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Boondock Saints

Death Before Dishonor

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I'm a huge fan of it. A mate of mine showed it to me during college, and I loved it immediately. There's been talk of a sequel (called All Saints Day) for practically ever, but the director is a notorious asshole and nobody wants to work for him. He's largely the reason that Boondock Saints went straight to video.

I bought it on Amazon.com last year for next to nothing, btw, so it might be a good place to look.

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I thought they scrapped the theater release of the movie because of all the blackballing censorship shit right after Columbine.

Least that's what I heard.

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I like the movie a lot. I have the DVD (there are a couple of versions out, one bare-bones, and one with commentary), and the final scene in the courtroom is one of my favourite monologues of any movie I've ever seen. The whole "some day, you will look behind us and see we three..." thing is just bloody awesome. DaFoe describing the shoot-out as it happens was fantastic, too.

If you liked (or didn't, for that matter) the movie, try and check out "Overnight"...it is a docuemtnary that strated off being a documentation of Troy Duffy's sudden rise to fame with the movie, but then it turned into a movie showing what a dick he really turned out to be...telling off his brother, close friends, etc, and just generally letting the movie thing all go to his head, convincing himself that he was the new big thing in Hollywood.

Great movies, both of them.

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