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Tegan & Sara Question


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Yeah, so I saw one of their videos on a movie channel today (don't ask why). I don't remember the song, though. The video is really weird, one of the guys is singing into a telephone, and then this chick is at a payphone talking, and the video is like, stop animation. Except there isn't any animation.

Bah I suck. Anyone know?

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I've always pronounced it "Tey-Gan".

And is it just me, or have they got 80% uglier in the past three years? When I first saw them I thought they were hot, I saw a photo of them in Under The Radar yesterday and they looked fairly hideous.

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Guest muddatrucker

I took a look at them on google, I'd go as far as saying I'd rather stick needles through my ballsack than hump any of these chicks. They look like dead versions of Daphne and Celeste.

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