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Hyperdrive on BBC2

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I approached this comedy tonight with trepidation. Sure it had the comic genius of Nick Frost (of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Danger 50,000 Volts) but the space theme could prove too similar to Red Dwarf and recent sitcoms are mostly pretty average.

Still, I thought it was surprisingly amusing.

Not amazing but I'll probably watch it every week. The idea of a British spaceship worked well.

Anyone else see it?

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I watched it, but only caught the second half. Seemed good though from what I saw. However, I think Nick Frost may have been outshone by the actor who played the crazy cadet. The one who was fell in love with that creature. He was in Nighty Night, and is at in the Kraftwerk tribute thing on Bewilderness, if I recall rightly. Any ideas on a name, because he is rather good? Anyway, yeah, will definately be watching it next week. Very enjoyable, and a good premise.

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I really wasn't keen. It was chuckleworthy at times and, while trying to take a different angle on the sci-fi sitcom than Red Dwarf, it still came off as a poor man's RD. The sitcom is pretty much a dead genre, unfortunately.

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