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World Wrestling Entertainment: The Revival

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Disclaimer-This is all fake!

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May 21, 2005

WWE Meeting Already In Progress

Vince-Now onto the next piece of business. You all know I am getting older and more stress is being put on me each and every day. Running the WWE doesn't help, either. That's why I think it is time that I pass it on to the next generation of McMahons. Stephanie, you have been and are the one being groomed to fill in my spot...but I've changed my mind. I want to keep the WWE running with the McMahon men, and I think Shane would do a better job taking my place, but that wouldn't be fair, so Shane and Stephanie, you two will be sharing my role. Stephanie, you will be in charge of RAW and Shane, you will be in charge of Smackdown!. Now, are there any ideas either of you two have that you would like to share before I officially resign my role here in the WWE?

Shane-Dad...first of all I want to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. Second of all...The drafts lately have been bad. Trading 5 wrestlers per show doesn't really do that much for either side, so why not do an odd number and have 7 trades each?

Vince-Hmm...That's a good idea Shane. This years draft will now have 7 trades per show. Any other ideas?

Stephanie-Well, daddy, how about instead of holding the draft on RAW this year, we hold it on a live edition of Smackdown!? It will get the ratings up for it for a week and maybe they will stay up if we make Smackdown! live every week.

Vince-I'll think about having Smackdown! live every week, but holding the draft on Smackdown! this year is another great idea.

Shane-Dad, I know you are trying to make more money with all these Pay-Per-Views, but come on. There is just too damn much. If we go back to one a month, then people would get interested again since they wouldn't have to be ordering one every time they turn around. And no offense dad, but even if you don't like the idea I am going to have it done for Smackdown!.

Vince-I know what you mean Shane and I was even going to change it back to one pay-per-view a month. I thought it would be a good idea at first, but now it just seems like a waste of time. If you have any more ideas just talk about them with eachother and if can both agree, incorporate them. This is my last week before you two are in control. Shane, I want you to make an announcement about the draft taking place on a "special live edition" of Smackdown! on RAW this Monday and talk a little about how you got the company or something and then Stephanie can come out and say she owns 50%...Just make it good.


OCC-This takes place in June. This is a split diary with me and Thatz. Thatz is taking control of RAW and I am taking contol of SD!. The next thing posted should be the SD! results for June 2nd with draft results, but it may just be "A defeated B via Finisher" type thing then after that would be more detailed. Since we are using EWR, we are going to pretend the ECW One Night Stand PPV happened in May instead. I personally haven't watched the WWE at all this year except for WM so bare with me if I dont follow up on some things. So, hopefully this will be an okay diary.Also, this diary is already happening on 400 and Corp X but it has stopped for a bit until both me and Thatz have time to continue it. So give any feedback you want, as long as it is constructive.

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WWE Smackdown! Results for June 2nd

LIVE from Edmenton, Alberta, Canada (7,523 in Attendance)

[The show begins with a video package highlighting all the drafts made since the very first one in 2002. It then shows clips from RAW two weeks ago with Shane announcing the draft taking place on Smackdown! this year, him announcing his take over of the WWE, and Stephanie interupting him and telling him that she is his partner. The video ends and a combo RAW/Smackdown! vignette begins. Red and blue pyros explode, the fans are going crazy, and we are LIVE! The camera circles the arena several times, spotting two tumblers & podiums on stage with red & blue balls in them and 'The King' & J.R. at an announcers table at ringside, before ending on Michael Cole and Tazz.]

COLE-Hello and welcome to a VERY special LIVE edition of Smackdown! Tonight may be the most historic one in its 6 year run!

TAZZ-That's right Cole, 'cause tonight is the first time the WWE Draft will take place on Smackdown! and the very first time that seven wrestlers will get drafted.

COLE-That's an odd number to use as the number of draft picks.

TAZZ-Well you're an odd guy, Cole, but you don't see me bringing it up.

COLE-What are you talking about? You take shots at me any chance you can!

J.R.-Don't forget about the RAW side of things.

LAWLER-Yeah, don't forget about the superior brand.

COLE-Well we'll see who the superior brand is after tonight now won't we?

[-Here Comes The Money!- begins playing throughout the arena and the crowd erupts as Shane McMahon dances his way out on stage. He dances a few more seconds for the crowd to eat it up and then walks down the ramp doing his famous hand taunt (cutting the air). He slides into the ring and pulls a microphone out from his back pocket. Before he speaks he motions his hand up and down to try and get the crowd quiet.]

SHANE-Well, well, well...Smackdown! LIVE! You know whose idea that was? Mine! You know whose idea it was to have the draft on Smackdown! this year? Also mine! Why? Because the Smackdown! crowd and crew deserve something nice for a change [crowd cheers]! Quiet down now, we only have two hours. As you can see on the stage, there are two tumblers. One with the RAW roster in it and one with the Smackdown! roster. In the back we have the entire RAW locker room as well as the Smackdown locker room. Seperated of course since we all know what happened last time...Back on track. Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long will alternate with their picks and both men will make a total of seven picks. Everyone on both rosters are eligible to be drafted. That means John Cena and Batista can be drafted, JBL and Triple H can be drafted, Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff themselves can be drafted...Even Michael Cole and Jim Ross can be drafted! And since we just happen to have both the RAW and Smackdown! locker rooms in the back, tonight you will see nothing but Smackdown! versus RAW matches! You're gonna see WWE Champion versus World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion versus United States Champion, WWE Tag Team Champions versus World Tag Team Champions, Triple H and John Bradshaw Layfield versus Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio, a Battle Of The Giants, and Eddie Guerrero versus Chris Benoit! So lets get the show rolling with the first draft picks!

[-I'm Back! And Betta Than Eva!-. Eric Bischoff makes his way out on the stage and stands behind the podium next to the blue ball tumbler. -It's The Macmillitant-. Theodore Long comes out next and stands behind the podium next to the red ball tumbler.]

SHANE-We flipped a coin in the back and the first pick goes to...Eric Bischoff and his RAW brand!

[Bischoff smiles as he reaches into the tumbler. He feels around and pulls out one of the blue balls. He walks back behind the podium and opens the ball up, taking the piece of paper out.]

BISCHOFF-Well it looks like I actually did a favor for Smackdown! and made it less slutty! RAW's first draft is Dawn Marie!

[The camera cuts to the Smackdown! locker room and gets a close up of Dawn, holding her mouth open in disgust. The camera cuts back to the stage as Long pulls out one of the red balls. He walks back to the podium and opens it up.

LONG-Smackdown! has just acquired a real playa from RAW, and his name is none otha than Val Venis!

[The camera cuts to the RAW locker room and shows Val Venis smiling as he walks out.]

COLE-It looks like the so-called "superior" brand just made the worst first draft pick in history.

LAWLER-It isn't bad for us Michael because us guys on RAW actually like women!

J.R.-Don't go away, folks. When we come back we will have our first interpromotional match when WWE Tag Champs MNM face off against World Tag Champs The Justice League!




Normal Tag Match

The Justice League [vs] MNM

[MNM defeated The Justice League at the 9:43 mark when Rosey accidently splashed Hurricane, allowing Nitro to deliver the Standing SSP for the pinfall.]

COLE-Well there's one win for Smackdown! tonight...

LAWLER-Good job. You guys have a tag team match with a bunch of nobodies won.

TAZZ-Hey King. How 'bout you stop dissing Smackdown! and just do your job?

LAWLER-Don't make me beat the crap out of you again Tazz.

J.R.-Calm down, King.


[After all four men are out of the ring and in the back, both GM's come back out to make their second pick.]

BISCHOFF-Teddy, before you open your mouth and brag about Smackdown! having one win, shut up and remember it is only one win.

[Bischoff then pulls a ball out of the tumbler and opens it up with an upset expression.]

BISCHOFF-Well it looks like RAW gets another piece of Smackdown! trash. A talented piece of trash, but trash none-the-less. RAW receives the poetic, John Heidenreich!

[The camera cuts to the back where we see Heidenreich walk to the exit of the locker room, punching it before leaving. It cuts back to the stage where Long has opened his next pick.]

LONG-It looks like you lost a potential tag team, playa, because Smackdowns! numba two pick is Garrison Cade.

[The camera goes to the RAW locker room where we see Garrison Cade about to go through the door when Mark Jindrak opens it up. They stare at eachother for a few seconds and then just walk past eachother. The camera comes back to the ring area as we get ready for another match.]


Normal Singles Match

Shelton Benjamin [vs] Orlando Jordan

[Shelton Benjamin defeated Orlando Jordan at the 11:23 mark after Benjamin nailed Jordan with the Dragon Whip.]

J.R.-And things are tied up now!

LAWLER-Ya see guys, now that is how a good match is performed by RAW! Tune in more often and you would see some good matches!

TAZZ-And if you tune into Smackdown! more often you would see actual talent!


[A small video package is played of May's ECW One Night Stand PPV. After it is finished, Long and Bischoff are back on the stage, each holding a piece of paper.]

BISCHOFF-Now that were are finally back, maybe I will get a good pick from Smackdown! Wait, isn't that an oxymoron? Lighten up, Teddy! RAW's 3rd pick for the evening is....Kenzo Suzuki...

[We see Suzuki about to leave the Smackdown! locker room when he is stopped by Hiroko. She starts yelling at him in Japanese but he finally is able to leave the locker room.]

LONG-I hate to see them two get split up, so Eric you can have Hiroko as well. Maybe you can spice up that women's division, ya know what I'm sayin? And Smackdown! has just made a very fit signing. He betta stop drinkin' that Haterade because that won't be allowed on Smackdown! RAW, say goodbye to Simon Dean!

[As Simon Dean grabs his Simon System bags and opens the locker room door to leave, the locker room begins cheering.]

BISCHOFF-Damn you Teddy! You rigged this! This is why the draft was never held on Smackdown! All of you are a bunch of cheaters!

LONG-Slow it down, playa. I didn't rig anything. You are just havin' some bad luck. So stop crying like a baby.




[As we come back from the commercial break, we see Theodore Long in his office looking through some papers. Simon Dean enters his office and sets his Simon System bags down.]

LONG-What can I do for ya, playa?

DEAN-Mr. Long, I would like to thank you for picking my name from all the other RAW superstars. I am glad I am no longer associated with such fat, disgusting pigs over there. Smackdown! is a place full of healthy, fit people...Well it will be after I personally give each and every wrestler a trial of my Simon System. They'll get protein shakes, pills to reduce their fat, protein bars, the works.

LONG-That all sounds nice, but do you have any Playa-Ade?


LONG-Playa-Ade. That ain't any system without some of Theodore Long's Playa-Ade.

[Long reaches into a drawer and pulls out a bottle with his face on the wrapper and "Playa-Ade" written on it.]

LONG-Here, have a free bottle.

DEAN-No thank you, Mr. Long. This drink is full of sugar and calories and I didn't get into this kind of shape by drinking crap like that.

LONG-I see. You ain't drinking Playa-Aid. You're drinking the Haterade! And I don't allow that on Smackdown! So you betta have a betta attitude next week. Now kindly remove yourself and your system from my office.


Normal Singles Match

Kane [vs] The Big Show

[Kane defeated The Big Show at the 12:01 mark after delivering a hellacious Chokeslam. Both men had eachother by the throat, but Kane poked Show in the eyes to deliver the finish.]

LAWLER-Another win for RAW!

COLE-Yeah but your man had to cheat to beat The Big Show.

LAWLER-I don't care! A win is a win!

J.R.-Alright you two, stop bickering! You make both brands look bad!

TAZZ-I agree with ya J. Ah. But ya can't expect those two to act like adults.

COLE-Adults? You making jokes about me being gay is acting like an adult?


[The camera cuts to a "Burn of the Night" video. The video shows Shane McMahon's announcement on RAW two weeks ago and Stephanie interupting him. The camera comes back to the Smackdown! stage where Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long are once again on stage. -I'm All Grown Up Now- plays and Stephanie McMahon now makes her return to Smackdown!. She stands on the middle of the stage wearing her business suit and with a microphone in hand.]

STEPHANIE-It's time that I come out and run things one last time on Smackdown! Shane is out of the building, so things are going to go my way the rest of the night! And that starts now! Instead of Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long picking just one wrestler from the tumblers, they will pick two! So, would both of you be so kind to pull two names from the tumblers?

[Both Bischoff and Long go to the tumblers and pull out two names each. They go back to the podium and put one down on the podium and keep the other in their hands.]

BISCHOFF-Stephanie, it is good to see you again. Maybe after the show we can have another Halloween party? Heh heh...Anyways, RAW finally gets a Smackdown! wrestler that is worth something. Ladies and gentleman, the Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak!

[The camera cuts to the back where Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak are all standing together. Jindrak and Angle shake hands, and Jindrak just brushes past Reigns.]

LONG-I'm glad you picked him, playa. I managed him once before and he wasn't worth the time! But Smackdowns! next pick is worth the time. Smackdown! welcomes your own nephew, Eugene Dinsmore!

[Eugene gets up from his chair in the RAW locker room and has a big smile on his face as he jumps up and down clapping his hands.]

BISCHOFF-Good. He was a waste of space on RAW anyways...And it looks like RAW just got better...Five times better! Coming to RAW is the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion, Booker T!

[Booker T stands up with a look of shock on his face]

BOOKER T-Tell me...He did not just pick me.

[Booker T then leaves the Smackdown! locker room.]

LONG-I'm not gonna lie to ya Bischoff. That hurts Smackdown!. But the next person coming from RAW will more than make up for it. The man who just won the Bizattle of the Giants...Kane!

[Kane walks out of the RAW locker room and just as he closes the door behind him, Edge nails him in the head with a steel chair as Lita laughs.]

EDGE-There's a little going away present you ugly son of a bitch!

[The camera gets a close up of Kane's face before cutting to a commercial break.]




[The camera comes back from the break and we see Eddie Guerrero walking down a hall, about to go do his match. Eugene jumps out of no where and hugs Eddie.]

EUGENE-I'm on Smackdown! I'm on Smackdown! Me and you can be best friends like me and Chris Benoit and Mr. Regal were! We're going to have so much fun!

[Eddie shoves Eugene away and then knocks him down with a punch. He walks away as Eugene starts to cry.]

COLE-Now come on! There was no need for that!

LAWLER-Eugene shouldn't be running up to people and hugging them without any permission! That is...sexual harrassment!


Normal Singles Match

Chris Benoit [vs] Eddie Guerrero

[Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit at the 15:56 mark after using the ring bell while the referee was knocked out.]

LAWLER-Now is that fair, Michael? Is it fair now that a Smackdown! superstar cheated to win?

COLE-No it's not fair and it's not okay!

J.R.-Both brands won a match by cheating. Now it is even. Can you both drop it now?


[The camera goes to the back where we see JBL and his Cabinet standing around.]

JBL-You guys remember the plan? Good. Just make sure you hurry up with it so we can get the hell out of this crap town as soon as possible.

TRIPLE H-Hey Bradshaw!

[Triple H and Ric Flair walk up to The Cabinet and JBL turns towards him.]

JBL-It's JOHN Bradshaw LAYFIELD now, Hunter.

TRIPLE H-Whatever. Listen, I know the last time we met up we had...a not so great time. But tonight is different. Tonight me and you are teaming up against the has-been Shawn Michaels and the never-will-be Rey Mysterio. After tonight, I will go back to the better brand and you will stay here. Just like it should be.

JBL-That all sounds good. EXCEPT you going back to the better brand. You could be drafted tonight and end up on the REAL better brand...Enough arguing. Like you said. Tonight we are partners. You just stick to our plan and we will win.

[The camera zooms out a little as all six men begin talking. It then cuts to the stage where Bischoff and Long are once again out to make their sixth draft picks.]

BISCHOFF-I thought I would never see the day where Triple H and JBL would ever coexist. It sickens me! But maybe the next superstar to come to RAW will settle my stomach....And it has! It looks like Smackdown! just lost a tag team! Charlie Haas, welcome to the big boys on RAW!

[Haas and Hardcore Holly shake eachothers hands before Haas leaves the locker room.]

LONG-Good pick, playa, good pick. But Smackdowns! next pick is just as good because RAW just lost a tag team as well. Smackdown may have lost a Japanese star, but it just gained the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri!

[Tajiri gets up from his seat in the RAW locker room and happily says something in Japanese.]

LAWLER-We don't need him anyways. He was a waste of space like Eugene.

J.R.-Now King. How about you stop kissing Bischoff's *** and have your own opinions?

LAWLER-I do. Is it my fault if they just happen to be the same as Mr. Bischoff's?




[The camera comes back to Smackdown! and Bischoff and Long are on the stage for the final time to make their seventh and last draft picks.]

BISCHOFF-The time is here. RAW's final draft pick of the night. And this is the best final draft pick not only tonight, but in history. It even makes up for the crappy first draft pick RAW had...RAW's final draft of the night is........the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

[Angle jumps up from his seat in the back and celebrates as he walks out of the Smackdown! locker room.]

BISCHOFF-It looks like you have a way of keeping moral high on the Smackdown! roster judging how happy Kurt was that he got drafted to RAW.

LONG-Yeah, make your jokes and keep drinking that Haterade, because Smackdowns! final pick is the best RAW wrestler. He is the most talented and most charismatic.

[The camera cuts to Triple H in the RAW locker room with a look of horror on his face.]

LONG-Smackdowns! seventh, final, and best pick of the night is......Christian!

[Christian jumps up from his seat in the RAW locker room and celebrates. He walks over to the door and stops.]

CHRISTIAN-Before Captain Charisma leaves RAW, let me just say something. In my entire run on RAW, with all the promises being broken, being held back, and always being thought of as some lightweight, I just want to say I am glad I am going to Smackdown! THAT is where the REAL big boys play and THAT is where the REAL talent is. You guys can keep "Triple H-Uh", your Deacon as champion, and your fruity comic book character wannabe's as tag champs while the Captain has more success on one night of Smackdown! than Triple H had on his honeymoon.

[With that, Christian quickly leaves the locker room as the RAW roster all boo him]

LONG-It looks like you have the same moral problem with your locker room, huh playa?

BISCHOFF-Shut up Teddy.


Normal Tag Match

Triple H and John Bradshaw Layfield [vs] Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio

[Triple H and JBL defeated HBK and Mysterio at the 13:35 mark after JBL ducked HBK's Sweet Chin Music, which hit Hunter, and nailed him with the Clothesline From Hell as he turned around.]

TAZZ-What a way to win the match!

COLE-And a Smackdown! superstar won it, too.

LAWLER-And a RAW superstar helped him win it!

J.R.-Can you two get along for two minutes?




Normal Singles Match

Batista [vs] John Cena

[Batista defeated John Cena after Christian ran out and stole Cena's title belt, distracting him long enough for Batista to deliver a Batista Bomb. As Christian was walking backwards up the ramp, the entire RAW locker room came running out with Triple H leading the pack. HHH knocked Christian down from behind and the other RAW superstars got into the ring to beat down on Cena. The Smackdown! locker room then came running out and both brands once again battled it out as Smackdown! went off the air.

J.R.-Bah Gawd! Both brands are causing mayhem for the second year in a row!

COLE-That's all the time we have tonight! Tune into RAW and Smackdown! next week to see what will happen with draft picks taking effect! For Tazz, Jerry, and J.R., goodnight!


Draft 2005 Results

RAW to Smackdown!

1)Val Venis

2)Garrison Cade

3)Simon Dean

4)Eugene Dinsmore




Smackdown! to RAW

1)Dawn Marie

2)John Heidenreich

3)Kenzo Suzuki

4)Mark Jindrak

5)Booker T

6)Charlie Haas

7)Kurt Angle

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RAW Roster

Main Eventers

-Triple H (Heel)

-Kurt Angle (Heel)

-Batista (Face)

-Shawn Michaels (Face)

Upper Midcarders

-Edge (Heel)

-Randy Orton (Heel)

-Booker T. (Face)

-Chris Benoit (Face)

-Chris Jericho (Face)


-Gene Snitsky (Heel)

-Heidenreich (Heel)

-Kenzo Suzuki (Heel)

-Lita (Heel)

-Mark Henry (Heel)

-Maven (Heel)

-Muhammad Hassan (Heel)

-Rob Conway (Heel)

-Sylvain Grenier (Heel)

-Trish Stratus (Heel)

-Tyson Tomko (Heel)

-Victoria (Heel)

-Charlie Haas (Face)

-Mark Jindrak (Tweener)

-Marty Janetty (Face)

-Rosey (Face)

-Shelton Benjamin (Face)

-The Hurricane (Face)

-William Regal (Face)

Lower Midcarders

-Viscera (Heel)

-Stevie Richards (Tweener)

-Christy Hemme (Face)


-Chris Masters


-Romeo (Heel)

-Antonio (Heel)


-Dawn Marie (Heel)

-Hiroko (Heel)

-Diavari (Heel)

-Ric Flair (Heel)

-Candice Michelle (Face)

-Maria (Face)

-Stacy Keibler (Face)


-Chris Nowinski (Heel)

-The Coach (Heel)

-Eric Bischoff (Heel)

-Jerry Lawler (Tweener)

-Ivory (Face)

-Mick Foley (Face)

-Stephanie McMahon (Face)


World Heavyweight: Batista

WWE Intercontinental: Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team: Hurricane & Rosey

WWE Women's: Trish Stratus

Italics=Injured or Inactive



Main Eventers

-Eddie Guerrero (Heel | Old School Heel)

-John Bradshaw Layfield (Heel | City Slicker)

-The Undertaker (Face | Supernatural)

Upper Midcarders

-Big Show (Face | Monster)

-Christian (Heel | Arrogant)

-John Cena (Face | Rapper)

-Kane (Face | Monster)

-Rey Mysterio (Face | Show Stealer)

-Rob Van Dam (Face | Cool)


-Al Snow (Face | Staff Member)

-Billy Kidman {Heel | Arrogant)

-Bubba Ray Dudley (Face | Extremis)

-Carlito Caribbean Cool (Heel | Cool)

-Chavo Guerrero (Heel | Old School Heel)

-Danny Basham (Heel | Lackey)

-Doug Basham (Heel | Lackey)

-D-Von Dudley (Face | Extremist)

-Eugene Dinsmore (Face | Comedy Character)

-Funaki (Face | Old School Face)

-Garrison Cade (Heel | Angry Young Man)

-Hardcore Holly (Face | Bad ***)

-Luther Reigns (Heel | Bodyguard)

-Nunzio (Face | Fiery Italian)

-Orlando Jordan (Heel | Cocky)

-Rene Dupree (Heel | Anti USA)

-Scotty 2 Hotty (Face | Fun Babyface)

-Simon Dean (Heel | Fitness Instructor)

-Spike Dudley (Heel | Evil)

-Tajiri (Face | Martial Arts)

Lower Midcarders

-Akio (Heel | Highlight Reel)

-Joey Mercury (Heel | Arrogant)

-Johnny Nitro (Heel | Cocky)

-Matt Morgan (Tweener | Monster)

-Paul London (Face | No Gimmick Needed)

-Shannon Moore (Face | Metalhead)

-Val Venis (Face | Adult Film Star)


-Joy Giovanni (Face | Girl Next Door | Nobody)

-Melina Perez (Heel | Old School Heel | Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)

-Michelle McCool (Face | Girl Next Door | Nobody)

-Miss Jackie (Face | Seductress | Nobody)

-Paul Heyman (Heel | Sports Agent | Nobody)

-Rochelle Loewen (Face | Girl Next Door | Nobody)

-Torrie Wilson (Face | Cheerleader | Nobody)


-Shane McMahon (Face | Cool)

-Theodore Long (Face | People's Boss)

Tag Teams

-Kidman and Akio (Billy Kidman & Akio | 9% Experience | No Finisher)

-MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro | 17% Experience | No Finisher)

-The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny Basham | 35% Experience | Ball and Gag)

-The Cabinet (JBL & Orlando Jordan | 7% Experience | No Finisher)

-The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley | 100% Experience | 3D)


-The Cabinet (Leader-JBL; Orlando Jordan; The Basham Brothers)


-WWE Heavyweight-John Cena (def. JBL @ WrestleMania 21)

-WWE United States-Orlando Jordan (def. John Cena @ Smackdown! 3-3-05)

-WWE Tag Team-MNM (def. Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio @ Smackdown! 4-21-05)

-WWE Cruiserweight-Paul London (def. Chavo Guerrero @ Smackdown! 3-31-05)

Edited by Vitamin E
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Velocity Results


[The Velocity vignette rolls, followed by the camera showing the crowd. It circles the arena several times, catching some signs fans are holding.]

MATTHEWS-Hello and welcome to Velocity, folks! I'm Josh Matthews and alongside me is a very special and new announcer, the host of the Tough Enough series, Al Snow!

SNOW-Thank you, Josh. It's good to be back announcing and it's even better that I'm off of Heat away from The Coach. I just hope you don't hold any grudges against me for not winning Tough Enough.

MATTHEWS-Of course I don't hold any grudge, Al. I'm a mature, young man and I know there are people better than me out there. But tonight isn't about me. What did you think of the Draft Lottery 2005?

SNOW-Well, Josh, once again I think Smackdown! got the short straw out of it. The only good wrestlers we recieved were Christian and Simon Dean.

MATTHEWS-Simon Dean?

SNOW-Yeah. He may be an annoying little prick who has to make fun of people's weight problems to make himself feel good, but he is a good wrestler.

MATTHEWS-Yeah, well at least Smackdown! kept all of its champions. Speaking of which, we should get ready for out first match. The WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, will be facing Nunzio and Funaki in a non-title match. But first, let's take a look at a clip from Smackdown! two days ago, featuring Smackdowns! fifth draft pick, Kane.

STEPHANIE-It's time that I come out and run things one last time on Smackdown! Shane is out of the building, so things are going to go my way the rest of the night! And that starts now! Instead of Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long picking just one wrestler from the tumblers, they will pick two! So, would both of you be so kind to pull two names from the tumblers?

[Both Bischoff and Long go to the tumblers and pull out two names each. They go back to the podium and put one down on the podium and keep the other in their hands.]

BISCHOFF-Stephanie, it is good to see you again. Maybe after the show we can have another Halloween party? Heh heh...Anyways, RAW finally gets a Smackdown! wrestler that is worth something. Ladies and gentleman, the Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak!.....

LONG-I'm glad you picked him, playa. I managed him once before and he wasn't worth the time! But Smackdowns! next pick is worth the time. Smackdown! welcomes your own nephew, Eugene Dinsmore!.....

BISCHOFF-Good. He was a waste of space on RAW anyways...And it looks like RAW just got better...Five times better! Coming to RAW is the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion, Booker T!.....

LONG-I'm not gonna lie to ya Bischoff. That hurts Smackdown!. But the next person coming from RAW will more than make up for it. The man who just won the Bizattle of the Giants...Kane!

[Kane walks out of the RAW locker room and just as he closes the door behind him, Edge nails him in the head with a steel chair as Lita laughs.]

EDGE-There's a little going away present you ugly son of a bitch!

[The camera gets a close up of Kane's face before cutting to a commercial break.]

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This is Thatz, just lettin' people know that yes, I'm involved in this as well. I know that I'm definately not the best writer around, and I may not have the most creative storylines. But hopefully somebody here will have fun reading this, and by with it being posted here it should help me remember everything that's going on so I can return after football season ends here (which is probably at least 3 weeks.) So if you're checking this out, thanks.

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Sunday Night HeAT Results


[A short video is played, showcasing some of the results of the 2005 draft lottery. The camera then cuts to the announcers for tonight's show, The Coach and Todd Grisham.]

Coach: "Hello everyone, and welcome to Sunday Night HeAT! I'm the Coach! Tonight we'll review the 2005 draft lottery!"

Grisham: "Er...thanks for the introduction...I'm Todd Grisham."

Coach: "Shut up, rookie! Nobody cares what you have to say! They care about the Coach!"

Grisham: "Yeah....I'll bet they do alright. Let's just go down to the ring for some action before we review the draft lottery."


Singles Match:

Maven vs Steven Richards

This was a quick match, that did nothing to stand out among the rest. But the wrestling from the two was solid, and it was good to see Richards back in the ring. The two brawled around the ring for a bit, with Richards having the upper-hand. He hit Maven with a superkick, but Maven managed to get his foot on the ropes. After Richards hit Maven with a nice DDT, he went for the pin, but Maven kicked out. Richards disagreed, and began agruing with the ref. This allowed Maven to catch Richards with a roll-up, using Richards' tights to his advantage as he stole a win.


BISCHOFF-Good. He was a waste of space on RAW anyways...And it looks like RAW just got better...Five times better! Coming to RAW is the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion, Booker T!

[booker T stands up with a look of shock on his face]

BOOKER T-Tell me...He did not just pick me.

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That isnt what is happening. I was trying to add another post but it always merged so I edited the post ect and I didnt know what that was happening. I checked the board discussion topic and found out I have to wait 10 minutes to post after another post of mine if no one has replied yet.

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Ya I wasnt sure what was happening so I tried making a new post with some irrelevant to the topic so I could edit that post but it didnt work. So from now on this topic wont be bumped to the topic due to me editing a topic all the time.

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Draft Fallout

Last week on Smackdown!, WWE witnessed the second annual draft lottery. And, just as management promised, both of the rosters were shaken up. Although stars such as Kane and Christian were lost, RAW aquired such talent as Charlie Haas, Booker T., and Kurt Angle. Many of the draftees are expected to be on RAW tonight...what will they have to say, and what impact will they make?

It was announced last week that Triple H and Batista would sign a contract here, tonight, for their World Heavyweight Championship "Hell In A Cell" match scheduled to take place at Vengeance. The last time these two men met in a contract signing, it ended with Batista powerbombing "The Game" through a table. Will the outcome be different tonight? Tune in to find out.

It should also be noted that General Manager Eric Bischoff has scheduled a match for tonight, and has released it to the public. Tonight on RAW, we shall see Muhammad Hassan take on William Regal. With both Tajiri and Eugene taken from RAW in the lottery, how will Regal cope without a partner? One thing's for sure...Hassan is sure to have Diavari in his corner.


Muhammad Hassan vs William Regal

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WWE RAW Results


IPB Image

[After a video recapping the draft plays, the pyros go off, and RAW is under way. The camera zooms around the arena, looking at the faces of all the happy fans, arms outstretched with signs in their hands.]

JR: "Good-evening everybody, and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I'm Jim Ross, and it's the first RAW after the 2005 draft lottery. And speaking of the draft lottery, what an event that was over on Smackdown! What did you think, King?"

King: "It was, JR. We lost some guys to Smackdown!, but I think that we got some good guys as well. I mean, we got an Olympic medalist!"

JR: "Indeed we did, King. It should definately be interesting to see what Kurt Angle has to say, and do, over here on RAW."

King: "I'm just glad we got him JR! We may have lost Christian, but...wow! We easily made up for it!"

JR: "We'll hear from some of the draftees tonight, as well as see the contract signing between Batista and Triple H!"



["Can You Dig It...Sucka?" Booker T.'s music hits the P.A., and he makes his way out to some cheers. He gets in the ring, poses briefly for the fans, and grabs a microphone.]

Booker: "Yo...what up? [brief pause.] Ya know, I'll bet you all saw my face when Eric Bischoff pulled my name out'a that hat and announced that I had been drafted to RAW. Ya say...'RAW's always been the better place Book, you said it yourself.' And I did...for a while I did want to come back here to RAW. But when my name was called, I realized that what I had been fighting for on Smackdown! was lost. Kurt Angle was on Smackdown!, and I was on RAW. Needless to say, I was angry, and upset."

[booker takes a break, looking at the crowd.]

Booker: "But then something happened that made it all worth it. At the end of the show, Eric Bischoff reached in that hat...and read off the name....'Kurt Angle.' [pause, and pop from the crowd.] Kurt Angle...you couldn't get away from me. You may think that now that you're here on RAW that I aint got no more beef wit' you...you're wrong. Infact, that's why I came out here. I came out here to ask for....no....to DEMAND a match with Kurt Angle! [pop from the crowd.] I don't care when it is. I'll take him on tonight, I'll take him on next week, I'll take him on at Vengeance, I don't give a damn! I just wanna-"

[i'm Back! Booker T. is cut off, as the music of Eric Bischoff plays. He struts out, microphone already in hand, and enter the ring.]

Bischoff: "What the hell do you think you're doing? [heat from the crowd.] Coming out here, on MY show, without asking for MY permission? Who the hell do you think you are? I don't know what Teddy Long does on Smackdown!, but here on RAW, I make the decisions! And I've decided NOT to give you a match with Kurt Angle!"

[booker T. drops the mic., eyes wide, and grabs Bischoff by the throat. Bischoff scrambles away, crawling out of the ring.]

Bischoff: "Ya know what...maybe I should give you a match with Kurt Angle. I'll tell ya what...at Vengeance, it's going to be Booker T....versus Kurt Angle....and EDGE!"

[bischoff begins laughting, but quickly stops when "I'm All Grown Up Now" hits, and Stephanie McMahon makes her way out!]

Stephanie: "Eric, Eric, Eric. Have you forgotten the deal we made already? With the draft came a new wave of management. According to my this...[she pulls out a piece of paper] all the superstars of RAW are contracted to ME. That means you too, Eric. You work for me now! And I don't appreciate this...mistreatment of MY workers! Now, you can go ahead with this...match for Vengeance, but it isn't going to be no handicap match. I know it's not exactly what you wanted Booker...but you're going to have to find a partner."

[stephanie's music plays, and she leaves, with Booker T. & Eric Bischoff both looking irratated.]


Singles Match:

Heidenreich vs Steven Richards

Decent match for Heidenreich's RAW debut. He completely over-powered Richards, who managed to evade Heidenreich for part of the match and get in a little bit of offense. Eventually Heidenreich got pissed off, and began pounding on Richards. He thew Richards into the ropes, and drilled him with a devastating clothesline. From then on, it was all Heidenreich. He picked up Richards, and tossed him over the top rope! Richards came back in, ducked a clothesline, and went for a superkick. Heidenreich caught his foot, and threw him down. Heidenreich then picked up Richards, hit a powerbomb, and pinned him for the victory.


Monsters, Inc.

[After a commercial, Heidenreich is in the back, looking pleased with himself after his win. He's walking, looking at the ground, when he bumps into Gene Snitsky.]

Snitsky: "Hello...John."

Heidenreich: "Hey...Gene."

Snitsky: "So you're on RAW now?"

Heidenreich: "Yeah."

Snitsky: "We should team up...ya know? Like we did at the Royal Rumble."

Heidenreich: "Oh....OK. That sounds like fun...friend."

[snitsky smiles, and walks off with Heidenreich.]


The Highlight Reel

[Chris Jericho is standing in the ring, with the Jeritron 5000, among other props, in the backround.]

Jericho: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome....to the HIGHLIGHT REEL! I am Chris Jericho, your host for this b-e-a-u-tiful evening! Ya know, everybody's talking about the draft. They're glad he went there, or he didn't go there...but if there's one thing I'm sure you RAW fans are happy for, it's that RAW didn't lose Chris Jericho! [crowd pops.] Yeah, as much as I wanted to go over there, take their champion's CD, stick it up his ***, and show him some REAL music, RAW just wouldn't be the same without me. And that's because...RAW...IS...JERICHO! [another pop.] Now, while we're on the subject of this whole...draft thing, I've decided to go with a couple guests. One of them recently got drafted to RAW, and everybody's dying to say what he has to hear. I'll introduce him first. Ladies and gentleman....Kurt Angle!"

["Medal" hits, and Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, to a mix of cheers and boos. A lot of fans are happy to see Angle on RAW. He gets in the ring, and Jericho hands him a microphone.]

Angle: "Heh....nice set up you've got here, Chris."

Jericho: "Thanks, man. I get that a lot, actually. Anyway, Kurt, how do you feel about being drafted to RAW? Suprised? Angry? Happy?"

Angle: [smiles.] "Chris, I'm going to get straight to the point and tell you that I am more than happy to be over here on RAW. Smackdown! was getting boring. I mean, they've got Vanilla Ice as their champion, a bunch of midgets running around and doing flips in the ring, and some of the worst fans in the world. [crowd laughs.] Oh, but don't you worry yourselves, I can tell already that the RAW fans aren't any better. [crowd boos.] There's a lot more opportunity for me to shine over here on RAW. And oh, let me tell you, after I've finished with Booker T. at Vengeance, I'm going to make plenty of an impact."

Jericho: "Right. So uh...speaking of Booker T....you've got a tag match with Edge against Booker at Vengeance. What do you think about teaming with Edge?"

Angle: "Well I'll tell ya, Edge and I haven't exactly been friends as of late. Yeah, we were back in the day, we used to chum around together. But then again, he's the guy who forced me to shave my freaken' hair. Now, it's a good thing I was planning to do it anyway, otherwise he would've had hell to pay. But Chris, I've been watching RAW for the past couple weeks...and I'm starting to like Edge. He's doing all the right things, and could be a World Champion someday after I retire."

["On This Day....I See Clearly Now..." Edge's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. It seems as though he has been seperated from Lita for a few moments. He gets in, and Lilian hands him a microphone.]

Jericho: "You were gonna be my other guest....not that I was quite ready to introduce you yet Edge but...ok, whatever. What in the blue hell do you have to say?"

Edge: "Watch your mouth, Jericho. [crowd boos, Jericho laughs.] Kurt, I don't really like you. Hell, I don't like Eric Bischoff. What he thinks he's doing by putting me in a match I don't want any part of is beyond me. Just because I helped him at One Night Stand doesn't mean I'm his little bitch. What if I wanted to use this at Vengeance? [Edge holds up the briefcase.] Kurt, you're one tough guy. You and me...we're alike. We stop at nothing to win. So I guess...come Vengeance...I'll help you kick some ***."

[Edge sticks out his hand, and Angle looks at it...and then shakes it. The show cuts to a commercial with the image of the two standing in the ring, shaking hands.]


Singles Match:

Muhammad Hassan vs William Regal

Pretty even, good match from Regal and Hassan here. Chris Jericho stayed and was on commentary. Regal took Hassan to the mat for much of the match, with Hassan showing some basic knowledge of mat-wrestling, and Regal pretty much dominating. Hassan used his size advantage later, and turned the match into a brawl. The two were fairly even there, with Regal hitting Hassan with some chops. Eventually Regal was able to lock in the Regal Stretch, but Diavari got on the mat, and began shouting shouting in Arabic. This prompted the ref to go over to him, and Regal to break the hold. Hassan then hit a low-blow on Regal, and lock in the Camel Clutch for the submission. After the match, they continued to beat on Regal, prompting Jericho to stand up, and walk towards the ring, while Shelton Benjamin ran out to break it up. The segment ended with a stare-down between Hassan, Jericho, and Benjamin.


The Tag Partner

[booker T. is shown walking out of a locker-room, looking disappointed. Eventually he looks up, and sees Chris Benoit standing with a drink in his hand.]

Benoit: "Hey Book, how's it goin'? Good to see ya over here on RAW. What are you up to?"

Booker: "Yeah man...nice to see you too. It's been a while. Well ya see dog....I'm lookin' for a partner. I got this tag team match against Kurt Angle and Edge at Vengeance...only thing is....I aint got no partner."

Benoit: [laughs.] "Well, that aint much of a tag match is it? You and I go way back, Book. Back to WCW. Remember that Best of Seven Series?"

Booker: "Yeah man...those were some good times right there."

Benoit: "And ya see, I haven't really been getting along with Edge lately, and I've never gotten along well with Kurt Angle. So uh....you've got yourself a partner."

[benoit sticks out his hand, and Booker shakes it.]

Booker: "Thanks man...this means a lot to me."

[booker T. and Chris Benoit begin chatting again about old times as the camera fades.]


Singles Match:

Sylvain Grenier vs Rosey

Pretty poor match, which showcased Grenier just trying to stay alive throughout the thing. Rosey dished out the punishment on him, and almost had him pinned several times. At one point, Grenier nearly got a cheap win with a roll-up, but Rosey managed to escape. Eventually Grenier went up to the top rope, and went for a cross-body, only to be caught by Rosey. After throwing him on the ground, Rosey ran into the ropes, and hit a big splash, giving him the pinfall. After the match, Grenier slowly woke up in the ring, and Rob Conway strolled out...carrying a steel-chair. He got in the ring, and chased Grenier around, eventually catching him in the corner. He allowed Grenier to rise, offering his hand...then decked him in the face with the chair. He then began bloodying Grenier, leaving him a mess in the ring after hitting a fishman's suplex on the chair.



[Todd Grisham is backstage, with Christy Hemme. Oh, you can feel the charisma radiating off of these two!]

Grisham: "Christy, last week you competed in a bikini contest, also featuring Maria, Candice, and Victoria. After you were announced the winer, you began celebrating, only to be attacked from behind by Victoria. What are your thoughts?"

Christy: "What do you think, Todd? Victoria had no reason to attack me, or any of the other divas. Especially because I won some stupid bikini contest! I don't know, but maybe she was jelous of me?"

[Christy is suddenly cut off, as Victoria comes running in, and tackles her to the ground. A typical cat-fight ensues, until the Coach comes in and breaks it up.]

Coach: "Hey! Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing? You two want each other so bad? Well Eric Bischoff would be happy to give you a match at Vengeance!"

[The scene ends, and the show cuts to a commercial with the Coach holding the two apart.]


Making an Impact

[Charlie Haas is walking backstage, when he suddenly walks past Ric Flair.]

Haas: "Hey...Ric! Ric Flair!"

[Flair turns around, looking suprised.]

Flair: "You talkin' to me? You talkin'...to the Nature Boy!?"

[Haas comes closer, and shakes Flair's hand.]

Haas: "I'm Charlie Haas, I've come over from Smackdown! I used to team with Shelton Benjamin...you know Shelton, don't you? Well anyway, last year, he earned a victory over Triple H in his first match on RAW. That's quite an impact made. Well you see sir....I want to make an impact too. And when I saw you walking down the hall-way, it occured to me that beating the living legend himself is comparable to nothing. It would be an honor, sir, if you would wrestle me tonight."

Flair: [laughing.] "You want a match....with the Nature Boy? [Haas nods.] Do you have any idea how many rookies like you I've beaten? How many punks have asked me for a match, only to tap out to the figure four? Do you? [Haas nods again.] And you still want a match? [Hass nods once more.] Well I'll tell ya what kid...it takes guts to challenge me. I'll give you that. And since I'll be going out there for the Game's contract signing anyway...I guess you got yourself a match. But be warned, kid. Matches like this...they can jump-start your career, or they can shoot ya down before you take off. And I've shot down plenty of kids like you, tryin' to make it big. Be prepared, Charlie. WHOOO!"

[Flair leaves, and Haas begins walking to the ring, suprised with his luck.]


Singles Match:

Ric Flair vs Charlie Haas

Very nice match, one of Flair's best in a long time, and like Haas's best solo match thus far. Haas took Flair to the mat when he could, and Flair actually wrestled well there. He broke from the normal mold of a match he does, and seemed focused on putting on something good. Although Haas did get in a lot of offense, he made a few mistakes, which Flair was sure to point out and use to his advantage. Haas almost got Flair to tap to the Haas of Pain at one point in the match, but Flair got to the ropes. At the end of the match Flair was in the corner, pretending to be hurt, when Haas went over. After helping Flair up, 'Naitch went behind Haas, and got him with a quick roll-up for the win! After the match, Flair celebrated, as Haas looked suprised and angry.


The Contract Signing

["Time To Play the Game!" Triple H's music hit, and he made his way down to the ring for the main-event contract signing. He was wearing a suit, and Flair was wearing his trunks and a t-shirt, with a towel around his neck. After his long entrance, Batista's theme hit, and the monster himself came down to a huge pop. Finally, Eric Bischoff came out, with the contract in hand. All three men sat around a table in the middle of the ring.]

Bischoff: "Men, what we are here to do tonight is seroius business. The Hell In A Cell match is one of, if not the most barbaric match in wrestling. Two men, locked inside a cell of steel, destroying eachother with whatever means possible. It takes a true man to win this match. And I expect both of you to behave like men until this is over."

[both men nod, and stare at eachother, not even looking at Bischoff.]

Bischoff: "You see, in this contract, it specifies that once the door is locked, you are no longer a responsibility of RAW. If you're bleeding, we can't stop the match. If you want to quit, but your opponent continues to beat the hell out of you, we can't stop the match. We cannot interfere in the match until the match is over. So, by signing this contract, you are putting your fate in your own hands. Do you understand? [nods from both men.] Good. Triple H, seeing that you are the challenger, I request that you sign the contract first.]

[Triple H looks at Batista with a snarl, and flips through the pages. He finds the dotted line, and signs his name. He then hands the contract back to Bishoff.]

Bischoff: "Batista, the current Heavyweight Champion of the World. Do you accept this challenge?"

[batista snatches the contract from Bischoff, and slowly signs it. He then shoves it back to the GM.]

Bischoff: "Now then, I must-"

[bischoff is cut off, as the two men stand, nose-to-nose. They begin shouting at eachother, and Ric Flair slowly sneaks up behind Batista. He drops to his knees, and (you guessed it) delievers a low-blow to the big-man. Batista's eyes widen, and he slumps onto the ground. Triple H grins, and walks slowly to the outside, peaking under the ring for his favorite weapon. Ric Flair gets in Batista's face, and begins laughing, but Batista jumps up and grabs him by the neck! He knees Flair in the gut...and puts him through the table with a Batista Bomb! Triple H looks up suddenly, and sees Batista standing, laughing! "The Game" turns and quickly runs up the ramp, as Batista pulls a cup out from his pants! He laughs, and tosses it aside and points to his head, as if saying "I'm smarter than that, dumbass." The show ends with an image of the two staring eachother down.]


JR: "Bah gawd! Batista....Batista just out-smarted the game! He came prepared King!"

King: "Well, Batista's smarter than I thought JR!"

JR: "Well that's all for tonight folks...be sure to tune in next week as the road to Vengeance continues!"


Quick Results:

Booker talks Vengeance w/Steph & Bischoff (84%)

Heidenreich def. Steven Richards (65%)

Heidenreich/Snitsky become a team (56%)

Highlight Reel w/Edge & Angle (83%)

Muhammad Hassan def. William Regal (72%)

Benoit Alligns with Booker (76%)

Rosey def. Sylvain Grenier (68%)

Victoria & Christy Cat-Fight (68%)

Haas Challenges Flair (76%)

Ric Flair def. Charlie Haas (77%)

Batista/HHH Contract Signing (87%)

Overall Show Rating: 74%

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IPB Image

WWE Smackdown! Results for June 9th

Taped from Kansas City, Missouri (7,516 in Attendance)

[Before the Smackdown! video began, the camera is shown backstage where we see Christian, Kane, Val Venis, Simon Dean, Tajiri, Eugene, and Garrison Cade walking through the garage. They suddenly stop and the camera pans to what they are looking at. Standing in front of the door that leads to the actual arena is JBL and his cabinet, Eddie Guerrero, Carlito Caribbean Cool, and Rene Dupree.]

JBL-Look what the dog dragged in! A big pile of trash. You guys may think that you are actual Smackdown! superstars now, but you're not. You're just a bunch of RAW Rejects! Except for one of you. Last week one of you stood up against RAW and spoke the truth about it. Christian...On behalf of the Smackdown! roster...Welcome to the better brand.

[JBL extends his hand and Christian shakes it. Just as he walks past the group of Smackdown! wrestlers towards the door, he stops and turns toward JBL.]

CHRISTIAN-Captain Charisma doesn't need your welcome or your compliments because by the end of the day JBL, you will still be a weak little Acolyte still hiding behind others.

[Christian procedes to walk through the door as JBL looks steamed. He quickly smiles again and looks at Kane.]

JBL-What does he know? He's just another RAW Reject! But the most pathetic of the bunch is you Kane. What happened to you? You used to be a monster! And now you're a bitch! You're weak! You let people like Edge beat the living crap out of you and you don't even have any edge any more. And by the end of the month...I'm going to make you my bitch!

[Kane grabs JBL by the throat with both hands and lifts him against the wall.]

JBL-Go ahead! Do it! Ah! Because once you do you'll be suspended!

[Kane keeps JBL against the wall for a minute and finally drops him to his feet. He walks past the group with his head down.]

JBL-Just like I thought. The rest of you get out of my sight. You sicken me you suck so much!



[After the rest walk past the Smackdown! group, the Smackdown! music plays to a new video. Once it is over the camera cuts to the stage where a brilliant display of pyros go off. The camera pans the audience for a few moments before finally landing on Tazz and Michael Cole at the announcers table.]

COLE-Welcome to WWE Smackdown! Tonight is the fallout of the Draft Lottery for the Smackdown! side of things, and what a fallout it shall be!

TAZZ-Yeah Cole. Tonight two former RAW stars Eugene and Tajiri will team up to take on MNM for the WWE Tag Team titles.

COLE-And in the main event we'll see Carlito Caribbean Cool face John Cena in a non-title match. A win over the WWE Champion will surely boost Carlito up the ranks.

[-It's The Macmilitant- plays throughout the arena and Theodore Long makes his way out. He does his little "Playa" walk down the aisle and climbs into the ring. He walks over to Chimel and grabs a mic from him.]

LONG-Settle down playa's and lemme holla at 'cha! Last week Smackdown! lost some important stars but we gained even betta ones. And tonight you will get to see some of those playas in action cause I'm gonna be adding two more matches to tonight's card and those two matches will include RAW stars that we have acquired! And-

[Long is cut off as Shane McMahon's music begins playing. McMahon walks out onto the stage with a mic in his hand.]

SHANE-You know, Teddy, ever since you have been the GM of Smackdown! you really haven't impressed me. I was more impressed when you were a referee. And that is why it hurts me to say that after tonight...YOU'RE FIRED AS GENERAL MANAGER! And don't worry, next week a new General Manager will be named and you will still be on the Smackdown! brand. But for now, enjoy your last night as General Manager!

[Shane walks to the back to a mixed and confused reaction from the crowd as Theodore Long stands shocked in the ring.[

COLE-Theodore Long fired?!? What is Shane thinking? Mr. Long was doing a great job as GM!

TAZZ-Well Cole, apparently he wasn't 'cause if he was, he wouldn't have been fired.



COMMERCIAL BREAK-We are shown clips from Morgan's match on last week's Velocity.


Normal Singles Match

Matt Morgan [vs] Luther Reigns

[An okay match from two big men. Reigns began his singles career on Smackdown! after losing his partner Jindrak to RAW so he was a little rusty. Reigns got in some good shots, but Morgan over powered him and hit the M5 for the pinfall victory in a relatively short bout. Nothing much other than to establish Morgan as a monster even more, aka something the crowd wasn't too interested in.]

COLE-And it looks like Luther Reigns needs to get in the groove of things now that he doesn't have Mark Jindrak interfering and helping him win.

TAZZ-That plus Matt Morgan is one hell of a monsta'.



[The camera cuts backstage and we see The Undertaker in a dark room. He just stands there, staring at the ground. A door suddenly opens and a ray of light leaks into the room.]

KANE-Taker...I know that we aren't the best brothers...but it is good to see you a-

UNDERTAKER-Kane...A time ago...I would have said the same thing...And a time ago...I would never agree...with someone like JBL...But you have changed...And not for the better...You have become weak, Kane...And the weaker you get...The more embarassed I get...knowing you are my flesh and blood!...Where has the Kane that would show no mercy gone...Where has the Kane who had no feelings or emotions gone...I have imagined...You and I coexisting and once again becoming an unstoppable force...But you are pathetic now...Just prey that God may have mercy upon your soul...because the Lord of Darkness will not...and shall not...

[Kane shut the door of the room and a camera was now on the outside of the room, showing him. He stared blankly at the door and then slammed it with his fists.]

TAZZ-What the...?

COLE-The Undertaker...just abandoned his own brother!





Normal Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

MNM [vs] Eugene and Tajiri

[Good match. Tajiri and Eugene were given the upperhand at first to give them some establishment as Smackdown! superstars, but MNM got in control after a while. One of the best parts was when Melina was on the apron and Tajiri nailed her with the Poison Mist. Of course Nitro and Mercury didn't take too kindly to this and they began a double team on the Japanese Buzzsaw. Eugene tried intervening but was taken out. MNM continued their assault until -Drop The Bombshells- blasted through the arena and the crowd went wild as The Dudley Boyz returned to Smackdown!. They slid into the ring and began brawling with MNM. First they delivered a 3D to Mercury and then they let Eugene take Bubba's spot on the 3D to Nitro. Eugene began going crazy being in the same ring as Bubba and D-Von.]

COLE-The Dudleyz! The Dudleyz have returned to Smackdown!!

TAZZ-I'm as surprised as you are, Cole! It's good to have some ECW blood back in a Smackdown! ring!



[We now go to Theodore Long's office in the back. The camera spots a box full of Long's stuff like his posters and desk items. He puts several bottles of Playa-Ade in the box when Val Venis walks in.]

VENIS-You wanted to see me, Mr...heh heh, Long?

LONG-Yeah, playa. Since tonight is my final night as GM on Smackdown!, one of my last actions is booking you in a match against-

JBL-[bursting in with The Cabinet] Hah hah! Did you see Kane's reaction when...What the hell is this RAW Reject doing here, Teddy?

LONG-Listen playa! Keep your damn mouth shut! They ain't rejects! They are the finest RAW superstars and we are lucky to have them! One more comment and you will be in the unemployment line, ya feel me?

JBL-Teddy, I wouldn't be making comments like that. Because after tonight, you will be on the bottom rung where you belong. Now what the hell did you want?

LONG-What do I want? I'll tell ya what I want. I want this true playa to face Orlando next in a non-title match.

JBL-That's all? Hah! Fine. It'll be a piece of cake.

LONG-With you and The Bashams banned from ringside.

[JBL and Jordan's smile vanishes as they leave the room.]



COMMERCIAL BREAK-As we come back, we are shown what happened before the break.


Normal Singles Non-Title Match

Orlando Jordan [vs] Val Venis

[Another good match. The best singles match of the night so far, in fact. Jordan thought this would be a stroll through the park, but Venis really put him through a challenge. Two men in identical masks and costumes ran out and tried interfering (wonder who they could be) but Venis took them out with ease. Jordan almost had the match won with the distraction, but Venis took him out with a pinning fisherman suplex for the win.]

TAZZ-Woah! Val Venis just beat our U.S. Champion!

COLE-What an achievment on your first night as a Smackdown! superstar!



[We once again cut to Theodore Long's office. This time he has his box of belongings and is about to leave the office but Garrison Cade walks right in.]

CADE-Teddy, what is this? Eugene and Tajiri get a match on their first night here but Garrison Cade doesn't? No wonder you were fired!

LONG-[Putting his stuff on his desk] Listen to me playa! I am not in the mood! You want a match? Go to the ring then because yours will be up next!

[Cade smiles and leaves the room. After he does Long grabs a bottle from his box and begins drinking it. After he is done he tosses it on the floor, grabs his box and exits the room. The camera zooms in on the bottle-Hater-Ade!]





Normal Singles Match

Garrison Cade [vs] ?

[Cade was all ticklish inside because he got a match his first night on Smackdown!, but he was about to wet himself when he heard -Weeelllll....Well It's The Big Show!- and the pyros explode. Naturally Big Show dominated the match. The only time he wasn't destroying Cade was when his music began playing again and Matt Morgan came out wearing a "Big Show" costume. Cade tried attacking Show from behind, but paid for it after getting Chokeslammed and pinned. After the bell rang Morgan ran and slid into the ring, but he too suffered the fate of a Chokeslam.]

COLE-And Morgan once again tries attacking The Big Show from behind!

TAZZ-Technically Cole it wasn't from behind. Show saw Morgan coming.

COLE-That may be true, but that doesn't mean he should be out here in the first place. Ladies and gentleman, stay tuned because our main event is coming up next!





Normal Singles Non-Title Match

John Cena [vs] Carlito Caribbean Cool

[Before the match began, Cena got on the mic to lay down a rap.]

CENA-Yo, yo, yo, yo! The Champ is in the house! Last week I got jumped by a CLB, after he attacked he went and fleed. Tonight I been watching my back, cause I ain't getting beat by some lame hack. But now I have to face Carlito Cool, he acts all cocky but he's still a tool. Yo man the 'fro is like Christian, It was never in. Now before I stop that CLB better hope he has some luck, Because I'll do anything to take him out and I don't give a-

[Although this match has been seen on Smackdown! before, it was still an extremely good match. Carlito did very well in the main event and the crowd responded well to him. He had Cena down for a moment and he grabbed an apple from his jacket he had on the turnbuckle. As he took a bite of it and turned around, Cena was already back to his feet smiling. Cena then kicked Carlito in the gut and lifted him up for the F-U. As Cena kicked him, Christian came out from underneath the ring and grabbed the ref by the foot, tripping him enough to keep him from seeing the interferance but not too hard. He then slid into the ring and kicked Cena in the gut and delivered an Unprettier on him. He quickly slid out of the ring as Carlito covered Cena for the 3 count.]

COLE-Christian was under the ring the entire night?

TAZZ-He must have been, Cole, because I didn't see him go under there at any other time.

COLE-My God! He will do anything to cost Cena a match won't he?

TAZZ-So far, Cole. So far. Folks, that's all that we have for tonight, so make sure you tune into Smackdown! next week and RAW if you want some help getting to sleep!



Quick Results

Matt Morgan def. Luther Reigns

MNM def. Eugene and Tajiri

Val Venis def. Orlando Jordan

Big Show def. Garrison Cade

Carlito Caribbean Cool def. John Cena

Overall Smackdown! Rating-72%


OCC-Sorry that you had to bare witness to that utter crap rap from Cena.

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Velocity Results

June 11, 2005

Simon Dean def. Frankie Kazarian in a dark match

Val Venis def. Spike Dudley via Pinfall with the Money Shot

Christian was interviewed backstage. He basically ragged on JBL and Cena. He also said that just because he helped Carlito three days ago doesn't mean he is his friend. He finished up by saying The Peep Show would debut on Smackdown! next week.

Eugene def. Akio via Submission with the Crossface

Matt Morgan was interviewed backstage. He talked about how Big Show thinks he is so big and that Matt Morgan is the current big thing in the WWE.

Doug Basham def. Scotty 2 Hotty via Pinfall


Dont worry, the Velocity shows wont always be like this. The only reason it was because at the time I first posted it on other boards I really didnt have time and wanted to give Thatz the files back ASAP.

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Sunday Night HeAT Results


Viscera def. Stevie Richards in the opening match, after pinning him with a big splash. Nothing special about this one.

A video was shown recapping the Highlight Reel segment that included Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge.

Mark Jindrak def. Tyson Tomko in his RAW debut after hitting the Mark of Excellence. Generic big-man match. It'll be interesting to see Tomko without Christian.

Maven gave an interview from the back, hyping his match against The Hurricane later tonight.

Chris Masters came out from the back, and did his "Master Lock Challenge" to some decent heat. He put $2000 on the line, but the local jobber couldn't escape.

A video hyped the tag match for tomorrow night with Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho taking on the team of Muhammad Hassan and Diavari.

The final video recap of the night showed the contract signing between Triple H and Batista.

The Hurricane def. Maven via pinfall after hitting him with his sick Shining Wizard variation. Match of the Night, though that's not exactly saying much.


If anybody has a problem with me posting like, show after show, then I am sorry. I just wanted to get all the shows and stuff posted up so when this diary continues we would be at the same place for every board, ya know?

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WWE RAW Results


IPB Image

[The pyros explode as RAW comes across LIVE to your room! Fans are on their feet, waiting to see their favorite superstars. After panning across the arena, the camera focuses in on the the announcers.]

JR: "Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I'm Jim Ross, sitting next to Jerry "The King" Lawler."

King: "Thanks for the intro, JR. We've got a big night tonight, just like always."

JR: "You'll be sure to see the action and superstars that are exclusive to RAW!"

King: "You better get ready folks...we've got our first match already!"


Winners Get Title Shots:

Monsters Inc. vs The Hearthrobs

This wasn't a very good, or a very long match...yet it was strangely entertaining. The Hearthrobs are pretty funny, and they danced around the ring for a bit, as Heidenreich watched them and laughed. He pointed to them, and said "they're funny Gene!", but Snitsky just frowned and told Heidenreich to get on with the match. From then on, it was a squash. Heidenreich just picked up the Heathrobs, and tossed them around the ring. Romeo tried to distract Heidenreich by dancing, but Heidenreich tagged in Snitsky. There wasn't even a chance for the Hearthrobs after that. Snitsky eventually tossed Antonio into the ropes, and hit a Big Boot for the pinfall. Heidenreich danced in the ring a bit after the match, until Snitsky made him go to the back, and we cut to a break.


Friends and Enemies

[Chris Benoit and Booker T. are walking together backstage. Benoit is dressed as always, but Booker is carrying his bags and wearing street clothes, as though he just arrived at the arena.]

Booker: "Thirteen days man....just thirteen days before we get our hands on those motha-"

[booker T. is suddenly cut off, as Edge and Kurt Angle attack Benoit & Booker from behind! Angle throws Benoit to the ground, and Edge throws Booker into the wall! Security quickly runs over, and pulls the two men off of their enemies.]

Edge: "Thirteen days 'till you get your hands on us, eh, Booker? How about more like thirteen days before WE kick YOUR ***!"

[booker T. begins to stir, but suddenly, Eric Bischoff runs out onto the scene.]

Bischoff: "Hey now! Cut this crap! You guys wanna fight? You wanna fight, Edge? Well good, because tonight, in the main event, it's going to be Edge...taking on Booker T!"

[Edge settles down, and it takes less effort by the security to restrain him. He smiles, and nods his head.]


Singles Match:

Sylvain Grenier vs Charlie Haas

Pretty decent match from these two, though Haas carried most of the weight. Haas looked really determined here, and his moves were crisp. He took Grenier down to the mat for quite a while, and completely dominated him, locking him in various submission holds. At one point in the match, Haas locked in the Figure Four, which got a pop from the crowd. Grenier managed to get to the ropes, though. Grenier caught Haas with a DDT at one point, but while he was taunting, Rob Conway appeared on the ramp. Grenier was distracted, and when he turned around, Haas nailed a fisherman's suplex and managed to get the fall. After the match, Conway still stood on the entrance ramp.


Challenging Vengeance

[Rob Conway has a microphone, as as Grenier stands, he begins to speak.]

Conway: "Sylvain, Sylvain, Sylvain....what is going on with you? Three straight losses? You're a multiple time World Tag Team Champion! We can't have this garbage! I hate to say it Sylvain...but you suck!"

[Grenier stands in the ring, looking confused, and a little angry.]

Conway: "In case you haven't realized it yet, you stupid little bastard, La Resistance is over! I'm finished with this tag team garbage. I want to win on my own! And most importantly, I want to lose on my own! I'm sick of losing matches because my partner can't hold up their own damn weight! [crowd boos.] So Sylvain...tonight I come out here, with a challenge. I challenge you to a match at Vengeance! [moderate pop.] Now, now, don't worry, Sylvain. I'm not going to make you make that kind of decision right now. [Conway pauses.] But next week...you better have an answer. Because I, and all of these fans, need to see who the superior member of La Resistance has always been!"

[Conway tosses the microphone on to the ramp, and struts off. Grenier doesn't seem to know what to do.]


Don't Worry...Be Happy

[Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin are shown backstage. They're walking towards the ring for their match.]

Jericho: "You look a little nervous Shelton, what's goin' on?"

Benjamin: [shakes head.] "I dunno man, nothin' I guess."

Jericho: "Well, you look a little nervous. Don't worry about it though man, I got your back."

[benjamin looks as though he doesn't believe Jericho, but eventually he smiles weakly.]


Tag Team Match:

Shelton Benjamin/Chris Jericho vs Hassan & Daivari

This was a very fun, entertaining match that showcased a lot of different talent. Benjamin and Jericho don't usually team together, but they seemed to have a good amount of chemistry. If they weren't so over, they would easily be dominating the tag ranks together. Hassan and Daivari held up their own weight in here, and with such talented individuals around him, Hassan put on a good show. Daivari and Benjamin put on a great segment in which they used their speed to their advantage. A lot of the fans didn't know how talented Daivari was. At the end of the match, Benjamin was holding Hassan for Jericho. Jericho went up top, and came off with a dropkick. Hassan ducked at the last minute, and Jericho drilled Benjamin in the face! Hassan quickly covered, and managed to escape with the win. He and Daivari ran up the ramp to celebrate, as Jericho and Benjamin argued with eachother.


The Game Doesn't Like Being Played

["Start...Game" flashes on the screen, and Triple H's theme by Motorhead begins to play. After a bit, Triple H himself walks out, accompanied by Ric Flair. He does his signature entrance, gets in the ring, and grabs a microphone.]

Triple H: "Dave Batista. [huge pop.] Ya know Dave, last week...you suprised me. You aren't as stupid as I thought. You aren't just a mindless animal. You've got some brains, Dave. [pause.] But you aren't that smart. Have you ever heard of my nickname, Dave? The cerebral assassin. I destroy my opponents before they even step foot in the ring! And Dave, you're no different. There are guys back there that are absolutely terrified of you. They don't want to step in the ring with you! They're scared of the animal! But Dave...there are guys who are just as terrified of me. And you're one of them. [tons of boos.] Batista, in thirteen days we step foot in the Hell In A Cell. In thirteen days, you're gonna bleed. In thirteen days, you will be pinned, 1...2....3....in the center of that ring. Dave...in thirteen days, I become an eleven-time World. Heavyweight. Champion!"

[All of the sudden, Batista's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring to HUGE cheers! He gets in the ring, grabs a microphone, and looks at Triple H. He smiles...then laughs. Ric Flair gets right in his face.]

Flair: "What the hell are you laughin' at, boy? You think all this is funny? You think that this is all a big joke? You think-"

[Flair is cut off, as Batista grabs his throat. He pushes Flair backwards.]

Batista: "Shut it, Ric. [huge pop.] You wanna know what I think is funny? I think it's funny that every week, you and Hunter come out here, and say the same damn thing. You talk about how you're going to beat me, and how I should be afraid. You think I'm afraid? 'Cause I'm not. If I recall correctly, we've met twice, Hunter. And both times, I've come out on top. Now, I may not be the most logical guy in the world but...shouldn't you be the one scared?"

[Triple H drops his microphone, and tosses off his coat. He comes face-to-face with Batista. The two stare eachother down, and shout fighting words. The camera shows Ric Flair reaching into his pocket though, and putting on a pair of brass knuckles. He taps Batista on the shoulder, and drills him between the eyes! Batista goes down, and Triple H and Flair begin pounding on him!]

Flair: "Who's laughin' now? Who's laughin' now? WOOOOOOO!"

[Triple H picks up Batista in the Pedigree position, but suddenly the music of Charlie Haas plays! He runs out with a chair! He enters the ring, and clocks Ric Flair in the head! Flair goes down, and rolls out of the ring! Triple H flees as well, and helps a staggering Ric Flair up the entrance ramp as Haas helps up Batista.]



[When we return from a commercial, we see Muhammad Hassan, Chris Jericho, and Shelton Benjamin in Eric Bischoff's office. They're all yelling at one another.]

Bischoff: "Would you all just please quiet down? [nobody stops.] Listen, shut the hell up, or I'm not going to give any of you what you want! [silence.] Alright now...let's start with you, Muhammad. What do YOU want?"

Hassan: "Mr. Bischoff, you saw what happened out there! You saw me pin the Intercontinental Champion, 1...2...3! I'm undefeated here on RAW! I should be getting World Title shots! But since NOBODY seems to acknowledge my existance, I will settle for the Intercontinental Title. Mr. Bischoff, I'm asking, no...I'm demanding a match for the Intercontinental Title at Vengeance!"

[There is silence, as Bischoff considers the request. However, violence soon breaks up, as Jericho and Benjamin begin shouting at eachother!]

Jericho: "What the hell are you talking about, assclown? You, and all of the Jerichoholics out there saw that when Y2J sprung off that top rope, he was aiming for this little bastard right here!" [Jericho points to Hassan.]

Benjamin: "I don't know happened, Jericho. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was your boot hitting me in the face!"

Bischoff: "Hey, hey! Be quiet! You know, I think I've got a way to settle all of your problems. Because in thirteen days, LIVE on Pay Per View, it's going to be Shelton Benjamin defending his Intercontinental Title against Muhammad Hassan....AND Chris Jericho!"

[Hassan smirks, and Jericho and Benjamin look at eachother, then go their seperate ways. The camera then shows Eric Bischoff sitting in his chair, laughing softly to himself. Suddenly, Ric Flair bursts into the room!]

Flair: "Did you see what that punk did to me? Did ya? Did you see Chucky hit me with that chair! You don't do that to a legend! You don't do that to Ric Flair!"

Bischoff: "It's Charlie, Ric. Charlie."

Flair: "I don't give a damn who he is! I don't give a damn! All I know is that if he wants to challenge the Nature Boy two weeks in a row, then he's a damn fool! I want his ***...at Vengeance!"

Bischoff: "Charlie Haas versus Ric Flair...rookie versus legend. Sounds good, Ric. You've got yourself a match.]

[Flair smiles, his face still red, and walks out the door.]


Singles Match:

Booker T. vs Edge

Very nice match from these two men to close the show with. The crowd was into it, and they should've been. Booker T. and Edge both wrestled a solid, varied match, hitting all of their signature spots in its duration. In the final minutes of the match, Booker T. kicked Edge in the gut, and went for the Scissors Kick. Edge dodged it though, and hit the Edgeocution on an unstable Booker T! He covered, but Booker managed to kick out. Edge rose in frustration, and backed into the corner. When Booker rose he went for the Spear, but Booked dodged, and caught Edge with the Scissors Kick! He was never able to get the cover, however, as Kurt Angle ran in, and grabbed his ankle, slapping on the Ankle Lock. The referee rang the bell, and Booker T. won by DQ. It didn't take long for Chris Benoit to run out, and he began brawling with Angle! The show ended with Benoit clotheslining Angle over the top, and checking on an unconcious Booker T.


Quick Results:

Monsters Inc. def. the Heathrobs via pinfall. (55%)

Angle w/ Booker, Benoit, Angle, Edge (82%)

Angle w/ Bischoff, Booker, Edge (88%)

Charlie Haas def. Sylvain Grenier via pinfall. (70%)

Angle w/ Conway, Grenier (74%)

Angle w/ Jericho, Benjamin (81%)

Hassan/Daivari def. Benjamin/Jericho via pinfall. (74%)

Interview w/ Triple H, Flair (88%)

Angle w/ Batista, Haas, Triple H, Flair (79%)

Angle w/ Bischoff, Jericho, Hassan, Benjamin, Flair (83%)

Booker T. def. Edge via DQ. (82%)

Overall Rating: 78%

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IPB Image

WWE Smackdown! Results for June 16th

Taped from Hershey, Pennsylvania (7,544 in Attendance)

[Instead of the Smackdown! video and music opening up the show, we are taken directly to the ring where the ring is set up for the Smackdown! debut of The Peep Show. Right away Christian's music begins playing and Captain Charisma himself walks out to the ring to a mixed reaction, mostly boo's though. He slides into the ring and grabs a mic from one of the chairs that are in the ring.]

CHRISTIAN-Welcome to Captain Charisma's Smackdown!! Tonight is a truely special night. Not just because I am in the main event, but because The Peep Show makes its Smackdown! debut with the NEW Smackdown! General Manager as the guest! I have no idea who the hell the new GM is so let's find out...

[Christian looks over to the stage as does the crowd. Several seconds pass by as everyone in the arena is waiting in anticipation. All of a sudden a car crash blares over the PA system and the crowd goes nuts as Mick Foley walks out in a suit. He walks down the ramp with his hand in the air and he rolls into the ring, hand still in the air. He grabs the other mic from a chair and waits as the crowd quiets down.]

FOLEY-It's been a long, long time since I have been here on Smackdown! and it feels great to be back on it and it feels even greater to be here in Her-shey, Penn-syl-vania [cheap pop]! Before I make any decisions as the GM of Smackdown!, I want to say I am sorry that Mr. Theodore Long was fired but he is still a part of the Smackdown! roster and I want him to know that he will be given a very special job. Not Co-GM. That spot is already taken by one of my best friends.

[The fans begin chanting "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"]

FOLEY-No it isn't The Rock. It is someone even better!

[Foley puts his mic down on the chair and reaches down his pants. He rummages around a few seconds and then pulls out a Mr. Socko that is dressed in a suit.]

FOLEY-You all remember Mr. Socko! He is glad to be the Co-GM because he doesn't have to be in my pants all day!

CHRISTIAN-Excuse me, don't forget whose show this is MICK!

FOLEY-Come on, Christian. Have you forgotten the good times we had? You remember the sodas right? I remember you saying sodas rule! And don't forget about me making you famous with the TLC match-

CHRISTIAN-If you haven't noticed Mick. That was back when I was nothing but a sidekick to my stupid, cheating brother Edge! I am now a solo wrestler! Now I am Captain Charisma! You didn't make me what I am today. I did with the help of all my peeps!

[The fans begin booing Christian as he points at the crowd in his cocky way. All of a sudden Carlito's music begins playing and he walks out in his little Hawaiin-ish shirt and with an apple in his hand. He walks down the ramp, slides into the ring and grabs the mic from Mick.]

CARLITO-Hey man. I don't know who you think you are...but you are nothing to me. Just because you were named the new Smackdown! General Manager doesn't mean you are...cool. I am cool. And Christian...Last week you were cool...but now...you're not. You are the reason Carlito's Cabana has been put on the shelf. And just because we are tagging later...doesn't mean I will have your back...so watch it...But the other reason I am out here is for you, the man who pulls socks out of his pants...If I remember...you let Randy Orton spit in your face and you did nothing...That was cool...and so is this.

[Carlito drops the mic and takes a big bite of his apple. He begins chewing it and right as he is about to spit it Foley begins punching him in the face. Carlito spins and Christian punches Carlito. Foley and Christian continue doing this until Carlito falls to the mat. Foley does his 'Bang Bang!' taunt and leaves the ring.]

COLE-Mick Foley is our new General Manager?!?

TAZZ-Looks like it, Cole. How can RAW's GM Eric Bischoff compete with the Hardcore Legend himself?

COLE-They can't Tazz, and that is why Smackdown! is the better brand!



[The camera quickly cuts to the backstage area where we see Kane entering a locker room. He stares at everyone in it and they run out of it, leaving Kane alone. He walks over to a locker and opens it. As he does he stares into it. He reaches in and pulls something out-his old mask! We hear the door being slammed shut and the camera pans over to see The Undertaker.]

UNDERTAKER-That is when you were a monster Kane...That is when you were truely a monster....You may have buried me alive without it...But we both know that it is the reason you didn't care about anyone but yourself....We both know that is the reason why you had so much hatred and anger inside of you...That is why you wanted to put me to rest...Once you lost your mask...You slowly became what stands before me today...And Kane...Don't think I won't send you through the flames of hell again...To get you back...

[The camera cuts back to Kane. We see him gripping his old mask even tighter as the camera cuts to a commercial.]





Normal Singles Match

Spike Dudley [vs] Eugene Dinsmore

[Good match. Spike started getting upset when Eugene kept fooling around by pretending to be an airplane and shaping himself into a ball and rolling around the ring. Spike started to get more violent because of this and Eugene began crying. Spike hit Eugene in the head with a hard looking kick and Eugene grabbed his head and began screaming. The ref checked on Eugene and got on a knee to check if he was alright. Eugene stopped screaming and lifted his head up, revealing a smile. He grabbed the ref and threw him to the mat. He slid out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair and slid back in. Spike began getting worried as Eugene walked over to him. Eugene lifted the steel chair but got kicked in the gut. The ref lifted his hand and called for the bell. Spike began celebrating and left himself open for a chairshot from Eugene. After Eugene nailed Spike in the head with the chair he dropped it and began screaming again. Once he stopped he saw the ref on the mat and he walked over and tried helping him up.]

COLE-What happened with Eugene? Why did he get himself disqaulified?

TAZZ-I dunno, Cole. Maybe he is getting less happy-go-lucky.





[We come back from the break and we see The Dudley Boyz talking to eachother backstage as the crowd goes wild.]

SPIKE-Hey losers! What are you doing here? You have been gone for months and you just come back? And you come back like that red retard Kane-weak! You let the fans control you while I do things for myself. And in case you forgot, I am what a winner looks like!

BUBBA-[laughing]Spike! Are you serious? If you are a winnah then we will go out there and get our asses handed to us by someone with a mental disability too!

D-VON-Don't get us wrong, brothah. We think Eugene is a great wrestler. But he isn't right in tha head! When you beat someone like John Cena, give us a call!

SPIKE-Screw both of you! I never needed you and I don't need you now!

BUBBA-You never needed us? I recall a small Dudley being the Cruiserweight champ ONLY when he was with his brothahs!

D-VON-Testify my brothah! Spike! If you want to talk smack to us, wait until we win our match next!

[Bubba and D-Von walk away, leaving Spike fuming.]



Normal Tag Match

The Dudley Boyz [vs] Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman

[MNM came out and sat down at commentary to watch the match, and The Dudleyz dominated their return match. But who wouldn't against two cruiserweights? Chavo and Billy got in SOME good moves, but The Dudleyz pretty much kept them at bay the rest of the match. They eventually won with the 3D on Chavo. After the match MNM were leaving but Melina went back and got onto the apron and argued with Bubba and D-Von. They dragged her into the ring over the top rope and grabbed her by the hair. MNM came running back as D-Von whipped Melina into the ropes for a 3D. They weren't successful though because MNM slid into the ring and began beating down on The Dudleyz.[

COLE-And The Dudleyz win their first match since returning to Smackdown!

TAZZ-That doesn't matter though, Cole, 'cause they are gettin' beaten down!



COMMERCIAL BREAK-We are shown clips from Luther Reigns losing to Matt Morgan last week.


1-on-2 Handicapped Match

The Basham Brothers [vs] Luther Reigns

[A match most people thought would leave Reigns in trouble, but that wasn't the case tonight. Although The Bashams put Reigns to the test, Reigns really laid a beating on them. The really bad part for Reigns was when he was on the middle rope and went for a fist drop, but Danny moved and Reigns' fist drove into the mat in a way that looked like it wasn't booked to go like that. Reigns tried keeping that hand out of the match as much as possible and he even won with only one good hand after he hit the Reigns' Ride on Danny.]

COLE-That fist drop must have hurt!

TAZZ-Well Cole. He DID keep that hand out the rest of the match so I'm guessing yeah.



[A video is shown on the TitanTron replaying The Peep Show from earlier in the night. After the video ends we cut to the back where we see The Bashams walking up to JBL and Jordan.]

JBL-What was that? You two had an advantage on Luther Reigns and you blow the match! What the hell am I paying for your services for? Orlando. You better pray that you don't lose to that RAW Reject out there! Because if you do you can say goodbye to The Cabinet AND that United States title!

ORLANDO-Don't worry about me Mr. Layfield. Unlike these two, you can count on me.

[Orlando walks off for his match and JBL continues talking to The Bashams until he looks over to his right and starts laughing.]

JBL-Well look at what the cat dragged in! It's my soon-to-be-bitch! Kane. Honestly, how does it feel knowing that your own brother wants to throw you over a bridge rather than be related to you?

[Kane looks at JBL and tightens his fist, but he just unclenches them and walks off. JBL continues laughing until The Undertaker walks up.]

UNDERTAKER-JBL...Kane may have lost his ways...But I haven't...If you want something to laugh at...then you can laugh when I beat you next week...

[Taker walks off as JBL now has a terrified look on his face.]



Normal Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship

Val Venis [vs] Orlando Jordan©

[Pretty much the same match as last week with a few better moments in it. Jordan acted too cocky, though, which almost resulted in Venis pinning him. Venis acted a little too cocky as well when he began flirting with a woman in the front row. Jordan got Venis from behind and sent him into the steel steps and then back into the ring. Jordan eventually went and grabbed his U.S. title and brought it into the ring. As Venis was getting up and as Jordan was about to run at him, fire shot from the entrance ramp and Kane's music began playing. Kane walked out and Jordan looked like he just saw the devil. Kane slid into the ring and Jordan immediatly slid out and began walking away. Kane slid back out and followed Jordan up the ramp. Jordan made it behind the curtain and as Kane made it near the stage a lightning bolt shot down in front of him. He tried walking on the stage again but another lightning bolt shot down.]

COLE-What the heck?!?

TAZZ-Maybe Taker is trying to control his brothuh, Cole.



[We are taken to the back where we see Jordan walking with his title, looking back to see if Kane is coming. Jordan walks near a corridor and JBL turns the corner with his fist clenched, ready for a fight.]

JBL-What...Where the hell is Kane?

JORDAN-I don't know, Mr. Layfield. I saw him behind me as I went behind the curtain and then I heard lightning or something.

JBL-Damn it! How am I supposed to knock some sense into him and make him my bitch if I can't even get my hands on him!

FOLEY-[walking up to JBL]Well Bradshaw. If you really want to knock some sense into Kane, then I think I should book the very first match for The Great American Bash! In one month, it will be JBL, the wrestling "God", versus Kane, the Big Red Machine!

JBL-That's not fa-...fine. Book the match. I'll face Kane at The Bash. But I want you to book another match. Since I can't rely on The Bashams that much anymore, I want you to book The Bashams versus Luther Reigns and Matt Morgan. If The Bashams win then they stay in The Cabinet, but if they lose then whoever pins them takes their spot.

FOLEY-So what you're saying...is if Matt Morgan pin either Danny or Doug...then HE is in The Cabinet? And if Luther Reigns pins Danny or Doug...then HE is in? What makes you think either man wants to even BE in your Cabinet?

JBL-Who doesn't want to be? The only reason you aren't in it is because there is a weight limit of one ton!

FOLEY-JBL..That remark is going to cost you...Since next week you are facing The Undertaker, you can consider the rest of your Cabinet BANNED from ringside!

[Foley then walks away.]

DEAN-Mr. Layfield! Mr. Layfield!

JBL-What the hell do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?

DEAN-I'm sorry Mr. Layfield. But I have an offer for you. It seems you have everything in your Cabinet. You have a Chief of Staff and you even have bodyguards. What you don't have...is a fitness instructor! And I am offering my services to you-

JBL-A fitness instructor? Are you saying that I am out of shape? Or that the rest of The Cabinet is out of shape? I only pick the top guys here on Smackdown! to be a part of my Cabinet! I don't pick people with flabs of fat or people like Rey Mysterio! So you want to be a part of my Cabinet? Ha ha ha!

[JBL quickly begins attacking Simon Dean and sends him into the wall. He picks up Dean's bag and takes out a big container of powder. He opens it up and pours it all over Simon before he and Jordan walk away laughing.]



COMMERCIAL BREAK-Clips of last week's main event and tonights Peep Show are shown.


Normal Tag Match

John Cena & Rey Mysterio [vs] Christian & Carlito Caribbean Cool

[Christian and Carlito worked very well as a team and they even played out them disliking eachother thing as well. Cena and Mysterio didn't work as well as a team since Mysterio put out the more flashy moves and people tended to get bored after seeing them and then having to see Cena wrestle. The 4 C's had Cena down on the outside after Christian once again saved Carlito from an F-U and then threw Cena over the top rope. Christian and Carlito then began arguing with eachother over something and Mysterio got on the apron. Mysterio jumped onto the top rope and leaped to where Christian and Carlito were, looking for a body press or something, but Carlito and Christian shoved eachother, which saved both from the attack and Mysterio landed face first on the mat. Cena started getting on the apron but Carlito knocked him down, allowing Christian to pick Mysterio up, nail the Unprettier and pin him for the win.]

COLE-What team work from Christian and Carlito!

TAZZ-Yeah but Cole...They were arguing most of the time. How is that good team work?

COLE-When they weren't arguing Tazz..Anyways, that is all the time we have for tonight. So make sure you tune into WWE Velocity this Saturday at 11.



Quick Results

Spike Dudley def. Eugene Dinsmore

The Dudley Boyz def. Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman

Luther Reigns def. The Basham Brothers

Orlando Jordan vs Val Venis ended in a No Contest

Christian & Carlito Caribbean Cool def. John Cena & Rey Mysterio

Overall Smackdown! Rating-74%

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Velocity Results

June 18th, 2005

Matt Morgan def. Funaki by pinfall with the M5. A basic sqaush match. 65%

-A Smackdown! Rebound video aired showing highlights of The Peep Show. It showed Christian about to introduce the new GM of Smackdown! and it cut to clips of Cactus Jack. It then went back to Smackdown! where it showed Mick Foley making his way out to the ring. More clips began playing of Dude Love, Mankind, and Mick Foley when he was the WWF Commissioner.- 83%

Joey Matthews def. Paul London in a non-title match with the help of Nitro and Melina. An okay cruiserweight type match with the obvious interferance from Johnny Nitro and Melina Perez. 75%

Rene Dupree def. Tajiri via pinfall after delivering a Dupree Valley Driver to him. 71%

-Another Smackdown! Rebound video aired showing clips of the interaction between Kane and The Undertaker, and even JBL.- 74%

Eddie Guerrero def. Nunzio after nailing the Frog Splash. That has to hurt Guerrero, being put in the main event on Velocity. None the less, it was a good match with Guerrero kicking Nunzio in the groin when Nunzio was behind him, followed by the Three Amigos and the Frog Splash. 86%

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WWE Sunday Night HeAT Results


Lita def. Christy Hemme via pinfall with a DDT after Victoria interfered. Poor, poor match, but at least Christy is getting some experience in the ring. (58%)

A video was played, recapping the main event last week between Edge and Booker T., as well as the brawl aftewards. It ended with images flashing of Booker, Benoit, Edge, and Angle, and one word: Vengeance. (86%)

The Hurricane def. Tyson Tomko via pinfall in a fun match, which saw Hurricane using his speed to evade Tomko. Tomko looked pissed during the match, as he could barely catch Hurricane. Hurricane eventually won after ducking a Big Boot, and pulling Tomko down with a roll-up. (71%)

Maven def. Mark Jindrak via pinfall in a pretty solid match. Neither of these guys are terrible. Jindrak was beating on Maven for most of the match, but towards the end Maven pushed Jindrak into the referee, and hit Jindrak with a low-blow. He then covered and got a quick pin. (73%)

Victoria was backstage, where she gave an interview on Christy Hemme. She said that Christy is inexperienced, and doesn't know what she's getting herself into come Vengeance. (76%)

A video was played, recapping the Batista and Triple H feud. It ended with an image showing that Batista would be taking on Ric Flair in tomorrow night's main event! (83%)

Rob Conway def. Steven Richards in a good "main event." Conway hit all of his moves correctly, and Richards was decent, just as usual. Richards went for a superkick at the end of the match, but Conway ducked, kicked Richards in the gut, and hit him with a Fisherman's Suplex. He bridged, and the referee made the fall. (69%)

Overall Show Rating: 60%

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WWE RAW Results


IPB Image

[The pyros explode, and "Across the Nation" plays, as the fans stand and try to silence the music with their cheers. After scanning the audience briefly, the camera goes over to the announce booth, located to the left of the entrance ramp.]

JR: "Welcome to Monday Night RAW! This is Jim Ross speaking. Sitting next to me is my partner, Jerry 'The King' Lawler."

King: "Boy..what night do we have tonight! I dunno if you've heard already JR, but Batista is going to be taking on Ric Flair in the main event!"

JR: "I have heard, and I must say, I'm excited for that too King. But you've gotta wonder, will it really be a fair match?"

King: "Of course it'll be a fair match, JR! Wel...maybe. Infact, look at Batista, then look at Flair. They aren't exactly mirror images of eachother."

JR: "I was talking about Triple H, King! What if he decides to stick his nose into it!"

King: "That's not exactly hard JR...his nose isn't really tiny..."


Inter-Gender Six-Man Tag Match:

Justice League©/Christy Hemme vs Monsters Inc./Victoria

Not too bad of a match kick off RAW with, but not the best either. Lots of quick tags in this one, and a bunch of brawling. Christy and Victoria managed to get their hands on one-another near the end of the match, and they began pulling eachother's hair, and rolling around the ring. Nothing special, but it was a nice sight. The Hurricane and Heidenreich were in the ring towards the end, with Hurricane slipping around Heidenreich, and hitting him with a couple smooth dropkicks. He eventually got Heidenreich on the ground, and went for the Shining Wizard, but Heidenreich caught him, picked him up, and nailed a powerbomb for the victory.


The Dream Team

[Edge and Kurt Angle are in the back, with Todd Grisham. Grisham looks timid, as always.]

Grisham: "You guys er...you asked for an interview?"

[Angle grabs the microphone.]

Edge: "We didn't ask for an interview, Tim, we demanded it. [Todd starts to correct him, but Edge cuts him off.] In six days, Kurt Angle and I team up at Vengeance, to take on Booker T. and Chris Benoit. You see, Kurt and I...we aren't the best of friends. Hell, it was me who made him shave his head years ago! [Edge laughs.] But we've had some good times, and we've got a common interest. We both want the World Heavyweight Title. And Booker T. and Chris Benoit...they're in our way. You know Timmy, you might consider us to be a...a dream team. Isn't that right, honey?"

[The crowd laughs, thinking that Edge is referring to Angle. However, Lita appears, and starts making out with Edge.]

Angle: "Booker T! Chris Benoit! You two...you don't know what the hell you're getting yourselves into. You think that you actually have a chance of winning at Vengeace? You don't. I've beaten both of you in the past. Hell, I beat Booker T. for the WCW Title! And I've clashed with Benoit various times...and come out on top almost every time. But you guys don't have a chance. You're going up against an Olympic Gold Medalist! I won the Olympics with a broken freaken' neck! And you think I can't beat some...sucker, and some Canadian bitch? You guys don't have any intelligence. If you did, you wouldn't show up to Vengeance after you see what happens in our match up next."

[Angle walks away, but notices that Edge and Lita are still kissing. In a funny spot, he gets between them, then pulls Edge towards the ring.]


Tag Team Match:

Edge/Kurt Angle vs Steven Richards/Mark Jindrak

Although this was just a glorified squash match, it managed to stay rather interesting. Angle was facing off against his former protege, Mark Jindrak. He messed around with Jindrak for a while, then took him down to the mat, and dominated him. After a bit, Edge and Richards were tagged in. Richards tried his hardest, even managing to hit a superkick, but Edge kicked out. Edge planted Richards with the Edgeocution, and tagged in Angle. Angle slapped on the Ankle Lock. Jindrak tried to run in, but Edge planted him with a Spear, and Richards tapped out soon after. Angle kept the hold on though, and Booker T. and Chris Benoit ran in! After a short brawl, Edge and Angle retreated up the ramp, shouting at the two men.


The Question and the Answer

[La Resistance's music hits, and Slyvain Grenier makes his way out to the ring to a mixed reaction. He calls for a microphone.]

Grenier: "For over two years now, La Resistance has been synonomous with the World Tag Team Titles. I've won the titles myself various times, with both Rene Dupree and Rob Conway. But now it seems as though La Resistance is over. Rene is over on Smackdown!, and it looks as though Robert thinks he's gotten too good for me. [mixed reaction.] Well Rob, for the past couple weeks you've been beating on me, and generally making me feel like a piece of ****. Well I've got news for you, Rob. You were half of the tag team, and so was I. Without me, there would be no La Resistance! Without me, you wouldn't have held any tag titles! Sure, I've lost a few matches, but so have you! You're no better than me, Rob. [pause.] And at Vengeance, I'm going to prove it to you!"

[Grenier, and the cheers are cut off as some theme music hits. It's more of a rock-like song, but everybody knows that it's Rob Conway. He makes his way out...and is followed by Dawn Marie!]

Conway: "You accept my challenge then, Sylvain? [Grenier nods.] That's good, that's good. Sylvain, you'll be a good way for me to prove myself. Throughout history, famous tag teams have broken up. And one member of the team...one member, Sylvain, has gone on to achieve success. Look at Shawn Michaels, and the Rockers. He superkicked Marty Jannetty through the window, and look what happened! He's a multi-time WWE Champion! I'm going to achieve that kind of success, Sylvain. I've already started laying down the foundation. I mean, look at Dawn here! I've got myself a manager, Sylvain. What do you have? You've got ****!"

Grenier: "I've got more than enough to kick your ***, Conway!"

[Conway laughs, and motions towards the back. Maven walks out.]

Conway: "Let's see it then, Sylvain. Let's see you win a match...by yourself!"


Singles Match:

Sylvain Grenier vs Maven

Decent contest between these two young wrestlers. Grenier isn't too special on his own, but there's potential in him. He held his own here, in a fairly even match. Both he and Maven had a series of near-falls. Conway teased entering the ring (he watched from the ramp) but walked back when Grenier shouted at him. Maven almost won at that point, getting Grenier with a roll-up, but Grenier managed to kick out. After brawling around for a bit, Grenier tossed maven into the ropes, then caught him with a Butterfly Suplex! He pinned Maven, and got the win. After the match, Conway again teased going to the ring, but walked back with his arm around Dawn Marie.


The World's Greatest Reunion

[shelton Benjamin is shown backstage, sitting with a new t-shirt on, and holding his Intercontinental Title. His door opens, and in walks Charlie Haas!]

Haas: "Shelton Benjamin....Intercontinental Champion. Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?"

[benjamin laughs, and motions for Haas to pull up a chair.]

Benjamin: "Long time no see, man. I've been wondering when you'd stop by."

Haas: "Yeah, you've done pretty well over here, man. You're the longest-reigning champion in how long? A long time, I know that."

Benjamin: "You haven't been doin' too bad yourself, have you?"

Haas: "Meh...I've been doing alright. I had a reign with the tag belts again, but nothin' too special. I'm lookin' to make an impact here on RAW though, kinda how you did. You know, start over again."

Benjamin: "Yeah...I saw that. You've got a match with Ric Flair at Vengeance, right? I fought that ol' guy myself at my first Raw Pay Per View...you better be on your toes with that guy. They don't call him the dirtiest player in the game for nothin'."

Haas: "Thanks for the tip, man. I see you've got yourself in a tough spot too, no? A triple threat match against somebody who's undefeated and a former WWE Champion? [shelton nods.] Don't worry though, you should do fine. Besides, now that I'm here on RAW, maybe things could be like the old days? You know...I got your back, you got mine? Hell...maybe we could go back to teaming again. You could be a double champion!"

Benjamin: [laughs] "I wouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves, but...yeah. Yeah, I've got your back man. It's good to know that there's somebody around here that I can trust. That Jericho man, I dunno..."

[The camera zooms out, and the two continue talking as we go to a commercial.]


Vengeance, Justice, Glory

[Muhammad Hassan's music plays, and he comes out with Daivari. They enter the ring, and pose for a bit, then start speaking.]

Hassan: "This Sunday, live on pay per view, Vengeance shall be taken. When I step in the ring, with Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin, all these years of hatred shall be pushed aside for a moment....a moment of glory. This Sunday, when I pin Shelton Benjamin or Chris Jericho....1...2...3, justice shall make its prescence known. I, Muhammad Hassan, will become the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion. You people talk about Shelton Benjamin, and how long his title reign has been? I will surpass him. His reign will look like NOTHING compared to mine. When I become champion, I will make this title more important than any other title here on RAW! And it all starts here, when I destroy Chris Jericho!]

[Chris Jericho's music (and pyro) immediately hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He enters, and begins brawling with Hassan right away! The bell rings, and we've got ourself a match!]


Singles Match:

Chris Jericho vs Muhammad Hassan

Pretty good match, Hassan is improving each and every time he steps foot in the ring. Putting him in there with veterans like Jericho will only help him progress faster. This match wasn't that special, but it was solid. Hassan and Jericho didn't wrestle on the mat for too long, although they did for a little bit. They hit all of their signature spots. At the end of the match, Daivari was on the apron, distracting the ref. Shelton Benjamin ran down, and knocked him off. Jericho, Hassan, and the referee all looked at Benjamin, and Hassan dropped to a knee, hitting Jericho with a low-blow. He then hit his modified STO, and pinned Y2J with a three. After the match, Jericho looked at Benjamin, who just shrugged his shoulders and left.


The Elimination of a Threat

[Charile Haas is shown in the back, walking around. He is suddenly jumped from behind by noneother than Triple H! "The Game" begins pounding away on him, throwing him into a wall! He stomps on Haas, and then picks him up, and powerbombs him through a table! Shouts are heard, and medical staff come running towards the scene. Triple H backs away, smiling.]

Triple H: "You won't be running in to save him tonight, punk."

[Ric Flair walks up from behind Triple H, and the two laugh, heading towards the ring for the main event.]


Non-Title Singles Match:

Batista© vs Ric Flair

Although neither of these men are the greatest wrestler (anymore), they put on a good main event for the fans. What was lost in match-quality was made up in entertainment value, and the crowd loved each and every minute of it. Triple H suprisingly didn't get involved for most of the match, letting Batista and Flair go at it. Flair tried to use his wits to outsmart Batista, but Batista didn't fall for it, and pounded away on the legend. He whipped Flair into the ropes at about the 12 minute mark, and caught him with a huge spinebuster. The thumps up became the thumbs down, and he put Flair in position for the Batista Bomb. He was abruptly attacked from behind by Triple H however, giving him the DQ victory. Hunter started pounding on Flair, and then went outside, grabbing the World Title. He entered the ring, and charged at a rising Batista. Batista ducked however, and hit him with a spinebuster! Triple H rolled out of the ring, as did Flair, and ran up the ramp, shouting at Batista! Batista just smiled, and held the World Heavyweight Championship high as the show came to a close.


JR: "Batista! Batista has defended himself against the Game!"

King: "I can't believe it JR!"

JR: "Six days...Vengeance...Batista....Triple H....HELL IN A CELL!"


Quick Results:

-Monsters Inc./Victoria def. Justice League/Christy via pinfall. (58%)

-Edge/Angle def. Richards/Jindrak via submission. (65%)

-Sylvain Grenier def. Maven via pinfall. (62%)

-Muhammad Hassan def. Chris Jericho via pinfall. (71%)

-Batista def. Ric Flair via DQ. (74%)

Overall Show Rating: 70%

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