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My friend is obsessed with this little girl, JoJo is 13 . . . my friend is 17, really really wrong, but he says it's cuz of her music. Yeah . . . her music. anyways . . what do u guys think of her? and for those who don't know who JoJo is, she has a song out "Leave" and here are some pics.



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Guest elJoJo

First I thought this was about me. Then I realized I was in entertainment and thought it was the JoJo from Superstar USA(don't spoil the ending, I haven't seen it), and now it's some girl.

She doesn't look 13 though, atleast 16. Kids these days are growing way too fast. I suppose she's hot, but I'm 18, so, yah, that's pretty wrong.

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I hate when kids get signed simply because they're good "for their age", instead of being just "good". But in Pop music, talent equates to less than 10% of what's important in the record label's eye. I hope she bombs, not out of spite, but because when teen acts like Alanis Morisette flopped in the early nineties, they were forced to wake up and get good in order to survive.

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Guest Xecution

Ok, if she is 13 then why is she singing about breaking up with a boyfriend? (That is what the song is about isn't it?) These kids are growing up way to young.

Wait what am I talking about, my first girlfriend was 12. Oh well a two year difference between me and her wouldn't mean a thing to me.

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Guest Mr McFarlane

The video is just crap, Her in a high school surrounded by people older then her.

Yep, I really think that crap is true.

Probably a one hit wonder (Even though her song is not a hit =P)

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if u look at her pictures on MTV.com, she really does look like a 13 year old. in her video, she looked at least 15, well to me. and her last name is leveque . . . could mean that big uncle Paul could show up in her next video . . .

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Heard the song a few times, and I think it sucks. Her singing is meh, but the song is crapola. Wouldn't be a good song no matter who did it.

She's not a bad singer. Pretty good for her age (but nowhere near as good as LeAnne Rimes was at that age), but an average singer, overall.

*edit* I just want to add that I think Cartoon Network is leaving money on the table by not releasing an album of songs sung by Mojo Jojo!

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