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Any ideas of bands I should check out?

Guest Smith

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Can anyone recommend any bands that are good, to give you an insight of what music I listen to I'll post some favorite bands so you know what I'm into:


Pearl Jam


The Pixies

The Dandy Warhols

Rage Against The Machine


Foo Fighters


The Vines

Alice In Chains


Smashing Pumpkins

Temple Of The Dog


Pink Floyd

Led Zeppelin


Any ideas of bands something similar?

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Check out the Stone Temple Pilots, get thier best of, as they are similar to some of the grungier bands you have up there.

Check out Audioslave, where I'd say try thier second album "Out Of Exile", as its better than the first.

Check out Chris Cornell's solo album "Euphoria Morning".

Guess you can't go wrong with checking out some Fear Factory, Machine Head or Slayer (which covers most of the heavier bands you have on the list).

Weezer, Jimmy Eat World (both kinda go off a little towards The Vines, Dandy Warhols that you listed, but not as Indie, but better IMO).

If you like Opeth, check out Neurosis and Isis. They do similar lengthy pieces, but more visceral and dynamic,though just as good.

Hit me up if you need some more recommendations.

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Since you like Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog, you could try the band Thornley. They sound a pretty good deal like Soundgarden/Audioslave. Which reminds me, you could of course try Audioslave, if you've been stuck behind a rock and haven't heard of them. And Chris Cornell (the singer from SG/Audioslave) has a solo record, but you may not like it, it's very... singer/songwriter. If you do like it, get some Jeff Buckley.

And since you like Rage Against The Machine, get some Future Leaders Of The World. It's Rage Against The Machine meets Nirvana. "4 Sale", "Let Me Out", "Your Gov't Loves You", and "Unite" are all good.

Also, get some Nine Inch Nails. "Head Like A Hole", "The Hand That Feeds", "Every Day Is Exactly The Same", and "Closer" all come to my mind immediately as great songs.

And some Tool (Sober, Aenema, Parabola, The Grudge, Eulogy are all good), and A Perfect Circle (Passive, Judith, Imagine, The Hollow, The Outsider, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drum all rule).

I also suggest Candlebox (a post-Grunge group from the mid 90s) and Velvet Revolver (if you don't know, Revolver is the singer from Stone Temple Pilots plus the instrumentals from GnR).

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Tool - Stinkfist, Schism, The Grudge

A Perfect Circle - Judith, The Outsider, 3 Libras

Radiohead - 2+2=5, Climbing Up The Walls, Idioteque

Deftones - Passenger, Pins and Needles, Rickets

By the way, since you like RATM, listen to Revolution and Know Your Enemy with Tool's/APC's vocalist if you haven't already.

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Seriously, more people need to check them out.

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