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Lost - Season 2


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First I should say there will be spoilers in this thread.

So Lost season two starts tonight and I am extremely pumped for it. I can't wait to see what is in the hatch. I wonder how long it will take until they go in? Like will they go in like last episode or what. I hope they show some Boone in flashbacks.

So many questions need to be answered this season and I hope they answer a lot of them... but i know they won't they will answer some and that will lead to more questions.

Anyways starts tonight share your view on what you want to see this season if you want to while we wait for the show.

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We aren't supposed to find out all the details of the hatch until end of episode 2/beginning of 3.

Not that it's a big concern now; with the Others out and about, Sawyer, Jin, and Michael lost at sea, and with Walt kidnapped. And Charlie getting back on the horse. Oh, and Rosseau still totally batshit.

EDIT: And let's not forget the inevitable division of people into Jack/Locke camps.

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DESMOND! You get out of my TV right now and explain yourself, mister!

Fucking crazy awesome first ep. I'm shocked they dealt with the hatch as much as they did; I thought they'd draw it out a bit more, although there's still plenty left to reveal.

Big question now is; what happens to Michael, Sawyer, and Jin? It's already been revealed that they'll almost certainly end up washing up on the other side of the island with survivors of the tail section of Oceanic 815. It'll be really interesting, though, to see how they deal with the loss of Walt, and how the conflict with Rosseau and the Others gets played out.

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