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New Misfits in 2006


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Posted by Scott Heisel on 13-Jan-06 @ 05:11 PM

Legendary horror-punk outfit Misfits, whose current lineup consists of original member Jerry Only on bass, and Black Flag alumni Dez Cadena on guitar and Robo on drums, have announced plans on their website to record a new studio album later this year. The band's statement reads as follows:

"Yes fiends, the band plans to return to the studio in 2006 to deliver the hardest, most aggressive Misfits material to see the pressing plant since Earth A.D.!"

There is no other information currently regarding a producer, location or timeframe for recording; it is presumed that, upon completion, the new album would see release via Misfits Records/Rykodisc, who have released the most recent Misfits-related efforts, including 2005's collaboration with the Nutley Brass, Fiend Club Lounge.

The band also said on their website that "there's even talk of some live Misfits material to hit the streets from some of the recent highly acclaimed shows Jerry, Dez and Robo delivered in 2005," although which specific shows the material draws from, as well as other pertinent information such as a release date, was unavailable at press time.

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You're damn right this is pleasing.

Live material of the 2005 shows, which I heard were great, would be awesome to have...and new material from the Misfits ALWAYS delivers on some level.

What I'm worried about though, is that I would much prefer Only to simmer his ego a bit and pick up a new vocalist. I don't even care if the singer has any say in songwriting...I think I'd just prefer a new singer with the group.

That said, however, if Only doesn't get a new vocalist, I'll still buy the album, and I'll probably still like it...I'm just worried that I might not love it as much with Only singing the new material, especially if it's supposed to be harder than Earth AD. I'd rather keep Only to the 50's esque style.

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I did go to a Misfits show, with Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and Marky Ramone (I think it was Marky). The show rocked, but it was because of the atmosphere. Everyone was just so into the show, no one was standing still, and strangers were shoulder to shoulder singing along to the songs.

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