...

So erm...what does EWB want proper gamed?

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dunno about blizzball, it got realy boring realy fast wen you knew how to own the computer with having the worst team possible :-/ Maybe if theyed work on the AI, i liked the concept, it was just way to easy to own.

Well, if they had more time to spend just on the Blitzball game, I'm sure they'd be able to iron out some of the problems from the mini-game.

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