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Black Eyed Pee.....


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Black Eyed Peas singer lady Fergie - watch out for her hump - has confessed to peeing herself on stage. Like we'd make 24-carat shit like this up...

"My bladder just started... you know. Somebody brought out these champagne bottles because it was the New Year, and I basically opened one up and squirted it all over myself, so nobody would notice," she said of an early show with the rap group in Australia, where the forces of nature overpowered her ability to 'tie a knot in it'. If such an expression can apply to ladies, that is.

"It was a very memorable Pea experience," she added.


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Yep this has been in here before under the title "Fergie wets self" or something, leading to people believing the Manchester United manager had finally aged into incontinance...

That was in Donators. :P


Donators Forum is like E4 or BBC3...We who spent our money get everything a few months before the cheapskates! (Y)

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