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The Most Addictive Game


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Basically it's so simple, and the first levels ares so easy, and the later levels look easy, but putting the ideas you get into practice is so damn near impossible, I've played it for months and not completed it. I once came close to completion, then my computer fucked out on me, the saves remain there even after cleared cookies etc, the only way to remove the save is if your computer is erased (go me <_< ).

I also found Civ III very addictive, although after the addiction goes it's hard to get back into it :(

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I was completely addicted to Champ Man during the 99/00 -> 01/02 incarnations, but since then I've barely played it in comparison. More recently there have also been phases of games like Disgaea, but none that can claim the 2 or 3 year grip over my gaming life that CM had.

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Easily Goldeneye/Perfect Dark. I've clocked up more than 8 days on my profile in multiplayer on Perfect Dark.

Oh fuck yes, me and my mates were addicted to multiplayer Goldeneye/Perfect Dark. We still play it to this day. We had this awesome set up that had a Predator-like sim that was fucking difficult to kill. Great stuff.

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