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Yeah, so up until now I've only been interested in the nu/mainstream metal then I've been fed. Like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, etc.

I want to get into Black/Death metal or any other sub-genres of metal. I know about Mayhem and Burzum (?), so don't suggest them.

I'm looking for something similar to Cradle Of Filth/Dimmur Borgir. I like the long, drawn out, epic songs too. Epic Metal, I think it's called.

So, uh, yeah. Cloudy? Bas? Anyone? Any suggestions?

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Here's some metal suggestions from me:

Blind Guardian - I like these guys. They have a funky, fantasy feel to them. Try out "Mirror, Mirror" though, it may have the 'epic' feel you like.

Cacophany - "Speed Metal Symphony". This is just crazy guitar work, it may not be for you. I like it though, as a guitar player.

Children of Bodom - Kind of like Cradle of Filth, just not as extreme.

Some nice guitar solos.

Gamma Ray - Guitars sound like Blind Guardian, just different vocals.

Then if you want a general overview of some metal, just get a Headbanger's Ball compilation. I think MTV2 put one out, with some newer stuff on it.

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For some excellent porn metal, I'd suggest the Mentors. Their lyrics are chauvenistic yes, but are clever in their own way. However, I am a huge fan of the Mentors because all three of them are excellent musicians. El Duce the lead singer and drummer also claims that Cortney Love offered him a few grand to kill Kurt. He is seen on the Kurt and Cortney documentary.

Other metal bands I'm partial to are Nevermore, Slayer, and D.R.I's later stuff for some AWESOME thrash, or even Suicidal Tendencies later stuff, for some AWESOME funk metal.

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Soilwork- Don't know much about them but there suppose to be amazing

Arch Enemy- Do a brilliant cover of Aces High, and they have some great original work too.

Cryptopsy- Another amazing band in that genre.

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Testament and Exodus should be also good choices for trash metal. For a bit on the weirder side, I'd suggest acts like Deicide, Meshuggah and Poison The Well.

Poison the Well isn't "weird".

They're pretty much a really heavy hardcore emo band with a lot of screaming - screamo, as some people say.

The Black Dahlia Murder is some good stuff - death metallish, but without the long, epic solos. "Funeral Thirst" is a fucking awesome song.

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I'm not very good at classifying genres but Atreyu is pretty good. THey've got some good stuff and a new album comming out in a little over a week.

I've already have The Curse. It sucks. :P

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Ahhh... here we go.

As for Death and Black stuff (Full of growling and grim vocals)



Darkthrone (A favorite of mine)



Morbid Angel

Dark Funeral

Old Man's Child (Got me into Symphonic Death and Black.)

Now if you want some epic stuff that's pretty wild with clean vocals, sometimes almost operatic.


Sonata Arctica

Blind Guardian (Personal fave)

Nightwish (Second fave)

Cirith Ungol (Considered by many the quintessential Epic Metal band.)

EDIT- Figured I'd toss in some Grindcore (Really insane stuff)

Pig Destroyer

Solient Green

Napalm Death

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