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Drinkin' Songs


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To me, the best drinking songs are older songs everybody knows and loves and are easy to sing along to. Simple as that.

Not "traditional" drinking music, but favorites of me and my friends during pre-boozin' and on the ride downtown.

Hotel California by the Eagles

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Why Can't We Be Friends by War

Lean on Me by Al Green

Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago

Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

More Than a Feeling by Boston

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

The Weight by the Band

I dunno, that's the way it usually works with us. You can guess how cool we look driving down to the clubs downtown blasting Chicago and Journey full blast.

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Metallica > thin lizzy

Reel Big Fish have at least three. Drinkin', Beer and Drunk Again, they prolly have more, thats all I've got though.

The Dubliners > both Thin and Lizzy and Metallica.

The Dubliners - Whiskey In the Jar

Irish Rovers - Nancy Whiskey

Irish Rovers - Whiskey on a Sunday

Irish Rovers - Drunken Sailor

Irish Rovers - Whiskey You're the Divil

Irish Rovers - Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat

Gaelic Storm - Johnny Jump Up (Morrison's Jig)

Gaelic Storm - Johnny Tar

Wolfe Tones - Come Out Ye Black and Tan

Wolfe Tones - Celtic Symphony

The Doors - Alabama Song

Chaos UK - The Alcoholic

The Pogues - Bottle of Smoke

Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Banned From the Pubs

Oi Polloi - Punx Picnic in Prince's Street Gardens

The Mentors - Forty Ouncer

Some of it is Irish folk, some of it is punk, some of it isn't. It's a pretty good variety of stuff that you can sift through and decide on.

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Thanks to all of you. I got what I needed from this list.

Judging from the posts, EBG is most like me in that I like songs that we can drunkenly sing along to. Now we have them.

Time to blast Bohemian Rhapsody while the DD tries not to get pissed off at our drunken singing.

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