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Gwen Stefani & Slim Thug?

MalaCloudy Black

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I was watching Fuse the other morning and the video for "Luxurious" was playing, and to my surprise, Slim Thug had a verse in the song.


I thought it was like, a remix or something, so I waited for the popup to come in the corner of the screen with teh song info, but it didn't say it was a remix or anything. o.O

So.. is it a remix of the song that isn't labelled so, or what? I just found it odd, because I have the original version of the song and Slim Thug doesn't have a verse on it.

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It's a remix that doesn't say it's a remix because it's had a verse added in. The last one I can think of that did something was Amerie's '1 Thing' which had a version with Eve in it that was never labelled a remix.

It's just a ploy to get more to buy the single as no-one will have it on the album and with it being the fourth release off the album it probably wouldn't have sold that well.

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People hate on Stefani too much, if you expected anything more than bubblegum pop you're probably a moron that takes things way too seriously, she's a great pop artist. Better than most by miles.

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