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Well I don't think we have a thread but I absolutely love the game and am sure I’m not the only one on here! I use to think RPG’s we stupid until my friend let me play Final Fantasy 7 and wow was I wrong.

So I thought it be nice to get some discussion on the game going and will start off by asking, which is your favourite?

I’ve completed 7,8 and 10 and loved them all but if I was asked to rank them I guess I’d make it 8,7,10 but I love 10 and well that shows how much I like 7 and 8 I guess. For me 8 had the best storyline and by far the best ending since it was conclusive unlike 7 and 10’s. The junction system was cool but it’s downside I guess was using magic numbers rather than material as it meant the stats went down if I used a particular spell. That aside it was a great game with a brilliant plot and frankly the best value for money game I can think of.

So what’s your favourite and why?

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I have a strong disdain for FF8, I just don't think it felt like a Final Fantasy, and the storyline was piss-poor, with too much happening just for the sake of it.

FF7 had a fantastic storyline, with the most impressive backstory I've seen in any game, and more impressive than most films or books, and a fantastic array of characters, all whilst remaining very playable at the same time, whilst FF8 often felt tedious.

FF9's storyline was fairly weak, and often felt like a parody of earlier Final Fantasy games, but the gameplay more than made up for any shortcomings, as I think it was the most inherently playable game in the series so far, having the best selection of side-quests and mini-games to date.

FFX I wasn't keen on at all. It has it's good points, but I couldn't get into it at all. Tidus was far too emo a main character, even by Final Fantasy standards, none of the characters really appealed to me at all, and I felt no real compulsion to continue playing or to follow the story.

FF11 didn't feel like a Final Fantasy game to me, but it was a decent enough RPG.

Of the "old school" Final Fantasies, FF2 was great, with a fantastic "feel-bad" ending, but FF1 and FF3 were missable, and only worth playing for historic purposes. FF4 is fantastic, and still playable today if you can accept the poor (by today's standards) graphics.

FF5 had a fairly steep learning curve, but other than that, is wonderful. The job system was brilliantly implemented, and it didn't shy away from getting quite dark at times, which is always good.

FF6 was absolutely incredible. It really laid the foundations for FF7, with it's psuedo-futuristic setting, and much of the storyline, as well as basic storyline elements. There's so much to do, and some wonderful characters, so the positives outweigh a lot of forgettable silliness.

All in all, I rank Final Fantasy 7 above the rest of the series, and most other games, though.

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Wow, I absolutely loved 8. I thought the way the story progressed and the progression of the characters was really good. To me, the whole Laguna, Squall link was pretty cool as was the romance between Squall and Rinoa was played out really well.

And "Eye's On Me"!

But I totally agree with what you say about 7, it was an amazing game. The only main character to be better than Cloud in a game is Squall in my opinion.

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PkmnTrainerJ's useless opinion on all the Final Fantasy games he has ever played in the form of a letter to God

Final Fantasy I - NES

Dear God. Thank you for creating the people who form Squaresoft so that we have this wondrous game, and now long-running game series.

The graphics were good (back then), the gameplay was a little confusing, the enemies were great to battle against, especially Garland and Astos.

Final Fantasy II - NES

God, what happened? You have made Squaresoft name their characters, you've made them put more thought into the storyline, there are small things which are actually significant. Yes, I suppose all can be forgiven on the name changing, as long as in later games I can change the names to something like AAAAAA.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn Of Souls

Well done God. Making Square Enix put their first two games in the format of GBA, brilliance. Perfect for Final Fantasy on the go. And oh no, not just rushed ports like all the PS2-PSP games, updated graphics, more enemies, extra things to do. You are so getting a blowjob when I get up there.

Final Fantasy I & II: Origins - Playstation

Okay, God. Slap on the hands now. That's three sets of Final Fantasy I & II and not one of III.

Final Fantasy IV & V: Anthology - Playstation

IV & V? 4 & 5? What happened to three? This will not be forgotten, Higher Power. The game, although gets you back some points as I thoroughly enjoyed the cross-dressing pirate and the Crystals quest in V. And how a Dark Knight, with all his evilness becomes a Paladin, whereas his 'good' friend betrays him.

Final Fantasy VI - Playstation

You mean I can attack some-one with a Chainsaw, and use an attack entitled Bum Rush? *hug* And you put a great FMV sequence in? And the battles are awesome too? And a character acts like a Smeargle? Oh dear God, God. Oh crap...oh fuck it.

Final Fantasy VII - Playstation

...Masterpiece. That's how to sum it up. No more class system, but you can see where everyone would fit. Materia, a battling system that makes sense. Flying on a proper airship? Weapons? An attack that hurts 9999? A seemingly endless Limit Break, that you will see at least once, no matter what? That splodge is where I erm spat on the paper, not cried tears of joy. Also, this game inspired me to look for hentai for the first time, well done God.

Final Fantasy VIII - Playstation

So, the eighth one eh? Starting to drag a bit now. A proper love interest story? Featuring a song by Faye Wong? A sword that's also a gun? Well you got my money again.

Final Fantasy IX - Playstation

Oooh an X. Must stand for Xtreme! Or, just mean 10 and IX means 9. Wait a minute, the main character has awesome hair, a double ended sword, and is not a Fighter? How brilliant! Again God, pure brilliance in this one too, except with Necron. Serious minus points for that.

Final Fantasy X - Playstation 2

Yes! Final Fantasy on Playstation 2. Millions of sidequests, huge storyline, proper voices, great summoned beasts, great mini-games, but all this just so I can fade away? Nonetheless I was not dissapointed at all with this game. And Dark Aeons. (Y)

Final Fantasy X-2 - Playstation 2

Right God, stop right there. What's all this Square-Enix business? Where's Squaresoft? Dammit, answer me! Oh right, it's a letter. Yuna and Rikku in skimpy clothing, huge references to the last game, the first Final Fantasy sequel and it's stuck with me.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Gameboy Advance

Well, the mission based thing is certainly a different way of doing things and the races coming into it was a great decision. But, what did you do to the Moogles. That actually is my spit on that part of the letter, and a small part of my urine. I liked this game but could not get over the fact that Moogles looked like bunnies.

Thanks for your time God, I look forward to hearing back from you. Have included my clone in a test tube for you to keep as a thanks for accepting this letter.

Yours fantasfully


(I have no idea where the God thing came from, it was just something I wrote on FF1 and decided to stick with)

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I've played a few FF games, but other than the PS/PS2 version, don't have a clue which is which. This is where you lot come in >_>

Which FF is it where you fight some sort of misty dragon early on? I think one of the main characters was named Kane, by some AMAZING coincidence. I liked this one.

Which FF is it where there's seemingly dozens of playable characters, has moogles, Ultima dragons/weapons, a ghost train and a Ninja with a dog? I'm fairly sure it was all in one game, and if so is the one FF I've started and not been able to finish, so far.

Is the above game the one with Kefka? I can't remember :(

VII, VIII and X were awesome. I'm actually in the middle of playing VII after a looong space of no FF action. I've gotten to the part on the third disc which is where I usually get bored running after the Weapons, in an effort to avoid having to face Sephiroth :blush:

I played about half of IX and couldn't get interested in it at all. I played a bit of X-2 so I could finish off the X story, but gave up feeling rather dirty, after being slightly too interested in the Dress Sphere aspect >_>

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Final Fantasy IV, and sorry to dissapoint you but it's Kain.

I knew it was something like that. IV and VI then? Are those the ones that are supposed to be the same as II and III in America or something? This is why I got so confused :'(

By the way, by you guys...did you just mean me?


Yes, yes I did.

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Guest princessmelissaisbetterthanyou

FF7 was the first of the series I played. I LOVED it so very much, esp.the music. To me, it was the last truly great game in the series. Also, I'm eternally grateful that VII's popularity made it okay for EVERYONE to play RPGs, not just geeky boys. I did like VIII, but it started off slooooooooooooow, and the draw system was a crappy way of doing magic. The story was cool, though. I liked IX a lot, but two big flaws ruined it for me. The first obviously being Necron (who?! What kind of end-boss just shows up at the end without any kind of build up?) and the second was the sheer pointlessness of many of the characters. Amarant? Please. And don't get me started on that fat thing with the big tongue. X was okay, and quite good in parts,but the ending was weak. X2 was horrible, and ranks up there with the worst games I've ever played. As for XI, I don't play online RPGs, so there.

I like the old school games better, personally. Even though I was like 7 or so when the original came out, I can enjoy the olders ones now, yet I don't enjoy the newer ones as much. Go figure.

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Final Fantasy came out here in North America a year after it did in Japan. In the mean time they already had a sequal... and then another. Those would be the official Final Fantasy 2 and 3.

Then they created 4 for the SNES. They decided to port that over to North America, but Nintendo figured we'd be too stupid to understand it is the fourth and not the second. So they just named it Final Fantasy 2 here. 5 came out there and they immediately began work on 6 which would eventually be 3 here. Since of course we only had two before it not five.

When Square left Nintendo to produce games for the Playstation they just stuck with the proper numbering. Which they have with all of the recently released conversions.

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How do you feel it was overrated? I'm not flaming you, just wanted your opinion!

For starters, I hated the gameplay. I. loathe. random. battles. Period. Well, lots of periods. >_> Admittedly the plot & characters were a lot more original than other RPGs, but I feel that 7 is just flatout overrated in the gaming community. It's good, but it's not the "OMGWTF CLASSIX!" everyone interprets it to be.

I much prefer Xenosaga I to FF7. :kiss:

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Guest princessmelissaisbetterthanyou

I think it was great for it's time. I do agree it is overrated a tad in comparison to other game series, but it is the best FF game ever.

I agree with you about Xenosaga I. I was SO disappointed by the sequel,though.

My fave RPG,though, hands down, is Dragon Warrior 7. I've been playing it for about 3 years (not non-stop), and STILL haven't beaten it. (I'm towards the end and have put about 80 hours in). Still great though.

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Just started to play 9 and i really can't get into it. At this rate i'll be replaying 10 soon.

Random battles are also what FF is about for me, i don't think that needs to be changed at all.

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I can tolerate random battles but not at the frequency FFVII and FFVIII put them out.

FFVI is my favourite, merely because of Kefka. His plan isn't complicated like Sephiroth's or (FF8 villian (for people who aren't there yet)), it's just "I want to destroy the world and I will"

Makes for a perfect villian.

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Sephiroth i think is possible the best villan in a game. He truely is a messed up guy with a messed up past and you can see why he'd go crazy.

Except that, for the most part, the villain is Jenova.

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