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The Smackdown


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Has anyone heard this band? They're a wrestling-themed band, with song titles like "Clockwork Orange House Of Fun", "Re-Awaiting Scott Hall", "I Just Got Smashed Through A Table With The 450 Splash" and "Gimmickmatch Overkill", and they're really sort of heavy erratic spazcore, a bit like The Locust, Ed Gein, An Albatross...that sort of thing.

I've tried downloading some of their stuff, but I've found it really hard to track down, because all I get is wrestling sites and nothing on the band.

Anyone heard of/know anything about them?

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Sorry, Keith, I hate genres, but I've got used to using the word "Spazcore" because it's something of a movement over here at the moment.

Basically it's the idea of taking elements of punk, jazz and grindcore and/or death metal, and combining it all, usually with some electronica as well, and cramming it into as short a space of time as possible. An Albatross are generally recognised as the leading band in the genre, and their album is 11 tracks and 8 minutes long. It sounds like it should be shite, but it's incredible.

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No, bizarrely enough, spazcore is considered a legitimate genre. I didn't believe it when I first heard it, either, but I've seen it in more and more places lately. Basically, from what I can gather, it's either what I said before, or just grindcore with fucked up time signatures.

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Speaking of wrestling themed bands, there is a pretty good hardcore punk group called "Gordon Solie Motherfuckers". Their two albums are titled "Powerbomb Anthems Vol. 1" and "Chairshot Politics", although the song titles don't totally reflect a wrestling theme. They are fun if you like faster punk.

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