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American Wrestling Association 2004


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April 16, 2004

The light on my answering machine flashed only once as I anxiously pressed the play button.

You have, One new message

The mechanical voice cut out, followed by what seemed to me like the world's longest beep. As it finally ended, it was replaced by the voice of a gruff old man.

Alright damn it, you convinced me. You get your little group together and I'll contact Dale. But I swear if you fuck this up Craven, I'll have your head. Call me when the time's right.

I breathed a sigh of relife as Verne Gagne's voice cut out. He was being characteristically blunt and yeah, maybe he came off a tad bit threatening, but he gave me the answer I wanted. A wave of excitement washed over me as I headed for the door. Even with the big news, I still had another day at the office ahead of me. Of course, it wasn't like that couldn't have positive results as well.

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April 16, 2004-Later That Day

As I sat in my office, still in shock and aimlessly twirling a pencil, my secretary's voice came over my intercom.

Mr.Craven, your 2:30 appointment is here.

Excellent, send him in Sophie.

I clicked the intercom to OFF as the doors of my office swung open and a mammoth of a man walked in. I rose, shook his hand, and we both sat down.

So, football hmm?

My client let out a small grunt and nodded in reply.

I see. Well you certainly came to the right place. With me as your agent, you'll be getting tryouts with every team in the NFL, if thats really the direction you want to go.

The man cocked his head, perplexed.

What do you mean?

Well, with such an accomplished wrestling career, a person like yourself could make quite the living in that market.

His eyes narrowed as he shot me a meanacing glare.

I'm done with wrestling.

Oh, trust me I know. I heard the chants at Wrestlemania 20. I've read the internet reports and I've seen the announcement on WWE.com. Brock Lesnar is out of wrestling. Finished, done, gone for good.

Brock nodded once more.

You didn't like the travel schedule. You didn't like all the pressure to succeed and perform. You didn't like the direction of your character either. So you quit, and now you hope to make it in the NFL, correct?

Thats right, but what the hell are you getting at?

Brock, you're a former WWE Champion. You quit a six figure job because you think you can go on to make more money in football. People will be waiting for you to fail. People will be waiting for you to say the travel schedule in football is too tough. Everyone will be waiting to tell you that you can't do it. Worse yet, this will be in the national spotlight. Yeah sure in WWE you were huge. But when you start making headlines in the NFL, thats when all the eyes in America are focused directly on you. And you thought being WWE Champion was alot of pressure.

So what? I'll prove them all wrong. I'll make it and if you don't believe I will, then maybe I should take my business to another agency.

Brock began to stand up but I motioned for him to stop.

I'm just saying Brock, what if you do fail? You'll be the laughing stock of the nation. You think Vince will take you back? You'll be worthless. Your drawing power will be obliterated. You'll end up playing semi-pro football and curtain jerking on the indys if you're lucky.

Brock lowered his head for a moment, obviously deep in thought. After a few minutes he raised his head and looked at me.

So...what do you propose I do?

I couldn't keep the smile from crossing my face.

Brock...I thought you'd never ask.

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April 23, 2004

Brock Lesnar entered my office for the second time a few days later. This time however, we weren't alone. Seated beside me were two men Brock immediatley recognized. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Brock paid them the proper respect before sitting down in front of us.

Thanks for coming in again Brock, and thanks for hearing me out.

Hey no problem, you helped me realize I'm better off sticking with wrestling. But why did you want to see me today?

I'm glad you asked, but I think I'll let Ricky handle that question.

Brock nodded as Ricky stood and began his address.

Brock, what do you know about the American Wrestling Association?

Um...it was an old promotion out in Minnesota. Yeah, I remember watching some of their stuff as a kid. What ever happened to it?

Oh its still around today. Run by one Dale Gagne. "Relative" of the original owner, Verne Gagne. He calls it something like AWA Stars today, but its a joke compared to the prestigious company it takes its name from.

So what the does that have to do with me.

Piper sighed loudly.

If you'd shut up for a second, he'd tell you.

Brock glared for a second, then changed to an almost apologetic demenour as Ricky continued.

You see Brock, Verne isn't very happy about what's befallen his creation. Granted he did choose to sell it, but recently it seems like he'd have been happier just letting it die. Mr. Craven here however, thinks otherwise.

Thats right. Sure Verne says he wishes the promotion was dead, but what he really means is, he wishes the promotion was just being run correctly. And that, thats where these gentlemen come in. See, I told Verne I was interested in buying the AWA from Dale, but Dale wouldn't even consider a sale unless Verne demanded he make one.

Well, Verne wouldn't make such a demand unless he thought the AWA would be going into more capable hands. He didn't seem to think my hands were capable enough. So I brought in Ricky, who brought in Roddy. This got Verne interested, but we needed one more ingredient before he'd give us his support.

And whats that?

I began to speak, but was cut off by Piper.

A bankable star, and THAT'S where you come in Brocky-boy. See, we could have used myself or we could have dug up some fossil thats clinging onto his old glory days. Not to say we won't later, but right now, you seemed like the best choice.

Thats right Brock. The best choice. Talent, charisma and youth. Your a former World Champion in the biggest promotion in America. You've got drawing power and fans will flock to see you. We'll station AWA in Minnesota just like the old days, so you won't have any extrenous travel. You'll be our cornerstone, you'll be the guy people come to see.

And Brock, when it all comes down to it, you'll be credited with bringing the AWA back to prominence. All you have to say is yes.

Brock lowered his head for a second and an a tense silence filled the room. That is untill Piper broke it.

Whaddaya say kid?!

Brock looked up finally, and the smile on his face was answer enough.

Where do I sign?

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I think it was pretty good but I couldn't bring myself to read all of it because of many color changes for dialogue. I was afraid that I would seizure. I recommend doing something more along the lines of:

Brock: I am done with wrestling.

You: Oh, crap.

Brock: Yeah, and I like to wear women's clothing.

Goodluck with your diary. I'll probably check in on it, atleast until your first show is up, because what I read I thought was ok.

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Meh, I get complaints I don't use enough color.

Oh well, my Amazing Technicolor Dreambackstory will be over soon

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Seriously though. I like the back story, and with two former NWA/WCW stars (Although Piper's fame came more from the WWF), and Mr. Ruthless Aggression himself, this looks to be promising.

I'm eager to see what all you have in mind.

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The American Wrestling Association, once a major staple of the 1980's wrestling scene has been sold!  The AWA, originally created by Verne Gagne, was sold to Dale Gagne, an alleged relative in the early 1990's.  Dale changed the promotion name to AWA Stars, but was largely unable to capitalize on the drawing power of the name.

However, on May 1, 2004, Dale Gagne announced that he was selling the promotion to sports agent, Michael Craven.  Craven immediately issued a statement, claiming Ricky Steamboat and Roddy Piper as business partners.  Neither individual has been reached for comment yet.  Craven also stated he was going "back to basics" and planning on holding major monthly events in the Minnesota area.

More on this story as it develops.

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July 3 2004

That headline was now almost 3 months old. We'd been hardpressed to make more since then. We hit a snag, in that our main attraction, Brock Lesnar, had a 90 no compete clause that started April 1, 2004.

We didn't want to reveal that as the reason we were staying dormant for three months, as we still wanted Brock Lesnar to be a suprise. So I spent the past three months going to various football workouts with Brock, who competed half heartedly, good enough to be called impressive, but not good enough to be signed. During this time, Ricky and Roddy were handling talent relations.

In what seemed to be an open call for all peoples no longer affiliated with the WWE, we ended up with the following roster:

Main Eventers

Brock Lesnar

Diamon Dallas Page

D'Lo Brown

Dustin Rhodes


Upper Midcarders

Brian Lawler

Bryan Clark

Chris Kanyon

Devon Storm

Jerry Lynn

Justin Credible

Mike Awesome

Ron Simmons

Sean Waltman



Andy Douglas

Barry Buchanan

Charles Wright

Chase Stevens

Chris Chavis

Evan Karagis


Keven Martel

Low Ki

Scott Norton

Lower Midcarders

Alex Shelly

Austin Aries



Jason Cross

Trent Acid

The Zebra Kid


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Motivator Of Madness


Jimmy Hart

Mike Sanders

Overall I was happy with the roster. It certainly had drawing power. The amount of youth on the roster could probably stand to grow, but Ricky and Roddy wanted to see what the current group could do before they brought in anymore. We got the AWA World Heavyweight Title blessed by Verne, who'll be on hand at our first event to present the title to the winner of a tournament we are currently booking.

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The American Wrestling Association Presents:


Live @ The Mariucci Arena

Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 24, 2004


The AWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament

Jerry Lynn Vs Sean Waltman

Diamond Dallas Page Vs Chris Kanyon

Dustin Rhodes Vs Vader


The winners of the matches will face off in 2 semi final matches, and then a champion will be crowned in the Tournament final!

Tag Team Action

The Naturals(Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) Take on the first time team of Low Ki and Keven Martel!

Triple Threat Match

Austin Aries vs Jason Cross Vs Trent Acid

Rowdy Roddy Piper Will Hold An Edition of His Famous PIPER'S PIT!


Doors Open @ 6:00

Bell Time @ 6:30

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Guest It's 999

Interesting roster and brilliant backstory. A Lesnar title win would be too predictable, I'm gonna shoot for Kanyon to win the tourney.

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I'll go out on a really thin limb and call Jerry Lynn for the title. If not him, than Vader. 999's point is strong, Lesnar winning is just too obvious.

Lynn could make a pretty good mentor for some of these younger guys like Shelley or the Naturals...just a thought.

And a question: Will Steamboat have an in-ring role, like Commish or some such position? 'Cause he's not listed on the roster.

A very decent roster here, and hopefully the booking uses them effectively. Good luck, Maxx.

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Guest Red Devil

This is an intriguing idea which has got me hooked for your first show but in think the tournament is a no win situation because on one hand if Brock wins it and takes the gold it makes it too predictable but if he loses it then that throws out the whole backstory with Brock being the main player on the show but I'm looking forward to how you handle it.

I'm liking the roster, especially Jason Cross as not that many people have him in diaries and he's one of my favorites so push the guy.

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